100 Tips To Get Unbreakable Self-Confidence

You will agree with me when I say:

With self-confidence you will boost your life in seconds.

Imagine yourself...

...speaking in public.

...asking that girl for a date (and doing it right).

...earning 7 figures thanks to being bolder in business.

...winning lifelong friends at a party or congress.

Imagine you being fearless!

And therefore I will give you 100 tips to get unbreakable self-confidence.

Calm in the storm. Rejection wouldn’t affect you. Everybody would admire you.

And it´s possible.

Your life can be epic!

Yet now you feel frustrated...

Many times you have the opportunity... and finally you hesitate.

Goodbye to the woman, men, or career of your dreams!

Lack of self-confidence is why 99% of people never achieve their goals.


Are you also tired of losing opportunities?

Then I will give you 100 FAST TIPS to get confident.

It will be like reading the best self-confidence books.

You will transform your life today.

Simply choose the one tip that fits you.
(I´ve helped hundreds of my clients to lose build confidence.)

Don´t you have time to read the list?  Ok, then simply follow this tip:

Don’t be ashamed of having fear. You are not alone. The Kobe Bryants, the Gandhis, and the Michelangelos, also had fear like you. 

So the fastest way to build SELF-CONFIDENCE is simply knowing that everybody has fear.

And it’s not too late for you!

Whether you are now too shy, too old, or too short you will find the tip that better fits your personality and benefit instantly from it.

Because ANY of these tips will change your life. 

But don’t lose time, the reward is too big. So, Congratulations in advance for reading this.

You will live great stories!


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First my definition of self-confidence:

(I have my own personal one, not politically correct, sorry.) 
Self-confidence is being bold like after a bottle of vodka,  ​but with a clear brain and without the health effects.


And now your 100 tips:



If something scares you, it's good. The man or woman of your dreams won’t appear if you are comfortable. The project that will make you rich also will scare you. So your strategy is simple: if it scares you, you are in front of a great opportunity to build your self-confidence.




You are not alone. If you observe others you will see they also have fear. And more than you, Yet your advantage is that you a taking action to gain confidence (otherwise you wouldn’t read this).

Only by trying, you will get bolder.



Only good things wait behind fear. If you try and fail, it’s good. So don’t focus on the result. Focus on your new knowledge, something 95% of people will never get.




The Joe Montanas, the Gandhis, the Michelangelos, or any talented person you admire also had fear. They failed and got rejected. But they continued facing fear. That’s the difference.



There is a bottleneck you must cross. Fear. Yet the other option is not achieving your dream and getting old fast.



You aren´t inferior. Fear is in your DNA. It was developed more than 100.000 years ago when we had to hunt to survive. So it’s stupid neglecting it.




Sorry but you must feel fear first. People pursue self-confident as it were the Holy Grail. But to become self-confident, first you must go through fear. First you must touch that imposing dog and speak with that imposing person. Only then you will see it’s possible and become self-confident.

Saying you have no fear is bragging, as most people do, but so they only hide their problem and make it bigger.



Desperation can be the best thing that happens to you. Because there you see a 100% pure quality truth. A so agonizing truth, that you will dedicate body and soul to your highest goal.

On the bottom I stopped lying to myself, and from there I took action. And my life changed much faster starting from zero. There I took the exact measures. I didn’t say “I’m going to do better.” I took the specific measures, read the specific books, and developed the specific skills. I stopped lying to myself.

So if you look at yourself and recognize "I´m lost," everything will change fast.



There is only one thing that will make you succeed or fail.

Your reaction.

Do you want another good definition of confidence?

It´s reacting positively to your obstacles.

You can’t control what happens, but it’s what you do afterward what counts.

So if you react to fear as something normal, you control your reaction. And so you get the power. You will look at that imposing dog, or woman out of your league and do your job.

And as a side-effect, you will look much cooler and be the person to follow.



Why do I lack confidence? ask many people.

Because it´s NORMAL. I have fear, you have fear and everybody has fear. 

But we tend to think we are the only ones.

Yet observe that most people don´t even pronounce the word fear. Do you remember a conversation with your friends speaking about fear?

So take the shortcut, recognize your fear.



Whether you think you are too shy, too old, too short, or whatever (again: you think) limits you can solve it.

You can escape from the prison. Any goal is possible even if you think you are there lowest value person on earth.

(Tip: you aren’t.)



Your priority must be practicing confidence, the sooner you begin the better. It’s really a priority because this will change everything.

Because what’s the other option? What’s the option of not facing fear?



We tend to think great occasions will come in the future. Better times will come! Politicians will reinforce it so that you want them. You will try this and once you have a better job or win more money, you will try to be self-confident.

But the perfect moment never comes. So don’t wait for a better moment or your life will pass without achieving anything. The perfect moment is now. You have to commit errors and face fear. So in case of doubt follow only this:


If something sounds too good from a third person, it´s a scam. Yet if you face fear, you will have a big reward. The worst that could happen? That you will earn a lot.



Many say fear is necessary to protect you. You need fear to avoid danger. So they don’t say their opinion, they don’t try the risky project, and they don’t touch the animal It’s dangerous!

Big error.

Remember that if it hurts you get better.

Otherwise your life gets worse.

But don’t mix up thinks. If there are stupid guys who want to fight in a bar, you don’t need fear to not get into trouble. You only need common sense.



Confront fear and you will eliminate stress, strokes, and depression.

And you will also eliminate a personal life you hate because you don’t do what you want.




Economic giants fail because nobody in the organization says the truth to protect their job. (Innovation in a corporate environment is a myth).

So lead by example saying the truth despite it hurts and you will save at least your own company, or your own department.



You can have the knowledge and the contacts, but if you avoid the tough moment where you go to the scenario for that public speak or avoid the tense moment of approaching a new person, you will continue as a slave of your social circle, your boss and your monthly check.




When facing tension don´t think. Put your mind in blank and take the step.

Whether you want to cross a difficult moment playing basketball, managing your team, or practicing karate, there are always moments where you can’t think. You must try whatever the outcome.

You will have time enough to say sorry later. So shoot first and ask later.



“I finished my studies! I read the books! I already did the work! Why must I face tough situations? “

Excuse me but having a good job, good time management skills, and better ethics won´t substitute crossing the barrier of getting self-confident. Not if you want to save years of work. Don’t be naïve.


20. YOU WILL BE LONELY AT FIRST (this Confident TED Talk will help you)

Yet follow the advice I give you to get confident, and everything will change. And faster than you think.

This confidence TED talk will motivate you if you feel lonely at first.



I’m tired of hearing things like: “I’m in this place many years and my experience says it won’t work.” Nonsense. Where´s the person who said that?

In a shitty job with a shitty life.


Exclusive Bonus: If you want to download the complete article in PDF




When someone tries to hide his fear, he wears a mask. And he also fears what others think.



It’s easy living a fantasy and continuing avoiding tension. Today you can play video games, eat as much cheap food as you want, and with a 10-dollar Netflix subscription be the hero of the movie you don’t dare to live. And Internet with its free information will make you think you know it all. And then on Instagram you can fake an incredible lifestyle.

But this will only deviate your attention from the real doorway: facing fear and becoming self-confident. Only this will make you happy.




  • Embrace stress as part of your ambitious journey.
  • Manage the basics to feel well: eat natural food and sleep well at least three labor days.
  • Practice 20 minutes of daily moderate exercise.
  • Use special brain waves music to achieve the relaxed estate you want. (There´s lots of such free music on YouTube.)

And meditation for confidence works?

Of course, 10 minutes of daily meditation will do wonders.


25. BE A CONTRARIAN (Great Self-Confidence Builder)

The wise person sees possibilities were others don’t. So do the contrary of everybody:

-speaking to that imposing person

-or attacking that megaproject

It´s where you will achieve your biggest success. The best personal relations and business opportunities are behind fear. Once you do what nobody does you have the key.



If you don’t speak to that girl another one will get her. If you don’t try that project another one will win your money. And fast.



It´s easy seeing movies and thinking "I can also do that," and then not taking action. But then you will ask yourself why you aren’t happy.

Solution: take non-glamorous action.



There is no such thing as “being confident.” There is no Nirvana where you will be unshakeable Fear will be always there. Because think about it. Without fear there wouldn’t be confidence.

So there isn’t an “I’m now confident“ pill despite many scammers sell this pill. This is a short-term solution that will only postpone the pain of crossing fear.

So fear is part of you. Don’t neglect it. It’s what the good ones did.



Like Sun Tzu said it in the Art of War 2.500 years ago. “When you see your enemy as you see yourself, you will never fear the outcome of a battle.” This also serves to win the battle of fear.

Most people never go far because they don’t want to admit where they are. (Sorry but even fools have a sixth sense to perceive your fear.) They hide their weakness but so they don’t attack the right problem. And then adrenaline and blood pressure sabotage them.




Embrace your fear. Welcome him. “Here are you again, I was missing you.” And continue thinking in your goal, but with a clear mind, which is the only way to find a solution.

Fear is your friend. He can come as much as he wants. And when he arrives, smile. Since he doesn’t like to be accepted, he will disappear.




Give yourself points whenever you speak to a stranger, ask a difficult question, or dance alone in a bar. Give yourself more points the more you resist the temptation of abandoning these scenes.

And then try to beat your own record.



Not achieving your goals because of fear is the cause of frustration and anger. And this leads to all kind of worries and stress.



Becoming self-confident is about one simple technique. It´s incredibly simple, but you must apply it:

Step 1: Recognize fear.

Step 2: Take one imperfect step forward, only one.

From daring to do something scary, to win in chess, recognizing fear and taking a step forward is always the best move.



Use your physical tension when you need to be bold. So you will have extra energy and move faster.



You only need an imperfect telephone call to contact someone important.

You only need to open an imperfect web to sell your product.

You only need to open your mouth to say what nobody dares to say.

Be imperfect and begin imperfect plans and you will do more than 90% of people.



No my friend, you don’t need more knowledge. You don’t even need more hard work. No more talent.

You need facing fear.

Even a newbie will save years of work simply facing fear.



You must simply move. It’s the one who hesitates who loses.

Since your rivals will also have fear, you will win most of the times simply going forward. The best defense is a good attack.

This will solve all your confidence crisis!

Good actors, entrepreneurs, or athletes know it well and do what others avoid.



(It also serves if that moment you can´t move physically.)

Then visualize in advance. Since your senses don’t distinguish between imagined and reality, take advantage of this.


39. THE MINI STEP (better than taking a confident course)

I can’t insist enough, the most important thing to kill fear is one first step forward. Even if it’s a little step.

This first step will dissolve all doubts and fears. Even if you do everything wrong, you will see an open door. Perhaps you must refine your approach, but once you have the proof it will be easy.



Once you confront fear you will do always better.

Imagine… You will hear people warning you about terrible dangers, you will hear the word no, you will see closed doors. But then you will recognize the solution is in front of you. “Here is the same obstacle again, there I go.“



Once you see the advantage of taking one bold step you will have the proof and want more. You will love the tension. Confront fear and fear will turn into enthusiasm. You will laugh jumping higher and trying bigger projects.

And then fear´s power will pass to you.

From the mouse´s head to the lion’s tail. And from the lion’s tail to the lion’s head.




Believe me, one of your current friends has a similar case to your current problem. And his or her experience is priceless.

Perhaps you only party with your friends or only have a work relation. But you would get surprised by their fears and experiences. Together you could build a solution.

As long as they aren’t an envious person, ask subtly if they didn’t face a similar situation. It’s incredible what you could gain with another point of view. One plus one is three.



Your competitors or business rivals are secondary actors. Your only enemy is your inner enemy. It’s that voice that “protects” you not try new goals. It looks like a wise voice, but it only wants you to surrender.

Your inner enemy will wait for your weak moments, so don’t let him speak or you will make the wrong decision.



Without goals your brain gets empty and the negative thoughts win. So replace the vacuum with goals.



Watch any negative emotion and substitute it immediately with a positive one. Otherwise, before you notice the incubating thought will turn into a monster.



Never pronounce negative words like problem or impossible.

As simple as that.



Love your failures. The sooner you fail, the sooner you will succeed.



Build your arsenal of past achievements to have an inspiring self-image whenever you need it.



Your inner enemy will always try to catch you up out of guard. So be prepared.



The decisions you shouldn’t have taken and your failures, must work in your favor. So see them as a necessary experience to grow.



Your haters or a bad economy will also make you harder. And they will make you think more.



There are people you dislike, but let them go. Save energy.



Saying out loud the self-confidence you want to achieve works wonders. Be specific. 



The famous pianist Arthur Schnabel practiced on his head. And Napoleon Bonaparte also visualized battles in his head.

So visualize in your mind your feared scene with all the details as if it were a real situation. How would you act? You will overcome your fear in advance if you train mentally.



Try to speak more clearly and slower even with your friends, husband, or spouse. You will feel rare first, but then you will speak with authority. Do some repetitions and you will speak with an incredible voice.



A duck in a pond is the absolute image of peace, yet below the water, it moves its legs like crazy. And this is also your strategy to irradiate confidence while hiding your nerves.

So to eliminate physical shaking make playful movements. Join your fingers and separate them. Or hit the ground with your leg as if following a song.



Simply don’t worry. See it as a result of taking action, always the best option.



You can make some research about Pranayama breathing. But if you simply breathe profound 20 times per day you will solve your shaking and many other problems.


And now avoid these 7 invisible traps that slow your life down.

Perhaps you are killing your future falling into these subtle invisible traps. So be prevented. You can save years of work and desperation avoiding these errors.




You must act despite your arm hurts or you feel low energy. You must show your mind you will continue even if it blackmails you with fever or a dislocated finger.

That way many pains you had in the past won’t appear.




You escape from repetition because you are bombarded with latest news, movies and phone apps every day. They look exciting.

