Do you want to succeed?

Then accelerate the process by finding the root of failure.

And for that understand that the root of all your failures comes from something most never realize:


Think like a strategist. You have to plan many years ahead (most don’t even plan more than a day ahead). Some think a week ahead, some think a month ahead…. And some good strategists think a year ahead. But you must do something different.

You must think long term, not one year, not five years.

But 50 years.

Try to think 50 years ahead.

Where will you be in 50 years?

What will your house, your car, your career be like?

What will you be?

Who will you be with?

What will your day-to-day life be like?

First you have to visualize what you want. First the empire in your mind. This expression comes from Theodore Roosevelt who coined the term in 1899. And he knew what he was talking about because he became president of the United States.

So, visualize as much as you can for the long term. No fear. Plan 50 years out in detail.

Who will be with you?

What career will you have?

What would be your ideal day?

Plan everything. Even the color of your car or your house. Every detail helps. Every minute you spend thinking will only pay off. And this way you will get to program your subconscious mind.

And to plan well do this first: imagine you are now 90 years old.

If you imagine you are 90 years old, what would you regret not having done?

-In which projects would you have invested more time, in which projects less?

-With which person would you have spent more time?

-With which person would you have spent less time?

This is important, because you will see that now you are doing things that you don’t need to do. If you don’t ask yourself this question, you will continue as you are now.

“When I have more time, I will do this. When I have more money or more energy, I’ll do the other.” No, there will never be a better time than now. You have time to change your life. But start today. Remember that there is no better time than now. Think this and you will overcome any adversity.

Tomorrow you will have no more money, time, or energy. A year from now you may have more money. But not more time or energy. So to avoid failure act…. NOW.

The time to do things is now. So a good exercise will be to always think, “I’m 90 years old! I’ve got to hurry.” What you regret not doing will push you to do the things you know you are procrastinating on.

Once you do this exercise you will see two things:

1. That you must work on what you love. You will see that the only way to act fast and do great things is to work on your passion, because you need to work on your strengths. If you like music, work on something with music. Make a business around it.

2. The second is that the best time is now. That you can’t wait for more money, more energy, or better contacts. The best time is now. Then you will see that no one will save you. Your family may be great, but they won’t save you. Your friends won’t save you either. Only you. And the time is now.

We are very influenced by movies where the hero, in the last moment of the last scene of the movie, wins. It’s very aesthetic. At the last second, he attacks and wins. We love that emotional high.

But real life doesn’t work like that.

You’re not the hero of the movie. In real life you have to act now.

With no money…

With low energy…

With bad friends…

But now is the time. Can you imagine Einstein saying “Tomorrow I’ll work on this relativity thing and today I’ll rest”?

No, it’s not like that.

The energy, the money and the time will come. But for that start now. Really, what are you waiting for?


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