How to conquering fear (fast) 

Yes. Conquering fear is possible. 

You can conquer ALL your fears. 

(No matter how shy you are). 

And you can do it FAST

Imagine what you could achieve conquering fear…

  • Speaking in front of 1,000 persons. 
  • Making friends at a party full of strangers. 
  • Building your own company and earn ten times more. 
  • Conquering people (you think) are smarter than you. 
  • In this post you will get a COMPLETE GUIDE to conquering all your fears. 

    Here´s the deal:

    I will show you a 3-STEP METHOD to conquering all your fears.

    But first know this…

    Conquering fear is possible

    Whether conquering fear of heights…

    Or conquering fear of public speaking…

    Or conquering your boss

    Or your future girlfriend/boyfriend…

    You can get…



    I´m sure you´ve asked yourself:

    The method to conquering fear

    Is there a method?


    And you can get fearless FAST.

    In this article I will explain you how. It will be your hand book to be a fearless person. An admired person!

    People will follow you.

    And you won´t procrastinate also important projects!

    If you have a system to eliminate fear, you will achieve all your dreams. Point and shoot.


    Download here

    3 Fast Ways to Eliminate All Your Fears

    Your system to conquering fear!

    But first you must know one thing…

    To conquer fear accept fear first!

    If you understand the mechanism of fear and act, you will eliminate fear from your life.

    The cure of fear consists in:

    Facing your fears is:

    Recognizing it and then taking a step forward.

    Once you do this you will stop suffering and self-sabotaging yourself without knowing it.

    Whether you need a cure for fear of heights, dogs, or public speaking.

    You will stop suffering, (like so many people do).

    Therefore I will give you the 3 steps to eliminate fear in any situation:

    • before an important appointment, 
    • before an exam,
    • or before a mental or physical competition. 

    So you will program your subsconcious mind and get rid of weeks of stress before a decisive event.

    But also think that in the future fear will appear again.

    Yet there you will take advantage of it again thanks to this method.

    And it gets better:

    And after beating fear after fear you will be the person to follow. Calm on the outside while strong on the inside.

    And you will turn into a leader.

    You will do things nobody tries and be admired because you are THE ONE that confronts dangers.

    And your enemies will retreat. Simply looking at your self-confidence they will recognize you are stronger. It will be the best thing you do for your self-growth.

    So now the 3 steps to follow.

    But before we begin…

    …Here is the best quote about conquering fear:

    “The best way out is always through.” -Robert Frost

    Yet another conquering fear quote I like is:

    “Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”-World War I hero Eddie Rickenbacker

    And now let´s go with the 3 Steps:1. DEFINE FEAR2. EMBRACE FEAR3. ONE STEP FORWARD


    First realize where your fear comes from.

    Fear is an ancient mechanism.

    When your mind senses danger, (notice that I only say sense), it segregates adrenalin anticipating fighting. This was formed thousands of years ago when primitive men had to hunt dangerous animals to survive.

    With the fear mechanism they knew when to run and when to fight. And the segregated adrenaline made us aggressive. Then it was useful to react fast.

    But there is a problem: today we continue producing adrenalin without needing it.

     Today you have inherited this defensive system in a different environment.

    And it works against you.

    Because now, when your brain feels danger, and I remark the word feels, you secrete adrenaline in anticipation of a non-existent combat.

    That´s why many paralyze and suffer panic attacks even though there aren’t beasts in the street. This adrenaline is good for sports, but it hurts you in most situations.

    If the adrenaline is not burned, you feel bad. And problems arise.

    Then you produce more fear that produces more adrenaline. And you enter a spiral difficult to escape. It’s when you get stressed or get into a fight.

    So people continue suffering panic even when there aren´t beasts in the streets. 

    And this non-used adrenaline stays in the body producing discomfort and more fear. You feel bad, shout and look for confrontation. (It can get worse with depression or committing suicide.)

    So if you don’t eliminate accumulated fear in form of adrenaline, it causes you depression at best, or it destroys your with madness, unnecessary fights, or suicide at worst.

    But now that you know the origin of fear and this changes everything.

    It´s simply an ancient system to hunt and survive that you can eliminate.

    And now the 2nd step…


    Accept fear as something normal. Don´t let fear blackmail you. So first don´t ignore it.

    Don´t resist. Let him come and go.

    The key to eliminating fear is recognizing that fear exists. Fear is normal. When you accept this you feel instantly better. You are not inferior. You don’t have fear while others don’t. Everybody has fear.

    Once you know this, you reduce fear´s strength. It’s a Budist principle that never fails.

    Why worry about getting fired, losing your couple or your home? If it´s going to happen, it will happen. There are many things you can´t control.

    So look fear into the eyes. It´s impossible that fear blackmails you if you open your doors.

    On the other hand, if you want to escape he gets stronger.

    So let him come and get out at his will.

    Don’t resist. 

    Look fear straight into the eyes. “Come as much as you want!” And you will immediately feel better since you note how irrational fear is. Look him directly and you have the control.

    Try it today and you will eliminate many fears simply accepting them.

    FOR EXAMPLE: Why worry about losing money or losing a relationship?

    If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen anyway. 

    So accept there are things out of your reach. There are always bad situations. Don´t feel overwhelmed. So is life. And everybody is in your situation.

    So stop torturing yourself. Think that if something bad happens, you will find a solution.

    Fear can´t hurt you if you open him your doors. 

    If you see it as something that enters and leaves, you will break the cycle of:

    Being afraid   –    Segregating adrenaline 

    And being more afraid

    So next time fear arrives, accept it.