But if you want to master fear and your charisma, you must repeat your mouse despite a thousand distractions. Admiration and money will follow only after crossing the desert.




More people than you think have a collection of meticulously designed comments to make you quit. They are well-trained manipulators. “You are not one of those,” or “There aren´t possibilities today!”

You taking off and they stagnating? Never!

So your so-called friends aren’t perhaps your friends. If in doubt observe their situation. Do you want their same life?




You will always have something better to do than the really important task.

You will always have a perfect excuse. So as soon as you hear excusing yourself recognize you are in trouble. And then it around seeing it as an opportunity.




Playing not lose is losing. Because playing it safe you lose taking new opportunities. And worse, you lose an experience, more valuable than reading 10 books.

So better look stupid and try. If you don’t fail your life will seem perfect, but you will hate your life.




There´s no regulated way to succeed. Einstein was lost when designing his theories. And the discoverer of penicillin was also lost in his research. They changed their plans continuously.

Control is an illusion. So to succeed fast tolerate being lost. Turn your ratio of 5% innovating and 95% fixing to 50% of innovation and 50% fixing.




Searching for security is the most insecure thing. A secure job, a secure relation... a secure shit.

Security is like taking pills, they relieve you in the short term but cause terrible side effects.

Solution: follow your passion.



When you progressed learning Spanish or making new friends you took off. But then one day it was impossible to progress. Stagnation came.

But stagnation is the filter of champions, a sign of something better to come, your subconscious mind was reassembling the pieces. So continue with that skill or habit to emerge stronger. You will be ahead of 95% of people so.



Perhaps you never achieved your goals because you didn’t know what you really fear. And so you entered a fantasy of being mega confident. It was seductive. But so you were far away from yourself.

So change your life going both ways, outside and inside. Take the bold step (go outside), but also go to the root. Everything changes when you ask what do you really fear. You can make a revolution. Perhaps you think you fear speaking in front of 10 persons but what you internally fear is people seeing you don’t have anything interesting to say. (Which by the way isn’t true, because everyone has something interesting to say.)

So make the journey. It’s nice to make a movie where you are always confident, but so you only isolate from your real self. So take the bold step of going profound.



Once you overcome your biggest fear you will meet first-class rivals. You will do new mistakes. And vertigo will appear. So you will be tempted to quit beforehand.

At the top it will be easier to grow because you already have the skills. But love being at the top.

Vertigo is a good sign.



Don’t do it. Facing aggressive critics of your book, or being blamed because of your new celebrity status will be inevitable. But it will be much better than staying with the sheep. You will be in a better position to find more opportunities.



A trick to eliminate fear is imagining the worst thing that could happen. Sit and think. What would if you run out of money?

What is your spouse or husband leaves you? What if you get ridiculed?

Imagining the worst scenario is perfect to try difficult things. First, you lower your stress because you see nothing is as bad as it seems. It’s only a battle in your mind.

And it gets better. It will give you essential information about who and what to beware of. It will sharpen your mind to plan better and move faster. And you will produce ideas and find allies. So for example, you will jump the next five weeks to the project that will solve your money problem for life.

And since you can always refine it you will find always better ways to do it.



It can be hard remembering your failures as a child. But we all have them. Yet it will help you incredibly seeing that you are shy because your teacher ridiculed you in front of your classmates. But once you deconstruct it, goodbye shyness.

So investigate your past because and you will save tons of false limiting thoughts.




Perhaps you have now an imposing fear you think you can’t handle. So break it into pieces.

Because a big fear is a group of small fears. So you can always break it down into manageable parts and solve it one by one. This is the strategy that Alexander the Great used. He attacked flank by flank to erode his enemies. And so he created the largest empire of the ancient world at age 30.

It’s an obvious solution, yet nobody does it. Because people think in terms of absolute fears. They see in the movies how the hero wins in a wonderful agonizing big strike and think it’s the only way.

Don’t try to be good in a day. For big fears try daily a little step. Each day attack a different part and soon you will have it. You will get immunized against paralysis and face big fears and phobias like fear of elevators, dog phobia, or starting unthinkable relations.

Captivating an audience? Winning a gold medal? Writing a book? It´s simply improvement over improvement. There you have an exponential growth.



If you train daily facing small fears you will have a fantastic training to beat big fears.

Most people love good advice. They hear it once and say “Wow, I will use it,” but then they don’t use it. Yet you can’t do it once and expect miracles.

So to avoid this, combine training your anti-fear muscle with the lifestyle you want. You only have to feel a small prick every day. And so every small situation will grow your mental strength. You will never be caught off guard with the big challenges, like everybody does, because you will have internalized your own micro-movements to beat fear.



Is confident a skill? Absolutely.

So have a program to lose your fears. 

Whether you train maintaining eye contact, making difficult questions, or lying in the middle of the street you will see that facing one fear will make you get rid of others. Because in essence all fears are the same.

Make your own program that fits into your lifestyle. From the easy ones like speaking to a store clerk or giving a compliment, to most difficult ones like approaching strangers to tell them a joke, or enlarging one extra minute a conversation despite it will get awkward.



Your mind is incredibly powerful, much more than you think.

So before taking action, visualize first the outcome you want. Since your senses don’t differentiate what´s true from imagined, if you imagine something vividly you will have 90% chances of getting it.

It’s what Legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 Grand Slam tournaments did, he visualized his matches beforehand.

So isolate one minute to reprogram your subconscious mind and eliminate any fear. You will enter a mental state where everything clicks. Try imagining how you play better at your favorite sport, or how you have a great interaction in your next appointment.

Good athletes visualize first the perfect shot and the screaming stadium. And so in the moment of truth, they do the winning movement automatically. There are also studies that prove how athletes that trained mentally had much better results than those who trained (even more time) physically.

Visualizing serves for everything, you can use it to be creative or achieve whatever you want. You can imagine lower your fear to travel by subway, imagining how you make people laugh in an event, or imagining how you drive more safely without reacting to other drivers (and so save your life).

The possibilities are endless. You will save money and time. (But never visualize what you don’t want, because that’s what will get programmed.)



To visualize well apply these 3 tips:

Be comfortable

Help yourself with details

Focus on the critical moment and don´t deviate from this image.

Focus always in the frightening moment where you enter the stage to speak in public, or when you have three rivals around you and must pass the ball right. What do you feel? What do you see? The tenser you become, the better.

And then visualize the solution over and over. One minute per day will be okay.





Your anti-fear process will have ups and downs. It’s the universe doing its selection process. Who will resist?

This is why the best basketball player, the best cook, or the best public speaker are the bests. They don’t surrender.

There will come a moment where the writing of your book will look impossible or your charisma to lead will get worse than before.

The process is always the same, after some first good sensations, then a relapse. Then new good sensations again, but then a bigger relapse. And one of them can be very big. So accept that if you fail you are doing well. But it’s the logical process, it’s your brain reordering the data. You must continue.

Yet sadly, most people received the wrong education and sabotage themselves surrendering at the first bump. But it’s in the low point where you have to continue. Everything has its rhythm and even world champions need time to recover. You are never “too good” not to fail. In fact, failing is the only way. For you and for the world champion.



Think on someone you admire. Does he show off?

No, but curiously this makes him magnetic.

So when eliminating your fears be the silent hero. Everybody perceives who is bold.



Instead of working many hours going nowhere, try to do what you most fear first. You will save hundreds of unproductive hours so.

Because think about it, when you finish the imposing project, you will eliminate hundreds of secondary tasks, because once you do something big you will have enough money to subcontract many other tasks!

So from now on if you have to talk to someone imposing, make the appointment first time in the morning. Or if you have to launch a big idea, do it first.



Sorry but to be self-confident you will have to abandon a lot of easy tasks. And also many friends that won’t support you.

To play in the first leagues you must grab the bull by the horns. Even if this means letting postponing eternally many tasks. Because remember, you only live once.



Fear never disappears. Sorry.

But you can reduce it a lot. Once you understand your mind's reaction fear is a little prick.

Yet realize that always a new one will appear. But it’s perfect so. It’s a sign you're moving forward. You are at a higher level with more victories in your resumé and a better economic and personal situation.

Life is ups and downs. New fears appear, but you need them. Whenever you go up, and you will go up with this advice, new possibilities disguised as problems will appear. But they will be better opportunities. So you will separate from the rest.



Another way to inspire yourself is by encouraging others. Because automatically what you say passes to you.

If you encourage someone to get up, you will also transmit this power to you. Not to speak of the benefits of winning a new friend that will later support you.




Another good technique to get confident is watching yourself like from a drone. You see yourself with a 007 coolness. You face the villain. The hero doesn’t retreat. He even smiles.



And sometimes not lasting more than a second. So you must confront your fear at the moment or goodbye opportunity. Otherwise you will complain “Why didn’t I try!”

But it will be too late.



You need the wounds.

You have to go through moments of tough and awkward situations. Think that the wounds are necessary. Yet the rewards are great.



Never say “I could have done better.” That’s your inner enemy speaking so that you surrender.

If you started writing that book, or put your right step in that balcony despite your fear of heights, celebrate it. You can be sure that most people won’t even try.



An entire world opens to you once you try. Benefits will come even from indirect sources. It’s the way the universe rewards you for getting better.



You don’t feel fear in the border of a road continuously crossed by dangerous cars, you do it every day. So there you have the proof that you can be in front of the most dangerous thing without fear.



If you know how to face fear you can make a business about eliminating the fears of your sector. You can make tons of clients so, because remember, everybody has fear.



No one will attack you if they don’t perceive you get better. When they react it will be too late. You will be already too powerful. Sounds Machiavellian but it’s the best way to do it.



You need to recognize your little successes or you will abandon. Don’t be too hard with yourself. You did the tough part and now you deserve the price. The Yin and Yang that moves the universe.

So design a reward system for even little goals. Whether a coffee with chocolate, buying a shirt, reviewing a past memory, or a trip to Australia, design your own system. You will eliminate fear faster so.



Real life is different than cool advertisement. 99% Of moments you won’t feel like a hero. And you will have bad moments. Don’t care. It’s normal. Follow your way.



Is it difficult? Perfect. It’s the opportunity of your life.



Success is trying.



The media speaks about records, victories, and an incredible lifestyle as if it were easy. But to achieve this, you must change your mind. And it’s hard first.

Yet everybody who did something big felt the prick of fear. There was no other way.



In case you need a last boost, ask yourself: what’s the option of not doing it? It will be never harder than a life of low income, bad relations, and consuming anxiety.



The games where a player gets better are those played against better rivals. Try it. At the minimum, you will polish errors and fix your concentration. At the minimum!



Even if you think you are the most fearful person on earth.



If you need a strong argument to face fear, think on others instead of on yourself.

How many people could lose opportunities because you don’t confront your fears?



There will be ups and downs, but accept it. Try to become self-confident with all your forces because you can’t imagine the rewards. Incredible stories will come.


And to finish one tip more. The code of confidence:


If you could only use one technique to become confident use this one: look everybody in the eyes.


Wow! You saw a lot of advice, I know. Do you want something easy to follow? If you need the essence of eliminating fear follow these guidelines:







So, I hope many of this advice will help you. Try only one and you will notice changes even today.

To finish I will give you my favorite quotes on self-confidence:


Exclusive Bonus: If you want to download the complete article in PDF




There are tons of quotes about self-confidence, but in my opinion these are the bests:

“The best way out is always through.”
― Robert Frost

“Courage first, power second, technique third.”
― Author unknown

“Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit.”
– Baltasar Gracian

“The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he's dead.”
― Bette Davis

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

 “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”
― Arthur Ashe

"Courage if fear holding on a minute longer!”
― General George S. Patton

“Hesitation of any kind is a sign of mental decay in the young, of physical weakness in the old.”
― Oscar Wilde

“Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”
― Eddie Rickenbacker, World War I hero

“Pay attention.”
― Buddha



This one!



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Magda Kay from psychologyformarketers.com gives also very good advice. I like the ones of dressing smart and speaking loudly.

What Is Self-Confidence

By Tanya J. Peterson

Tanya J. Peterson makes a very interesting approach describing what self-confidence exactly is. Once you know it the solution is open.

10 Ways To Build Confidence

By Frances Bridges

Another very good article by Frances Bridges making focus on an often-overlooked tip: don’t care about what others think.




Once you try this advice you will aspire to everything.

Perhaps you think now it’s too late to build your self-confidence and change your life. It isn’t. Even if you are in your 80´s and have a past of failure. No, it’s not too late. You are much better than you think.

And you will get it fast with the information I gave you.

You will enter a new world. You will think faster, you will seduce and convince faster. Knowing you can get everything you want will be priceless.

In case you need a fast strategy to achieve self-confidence simply follow this:




If you came here you are from the chosen ones, you went from speaking to doing, the step everybody skips.

And simply taking a step towards fear you will achieve incredible benefits. Even if you fail!

And the best prize about getting self-confident won’t be a seven-figure bank account, nor your house in the Swiss Alps or new girlfriend or boyfriend. People will envy your career, and social circle, but this will be secondary.

The best prize will be your sensation of being made of iron.

So take action, it’s simply a question of pursuing your dreams. I can’t emphasize it enough; results will come simply taking an imperfect step. You won’t believe where you can go so.

Choose one from these 100 strategies the one that fits better to your case. It will change your life immediately.

Expect a roller coaster, but what a rollercoaster!

It will be epic.



The Yin and Yang Method to Become a Powerful Mind

Do you want to know how to become a powerful mind?

Many people want a big brain. They want to know a lot of things and also be confident.

So what do you need to have such big brain?

You need 2 things. It's never about THE ONE thing. It's always two forces:

Force Nr.1:

I'm sure you've heard it a thousand of times.

The first key is going out of your comfort zone.

