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100 Tips To Get Unbreakable Self-Confidence
You will agree with me when I say: With self-confidence you will boost your life in seconds. Imagine yourself... ...speaking in[...]
The Yin and Yang Method to Become a Powerful Mind
Do you want to know how to become a powerful mind? Many people want a big brain. They want to[...]
Why Motivation is a Trap
Motivation is a trap. Most people rely on motivation to accomplish their big projects or learn the skills they want,[...]
Why never follow the advice of your friends!
Be contrarian to the official advice. Do you want to know why you must avoid following the official opinion? Because[...]
What Comes First, Success or Happiness?
One question: what comes first, succeeding or being happy? Most people think: “Now I'm going to work a lot. I´m[...]
How To Find Your Passion
Do you want to have more results doing less? Right now you are struggling. You are working a lot and[...]
3 Keys to Avoid Failure
  Hi! Do you know why you are failing in many of your projects? Here are 3 keys to succeed[...]
The Empire In Your Brain
Do you want to know the root of failure? You must know that the root of all your failures comes[...]
How To Build Your Fortress Of Good Habits
Do you have good habits? I'm sure you’ve heard a lot of times about that thing of “habits.” Yet if[...]
Why Your Success Is Predictable
Do you know your future is predictable? You don't need a crystal ball to know what is going to happen[...]
The Short Term Trap
There are people who overeat and short-term they feel good. There are people who smoke and short-term with their cigarette[...]
Your Dostoyevski moment. (How to change your life)
Did YOU had your Dostoyevsky moment? Did you had that moment where you thought: "I need to do something meaningful[...]
Your Passion: The Discipline Of Your Life
We make a sharp division between work and fun. Work is work, and free time is free time. Big error.[...]
Lisa had everything to be successful. Lisa was smart and friendly. But Lisa had a problem. She considered herself unintelligent[...]
18 Easy Ways To Change Your Life (Use The One You Like Most)
I will give you 18 techniques, to develop an iron discipline. Use the one you feel most comfortable with. Or[...]
The “Cruyff Experience” That Turned An Insecure Boy Into The Best Player
When I was a child I had an experience that changed my life. As good European, I played soccer during[...]
How To Overcome Adversity
Do you think Leonardo da Vinci was lucky? What a smart guy. All he did was right. No failures. No[...]
How To Become A Genius
You can be a genius. Even if you failed and now struggle to survive. Now you think you can´t because[...]
17 Fast Ways To STOP PROCRASTINATING and Succeed
Do you want to know how to discipline yourself? I know how you feel... It's early in the morning and[...]
How to Eliminate Overwhelm II
Do you want the proven method to eliminate your bad habits FAST AND FOREVER? Click here. Here is part of[...]
How To Eliminate Overwhelm I
What if you could stop struggling in life? Imagine… eliminatiNg your bad habits and being productive. And then achieving your[...]
3 Ways To Achieve Peace Of Mind
Do you know the key to happiness? Peace of mind. With a clear mind you will achieve your goals fast[...]
Did you know you can eliminate all your fears? And without fear you can succeed more than with any strategy.You[...]

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Eliminating Bad Habits
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