Do you want to find peace of mind

If you find peace of mind you will achieve your goals faster. 

(Quite contrary to the aggressiveness many preach). 

But you must know how to do it right. 

Yet once you control your thoughts you will have that incredibly feeling of a clear mind. Goodbye to stress, heart strokes and many other illnesses. 

And with a clear mind you will be ten times more effective in your job and personal relations. An you will conquer any fear so.

So therefore first I will give you the right definition of peace of mind. 

Definition of a peaceful mind 


Detachment is the key. 

People try to find peace of mind holding on to ideas, opinions and material goods. But then they suffer from morning to midnight imagining they will lose them!

Many even don´t sleep. And then stress, depression and worse diseases appear.

So the best peace of mind counseling you will receive is detaching yourself.

You will always overcome adversity so.

Detachment is the best peace of mind therapy.

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Even the best bible verse for peace of mind speaks about detaching yourself and giving thanks for what you have.

And if you practice detachment, if you enjoy having a peaceful mind in spite of material goods, curiously even material goods will come to your life.

But therefore you must pay the price of detachment first. It´s why my favorite quote of peace of mind is this one:

To spare oneself from grief at all cost can be achieved only at the price of total detachment.

Erich Fromm

Buddhism has also many quotes to help you to find peace of mind. And there also many peace of mind prayers in every philosophy.

And Buddhism also demonstrates that the principal cause of suffer is attachment.

So detaching yourself and without worries you will act ten times faster. You will grow rich with peace of mind!

But how can yo do it?

So here are the...


The 3 Keys to achieve mental peace:

Apply the one that fits you better and you will benefit from peace of mind since the first day. It will be your new habit.

1. Peace of mind foundation:
Do you want to be right... or be happy?

Most people need desperately be right.

Big error.

Once you decide not to impose your opinion, stress and loneliness disappear. You won´t change anybody with your opinion. So do you want to be right or happy?

Look at those persons ridiculously aggressive with their political beliefs. (Beliefs they simply copied from others). So be smarter having friends with all kind of political or philosophical opinions. Get along with everybody.

Don´t care where you differ. Isn´t there always a point to differ?

Most people have good intentions, they only think in different solutions to achieve the same purpose. So why lose a friend imposing your point of view?

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So don´t take yourself so seriously and accept other´s opinions. Just in that moment you will feel much better.

This video will help you:

2. Peace of mind in a sentence:
Refuse to blame

Don't lose time creating villains.

Blaming is a trap. Think better that 80% of guilt was yours (you won´t get wrong so).

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Because, don´t fool yourself, you can do better. 

If you had a discussion or someone drove along crazy is he really so bad? Will you lose your time looking for revenge? Do you really need a new enemy?

Analyze like a strategist and think how you will do different. (That´s also the key to increase your productivity.)

If you discipline yourself to accept guilt, your anxiety will disappear. And you will avoid serious trouble you could pay all your life. So if someone tricks you think, "Poor guy, I feel sorry for him. What a poor life with his limited way of thinking."

Without enemies you will eliminate the hate that consumes you and be happy again. It´s the best peace of mind yoga.

And you will have energy and power. You will be the confident guy who produces more than anyone.


3. Finding peace of mind:
Don´t fall in love with your suffering

There is something epic in the suffering hero. And many fall in love with that role.

Another big nonsense.

I know you are on your right to complain. But past problems are your guide to succeed.

The more problems, the smarter you get!

So avoid the "me-against-the-world" mindset. You can´t live in a continuous imaginary discussion with others. Never complain or aggressiveness will block you. Think it was your guilt and you will feel well instantly. Try it now.

People lose their life thinking in how bad they were treated, in the friends that betrayed them and other horror stories. Like if they were unique.

But they don´t understand we all have betrayals and errors.

And worse, they don´t understand that  the key is their reaction. Otherwise they will fall into the trap of self-sabotage.

So be intelligent and thank what you experienced. Accept also that everybody had bad experiences. Don´t be the complainer everybody avoids. Forget and you will win friends that will open you many doors.

"But my case is special! What they did to me is too serious!"

I insist: you are not unique.

You are even luckier if they attacked you. So you have more experiences to go far. Now you are smarter. You will change your life fast so.

End of the story.


And one last advice:

The best piece of mind book

Man´s Search For Meaning, from Viktor Frankl. This book will open your eyes. You will see that you live much better than people who suffer.

The wise words of someone who survived a Nazi concentration camp will always help you:

pieace of mind book

I absolutely recommend you to read it.

If you are more the video type, this peace of mind YouTube video will also help you.



How to get peace of mind?

You can try a lot of things.

You can try to love more.

You can turn your attention to someone or something.

You can try to grow your empathy.

You can try to "transform" society.

You can look for nice words in thousands of books.

You can try to be more powerful.

You can search for love.

You can go to the Himalaya to live mystical experiences.

But to achieve peace of mind nothing, absolutely nothing, beats this strategy: detaching yourself.

It will be the best way to get motivated.

Try it today. It works.

If you tried it leave me a comment saying yes!

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    i wish for enjoyment, since this this web site conations genuinely good funny data too.

  2. Hello David, Beautiful, inspiring, spiritual!! Just what my mind, heart and soul needed at this very moment! I try to live my life with all these principles. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder. Thank you with all my heart for sharing your wisdom! I look forward to reading more of your work! Thank YOU!
    Suzanne 🕊

  3. Johnson From Twitter, Such a wonderful peace of text to end my year. Am greatful and Releaved . Sharing this right now

  4. Yes, this is a great learning how to deal anxiety and turn it to peace of mind. Thank you for sharing us 🙏😊

  5. Don’t impose your opinion or idea upon others.strive to be a happy person rather than a right person.Don’t be attached with your opinion or idea.

  6. Hey David, I think I’ve been letting myself get consumed in sorrow for a while now and this is just what I needed. I’m definitely attached to things causing stress which has ruined my mental health but I’m ready to change and start fresh. There’s no need to drown in our complaints and memories but move forward and better ourselves . Happiness is such a vast word yet the key is finding peace and detaching from the outside world in order to find ourselves . Thank you for such a inspirational read✨

    1. Hi D´Nea! Glad that this article helped you. Yes, the key is finding peace and detaching from outside. It works! I will continue giving more info in more articles!

  7. Detachment has made my 28 year career as a female in a mostly all male industry extremely successful once I started using it, about 10 years in. Prior to that I was frustrated, angry and irrational, not respected and not succeeding. Most of my success, personal and professional, has come from this.

  8. Yes. Regular practice of self introspection,in the subtle and constant memory of Almighty Father, has helped me a lot to understand “TRUE DETACHMENT”.I have noticed a remarkable change in my personality. Thank you so much for nice article.

  9. I have seen your reply on Twitter which led me to just give it a try. Thanks for sharing it. As of now I am suffering from a mental trauma but this article just showed me slight hope of recovery. @HarshMallow3

  10. Thank you but only the gift of Peace or inner peace from our Risen Lord Jesus can last a life time with out end. Or forever in His house or paradise plus share this Gift of lovingcare, Joy n peace to all is the greatest good news to our people

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