And it's true. You have to be uncomfortable to produce more and to be more disciplined. To achieve big goals you must learn to work hard during a limited period of time. And it’s possible.

Force Nr.2:

The second ingredient is overlooked: you have to think.

You have to think more. It sounds obvious, but most people don't think. Most people only work. Many even work hard. And they have also good ethics. But they go nowhere because they don't plan as they should.

There is a tendency -especially in our occidental culture- to think always in terms of ONE big thing. The great solution. The secret…

But no. Life is always a balance between two things.

And the same goes to become a powerful mind. So when you hear about great strategies like getting focused on big projects, saving time here and there, or doing this and that, something is missing. Because you need always 2 opposite things to be successful. Acting is one. If you act you will go very far.

But you could go much farther.

And therefore you must practice the second skill, the great ignored: THINKING TIME.

And thinking is easy. Yet most people can´t be alone thinking 30 minutes sitting on a chair or lying on his bed. They simply can't. Their mind gets lost in stupid thoughts. Or they feel they are losing time. But thinking and planning more is key. You will waste a lot of time in the future if you don't think enough. You will work too hard for very little results.

Confucius said it thousands of years ago: "A man who doesn't think, will find trouble." That’s why the key to success is thinking more. The Chinese millenarian culture knows it well. It’s always a balance, the Yin and Yang. Acting and thinking in this case. But we are too focused on acting. Even hard-working people work too much and think too less.

Acting is honest, you deserve a prize. But don't fool yourself. If you think more you would plan much better movements. And so you would avoid many mistakes. It’s not what you will do but also what you won’t do. So thinking will leverage 10 times your results.

Therefore design your new mind in a Yin and Yang way. Don't get seduced by productivity techniques. You need to leverage these techniques. Produce and leverage by thinking. Life is a balance. Whether we like it or not it’s not about one simply great solution.

So don't miss the leverage factor of thinking, because without thinking you will work 10 times more.

Most books, even good books indeed, speak about how to produce more. But they don't speak about thinking more. Yet the few persons that practice thinking, the ones that isolate time every day to think 60 minutes, know that one hour of thinking equals 10 hours of work. There you have the proof. But let’s think that the relation 1 to 10 is too much. Let’s imagine a relation 1 to 3; one hour of thinking time will save you 3 of hard work. It’s at least half of your working day! And many times it will save you 5 or 6 hours. So you will always win. It’s the best investment you can make.

So from now on, add thinking time to your schedule. I don't know what you do for a living, I don't know if you are a morning worker or you feel better in the evening. I don’t know if you work from a desk, or traveling as a salesman. I don’t know if you’re a writer, an architect, or drive ambulances. But in any case, and I remark any, thinking will save you many hours. In the long run it will be days, months, and even years of hard work.

I know you have a lot of things to do. I know you have to take your car to reparation, you have to read memorandums, you have to exercise, you have to take the children to school, you have to eat, you have meetings to attend… But isolate one daily hour to think.

Believe me, after this you won’t have to take your car to reparation, or read memorandums, or go to meetings. Because you will plan so that bad things won’t happen. And better, you will focus on your important project. I know it from experience. One daily hour of thinking time gives me more then many hours of work.

You can be a master of concentrated work. But even then, and especially then, add thinking time to your scheduling. Or introduce it into your focused work hours. You can divide part of your focused time in acting and thinking. It's the best thing you can do in life. Sitting on a chair or lying on the floor staring at the infinite and thinking, even with people looking at you as if you were crazy. It’s not relaxation It’s not meditation. Both are good, but you need time to think actively. It’s the best investment you can do. And people will have to respect your thinking time. Your life is at play.

So your first thinking minutes today will be planning with your calendar how you can add 30 minutes to 1 hour of daily thinking. And then how to enlarge it to 1 hour.

And when you plan, think as long-term as you can. Planning your moves for the next day is good. Planning your moves for one week is better. And for one month much better. But try one year. And then try 10 years. And then 100 years. And then plan 200 years ahead even if you won’t be alive any more. What legacy will you leave? And how should others continue your legacy? It’s what Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, did. And thanks to planning he built a corporation that today continues growing after his death.

So think in terms of Yin and Yang. You need always two counterparts. They Yin for productivity. And the Yang for thinking. Action and sitting quite.

So always face the discomfort of action, but also plan more. If you combine these two things what you can achieve is limitless. Rest in reason and move in passion.

So do you a favor and today isolate time to thinking. Even if sitting on a chair as if you did nothing looks crazy. Because you are doing a lot. It's thinking about your future with the facts you have of your past. Tremendous results!

Thinking combined with acting will boost your life. So if you like this post, subscribe to my free email. And leave me also a comment about the next theme you want me to speak.

Why Motivation is a Trap

Motivation is a trap.

Most people rely on motivation to accomplish their big projects or learn the skills they want, and so they fail. Because relying on motivation is dangerous.

The problem with motivation is that it doesn't appear always. We tend to think that we will be motivated in the future. “Then I will do great things!"

But motivation comes and goes. Sorry but you won’t be always motivated.

Observe yourself, there are moments where you feel motivated but then later you are worried. You want to be motivated but you must continue on low profile.

So how can you solve this to achieve big things?

First is realizing you can’t rely on motivation. There will be always good and bad moments throughout the day -your mood fluctuates even during an hour-. A bright moment after your breakfast and then you turned sad about something at work.

And then up again.

And then down after a nasty email.

And then up after a coffee break.

So you won't be always motivated. You will always have some problems to solve, or will be too recently divorced. That’s why you can’t rely on motivation. So how do you finish those big projects that seemed possible after a high? Because one thing is for sure: after planning the big future, after the big idea, Monday 6 o'clock will come and you won't be motivated. You know what I'm speaking about.

Inspiring moments don't appear often and that’s why most people procrastinate, because they always wait for that big moment. They always wait for -what a nice word- inspiration.

But you can't rely on inspiration to do big things.

It's impossible to finish a complete project fully inspired. It's why diets don't work. Most people rely on a moment where they will do the diet feeling motivated to get slim. So they won't eat and they will do it happily. But no. Because motivation will disappear during the diet. Or after the diet. And there they will return again to eat the same quantities, if not more. The billion-dollar fitness and diet industry knows it well. Their clients are motivated people. They buy motivated products to eat less. They buy motivated season tickets for the gym. But after the motivated September or January they quit.

People think like in the movies. The hero will come and they will win the battle. Motivation will come and they will do a lot of things. But motivation will disappear again. So it's not smart waiting for the movie moment to do big things.

Life is a long run, don’t sprint. So know that your motivation won’t be always at a peak. Accept that your levels of willpower will go up and down every day. Realize also there are social media, news, and friends, that will interrupt you. They will make everything possible so that you don't focus on your important project. So accept that even in the motivated moment of the day, you will have interruptions. And perhaps you will be too weak to accept them. So even the motivated moments are dangerous.

So how can you solve this?

Now you think: "But I will be very self-disciplined." Yes, okay with that, but temptation will attack you every moment of the day. There are fast food restaurants spreading the smell of Croissants to break your diet. There are shops that are permanently redesigned so that you buy impulsively. Everything is designed to weaken your self-control and sell you something. And it’s okay. It’s also how you sell your product or service. But be aware that this 24 hours bombarding place against you.

So first step is knowing that your environment is designed so you are as unproductive as most people. And also know that motivation only lasts some moments. Don’t make it your religion. Waiting for motivation is a fool´s strategy. One day a great day will come, how nice! But meanwhile you do nothing. Days pass and you continue procrastinating your big project. Perhaps one day you will be motivated again. But motivation will again vanish. So first step is knowing this.

1st Step:

Know that motivation isn’t reliable.


And the second step to solve this: having little goals easy to accomplish.

What you need to be productive and finished projects is short-term goals that form part of big goals. Short attainable goals! Something you can focus on regardless of how you feel.

  • It’s, for example, isolating every day two hours to write your book.
  • Or isolating every day one hour to market your products.
  • Or isolating 30 daily minutes to do exercise.


Little attainable goals, not motivation.

You won’t quit watching TV at once. You won't get rich designing and finishing a big project at once. When you begin to exercise you won't become a top athlete. This is why you need little goals you can follow.

And there is another thing you must know. In the moments where you feel inspired and make a big plan -those moments also exist - you will design big goals. But then you will say “why not gigantic goals?. Why not the biggest goal of all! Every day I will do this and that…" But there will be a lot of things you finally won't do because reality comes and you won´t be as motivated as the moment you were planning.

And then the crash will be much harder.

Because you missed something: breaking down your big plans into small ones. Very small ones. So even if you are inspired the right big goals into small ones. Do them during some days and you will finish projects. Continue some weeks and you will finish big projects.


2nd Step:

Focus every day on small goals that form part of bigger goals EVERY DAY.


So now that you know this, avoid many shiny strategies you see. There are a lot of gurus speaking about motivation, but what they want is injecting you the drug where you feel in a high so that you get addicted to that sensation. And so you return to them and by a more expensive product. But then, alone at your desk, you will surrender. Yet you will return later to them spending more money to receive your dose of motivation. Of motivation, not results.

But the way to achieve your goals is only with focused chunks of time every day. Slowly but surely. There’s nothing shiny on it. Yet do it daily and you will progress.

Inspiration sounds fantastic. The ambitious morning routine where you will accomplish a lot of things. It sounds fantastic. But it has too many ups and downs. And in a down you can abandon your big plan.

So better do less but with continuity. I’ve finished complete books so, believe me.

Therefore from now on focus on small goals. Also be prepared to be attacked by the world with interruptions and temptations. Yet you will continue disciplined. Think that most of your days will be grey, but be smart to accomplish every grey day something and the day will turn bright. And, of course, in the medium term very good things will happen.

Your options of focused time are endless, choose your own valuation. For example, if you are a morning person (like most people) focus on your key project in the morning. Choose your best three hours for focused work and fully concentrate on your main project. Do this every day clock in hand and you will achieve incredible things. You don’t need more. Finishing small goals you will have big breakthroughs. But never wait for the hero moment. Whatever your goal is, don’t wait for inspiration.

The key is building a solid mind. Use principles, not techniques. And your principle is three hours of focused work every morning for your most important long-term project. Whether you feel motivated or not, the key is dividing big goals into small ones. You will achieve anything so.

Use motivation when it arrives, of course, you would be a fool otherwise. But don't wait for motivation or you will lose too many opportunities. Think on your past, how much have you procrastinated big projects because you always thought of "I'm going to be motivated one day and do this and that… "

We think that geniuses were motivated. Very motivated. They painted motivated. They created great companies totally inspired. What a genius Leonardo da Vinci! Always great masterpieces thanks to being inspired! No failures. No doubts. Everything effortless.

But Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t always inspired.

Geniuses knew that motivation wasn't a thing to rely on. Inspiration wasn't the best thing. It was continuing. It was building a disciplined mind.

So do like the geniuses. Expect low moments. Accept there will come ups and downs, even in your best days, even if your life is better in the future thanks to this method. Accept it. It’s nothing bad. Even in your focused time of work there will be some: "I want to go up and quit." Yet continue. Self-discipline is your best friend.

Simply dividing big goals into small goals and focusing every day 3 hours on them will multiply your productivity. And don't wait for motivation. It’s a trap.

If you also achieved something with only some focused hours every day sent me a comment. I will be glad to hear it!


How To Find Your Passion

Do you want to have more results doing less?

Right now you are struggling. You are working a lot and you suffer because you don’t have time for yourself.

Now you think you need more help. You need better results. You need more time! You are working a lot and you don't see the money. You don’t see your projects finished.

How can you change this?

You have the solution in the following story:

There was a good actor in the 19th century in England who was struggling. He had some success but he was doing too much for not very good results. He was working a lot and results weren’t coming.

But one day he met the great PT Barnum. So he explained his problem to him. To what PT Barnum answered: "Look, you are an excellent actor but you are in a bad location."

So he advised him to go to New York, to the booming America of the 19th century and work there.

And that's what he did. He went to America and traveled through all the country as an actor. In that booming America he succeeded, and he got rich and famous.

He was in the right location.

And here we come to the epicenter of your life.

Are YOU in the right location?

It doesn't matter what you do, the people you know or the that you know. It doesn't matter how much work or how much hours you invest. It doesn't matter how much money you have.

The only thing that counts is if you are in the right location.

And what's the right location?

The right location is following your passion.

The first question you must make yourself is not how to find more hours to work or how to have better contacts. No. Location comes first. So first work on your passion. That's why 99% of people struggle all their life. They work a lot. They are good persons. Many even have some little success. But it's not enough. If you don’t work in what you like you want ever succeed.

I know that asking yourself if you work in your passion is a hard question because it can be recognizing a lot of things you did wrong. It can be recognizing that perhaps you lost a lot of time in life.

But it’s the best you can do because you will avoid struggling in the next years.

You will go very, very, very far if you quit what you're doing now and slowly begin to work in your passion. Because you must make a business of your passion.

Believe me, I asked myself the hard question and suffered. But everything changed that moment. Until then I worked in “good jobs” that I didn't like. And sometimes results in money were good, but not so much as I wanted, because there was always that handicap of: “I don’t like hundred percent what I do.”

So first thing is the truth.

First the truth and only the truth. Are you working on your passion? You don't need to tell others. It’s enough if you tell yourself the truth. So asks yourself: are you working on what you really want in life?

Stop “taking action”. Action is overrated. Being productive is good, but why be productive in something you don’t like? It doesn’t have sense!

If what you do is not aligned with your big dream, it’s a nonsense. So review your last years, did you really enjoy life?

You will be happy only if you work on what you like. You will be rich and famous if that’s what you want, but only if you work on your big project.

So change your strategy.

Quit slowly your job and begin to work part-time in your passion.

