If you need a good strategy on how to go far, do the OPPOSITE of the official advice.

Here’s something you need to know:

Media opinion, influencers, and “good advice” from friends and family is never in your favor… but theirs.

That official advice will tell you things like:

“You need balance between time off and work…”

“You need a secure job…”

“You deserve it…”


Let’s see… What do they mean by that? They mean that you should be like them and not pursue your big dream. Don’t succeed because then you’ll stand out from the crowd and they’ll die of envy. It’s that clear.

Politicians love it. They paint a situation of scarcity in which they will rescue you. Enemies everywhere. And the enemies are always the others, what a coincidence. And, desperate, you vote for them.

There was a University of Phoenix study on how employees think. And 64% of employees thought that their career depended on their bosses. That others should design their career. Their superiors should be responsible for their training, their promotions and their money. It was always someone else’s responsibility.

How naïve!!!

They don’t understand that others have their own interests. It’s like the joke about the boss who has a Mercedes and says to his employee: “If you work hard enough, next year….

… I’ll buy another Mercedes.”

It’s crazy how people put their future in the hands of others. Your boss may be a nice person, but believe me, the first thing in his life is his career, not yours. Or do you think about other people’s careers? The truth, please.

That’s why you have to pursue your big dream like there’s no tomorrow.

You must choose your future regardless of what others tell you. Otherwise, you will always be in their hands. And I insist, your family and friends may love you very much, but their first concern is themselves. They want you not to improve so that you don’t abandon them.

The big trap.

Because this way you will only become more insecure and forget to pursue your big dream. You will become resentful and territorial, like a dog tied up too long. Is this the life you want?

Going mainstream will only be a momentary drug to soothe you. To anesthetize you from a job you dislike and a boring life. It’s like those Get-Rich-In-3-Days scams. Follow a magic tip and you’ll be happy.

But if you don’t look inside yourself for the answer, you’ll never be happy.

Understand that you have to go through adversity and permanently look for different paths to achieve your goals. Don’t follow official wisdom or you will end up miserably dependent on a measly state pension. That’s why official wisdom is only good for politicians and influencers. They really have done a great job of brainwashing. My admiration.

So first understand that official thinking is designed to keep you from standing out. It’s the collectivist mentality. The hypocrisy that you shouldn’t stand out so you don’t overshadow others. But it’s so as not to overshadow the leaders, just like in a totalitarian state.

So please don’t focus on surviving like most do. If you focus on surviving you will only be unproductive. Like the employee who was caught warming his feet with the dryer in the bathroom. Or the one who was caught sleeping (he said they were thinking, at least he was creative).

So the key is: if you want to succeed do the opposite of others. Follow your dream even if they tell you it’s impossible. Especially if they say it’s impossible.

Designing your goals is not something for tomorrow. So be smart and find your purpose in life first. As Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself because all the other positions are already filled.”

And then make a business around it. Once you have a great goal, redesign your day around it. I know you have urgencies every morning, but your only urgency will be your long-term project, the task that will affect you the most 10 years from now. And it sure isn’t the urgencies.

Maybe you have a job now and you need the money because you have a family to support. But isolate a few minutes each day to work part-time on what you love. Make up five minutes today, and gradually build it up to an hour or two. This will program your subconscious mind to see possibilities.

Of course, you can’t leave your kids without food by quitting your job cold turkey to start a business. But if you start by dedicating an hour a day to your passion, you will achieve a lot. After a while you will see how you can quit a job you hate and make a living from your passion.

Watch a successful actor, athlete or entrepreneur and you’ll find a passionate person. They never ask themselves how to be happy. They simply follow their passion.

So the first thing is to follow your passion, never the official advice.

You will save years of extra work if you commit to following your dream. But start today because finding out years from now that you didn’t follow your passion will be very hard. And as Shakespeare said, “The man who dreams never grows old.”

Follow your dream today, even if everyone tells you it’s impossible. They will tell you that). But look at it as a good sign. Because the other option will be to wake up every morning depressed like them.  “Another shitty day awaits me.” And so you will grow old very fast.

If you pursue your dream, many other problems will be solved. Because just thinking about your dream job will be enough, even if you don’t know how to start or have the money. I assure you that a thousand ideas will come to you.

And in the process, you will become charismatic.

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