Want to be happy with better results and the same amount of work?

Now you are struggling. You are working a lot and you suffer because you don’t have time for yourself?

Maybe you are somehow passionate about what you do. But you need better results. You need more money.

How can you change this???

You have the solution in this story:

There was a fine actor in 19th century England who was struggling. He had some success, but not enough. He was working hard and the results were not coming.

Until one day he met the great P.T. Barnum, the first great marketing genius. So he explained his problem to him. To which P.T Barnum replied, “Look, you’re an excellent actor but you’re in a bad location.”

So he advised him to go to New York, to the booming America of the 19th century and work there.

And that’s what he did. He went to America and traveled all over the country as an actor. In that booming America he was successful, and he became rich and famous.

He was in the right place.

And here we come to the epicenter of your life.

Are you in the right place?

I mean…

Are you following your passion?

It doesn’t matter what you do, the people you meet or the things you know. It doesn’t matter how much work or how many hours you put in. No matter how much money you have. If you ask yourself every day how to get back to being happy you are most likely not following your passion.

And the only thing that counts to win is following your passion.

The right place is following your passion. So the first question you should ask yourself is NOT how to find more hours to work or how to have better contacts. No. Location comes first. So work on your passion first.

99% of people struggle their whole lives. They work hard. They are good people. Many even have some success. But it’s not enough.

Because if you don’t work at what you love you will never succeed.

I know that asking yourself if you work at what you are passionate about is a difficult question because it means acknowledging a lot of things you did wrong.

It means acknowledging that maybe you wasted a lot of time in life.

But it’s the best thing you can do because you’ll avoid struggling for years to come.

You will go very, very, very far if you stop what you are doing now and start working slowly on your passion. So find a business around your passion.

When I asked myself if I was in the right place, I suffered. But everything changed the moment I started to focus only on my passion. Peace of mind also came immediately.

Until then I was working at “good jobs”…

…that I hated.

And sometimes the results in money were good, but it wasn’t the way I wanted it, because there was always the handicap of, “I don’t 100% like what I do.”

So the first thing the truth.

First the truth and only the truth. Are you working on your passion?

You don’t need to ask others. Just ask yourself. Are you working on what you really want in life?

Stop “taking action.”

Action is overrated. Being productive is good, but why be productive at something you don’t like? It doesn’t make sense!

If what you do isn’t aligned with your big dream, it’s no good. Review your last few years, did you enjoy life? Really?

You will only be happy if you work at what you love. You’ll even be rich and famous if that’s what you want, but the indispensable condition is always that you pour yourself into your big project.

So change your strategy.

Gradually quit your job and start working PART-TIME on your passion.

Don’t wait for others to design your career.

You’ll even get to quit your job altogether if you slowly work on what you love. Whether it’s creating a website and making a business out of astronomy or flying around the world making travel guides. It will be the take-no-prisoners strategy. But trust me, it’s the best you can do.


You must follow your passion, your dream, your goal… it has many names, but follow that one big thing you have in mind. It will involve risky changes… but keep working on what you don’t like and you will see what is risky.

Most procrastinate the big change in their life. They think they’ll be happy when they finish their career.

-Then they think they’ll be happy when they get married…

-Then they think they’ll be happy when they have children…

-Then they think they will be happy when the children grow up…

And in the meantime life passes…

And one day they’ll wonder how to be happy again. But it will be too late.

So you’d better take a day to think. Or a week. Start from scratch, what’s your big dream?

It’s not about productivity. You have to know what you want first. The first thing is to follow your passion, the fastest way to be happy.

And it’s the fastest way to get rich.

And with great self-confidence.

Follow your passion, even if it means quitting your job and starting a business from scratch. If the fear of starting your own business is holding you back, here is the solution to eliminate your fears.

So, if you think that following your dream is risky, try the opposite and you will see what is risky.

As philosopher Hegel said 200 years ago “Nothing great has been done without passion.”

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