Or simply quit totally your job and do what you love, whether it’s creating a web and making a business about astronomy or flying through the world making travel guides. It can be a take no prisoners strategy but believe me, it's the best thing you can do.

You must follow your passion, your dream, your bliss... it has a lot of names, call it what you want, but follow this big thing you have in mind. It will imply risky changes, but it’s riskier to continue doing what you're doing now.

Most people procrastinate the big change in their lives. They think they will be happy when they finished their career.

Then they think they will be happy when they marry.

Then they think they will be happy when they have kids.

Then they think they will be happy when the kids grow up.

And meanwhile life will pass.

So better take a day to think. Or a week. Begin from zero, what's your big dream?

It’s not about productivity. First you must know what you really want. First is following your passion, the fastest way to be happy.

And the fastest way to get rich.

Follow your passion even if it implies quitting your job and beginning a business from scratch of what you like.

I think it was the philosopher Hegel who said 200 years ago: "Nothing big has been made without passion." So if you think that following your dream is risky, what’s really risky is not following your dream.


3 Keys to Avoid Failure



Do you know why you are failing in many of your projects?

Here are 3 keys to succeed whatever your job or lifestyle is.


  1. KEY

So first recognize that everything is prepared so that you retire depending on others.

First know that the world is prepared so that you fail.

There are a lot of things that will try to seduce you so that you don´t try anything. There are a lot of ´take a break´ and ´you deserve more free time´ so that you under produce. Everything is prepared so that you under produce. Everything is prepared so that you don't think and work for others. But so you will have no money.

And so you will continue working for others.

So if you under produce you will end up as a slave of the state and your social circle. Sorry my friend, but so you won't get very far. Is this what you want?

You must recognize this trap because there are political parties, trade unions, and even friends, who will say you deserve this and that for nothing. But the only thing they want is that you don't become a super producer so you don’t get better than anyone.

So that you depend on them.

The root of all this is envy. Many people don't want you to earn more and live better. There is even is a billionaire industry of advertisement telling you fairy tales about how great your live will be if you buy their product. Even the movie industry shows you how a loser ends up having luck. Because those industries need losers to buy their product and watch their movies.

I have nothing against advertisement and movies, I use advertisement a lot. But take care of what kind of advertisement it is. It can be hidden advertisement in form of latest news that will keep you engaged to the TV day after day. They will try to kidnap your attention so that you don't think.

But be smart and ask yourself: "Why am I following this? It's always the same news!"

A lot of people will try to seduce you saying you deserve this and that. So you think: "Today I'm going to take that extra eating, that extra drink..." But you don’t deserve anything if you don't produce.

If you don’t produce you will be a slave. You'll be a slave of your boss, your company, and even your friends. You will simply follow what others do. And without the money.

So first note that the world is to prepare so that you fail. You can succeed, of course, but first know this trap.

So what’s the solution?


  1. KEY


Self-discipline is the best habit you can develop. People misunderstand self-discipline. When they think on self-discipline they see a screaming sergeant. It has some bad connotation. But self-discipline is the best you can have.

Realize that with self-discipline you won’t only feel good after the hard work, but also at the moment.

Sometimes results will come later, perhaps in two days, but it’s also worth. The results of working more focused or being a little bit hungry after your meals will come in two days, when you begin to feel superb. In a few projects, results make also come after some days. But most times you will feel good at the moment, you will see results immediately. For example, after working on your biggest you will feel more self-confident at the moment, and after eating less your brain will run faster in the moment.

So from now on embrace difficult situations.

Embrace the hard work.

Embrace the silence that comes after saying hard truth to someone…

Embrace the difficult negotiation…

Embrace being hungry a little bit…

You will see it gets easier and easier. Self-discipline is your best friend.


  1. KEY

Look always long-term.

We are programmed to think short term. It comes from about 50,000 years ago where we had to hunt to survive. The only worry then was having something to eat. At the moment. They couldn't wait for later. They couldn’t put the food on a refrigerator. So, during thousands of years everything was short term. Enjoying also everything at the moment because after an hour you could get killed. No saving food. And of course, no retirement accounts.

But things have changed. It’s the planners who succeed. So Better think long term. Try it. At first it's hard to sit and think. You think you have some urgency to solve. But keep thinking and planning, avoid the temptation of doing something else. You will see a lot of things you can do if you plan right. You will save tons of hours of doing unnecessary things.

Don’t procrastinate your time to sit and think. Plan for the long term today. And don’t think one week I had. Not one month. Not one year. Look 10 years ahead. And 20 will be much better.

So, here are your 3 Keys to avoid failure and succeed:


  1. KEY

Recognize that everything is prepared so that you under produce and depend on others

  1. KEY

Practice Self-discipline

  1. KEY

Plan always for the long-term


Hope this help you.

Please leave me a comment if you want to apply this to your specific case!

Change Your Life

Your Dostoyevski moment. (How to change your life)

Did YOU had your Dostoyevsky moment?

Did you had that moment where you thought: "I need to do something meaningful with my life?"

If so this video will help you:

Your Passion

Your Passion: The Discipline Of Your Life

We make a sharp division between work and fun. Work is work, and free time is free time.

Big error.

This stupid post industrial tendency to separate work from personal life will destroy your dreams.

Because there isn't a division.

There is no such thing as "work" and "free time. "

If you think so you will never have free time.

(And of course, forget to enjoy your work.)

But life is short and you spend many hours at work to not love what you do.

So think different.

Be smarter and marriage work with a fulfilling life.

Even when most people avoid it. But it's the only way to multiply your productivity. Only so you will win more money.

So first don't fool yourself: don't separate your job from what you like to do. Otherwise you are saying I hate my job.

And this is not a way of living.

The world needs you being happy with what you do. The world needs productive people.

So first ask yourself:

Are you happy now?

Be specific: how much in a scale from 0 to 10?

Because then comes the big question:

Are you following your passion?


Most people don't follow their passion and are obsessed with not giving more than what they receive.

But so they receive less.

And then they give less.

They fall in an endless loop that will lead them to spend their last years broke depending on the state. Depending on those politicians they hate. Add to this they never enjoyed life because they hated their jobs, and you will have a nice chamber of torture.

Do you want this for you?

I know you're thinking: "But this is the "normal" way of life!" You do the job as fast as you can, criticize your boss, blame society, and meanwhile you try to obtain more giving less.


That's not the most intelligent thing to do.

First, take the bull by the horns. First answer this question: "I am following my passion?"

Or at least "Do I have a plan to change my current job while earning some money to survive?"

First things first.

Even when most people think that by following the crowd they will find the heaven.

But the most stupid thing you can do in your life is following the crowd.

So better escape whenever you hear expressions like "This is the right thing to do." Because if you do what "normal people" do, you will have the normal awful shitty life everybody has.

And so you will fail.

(And by failing I include going to a "secure job" with an angry face and praying for no new problems. Which, by the nature of work never happens.)

So first avoid the great mass mindset. Think different. First avoid the "suffer to succeed" thought.

Find your passion and build your career around it

Whenever you hear “Struggling is normal” or “There aren't good jobs anymore," ask yourself: who says this?

And you will find always an unproductive person. Those who support official thoughts hate their life. And they will make all necessary to convince you about no chances.

So don´t follow the official rule of separating job from personal life. This is why a recent study in the academic journal Social Forces reveals that only 6% of adults end up in the career they dreamed as kids.

Don't separate your job from your personal life. It's a limited thought. Because this implies you can’t be happy at work. Or you work, or you are happy. No.

If you separate this you will be unproductive. In your free time you will think in your awful job, and during your awful job you will think on your free time instead of concentrating.

Perfect for being unproductive and underpaid.

And of course, say goodbye to more free time so.

Therefore change the way you look at it. It's not about bringing work home. It's not about working more hours.

What I mean is being smart enough to find your passion and build your career around it.

Because you could work where you want. There is always a solution. You could paint, fly planes, solve political crisis, design deep pocket marketing campaigns, produce electronic music, research artificial intelligence, or manufacture nails...

But therefore you must know what you love.

If you don´t know what you want you will end up in a job you hate. The key is finding something where after finishing you say. "It was hard today, but I love it so much I would do it for free."

Do you think it's impossible?

Okay, look at productive people. They do what they love and persevere even the "bad days."

Because first understand this: struggling in your job makes you unproductive. And being unproductive means being low-paid.

So break the chain.

First forget the nonsense of "separating job from free time." First find your real purpose.

First thing is not trying to win money.

First is not trying to find a secure job.

First is not trying to find a job to be at 5 o'clock at home.


This is the surest way to end up broke with 65 years.

Here's the deal:

First think profound until finding how to combine your job with your real purpose!

Only if you mix your job with your passion you will live your dream. Only so you will build a technological empire, write best-selling books, be an astronomer, invest in technology talents or travel the world.

There is no other way.

So don't take shortcuts! To live your dreams you have to find your passion first. First thing first.

I know you suffered a limiting familiar and work environment. Now you believe you can't escape:

Life is hard…

There's no salvation…

Depression from Monday to Friday…

And then total joy on the weekends…

But depression will continue on weekends since Monday will be always there.

So the ONLY antidote is merging what you like with your job.

Do you know your biggest fear?

And now comes the key:

Are you scared of what you will find if you try? "Following my passion? Isn't this dangerous?"

Because here comes your biggest fear:

The fear to succeed.

What will be behind that?

But better try. If you do what you love you will win more money than anyone. Sure.

But it's not the money.

It's feeling incredible because you are enjoying your life. It's like pursuing and achieving your ideal partner. You will walk in the street thinking "I'm the man/woman!"

There is no better sensation.

And feeling so you will attract more people. And new skills. And you will be more productive. The right loop.

Want to know the best part?

You are on time.

You can change your career and change your life. But only if you decide today to pursue your dreams whatever happens. Only if you combine your work with your real purpose.

So I will give you some extra help for this.

Do the following:

Imagine yourself with 90 years

You need a push to jump to your passion. And nothing like seeing the worst-case scenario.

Many people say "Think in your dreams!"

But it's much more effective thinking in what you can lose.

So imagine you are 90 years old. Now you look back at your life:

  • What would you regret not having done?
  • With whom should you had spent more time?
  • What books do you should have read more (even twice times or more)?
  • What mindset should you have avoided?

To make it short: what would you do differently if you could begin again?

If you look back at your life imagining you are 90 years old, you will get shocked.

It will be a torture. It will be hard seeing the good things you could have achieved but never tried. There is nothing worse than looking at your past and think in the life you didn't live. "If only I had tried!"

But like I said, you are on time.

Yet you can't lose any minute!

So first ask yourself what do I really want in life. It will take you one minute, one hour, or one year. But invest the necessary time until finding it There´s no other way. First you need to know it.

Because everything depends on knowing what you want in life.

And once you have it, and ONLY if you have it, it's time to create your masterpiece.

Then you will recognize how you lose time on unimportant things. And you will quit doing them. Imagine… lots of telephone calls, emails, projects, and new ideas for new products won´t have sense. You will win a lot of time so.

You have the opportunity to change your life. But you have to begin now.


So imagine yourself with 90 years looking into the past. Do the exercise now. It will be hard. But you must shake your mind. Imagine yourself very old looking at your life. Take 5 minutes.

-------------------------5 minutes----------------------

Does it hurt?

What would you do differently now?

Since you aren't probably 90 years old, you are on time to change your life. But now you will stop the dangerous “Tomorrow I will begin.”

Once you see what you can lose, you will jump to your goals. This technique is more effective than thinking about what you want to achieve.

Think of losses and you will persevere no matter what.

A lot of people will try to convince you not to jump. They will also try to steal your time…

But they won't beat you.

Because you will have a new mindset. And better, you will begin and don't wait for the perfect moment.

Because the perfect moment will be now.

So this is the point of view you need: thinking in what you can lose and then taking one step forward.

And the good thing is that you can begin today.

If you need a bigger push, insist about it. Sit again for 10 minutes. Or an hour. Think you are 90 years old and you didn't live the life you liked.

It will be hard.

But it will be harder regretting your whole life instead of an hour.

The truth about happiness

Another thing you can do to never struggle between job and free time anymore, is thinking like a child.

Children absorb like sponges all the information they need to achieve their ideas. They are committed. They will become what they want yes or yes.

But then they grow up and start to hear "Don't do this," or "If you go there you will fall." World was full of dangers!

And then they lose their dreams.

Adults reinforce that fear with more stories about failures. They will shape on them a fearful character. And when they grow up they will have a lot of things to fear and a lot of things not to try.

This is how people get expert in not doing things.

Not the best thought to live your dreams.

But look, if humanity did great things, it was thanks to the child-mindset of pursuing a dream.

And you can recover it. You won't be always shy. You can change. You can be smarter. You can learn to convince people. You can learn to be a world class expert. You can be in shape despite being 50 years old.

Of course you can.

If you pursue your dream like if you were a child, you will succeed. Take a daily step and you will achieve it sooner than you think.

But first, find your passion.

Focus your life on your passion. Because once you merge job with your big goal there won't be complaints. Depressive people won't affect you. You won't need pills. You won't need extra help from the state.

If you enjoy what you do, you will discipline yourself to do anything. Will obstacles appear? Of course. But you will overcome them all. Nothing compared to hating your job and life.

So the key is:

Don't succeed to be happy.

First be happy. And then you will succeed

Now you are asking yourself: "But really? Will I succeed faster pursuing my passion? That's not what they told me."


Passion comes first.

It's never the money. It's not the admiration of others. First is following your bliss.

In this order.

Timing is vital.

You can't succeed in your career and then be happy. You can´t be rich and then happy. No.

The right order is:

  1. = Follow your passion
  2. = Succeed

So don't make the error everybody does. They try first to win money. Or first they look for a secure job. And then happiness will come.

I also made that mistake.

And happiness never came.

