Imagine if there was a key to rapid growth and instant results.

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Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:
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So if you want the best self-growth techniques and get BIG results, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s jump right in.
There’s a common misconception about self-growth. Work is work and free time is free time.
Big mistake.

This stupid post-industrial trend of separating work from personal life will destroy your dreams.

Because there is no division.

And here we come to something you need to know about Self Growth:
There is no such thing as “work” and “free time.”

If you think like that you will NEVER have free time.
(And of course, you will forget to enjoy your work).
But life is short and you spend too many hours at work to not love what you do.

So think differently.

Be smarter and link work to a fulfilling life.

Even when most people avoid it. But it’s the only way to multiply your self-growth. Only then will you make more money.

So first don’t fool yourself: don’t separate your work from what you love to do. Otherwise, you’ll be saying “I hate my job.”

And this is no way to live.
The world needs you to be happy with what you do. The world needs productive people.
So first ask yourself:
Are you pursuing your dream now?
Be concrete: how much on a scale of 0 to 10?
Because then comes the big question:
Are you working on your passion?
Most people don’t follow their passion and become obsessed with not giving more than they get. But then they receive less.
And then they give less.

They fall into an endless loop that will lead them to spend their last years broke depending on the state. Dependent on those politicians they hate. Add to this that they never enjoyed life because they hated their jobs, and you have a nice torture chamber.

Do you want this for yourself?

I know you’re thinking, “But this is the “normal” way of life!” You get the job done as fast as you can, criticize your boss, blame society, and meanwhile try to get more by giving less.


That’s not the smartest thing to do if you want to grow on your own.
First, take the bull by the horns. First answer this question:
“Am I following my passion?”

Or at the very least, “Do I have a plan to change my current job while making some money to survive?”

First things first.

Even when most people think that following the crowd is going to strike gold.
Because the stupidest thing you can do in your life is to follow the crowd.

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Because the stupidest thing you can do in your life is to follow the crowd.

So you better run away whenever you hear expressions like “This is the right thing to do.” Because if you do what “normal people do,” you’ll have the horrible normal shitty life that everyone else has.

And so you will fail.

Every time.

(And by fail I include going to a “safe job” with a sour face and praying for no new problems. Which, by the nature of the job never happens.)

So first avoid the big mass mentality. Think differently. First, avoid the mindset of “suffer to succeed.” That way you will eliminate self-sabotage.
Find your passion and build your career around it. This will make you extremely happy as a “side” benefit.
Every time you hear “Struggling is normal” or “There are no good jobs anymore,” ask yourself: who said this?

And you’ll find an unproductive person every time.

Those who support official thoughts hate your life. And they will do whatever it takes to convince you that there are no opportunities.

So don’t follow the official rule of separating work from personal life. That’s why a recent study by the academic journal Social Forces reveals that only 6% of adults end up pursuing the career they dreamed of as children.

Don’t separate your work from your personal life. This is limited thinking. Because it implies that you can’t be happy at work. Either you work, or you’re happy. No.

If you separate this you will be unproductive. In your free time, you’ll think about your horrible job, and during your horrible job, you’ll think about your free time instead of focusing.

Perfect to stop growing and being underpaid.

And of course, say goodbye to more free time like that.

So, change the way you look at it. It’s not about taking work home. It’s not about working longer hours. It’s about being productive.

And you will be the most productive person in the world if you find your passion and build your career around it.

Because you can work wherever you want. There’s always a solution. You could paint, fly airplanes, solve political crises, design big marketing campaigns, produce electronic music, research artificial intelligence or manufacture nails…

But to do that you have to know what you like.

If you don’t know what you want you’ll end up in a job you hate. The key is to find something where when you finish you say. “Today was hard, but I love it so much I’d do it for free.”

Think that’s impossible?

Well, look at productive people. They do what they love and persevere even on “bad days.”

Because first understand this: struggling at your job makes you unproductive. And being unproductive means being underpaid.

So break the chain.

First forget the nonsense of “separating work from free time.” First find your true purpose.
-First is not trying to make money.
-The first thing is not to try to find a secure job.
-The first thing is not to try to find a job to be home at 5 o’clock.
This is the surest way to end up broke at 65.
Here’s what to do:
First think deeply until you find out how to combine your work with your true purpose.This way you will also find peace of mind!
Only if you mix your work with your passion will you live your dream. Only then will you build a tech empire, write bestselling books, be an astronomer, invest in tech talent or travel the world.
There is no other path.

So don’t take shortcuts! To live your dreams you have to find your passion first. First things first.

I know you’ve suffered from a limiting family and work environment. Now you think you can’t escape:

Life is hard…
There is no salvation…
Depression Monday through Friday…
And then total joy on weekends….
But the depression will continue on weekends as Monday will always be there.

So the ONLY antidote is to merge what you love with your work.

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