    Feel your breath. Feel your pulse. “Now I’m afraid. Wow! What a feeling!” Watch yourself from a camera from the sky.

    “Come all you want, I don´t care!” And at that moment you will see you can overcome it… and immediately fear will disappear. Something as easy as accepting is the easy solution.

    Because remember, fear doesn´t like to be accepted.

    And now the last step, a mini action.



    Action always beats worry. Be disciplined.Action gives a way out to adrenaline and makes you confident. So if you pursue a goal and move, you will give fear the coup de grace. One step forward and fear will disappear entirely.

    Your best movement is always a step forward.

    So use the adrenaline of fear to make a quick movement. 

    Don’t stay still. Otherwise adrenaline will accumulate and you will panic.

    But take a step forward and you will kill fear.

    Try it. As soon as you…

    – open your mouth to say something that imposes,

    – invest a minute in that big project,

    – or touch subtly that animal that scares you,

    fear dies.

    And once you take this first step, the rest is easy. This first step is enough to burn adrenaline and bad feelings.

    One little tip to conquer fear without action:

    Perhaps you can’t take that first step physically, so give it mentally. 

    Take a deep breath and think that nothing is wrong if you are afraid.

    Yet at the same time, combine it with a step towards your goal. Visualize also how you are going to overcome it, and fear will be a simple tingling in your stomach.

    So, there you have it. A simple 3 STEPS SYSTEM to conquering your fears. ALL of them!


    Download here

    3 Fast Ways to Eliminate All Your Fears

    Remember: accept you feel fear. It’s normal. 

    Examine your feelings and don’t escape. If you look fear straight and take a step forward it will vanish. And you´ll change your life fast that way.

    So you will be self-confident before a negotiation, before talking to someone decisive, or before any key movement.

    This will also prevent you from being attacked with your guard down. Because you will know how to react fast. (If you want to know more to face adversity click here.)

    Try it today.

    Who do you dare to speak?

    What don’t you dare to do?

    Which current situation in your work impresses you?

    Make a one-minute visualization of your new results with the 3 steps:


    Realize that fear is an ancient mechanismto hunt beasts and survive.


    Accept fear as something normal. Everybody has fear.


    Take one imperfect step forward. ONLY ONE.


    If you want more tips to become confident check out this video:

    Easy Training To Become Fearless

    You can use those 3 steps to eliminate fear in any situation:

    • before an important appointment, 
    • before an exam,
    • or before a mental or physical competition. 

    So you will get rid of weeks of stress before a decisive event.

    If you understand the mechanism of fear and act, you will be the ruler of your life and not suffer under fear, as so many people suffer.

    And you will win!

    So from now on appreciate the adrenaline burst that produces fear. It will be your great ally. 

    Don´t forget that in the future fear will appear again, but… you will overcome it with this method again.

    And so you will be the person to follow. Calm on the outside while strong on the inside.

    Want to know the best part?

    And you will turn into a leader. The self-confident person in the room.

    You will do things nobody tries and be admired, because you are THE ONE that confronts dangers. And your enemies will retreat. Simply looking at your self-confidence they will recognize you are stronger!

    The best OVERCOMING FEAR Quotes:

    “To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.”– Soren Kierkegaard“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer!– General George S. Patton

    “Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit.”

    – Baltasar Gracian

    And one last thing to finish:

    A QUIZ to know your future self-confidence:

    QUIZ: ¿Will You Conquer Fear? 

    Are you going to be FEARLESS and go far in life?

    Get your FEAR-PROFILE fast.

    How was it?


    Now it’s your turn!

    I really hope you enjoyed my 3 Step Guide to conquer fear. You will overcome all the adversities in life so.

    Now I’d like to hear from you:

    With which obstacle will you try the method first?

    -To change to a better job?

    -Or to become the leader of your peers?

    -Or maybe you want to conquer someone.

    Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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    1. Same paradoxical principle in Christian faith. that when we are weak, then we are strong in Christ…His power is made perfect in our weakness::
      i.e. not to deny…
      and release faith to overcome…acknowledging need of Christ who is the source of strength…this maybe the step to take…

      Thank you for sharing these awesome thinking, coping tools…

      1. I agree, except emphasis is always only on Christ, n not the most Powerful entity> “GOD”! Do NOT Accept imperfect Man’s Foolishness, as Regards Darwinism, n monkey business, as I know everything around me requires an “intelligent” mine n ideas, just as everything we use daily had a “Designer” ! Bible says “Throw Fear Outside” n Test the Waters” cautiously till you build Confidence, etc! Plus, be a Thinker, Leader, n not a Follower of Weak Men, but of infallible advice From.God! FEAR comes from many views from the one experiencing it, n can be Founded, n Unfounded, or even Hormonal Unbalance, Depression, n Mental illlness, etc! But you have some Good Pointers here! But your website for not allow email had to show for a email address n download “3-Steps Conquer Fear”, could not on my Android tablet access it! Thx!

    2. I have gone through the content and frankly it’s life changing!!the material facts contained therein crucifies fear and guess goes ahead to gives a road map on how to achieve.i can’t thank you long enough for raising my percptions and what I need to do to conquer fear

      1. Hi, Thanks fo your words Mureithi, yes I think it´s usefuel. Appreciate your way of thinking.
        This gives me power to continue writing. See you!

    3. Great steps I tell you. Lots of people will stop at 2 even, but taking the 3rd step crowns it all.
      Nice piece of work David.

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