Too many years doing something I didn't like consumed me. But after the hard moment of thinking about what I really liked (please, take your time to think about this), I got it. Then Sunday´s evenings stopped to be a torture. Then I smiled waking up on labor days. I was happy despite not earning enough the first months.

And I learned skills that began to pay some money. I also got self-disciplined. And that gave me self-confidence, something you can't buy with money.

And then came the big earnings…

So if in doubt about what to do in life, follow Mark Twain's advice: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

The fastest strategy to achieve your goals is not designing a career to win more. The fastest way is doing what you love despite it doesn't give you all the money you need at first. Despite having to combine a 9-to-5 job with your passion.

But once you reach the highest thought of knowing what you want in life, you have it. Once you know what to pursue in life, you will persevere so much, that nothing will stop you.

And then yes, money and recognition will come. (Even when you then won't care for money, nor recognition.)

So find your purpose like a kid, and live around it.

I insist:

What's your passion?

A systematic search of your personal mission is vital. Every minute you invest thinking in what you love to do is the best investment. So I insist. Take a minute, an hour, or a year.

But don't skip this step.

And once you got it: joy and laughter. And you will multiply your productivity.

If you need proof look at a high achiever. You will find someone passionate about her project. She is enthusiastic. She enjoys her day. She can concentrate during the morning and finish lots of tasks. She enjoys her evenings designing the best strategies.

And she is terribly productive.

Winner takes all. Where most people pursue desperately "free time" and "forgetting" their job (which they will never achieve so), she beats any competitor.

The enthusiastic person combines work and free time enjoying both. Everything in their free time serves to their career. And everything in their career serves to enjoy afternoons and weekends.

So find your passion even if it takes you months to find what you like.

You will need some time to switch between your current job and a dream business that supports you. It's the normal process. But it's the only way.

And then people will follow you. They always want to serve an enthusiastic person.

The world needs an altruist. The world needs you

How much is the world losing because you don't give your best?

If you need an extra push to find your dream job, think on others. Working on something you dislike is depriving your generation of a masterpiece.

Working only at 10% of what you are capable of, is depriving others of new opportunities.

You must be the one who inspires them. So only for this, it's worth pursuing your passion.

Now you collapse because you hate your job. I know that sensation. And you also are losing opportunities because your current work blurs your vision.

So enough of underperforming. Enough of not been happy.

You have all the talent. You have all the creativity. So your priority today is finding where to give the best of you.

And there are no shortcuts. You must be passionate about your job.

Remember: you can't deprive the world of something great. Perhaps greater than you can't imagine.

There is something you do much better than others, believe me.

Think and you will find out.

Perhaps you have some clues now:

  • What do you like to speak about?
  • What do you like to read in the newspapers?
  • What do you like in the movies you see?

You will find a lot of information if you simply observe.

So if in doubt think the universe can't lose your talent. But never think of living for the job you are "supposed to do". You will miss a 10 times bigger salary so.

I know a short sighted education deviated you from a better career. But don't blame your parents. They did the best they could.

Don't blame your friends. They also didn't have the right information.

Don't blame.

It's in your hands now. So don't stop until finding your passion. If you need help follow the 2 keys I gave you. Do you remember?

1st.: Think you were 90 years old and look at your past.

2nd.: Be an altruist: the world needs your talent.

The goose of the golden eggs is your passion.

It won't bring you money and admiration today.

-You will need some months to think and switch jobs.

-You will have to think.

-You will have to overcome your family's resistance.

-You will have to change your city.

-You will have to change friends.

But the change will be easy if you find the career or the project of your dreams.

Never skip this first step: working on your passion.

The obstacles will be nothing compared to what you will win.

Most people go through life hiding their ambitions and pleasing others. But if you care about others opinion you are in their hands. And it won't be the best hands.

Imitating the crowd is a sure way to fail.

So find your passion and make a business around it.

The world needs you. Be an altruist.

To finish, I will summarize the 5 keys to solve the problem of separating job from free time:

  1. Find your passion and build your career around it.
  2. Realize that your biggest fear is always the fear to succeed.
  3. Think you were 90 years old and look at your past. What would you do differently?
  4. First your passion = being happy. Then succeeding.
  5. Be an altruist: the world needs the best of you.

You will create such a knowledge, so many inventions, that money won't be a problem for you.

But it won't be the money. It won't be the recognition.

It will be an incredible life.

You will want to repeat this life thousand times.

Change your Life

18 Easy Ways To Change Your Life (Use The One You Like Most)

I will give you 18 techniques, to develop an iron discipline. Use the one you feel most comfortable with. Or make a mix of the ones that can help you.

Here are 18 proven methods to exercise more, produce more, eat healthier, or concentrate 3 hours until finishing the important task of the month.

"The Green Button," "The 4-20-4 Technique," "The Resisted Minute," "The Old Affirmations," "Substituting," "The Movies," or "Recovering Successes," can be your ticket to succeed.

And perhaps you only need one to boost your progress.

But first, if you need a real motivator to change your life check this video AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IF YOU LIKE IT ! :

METHOD 1: Substitute

Most people focus on the outcome they don´t want.

They think on the people they don´t like and the bad results they will have.

But they would achieve much more thinking in dreams and preferred friends.


But they simply don´t do it…

So to gain any skill, think about what you want, never about the results you don´t want. Or do you search on a map the cities you don´t want to go? Do you also go to the food you don´t need in the supermarket?

So to win discipline don´t focus on your old bad habits. Focus on your desired skills. It's the only way to make your brain work. Successful entrepreneurs, designers, lawyers, writers, or whatever profession, know where to go. They never lose focus with what they don´t want. 14 daily hours thinking in their goal is better than 10.

Most people complain that they don´t see alternatives. And they obviously don't see alternatives if they focus on what they dislike.

So don't look at the devil. Look at the solution.

METHOD 2: The 4-20-4 Technique

The most vital thing you do to survive is not eating or drinking.

It’s breathing.

But in our daily chaos we forget to breathe deeply.

So now breathe one time profoundly.

And now breathe profoundly a second time.

How was it?

When you breathe deeply your change. Oxygen goes to all your cells. You kill toxins and feel immediately better. You are prepared for big tasks.

With something so simple as this you don’t even need long relaxation exercises. Simply take deep breaths. It's the doorway to feel better and be more productive.

Smokers feel relaxed with their cigarette not because of the tobacco, as they think. It's the deep breath they take with their first puff. That profound oxygen makes them feel better (even when they are destroying their lungs).

But now let's expand this technique to gain more energy. Try the 4-20-4 Technique. Do the following:

  1. Inhale during 4 seconds.
  2. Hold your new air 20 seconds.
  3. Expel it. 4 seconds.

Do it now.

Believe me: you will feel superbly so. Not only physically, you will also think faster. Try to repeat this 3 times in a row. It's instantaneous. You will take off. You will win at least two hours of energy and fast thinking.

And you can repeat it so much as you need it during the day.

METHOD 3: The Green Button

You always have two permanent advisors. One devil on your shoulder says "Give up" and an angel in the other who says "Persevere." It's like the movies. The devil says "Don't care about your health, keep smoking" and the angel says "Stop smoking."

It´s also the same scenario when pursuing new habits. One part of you wants to improve while other hold on to your old habits no matter how bad your situation. It's like choosing between a green button that will solve your life and a red one who will explode the bomb.

How many times do you press the green button?

If you look at complainers you will see they hit the red button. "It's only today." But they don't realize that short-term well-being is a devil´s trap. Because this will stress them more in the long term.

So choose better a hard second pressing the best option: the Green Button. So always be prepared. There will be every day a difficult moment where you have to choose.

So choose right.

Choose green.

METHOD 4: What movies will do for you

From now on watch movies differently. Think you are the main character. But substitute the hero´s mission with your current targets. You are like Sigourney Weaver in Alien and have the cool responses of James Bond.

Use the movies to build yourself a powerful image. You are Indiana Jones or whatever your favorite hero is. You never give up. So if you want a new habit, you take the argument of the movie as your same situation.

This new way of seeing cinema will help you. You can use it to attack your daily challenges or to plan your career.

So think different about that old movie that touched you. Repeat it mentally and visualize as if it were you. Now it's you facing your current biggest challenge. Adapt the scene to your new I-can sensation.

From now on always think you are the one on the screen. See the movies adapting them to your own case.

How would others opinions affect you?

What new skills would you work on?

How would your confidence rise?

METHOD 5: Affirmations for what you look for

When I began to research about self-improvement I was skeptic. I saw a lot of solutions in self-talk. In every course or book, affirmations where one of the best ways to solve your life.

No! It couldn't be so easy!

But I tried…

And then I was shocked about my first results getting up earlier and quitting my chocolate addiction.

So it was true: you become what you think about.

Your life depends on what you say to yourself. Success or failure? Good or bad?

It depends only on you. Circumstances have nothing to do.


The bad news is that we received (and still receive) permanently a negative self-talk. When you grew up you heard things like:

If you want to be a pilot it will be too hard...

Success is only for the elected ones...

This is impossible...

And you absorbed it as if it were right. Since it came from your parents who wanted to protect you, it had to be true. But despite their good intentions, they didn´t know about success.

Your parents were good people, but like many, they didn't know the power of negative words. And so you adopted an overprotective thinking. "I won't try because I can fail" was the rule to follow. And this got reinforced with friends and teachers. TV and newspapers also made their job warning about inexistent problems and terrible future disasters. That's why today behavioral researchers affirm that 77% of what we think is negative and works against us.

So the solution is easy: change your affirmations.

Repeat the following sentences as much as you can and adapt them to your case.

"I'm a productivity genius."

"I finish 2 studies in 3 months."

"Every day I feel better and better."

"I will save 20% more next months."

"I design a plan to win 9.000$ monthly."

"I like not to drink beer during labor days."

"I´m good at solving challenges where others escape."

"From 8.00 to 11.00 o'clock I concentrate on my marketing project."

There are complete books written about auto affirmations. But changing your life is as easy as choosing three affirmations you like. One for your career, one for your relations and another one for your spiritual life.

And then repeat them so much as you can.

METHOD 6: The "Resisted Minute"

Every minute you resist with discipline is a triumph. Praise yourself even if it were only 30 seconds. Even if you later run to a cigarette or accepted an interruption instead of continuing working concentrated. Because every minute fighting temptation is a victory. You will absorb the energy of the moment.

Tough minutes are part of the script, so use them to gain self-discipline. Because this power goes into you. So in the middle of a crisis say: “I will resist minute by minute." And each resisted second you will learn a lot. You will internalize that strength for the rest of your life. So be happy whenever you fight something. Even if it's only some seconds. Because this power will go to you forever.

The only truth is that there will be always tough moments. For you and for me, there will be always moments where we will have to fight. We will want to quit, but we must resist. One minute more. So simply think that every resisted second is pure gold. One minute of exercise or one more try is gold.

It's what you learn in those difficult moments what makes you stronger. So if you want better habits, think in accumulating minutes. Play with temptations, because the bigger they are, the more you grow.

METHOD 7: The 3rd sportsman

There are 3 types of people:

The bad ones. They try and try but never achieve anything.

Then there are the good ones. Good results for them.

And then there are the outstanding ones.

What's the difference between them?

  1. The bad ones don't know how to change and get lost in an endless loop.
  2. The good ones remember when they succeeded and try to repeat it.
  3. The outstanding ones analyze systematically their performances and also visualize future victories.

Each group works hard, even the first group. But the difference is that outstanding people eliminate completely bad experiences from their mind. They visualize only past and future successes.

Outstanding people filter. It's not a question of trying more. It's not about buying more tickets. It's about using the right technique.

Whether in art, business or sport, you need to work on your mind. And that minority who insists in analyzing how they did well and how they can repeat it in the future, will always win. Because this is what will help them to build any discipline to achieve what they want.

METHOD 8: Say "NO" and interrupt interruptions.

You will always be attacked by interruptions, so is life. No matter your age or position, there will be always someone trying to steal your time. Especially in your most brilliant moment. So therefore have a war cry “Enough. Back to my goals!”

Cutting interruptions will boost your productivity. And more productivity means more money. So have always the weapon “Enough. Back to my goals,” at hand. Remember that each time you resist temptation you grow. Even if it's only one minute.

So use constantly your war cry. Because whenever you accept an interruption you lose two times. First, the time of work. And second, the time to recover concentration. And this one is much more time than you think.

So next time a coffee break, Internet news or someone to speak about yesterday football match arrives, say: “Enough. Back to my goals.” And you follow your way of investing your time in what gives you 80% of results.

METHOD 9: That old times

Last month one friend wanted to quit coffee. "But I don't have willpower!"

Yet 10 coffees per day were killing him. To do anything of value he needed a coffee first. He was addicted.

He also told me he tried everything to quit coffee. He even managed one complete day without coffee. But the next day it was impossible to continue. "How can I do this? I'm not sure I can get rid of this addiction."

Since I was also addicted to coffee I said to him: "Do you remember when you achieved something in your past?"

"Well, I remember in my 20s passing the entrance test to my first job. It was a difficult test, but the previous days I studied with a special energy. And something also pushed me to run three daily miles to be in form."

"Okay then repeat those scenes again," I said. "What do you saw those days? How did you manage your timetable? What news were on the newspaper? Feel the same!"

And so he did. He had nothing to lose. So he thought about how free he felt despite tension. How clear his mind after running 3 miles. And he also remembered playing with the old dog of his parents.

And it worked.

After some days he reduced coffee to 5 daily cups. And after a month he quitted coffee. Not even a cup with his work colleagues in the morning. Not even a tea.

METHOD 10: Your "Team of Positives"

Are you surrounded with people who constantly speak about problems? Or better said: do you feel well with your current friends?

You need solutions oriented friends. Your time is too valuable to spend it with the ones where you only think of escaping.

So first detect the negative people in your life. And then change the ratio. Spend all your time with the right ones, and if possible zero seconds with the rest. Hello, how are you? And then you go away.

You need good influences to progress. You need a good team. Changing your habits is only possible with them. And since you will have low moments you need nice friends to help you. Because enthusiasm is contagious. Be with the productive ones and you will be more productive. Be with a creative one and will be more creative. We are programmed to copy what we see.

METHOD 11: How observing your conditioned movements will help you

Are you a video player of past experiences? Most people repeat their old movements over and over like a video player. And they think: "This time I will have better results!"

But then results are the same. Nothing changes in their life.

You can’t condition your life to repeat the past and expect change. To succeed you must recognize first damaging practices. It's not easy because one of your brain’s main functions is repeating patterns. Life is easier so. You think you take shortcuts repeating past behaviors and then you hope different results. "How clever I am, I won't make a special effort because this time I will really succeed." And that's what most people think. So they say the same words, speak with the same people, and manage their time as they always managed it.

But first: they don't achieve better results.

And second: they fool themselves.

People cry about their luck in life. But they don't understand that they follow conditioned movements. And you don't need to be Einstein to note that repeating the same movements will bring you the same results. The same bad results.

Some conditioned moves are necessary, of course. You won´t progress driving differently or taking showers differently. If it rains you take an umbrella and if you see a red light you stop. It's perfect so. But it's in the bigger strategies where you must act. If you continue smoking you must take a closer look to what triggers smoking. If you don't have friends perhaps you must take a closer look at your character. Only then you will see results.

So first observe you. But use the Buddhist strategy:

Look at you from the outer side. What do you need to change your self-confidence, self-control, and willpower?

But don't answer now.

Observe yourself first during three days.

METHOD 12: The power of detachment

Most people want to live fast. They want everything.

But so they don´t use the power of detachment.

their inner self. They don't want to look inside. This scares them.

Yet they don't know that looking at the inside will bring them better results. The pain of looking at something they don't like is nothing compared to the new energy they will gain.

Technological advances won't change your life. They are welcome, but no matter how much they help you, your goals will keep walking away if you don't work your mind.

And the key to looking inside and achieve better results is detaching yourself.

So disconnect.

You have time to be with you. Quit TV, quit office politics and quit news. Quit everything.

Because you don't need anything.

The moment you detach yourself 2 things will happen:

1st.: You will see you can live happier without nothing.

2nd.: Achieving what you can achieve now will be easier, because you don't have the pressure of needing it desperately.

So if you detach yourself from the people you need in your life, and also detach yourself from the thoughts you need to think, you will always win.

It's a curious thing, but the less you need something the easier it will be to achieve.

METHOD 13: An infallible way to obtain discipline

One way to gain self-discipline is thinking that everything will help you.

Looking at the bright side sounds naïve, but it works. So stop fighting. Everything is a conspiracy to help you. It's the winner's mindset. So whenever you see something negative think it's there to help you. Because, by the way, it's true. Obstacles are there to separate you from the rest. So better commit errors faster than others.

It's a mental trick. Everything is like you think it's meant to be. If you see "helping" conspirators, they are helping you. So don't fight. You will release tension and see things you wouldn't see otherwise.

And you will also enjoy the trip. Instead of saying “I work hard without results,” think it´s the best that could happen. “I´m taking a free MBA. I’m getting smarter. I know things that my competitors won't ever know.” You will get rid of stress, and then you will react faster to make the necessary changes. It's not an obstacle, it´s something saying you where to go.

-Thanks to being stuck in a traffic jam, you heard an advice in an audio program that changed your career. Without that traffic jam you wouldn't have heard that audio course, it wasn't programmed. So being late for that meeting was nothing compared to the change in your career.

-Your PC broke and you had to buy a new one. You wanted to wait one year. But thanks to buying a new PC your performance skyrocketed. Saving money, you would lose hours and days of progress with a slower PC.

-You surpassed an important deadline. But now reworking everything and speaking with your boss, you saw you could eliminate some actions and finish faster. So you saved days of work.

METHOD 14: How to kill your undisciplined past with laughter

Laughing is a weapon. Because if you disrespect something you win.

If you turn something into an idiot, you are superior and are free to move. So try to laugh about what you want to change. Laugh about your bad time management, your predilection for fast food or your chronic procrastination. If you lose respect for a bad habit, you will transform it easier.

Laughing is underutilized. No one thinks in laughing at indiscipline. But this new point of view will change you. So be creative remembering how pathetic you are accepting interruptions. Laugh about the chaos in your career when you don't isolate chunks of time to forget urgencies.

So laugh at your enemies. Disrespect the ones who disrespect you.

METHOD 15: The "Baby Tactic"

I always remember a friend's baby trying to climb stairs. She even couldn't walk, but she tried to climb the stairs. We tried to help her, but she began to cry. Let me alone. I want to do this by myself.

Wow! What a winning mindset!

So be like a baby. Copy the winning mindset when you once said to yourself you would walk or die.

There aren't negative babies. They instinctively know they will win if they try it enough. So do the same. Try it over and over.


METHOD 16: The good and the bad

Use emotions in your favor. Feelings can hurt but also help. So use your emotions. The negative and the positive ones. You need them to program your subconscious. So take those 2 steps:

1st: Imagine the outcome you don't want

Sit relaxed and think during 5 minutes about the bad consequences of your actual indiscipline. See what you don't want. Feel the pain. Magnify the consequences. Is this really the life you want?

Think that if you don't take action you won´t recover the lost time. It will be too late.

2nd Step: Imagine the outcome you want… and that you will have

Once you saw the misery of indiscipline continue calmed. Now visualize what you want during another 5 minutes. How will be your new lifestyle? How much more will you earn?

Imagine holidays in Bali, imagine a deep pocket, or imagine captivating others. Think big. Repeat the scene with colors and details. You will be there.

Combine negative with positive emotions to program your mind. The old carrot and stick law works. Negative emotions will help you to reinforce discipline, and positive ones will be like a guide to do the right moves.

METHOD 17: Forgive you. You are much better than you think

Many people are reluctant to forgive themselves. They believe that if they commit an error, feeling bad is the right thing. If they feel bad the universe will forgive them. And so they don't have to make an effort. So they can continue living in their comfort zone. Something or somebody will save them. So it was during 2000 years of religious obscurantism.

But this doesn't have sense. You will go nowhere so.

So first think that life isn't a serious place without joy. You have enough time to forget past errors and begin again. But therefore forgive yourself. So this time you will be much more productive. Now you will reopen your old big project.

So don't think of past errors. Not forgiving yourself it's the direct way to social isolation if not to increase your addictions.

Watch out because perhaps you attack yourself more than you think.

METHOD 18: Forgive others

Perhaps you spent many years thinking on what others did to you  and now you do it without thinking. But once you forget and forgive, everything changes.

Don't worry about past attacks, we all have them. You have billions of cells in your brain. The same as Picasso or Michelangelo. You have the tools. You can solve problems like a genius. Now you are smarter. So forget other persons. The major influence in your results is you. The others are peripheral opponents, like successful LA Laker´s coach Pat Riley called to the rivals, journalists and ex-spouses of his players.

And he knew something about winning.



I hope you enjoyed these 18 ways to change your life. Pick the one that fits better in your lifestyle or combine them.

Perhaps simply one advice can change your life.

self confidence

The “Cruyff Experience” That Turned An Insecure Boy Into The Best Player

When I was a child I had an experience that changed my life.

As good European, I played soccer during school breaks with my class mates. (You can also apply it to your case with basketball or whatever you liked.) And there was Paul, one of our classmates. But Paul was paralyzed whenever the ball went to his feet.

He was the worst player.

Poor Paul. We criticized him terribly when he lost the ball. And this happened a lot…

Paul was also punished being the last to be chosen when assembling a team. So Paul was always demoralized. School breaks were a terror movie for him.

But one day everything changed.

The “Cruyff Experience”

One day, in one of our matches, (another terror match for Paul,) one colleague called him ironically Cruyff. Cruyff was that time the best football player in the world. Like Messi now or Lebron James in basketball.

And something strange happened when Paul received the ball.

At that very moment Paul made a good dribbling. And then a better pass. "This is Cruyff´s style," he said making a joke.

The game stopped.

We looked at each other as if something rare happened. Paul also looked at us as if he didn´t know how he did it.

It was funny. So that match we continued with the joke... And that same match Paul continued making very effective things with the ball. The show had to continue...

And so the next day we called him Cruyff again.

We wanted to laugh.

And again, Paul continued playing better. But this time he was more serious, as if he had internalized the image and knew about his new possibilities. (Indeed, he had internalized the image that previous evening, as he confessed years later). So Paul continued imagining he was the best. And the people in his team keep with the joke.

The other team didn´t it find it funny now.

It was a fact that Paul was playing much better.

The next days Paul continued playing better and better. Instead of playing with fear, he played well. Always saying "I´m Johann Cruyff, the top star," as a joke.

But Paul wasn't an idiot.

He knew there was a connection.

So from that moment, he auto proclaimed himself Cruyff, as if it were the most important thing in his life. Apparently he did it as a joke. But he knew what he was doing. He was connecting thoughts with results.

Paul discovered very soon that how you speak to yourself is vital. That your mental image is vital. Paul was a smart neuro programmer. So he repeated constantly the image of the idol. No more criticism.

And what happened the next weeks?

Paul continued changing. This Cruyff technique killed his insecurity. His dribbling was elegant. The new Cruyff didn't lose the ball. And he scored goals…

Paul was focused. No more whining. As an international football star, he had to do the right pass and shot. Failing wasn't an option. He lived the character so deeply, that he turned immediately whenever he heard Cruyff outside the playground.

That year Paul became the best player.

And that year Paul also led us to play the final against the best team: the frightening 10 years old unbeatable team. But Paul led us to win the final scoring two goals.

I was a child, but this changed my life.

There was something I didn't knew.

There was something great.

This experience opened my eyes. It had to have some application in real life. Something much better than winning the championship against the unbeatable 10 years old boys.

So from that moment, I absorbed all I could about others results. I became a people watcher. Since I was too young to read scientific books, I simply opened my eyes.

And I discovered a pattern.

All the kids who were good at some skill also said they were good at that skill. Children have a big mouth. So this helped me to relate thinking and results. From Paul being transformed into a world star, to later some confident university friends also winning the best salaries. One of them, a business books fan, built his own business with an important turnover. And all of them achieved it first in their mind replacing negative outcomes with good ones.

And this works for you.

It's not about repeating the name of your favorite player. (Try it, it works). You can simply think about something big for your life.

So look for hints. Who did you follow as a child? What's your favorite historical figure? Who has your values?

It can be Plato, Edit Piath, LeBron James, or Marie Curie. So do like Paul and imitate. First as a joke. Make it funny to get addicted. How does your hero look at rivals? Is she reactive? Where she invests her time? If you focus on your idol you will unleash a hidden power. And this will transform you. No more worries.

No more being a loser.

If you play a role you are that role.

How changing your self-image will open you all the doors

Believes can be your best friend. But beware, because many are now your worst enemy.

So first look at your current image. Think on the thoughts you need. Your beliefs must be your best friend.

If you think you are a $900 per month person, you will do all necessary to stay in that bad job. If you see yourself overweight, you will keep eating fast food. This is why so many people make endless efforts with diets. (And this is how gyms make their business.) People want to achieve something without changing the inner thoughts first. But if their self-image doesn't change, they won't achieve their goal.

And so they will spiral into a hopeless depression.

If you don't change on the inside, you will stay the same. The real enemy is your beliefs.

So you have to break the cycle. Everything depends on your self-image. You need an image of you knowing more, running faster or losing weight. You can't switch to a longer and healthier life without being serious about picturing the figure you want.

So don't try to change the outer world.

Don't make it so difficult.

Change your inner thoughts about yourself and the rest will come alone.

If you see yourself confident and in great shape, everything will come easy. If you repeat your favorite self-image as much as you can, you will lose 20 pounds or do whatever you want. So stop repeating mentally over and over, how you were the most overweight person of the class. See you as you want to be.

But sadly most people choose the easy path.

Most people choose the old "it was all my life so." Instead of trying to improve their self-image, they look to the slightest exception that confirms their old belief. Despite reality screaming possibilities to improve, they will stick to their old image. So while in one hand they will try to succeed with diets or gym sessions, on the other hand, they will continue overeating. They won't understand that it's their inner beliefs what will bring them back to their old situation.

So be smarter. Don't do the error of trying to change yourself too late. Most people will only see in their 80´s that the key was changing themselves. So be more flexible. Change your images about yourself now. Your brain won't work for you until you create the right thought.

So don't look for salvation in others.

Others will never make you believe you are the hero.

The only person that can never give up is you. The only one who will see the power of taking a smart step every day is you. And then the only who will understand your huge advance in two weeks will be you.

So why carry an old heavy load? It's so easy to close your eyes and eliminate old scenes that I urge you to give it a try.

The main function of your brain is confirming what you program in your subconscious mind. So once you have the right image, you will do the right movements. Like Paul´s transformation into a top European football star. He chose to be Johan Cruyff, and so he was.

How to use the placebo effect to boost your habits

The placebo effect, this is something you can also apply to your life:

Before launching a new medicine to the market, two tests are made. One group of patients take the real medication and another takes a fake product, the placebo. And it happens that in many cases the patients with the fake medicine notice the same improvement as the group with the real medicine.

Do you see your possibilities here?

Why not take a placebo to think you have the same energy you aspire to have? It's your believes what will save you, not the outer world, not the medicine.

So if you believe you will achieve something, your placebo-subconscious mind will do the work. Try it. Give fake pills to a constipated person telling him it's a powerful cold inhibitor and he will "feel better" after two hours.

Or tell him he is a very productive person and the next morning he will produce much more.

It's your beliefs what will save you. So believe today that your breakfast has superpowers to make you disciplined and you will concentrate this same morning 4 hours in your biggest project.

Use auto-suggestion. If you believe it can be done, you will do it.

But beware because the same goes the other way round.

Use your body’s healing substances. You have all what you need

There are thousands of examples and also an increasing bibliography demonstrating how your brain is enough to heal your body. Thousands of "miracle cures" of smart doctors curing their patients. First creating a strong bond listening to them, and then saying they will get cured.

But this is nothing new. That's what doctors did 1000 years ago. They already knew that the mind was the best healer.

Modern medicine is perfect. Surgery gets better and new medicines have fewer side effects. But the final solution is always in your mind. So do some research and you will see how patients without chance of survival got healed because they wanted to live. Louise Hay has a good book about this. In You Can Heal Your Life, she relates how after being told she had cancer, she healed thanks to a radical better diet and mental techniques.

So the sooner you believe it, the sooner your thoughts will heal you. And without the terrible side effects of conventional invasive treatment. Because you already have chemistry inside. You are your best pharmacy.

But you need to activate it with your thoughts.

Realize that the power is in your self-image. And if this can save your life, you can do incredible things with new skills and habits.

The difference between attaining discipline and failing

No matter how much you failed. Look at my friend, the new Johann Cruyff. If he could turn into a great football player and made us win the school championship, believe me that everything is possible.

But therefore change the map of your life.

Because there is only one way of thinking. The one that helps you. And it's not blaming others. It's much more simple. It's feeding you ONLY with the thoughts you want. These thoughts will predict 100% of your future.

Behavior follows beliefs. If you believe you are productive, (I insist: only believe), you will automatically persist more and improve your time management. But if you speak to yourself saying you don't have the potential, you will fail.

So simple as that.

The most "talented" person won´t go anywhere if he internalizes a negative outcome. Is this fair?

It is.

Because believing is free. You don't need money to change your thoughts. So stop losing time, and make a better image of yourself. I insist: it´s free.

William James said that the only cause of human failure is man's lack of faith in himself. So the difference between getting disciplined and failing is having ONLY positive thoughts. And take care: it's not having a mix of positive and negative ones. This is dangerous. This makes people think "Okay, I also have positive thoughts, so I will succeed once I use them." No. This won't be enough. Have ONLY positive thoughts.

So make it easy and renew your thoughts. Be manipulative with your brain. There are ONLY positive outcomes. You have all the potential to adopt any skill.

Look at my friend, the reconverted football player.

Or look around you.

overcome adversity

How To Overcome Adversity

Do you think Leonardo da Vinci was lucky? What a smart guy. All he did was right.

No failures.

No doubts.

It was somehow effortless. Everything he touched turned into gold. Leonardo never left his comfort zone.

For the great genius life was easy.


Leonardo da Vinci knew everything about leaving his comfort zone. He supported tons of resistance. And that was the key of his masterpieces.

All genius left their comfort zone. And they also knew success wasn't guaranteed. They had to overcome uncertainty. Because like many historians say, the secret of the genius to succeed is:


Continuing despite uncertainty.


All the world genius went through long periods of failures. They failed a lot.

And they also gave up.

Leonardo left many ambitious projects undone. He didn't have the courage to complete them. And this meant sad benefactors. Not good for his career.

But Leonardo, as a genius, persevered.

He continued fighting for new ideas.

Leonardo, as many geniuses, also grew up without basic studies. What for most people meant closed doors, for them was the key to succeed. No rigid academic structures. Nothing limiting their imagination.

This together with their discipline to experiment new possibilities despite conventional wisdom, made them great. Leonardo, for example, was a polymath fascinated by everything. He combined all the images and structures he saw and discovered new patterns he later transformed into masterpieces. That's how he designed the helicopter or the parachute 400 years ahead of his time.

Do you think that if Leonardo da Vinci developed such discipline you can't?

Of course you can.

Leonardo was human like you. He had only one brain. That's why you must compare yourself with the big ones. If someone could, you can. You only need discipline. Because you have already enough neurons. It's a question of making the connections.

You don't have to be special. Or do you think John Lennon was born knowing it all? No. He insisted all he needed to develop his skills. And of course, the Beatles were rejected by many record labels. But John persisted and had the discipline to evolve his music.

This is the way to go.

Most people think that genius suffer no pain. But no. Great careers had their dose of pain.

Once you know this, going out of your comfort zone will be easy.

The newspapers love to tell stories about fast success. So most people think there is a shortcut. There must be a gap in the system!

But no.

This kind of success is short. You don't know the end of the story. And it doesn't end well.

But this doesn't sell newspapers.

There is no free lunch. Yet the good thing is that once you pay, you are ahead of 95% of people forever.

How the latest discoveries of quantum physics will help you

You have billions of cells. They are the same cells that once belonged to Darwin, Mozart, or Leonardo da Vinci. Because you are made of the same material of your ancestors. And your past successes (you have them, we will see this later) prove that everything is possible.

So why not you?

Quantum physics favor you. You are made of the right material. So don't disqualify yourself. Never deify others. If so, you are depriving many people from your talent. Because think that it's not about you. Think better that you owe something to future generations. This will help you.

Thinking in others will boost your success. The men and women who turned into geniuses in the past didn't pursue a price. Their driving force was more profound. They had the desire to make something big for future generations.

Why escaping from your comfort zone will make you better… and finally give you more comfort

You, like Darwin or Leonardo da Vinci, will find envy and classism. Especially if you work is good.

Nobody Ñwanted to read Kafka. Coppola was literally hungry during his first movies. And people didn't like Monet´s paintings at first.

So the greater your goal, the more resistance.

Don't expect anything. Rejection is your friend. It will show you that you are on the right track.

If you find resistance you are doing well. Nothing good comes out easily. Those moments where you feel tense trying something. are the best moments of your life. In these tense moments, you are progressing. In fact, it's the only moments where you are progressing.

That tense silence with that person…

That extra written words when you were tired…

That moment where you said yes when you wanted to say no…

If you feel tense you are progressing. Good move.

Resistance is the form of greatness. So recognize the moment. Enjoy the pain. Don't be timid or you will get lost in the mainstream.

Let others seek for luck. Better for you.

You don't need to be the smartest or well educated. If you follow your way, rewards will come.

Think like Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the Everest. He said there were much better climbers than him, but he reached the top of the world because he was a climber that never gave up. He wasn't technically the best. But he never abandoned. He understood it was the discipline, not the talent.

Like Emerson said, "When you avoid temptation, its power passes to you." So laugh about comfort. Expect resistance and embrace it. "Thanks, you are making me stronger!" The difference between good achievers and great achievers is that good achievers tolerate discomfort and great achievers love discomfort.

You only have to try, simply try to break your comfort zone. So you will grow fast. And since many obstacles are repeated, once you overcome one, you will overcome many similar challenges in the future. Because many obstacles are similar. So do the work once and it will be forever. Resistance is your tool to separate yourself from competitors. Accept it and you will get instant results.

Do you know where the Promised Land is?

Be honest. Be impolitely honest. What do you see when you look around you?

This is what I see:

I see millions of people running like crazy after "achieve it in 24 hours" success schemes. I see 95% of people looking for instant gratification. I see them avoiding obstacles like a plague.

And this is what I see in the 5% who succeed:

I see that they don't try to escape from adversity. And this makes them happier. They jump to adversity because they know adversity is the Promised Land. This is something unhappy and ruined people don't know. The key is never escaping from adversity. The key is not asking "why is everything so difficult." Smiling in adversity will separate you from the rest.

I must confess that I was a master at escaping from adversity. Better procrastinating my search for my passion. Whenever fear appeared I stayed in my comfort zone. A very comfortable zone. But a very big shit also.

Only when I realized that progress was in adversity, things changed. That difficult first step to try that business, that uncomfortable first conversation with a new person, or that extra 20 minutes writing a book.

And there it was.

The Promised Land.

The Promised Land exists. But it's behind your fear. So don't wait, run to those tasks you are now afraid of.

And please; don't worry about results.

Fail thousand times if necessary! Because you can be sure that once you start your big project, or try to speak in front of thousand persons, you will lose your fear.

Try during two seconds and nothing will be difficult.

Suddenly you will feel stronger and immune to criticism. Humble, but confident.

It's the beginning of your leadership.

So if you want to know always which direction to take, choose the one you fear most. So you will be always right. With this strategy you will always win.

The reconverted numbers. How to turn your worst enemy into your best weapon

Once you know that great people also failed, and failed many times, do like them. Focus permanently in your goal. It's the way Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. It's how Gustav Eiffel built the Eiffel Tower. It's how Alexander Dumas wrote his masterpieces. And it's how people overthrew dictators. Their dream guided them.

And this obsessive way of thinking led them to achieve "unattainable" numbers.

So be obsessive. Your mind is like the mind of geniuses.

The reconverted numbers

If you believe in yourself, your mind will find past successes to motivate you. Program it right and it will take you where you want.

But do the opposite, think that you can't, and this will change your numbers. It will show you your failures in order to quit.

Imagine you achieved 15 great contacts in your career. You can turn this into a good skill to win more contacts. But it also can be a failure because you only achieved 15 contacts in your whole career. No matter if you exceeded others results, if you want you can see the bottle half empty instead of half full.

Many people build a past of failures in order to protect themselves from trying something great. Instead of seeing old errors as experiences, they say "I'm a failure," and so they won't try anything.

But no.

They are their past victories, not their past failures.

So simply reconvert your numbers. Never underestimate your potential.

Take a second look at your past and make numbers again. But only look at the good part. Your mind is in your team not in your competitor's team. Don't fall into the trap of not recognizing your successes. You have them. You can be sure you have them.

Think that your current situation is the best to begin. You aren't a soccer World Cup winner now. You aren't Hemingway. You aren't Leonardo da Vinci. But it's because you were in another situation. You were in your training period.

So from now on, you will use errors as experiences to make you stronger. So you will perform like a real number one, believe me.

Do you remember that compliment after finishing a difficult task? Do you remember that admiration you produced thanks to your clever argument? You were in the good way. And someone took note. But you have to insist.

So recognize continuously good actions of your past. Repeat mentally your good moves. Because where you focus on expands. Repeat it in your mind because so you will do it physically. You will recover the energy to reject an extra plate of pommes frites or to restart today that old project you were afraid of.

You are prepared. But please, change your numbers. Visualize a different past. Your results didn't matter. Turn your "unimportant" won matches into big won matches.

From now on that good work you did, or your old brilliant idea must be your unique thought. Your new reconverted numbers. So instead of thinking "My days are hard," think "If I did this in the past, my growth is unlimited." And so you will leverage your skills.

Where others think in past failures, you will win energy. Your old numbers are there to help you or to stop you. You decide.

You a legend that makes opponent shake?

Think of the energy a team has after a winning streak. Winning five matches in a row gave them the confidence to win the next match. Even if they weren't technically the best, they will win again. Look at the results of your favorite sport. This year there was also a team whose past victories encouraged them to win the next match.

But observe that there are also teams or players spiraling into defeats. No matter how much they try, they will lose easy matches. A new defeat again.

And so is life for most people. They choose the wrong numbers and think they can't win. "Another defeat, so is my life."

But the enemy is inside of them.

They expect something to be impossible, and so it is, impossible. The proof is their past failures! And so they continue their losing streak.

But you can turn it around.

You can change even the worse situation. Simply believe you are the best. It's from that moment on where everything changes.

Nothing will serve if it doesn't come from the inside. So choose your legendary moment. Repeat again that past movement. That's how great players appear.

So remember: first the inside, then the hero.

If you think you can, strengths from nowhere will appear. You will discipline yourself and act like that sport or business star you admire. And you won't ever repeat "It's hard," "I can't," or "It's not for me!" From that moment you will only see victories. Because you had them. Think again and you will discover numbers in your favor.

It's the hero's journey.

Ulysses, the athlete Jesse Owen, or that great statesman did their journey. They failed. But they turned into a new person thanks to remembering their good numbers. Looking the positive past turned them into a guided missile.

So do the same.

Have a unique thinking. Be radical. Change your numbers to perform like a gold medal winner. Change your numbers to perform like the best entrepreneur. That's the way to win in the major leagues.

With a new self-image everything is possible.

No matter how much you failed. Use your own numbers to be the star that makes competitors shake. You are James Bond, Messi, Einstein and Indiana Jones together. Goals are there to grab them.

And now, a last advice to overcome your fears:

The one-step technique


If you move you will kill negativity. With movement you kill worries and give a way out to adrenaline.

And meanwhile you will reach your goals.

The solution is always action. You will kill any fear with simply one step forward. Don't try to do it perfect. Simply move and panic will disappear. And the accumulated adrenaline will give you extra energy.

As soon as you stop saying "This isn't for me," you have it. Then you will invest one minute in your biggest project, then you will touch that imposing dog, or then you will say what you have to say.

One step forward and fear will die.

The first step is the most difficult, but the rest is downhill. One step is enough to overcome fear. Try it because success is behind one simple action.

This first step mustn't be physical, it can also be mental. Say "Fear is normal, but I will continue." Then take a breath and visualize yourself achieving your goals. And fear will be a simple tingling in your stomach.


3 Tips To Achieve Peace Of Mind

Do you want to find peace of mind?

If you find peace of mind you will achieve your goals faster.

(Quite contrary to the aggressiveness many preach).

But you must know how to do it right.

Yet once you control your thoughts you will have that incredibly feeling of a clear mind. Goodbye to stress, heart strokes and many other illnesses.

And with a clear mind you will be ten times more effective in your job and personal relations.

So therefore first I will give you the right definition of peace of mind.

Definition of a peaceful mind:


Detachment is the key.

People try to find peace of mind holding on to ideas, opinions and material goods. But then they suffer from morning to midnight imagining they will lose them!

Many even don´t sleep. And then stress, depression and worse diseases appear.

So the best peace of mind counseling you will receive is detaching yourself.

You will always overcome adversity so.

Detachment is the best peace of mind therapy.

Even the best bible verse for peace of mind speaks about detaching yourself and giving thanks for what you have.

And if you practice detachment, if you enjoy having a peaceful mind in spite of material goods, curiously even material goods will come to your life.

But therefore you must pay the price of detachment first. It´s why my favorite quote of peace of mind is this one:

To spare oneself from grief at all cost can be achieved only at the price of total detachment.

Erich Fromm

Buddhism has also many quotes to help you to find peace of mind. And there also many peace of mind prayers in every philosophy.

And Buddhism also demonstrates that the principal cause of suffer is attachment.

So detaching yourself and without worries you will act ten times faster. You will grow rich with peace of mind!

But how can yo do it?

So here are the...


3 Keys to achieve mental peace:

Apply the one that fits you better and you will benefit from peace of mind since the first day. It will be your new habit.

1. Peace of mind foundation: Do you want to be right... or be happy?

Most people need desperately be right.

Big error.

Once you decide not to impose your opinion, stress and loneliness disappear. You won´t change anybody with your opinion. So do you want to be right or happy?

Look at those persons ridiculously aggressive with their political beliefs. (Beliefs they simply copied from others). So be smarter having friends with all kind of political or philosophical opinions. Get along with everybody.

Don´t care where you differ. Isn´t there always a point to differ?

Most people have good intentions, they only think in different solutions to achieve the same purpose. So why lose a friend imposing your point of view?

So don´t take yourself so seriously and accept other´s opinions. Just in that moment you will feel much better.

This video will help you:

2. Peace of mind in a sentence: Refuse to blame

Don't lose time creating villains.

Blaming is a trap. Think better that 80% of guilt was yours (you won´t get wrong so).

Because, don´t fool yourself, you can do better. 

If you had a discussion or someone drove along crazy is he really so bad? Will you lose your time looking for revenge? Do you really need a new enemy?

Analyze like a strategist and think how you will do different. (That´s also the key to increase your productivity.)

If you discipline yourself to accept guilt, your anxiety will disappear. And you will avoid serious trouble you could pay all your life. So if someone tricks you think, "Poor guy, I feel sorry for him. What a poor life with his limited way of thinking."

Without enemies you will eliminate the hate that consumes you. It´s the best peace of mind yoga.

And you will have energy and power. You will be the confident guy who produces more than anyone.


3. Finding peace of mind: Don´t fall in love with your suffering

There is something epic in the suffering hero. And many fall in love with that role.

Another big nonsense.

I know you are on your right to complain. But past problems are your guide to succeed.

The more problems, the smarter you get!

So avoid the "me-against-the-world" mindset. You can´t live in a continuous imaginary discussion with others. Never complain or aggressiveness will block you. Think it was your guilt and you will feel well instantly. Try it now.

People lose their life thinking in how bad they were treated, in the friends that betrayed them and other horror stories. Like if they were unique.

But they don´t understand we all have betrayals and errors.

And worse, they don´t understand that  the key is their reaction.

So be intelligent and thank what you experienced. Accept also that everybody had bad experiences. Don´t be the complainer everybody avoids. Forget and you will win friends that will open you many doors.

"But my case is special! What they did to me is too serious!"

I insist: you are not unique.

You are even luckier if they attacked you. So you have more experiences to go far. Now you are smarter.

End of the story.


And one last advice:

The best piece of mind book:

Man´s Search For Meaning, from Viktor Frankl. This book will open your eyes. You will see that you live much better than people who suffer.

The wise words of someone who survived a Nazi concentration camp will always help you:

Man's Search For Meaning, Gift Edition


If you are more the video type, this peace of mind YouTube video will also help you.



How to get peace of mind?

You can try a lot of things.

You can try to love more.

You can turn your attention to someone or something.

You can try to grow your empathy.

You can try to "transform" society.

You can look for nice words in thousands of books.

You can try to be more powerful.

You can search for love.

You can go to the Himalaya to live mystical experiences.

But to achieve peace of mind nothing, absolutely nothing, beats this strategy: detaching yourself.

Try it today. It works.

If you tried it leave me a comment saying yes!

How To Eliminate Your Fear

How To Conquering Fear

Can you conquer fear?

Yes. Conquering fear is possible.

You can conquer ALL your fears.

(No matter how shy you are).

And you can do it FAST.

Imagine what you could achieve facing your fears...

  • Speaking in front of 1,000 persons.
  • Making friends at a party full of strangers.
  • Building your own company and earn ten times more.
  • Conquering people (you think) are smarter than you.
  • Here´s the deal:

    I will show you a 3-STEP METHOD to conquering all your fears.

    But first know this…

    Conquering fear is possible

    Whether conquering fear of heights...

    Or conquering fear of public speaking…

    Or conquering your boss

    Or your future girlfriend/boyfriend…

    You can get…



    I´m sure you´ve asked yourself:

    How can I conquer fear?

    Is there a method?


    And you can get fearless FAST.

    In this article I will explain you how. It will be your hand book to be a fearless person. An admired person!

    People will follow you.

    And you won´t procrastinate also important projects!

    If you have a system to eliminate fear, you will achieve all your dreams. Point and shoot.


    Exclusive Bonus:

    Download this Guide in PDF:

    The 3-Step Method to Eliminate All Your Fears

    Your system to conquering fear!

    But first you must know one thing…


    If you understand the mechanism of fear and act, you will eliminate fear from your life.

    The cure of fear consists in:

    Facing your fears is:

    Recognizing it and then taking a step forward.

    Once you do this you will stop suffering.

    Whether you need a cure for fear of heights, dogs, or public speaking.

    You will stop suffering, (like so many people do).

    Therefore I will give you the 3 steps to eliminate fear in any situation:

    • before an important appointment, 
    • before an exam,
    • or before a mental or physical competition. 

    So you will get rid of weeks of stress before a decisive event.

    So from now on appreciate the adrenaline burst that produces fear. Because it will be your great ally. Once you overcome fear you will dare with anything.

    But also think that in the future fear will appear again.

    Yet there you will take advantage of it again thanks to this method.

    It gets better:

    And after beating fear after fear you will be the person to follow. Calm on the outside while strong on the inside.

    And you will turn into a leader.

    You will do things nobody tries and be admired because you are THE ONE that confronts dangers.

    And your enemies will retreat. Simply looking at your self-confidence they will recognize you are stronger.

    So now the 3 steps to follow.

    But before we begin…

    …here is my best quote about conquering fear:

    “The best way out is always through.”-Robert Frost

    Yet another conquering fear quote I like is:

    “Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”

    -World War I hero Eddie Rickenbacker 

    And now let´s go with the 3 Steps:







    So here it goes:

    STEP 1


    First realize where your fear comes from.

    Fear is an ancient mechanism.

    When your mind senses danger, (notice that I only say sense), it segregates adrenalin anticipating fighting. This was formed thousands of years agowhen primitive men had to hunt dangerous animals to survive.

    With the fear mechanism they knew when to run and when to fight. And the segregated adrenaline made us aggressive. Then it was useful to react fast.

    But there is a problem: today we continue producing adrenalin without needing it.

     Today you have inherited this defensive system in a different environment.

    And it works against you.

    Because now, when your brain feels danger, and I remark the word feels, you secrete adrenaline in anticipation of a non-existent combat.

    That´s why many paralyze and suffer panic attacks even though there aren’t beasts in the street. This adrenaline is good for sports, but it hurts you in most situations.

    If the adrenaline is not burned, you feel bad. And problems arise.

    Then you produce more fear that produces more adrenaline. And you enter a spiral difficult to escape. It’s when you get stressed or get into a fight.

    So people continue suffering panic even when there aren´t beasts in the streets. 

    And this non-used adrenaline stays in the body producing discomfort and more fear. You feel bad, shout and look for confrontation. (It can get worse with depression or committing suicide.)

    So if you don’t eliminate accumulated fear in form of adrenaline, it causes you depression at best, or it destroys your with madness, unnecessary fights, or suicide at worst.

    But now that you know the origin of fear and this changes everything.

    It´s simply an ancient system to hunt and survive that you can eliminate.


    And now the 2nd step.


    If you want to download this  Guide in PDF:

    The 3-Step Method to Eliminate All Your Fears


    STEP 2


    Accept fear as something normal. Don´t let fear blackmail you. So first don´t ignore it.

    Don´t resist. Let him come and go.

    The key to eliminating fear is recognizing that fear exists. Fear is normal. When you accept this you feel instantly better. You are not inferior. You don’t have fear while others don’t. Everybody has fear.

    Once you know this, you reduce fear´s strength. It’s a Buddhist principle that never fails.

    Why worry about getting fired, losing your couple or your home? If it´s going to happen, it will happen. There are many things you can´t control.

    So look fear into the eyes. It´s impossible that fear blackmails you if you open your doors.

    On the other hand, if you want to escape he gets stronger.

    So let him come and get out at his will.

    Don’t resist. 

    Look fear straight into the eyes. “Come as much as you want!” And you will immediately feel better since you note how irrational fear is. Look him directly and you have the control.

    Try it today and you will eliminate many fears simply accepting them.

    FOR EXAMPLE: Why worry about losing money or losing a relationship?

    If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen anyway. 

    So accept there are things out of your reach. There are always bad situations. So is life. And everybody is in your situation.

    So stop torturing yourself. Think that if something bad happens, you will find a solution. ​

    Fear can´t hurt you if you open him your doors. 

    If you see it as something that enters and leaves, you will break the cycle of:

    Being afraid   –    Segregating adrenaline 

    And being more afraid

    So next time fear arrives, accept it.

    Feel your breath. Feel your pulse. ​​​​​​​​​​“Now I’m afraid. Wow! What a feeling!” Watch yourself from a camera from the sky.

    “Come all you want, I don´t care!” And at that moment you will see you can overcome it… and immediately fear will disappear. Something as easy as accepting is the easy solution.

    Because remember, fear doesn´t like to be accepted.

    So whenever you notice fear, ask for more. “I want more, I was bored! I need to get stronger.” And with your doors open he will leave.

    And now the last step, a mini action.

    STEP 3



    Action always beats worry. Action gives a way out to adrenaline and makes you confident. So if you pursue a goal and move, you will give fear the coup de grace. One step forward and fear will disappear entirely.

    Your best movement is always a step forward.

    So use the adrenaline of fear to make a quick movement. 

    Don’t stay still. Otherwise adrenaline will accumulate and you will panic.

    But take a step forward and you will kill fear.

    Try it. As soon as you…

    – open your mouth to say something that imposes,

    – invest a minute in that big project,

    – or touch subtly that animal that scares you,

    fear dies.

    And once you take this first step, the rest is easy. This first step is enough to burn adrenaline and bad feelings.

    One little tip to conquer fear without action:

    Perhaps you can’t take that first step physically, so give it mentally. 

    Take a deep breath and think that nothing is wrong if you are afraid.

    Yet at the same time, combine it with a step towards your goal. Visualize also how you are going to overcome it, and fear will be a simple tingling in your stomach.

    So, there you have it. A simple 3 STEPS SYSTEM to conquering your fears. ALL of them!

    FOR YOU:


    You can use those 3 steps to eliminate fear in any situation:

    • before an important appointment, 
    • before an exam,
    • or before a mental or physical competition. 

    So you will get rid of weeks of stress before a decisive event.

    If you understand the mechanism of fear and act, you will be the ruler of your life and not suffer under fear, as so many people suffer.

    The best OVERCOMING FEAR Quotes:

    “To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.”- Soren Kierkegaard"Courage is fear holding on a minute longer!- General George S. Patton

    “Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit.”

    – Baltasar Gracian


    You can conquer ALL your fears.

    It´s simply a 3 Step Method

    Follow these 3 Steps and you will conquer any fear.
    STEP 1:Define Fear STEP 2:Embrace Fear STEP 3:1 Step Forward
    Remember: accept you feel fear. It’s normal. 

    Examine your feelings and don’t escape. If you look fear straight and take a step forward it will vanish. 

    So you will be self-confident before a negotiation, before talking to someone decisive, or before any key movement.

    This will also prevent you from being attacked with your guard down. Because you will know how to react fast.

    Try it today.

    Who do you dare to speak?

    What don’t you dare to do?

    Which current situation in your work impresses you?

    Make a one-minute visualization of your new results with the 3 steps:


    STEP 1

    Realize that fear is an ancient mechanism to hunt beasts and survive.

    STEP 2

    Accept fear as something normal. Everybody has fear.

    STEP 3

    Take one imperfect step forward. ONLY ONE.

    And you will win!

    So from now on appreciate the adrenaline burst that produces fear. It will be your great ally.

    Don´t forget that in the future fear will appear again, but...

    you will overcome it with this method again.

    And so you will be the person to follow. Calm on the outside while strong on the inside.

    Want to know the best part?

    And you will turn into a leader.

    You will do things nobody tries and be admired, because you are THE ONE that confronts dangers. And your enemies will retreat. Simply looking at your self-confidence they will recognize you are stronger!

    And one last thing to finish:

    A QUIZ to know your future self-confidence:



    Conquering Fear: 

    Are you going to be FEARLESS and go far in life?

    Get your FEAR-PROFILE fast.

    How was it?

    Now It’s Your Turn

    I really hope you enjoyed my 3 Step Guide to conquer fear.

    Now I’d like to hear from you:

    With which obstacle will you try the method first?

    To change to a better job?

    Or to become the leader of your peers?

    Or maybe you want to conquer someone.

    Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.