Imagine you knew how to overcome adversity in any situation…

So in this post I’m going to show you how to overcome adversity. (Step-by-step)

In fact, this process has helped me overcome adversity at work and solve tons of problems.

Plus: you´ll gain confidence, turn enemies into friends, and use adversity to grow my resistance muscle.

In today’s post, I’ll show you exactly the step-by-step method you can also use to overcome adversity once and for all.

How To Overcome Adversity 

This is what you´ll discover in this post. A simple 7-steps-process that has all the answers on how to overcome adversity:

With tons of “how to overcome adversity” examples. Let´s begin!

Step #1: 
Continue DESPITE Uncertainty

All the world genius went through long periods of failures. They failed a lot.

And they also gave up.

Do you think Leonardo da Vinci didn´t have to overcome adversity? What a smart guy. All he did was right.

No failures...

No doubts…

It was somehow effortless. Everything he touched turned into gold. Leonardo never left his comfort zone.

For the great genius life was easy.


Leonardo da Vinci knew everything about leaving his comfort zone. He supported tons of internal struggle asking himself how to overcome adversity. And that was the key to his masterpieces.

All genius left their comfort zone. And they also knew success wasn't guaranteed. They had to overcome uncertainty. Because as many historians say, the secret of the genius to succeed is:


Leonardo left many ambitious projects undone. He didn't dare to complete them. And this meant sad benefactors. Not good for his career.

But Leonardo, (as a genius), persevered.

He continued fighting for new ideas.

Leonardo grew up without basic studies. What for most people meant closed doors, for them was the key to success.

No rigid academic structures!

Nothing limiting their imagination!

Like Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

This together with their discipline to experiment new possibilities despite conventional wisdom, made them great.

Leonardo, for example, was a polymath fascinated by everything. He combined all the images and structures he saw and discovered new patterns he later transformed into masterpieces. That's how he designed the helicopter or the parachute 400 years ahead of his time.

Do you think that if Leonardo da Vinci developed such discipline you can't?

Of course you can.

Leonardo was human like you. He had only one brain. That's why you must compare yourself with the big ones. The answer to how to overcome adversity is thinking that if someone could, you can. You only need discipline. Because you have already enough neurons. It's a question of making the connections.

You can be a genius too!

You don't have to be special. Or do you think John Lennon was born knowing it all? No. He insisted all he needed to develop his skills. And of course, the Beatles were rejected by many record labels. But John persisted and had the discipline to evolve his music.

This is the way to go.

If you need fast tips to become disciplined, these videos will help you:

Most people think that genius suffered no pain. But  all great careers had their dose of pain.

Once you know this, going out of your comfort zone will be easy.

The newspapers love to tell stories about fast success. So most people think there is a shortcut. There must be a gap in the system!

But no.

This kind of success is short. You don't know the end of the story. And it doesn't end well. How to overcome adversity if you only think in taking shortcuts?

There is no free lunch. It´s always about self-growth. (Yet this doesn't sell newspapers.) Yet the good thing is that once you pay, you are ahead of 95% of people forever.

Step #2:
How to overcome adversity with

“quantum physics” 

You have billions of cells. They are the same cells that once belonged to Darwin, Mozart, or Leonardo da Vinci.

In other words:

You are made of THE SAME MATERIAL of your ancestors (including GENIUSES).

So the particles of the world and the forces with which they interact are still there… Inside of you!

Pure quantum physics...

And your past successes (you have them, we will see this later) also prove that everything is possible.

So why not you?

Quantum physics favors you. You are made of the right material.

So don't disqualify yourself.

Never deify others. If so, you are depriving many people of your talent.

Because think that it's not about you. Think better that you owe something to future generations. This will push you incredibly and make you happy again.

So simply have the desire to make something big for future generations and you will have all the energy to overcome adversity.

Step #3: 
Escape from comfort to… have more comfort (in the long run)

If you want to know to overcome adversity fast you must know this:

You, like Darwin or Leonardo da Vinci, will find envy and classism. Especially if your work is good.

Nobody wanted to read Kafka. Coppola was starving during his first movies. And people didn't like Monet´s paintings at first.

So the greater your goal, the more resistance. 

Don't expect anything.

Rejection is your friend!

It will show you that you are on the right track.

If you find resistance you are doing well. Nothing good comes out easily. Those moments where you feel tense trying something. are the key moments.

The key to how to overcome adversity is using tense moments in your favor. You are progressing there. In fact, they are the only moments where you are progressing.

That tense silence with that person…

That extra written words when you were tired…

That moment where you said yes when you wanted to say no…

If you feel tense you are progressing.

Good move.

Resistance is the form of greatness. So recognize the moment. Enjoy the pain.

These videos will help you to stop procrastinating and benefit from the pain:

Let others seek for luck. Better for you.

The answer on how to overcome adversity is not being the smartest or well educated. It´s following your way, rewards will come.

Think like Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the Everest:

He said there were much better climbers than him, but he reached the top of the world because he was a climber that never gave up. He wasn't technically the best. But he never abandoned. He understood it was the discipline, not the talent.

Like Emerson said, "When you avoid temptation, its power passes to you." He knew the right answer on how to overcome adversity.

So laugh about comfort. Expect resistance and embrace it. "Thanks, you are making me stronger!"

The difference between good achievers and great achievers is that good achievers tolerate discomfort and great achievers love discomfort.

You only have to try, simply try to break your comfort zone. So you will grow fast. 

And since many obstacles are repeated, once you overcome one, you will overcome many similar challenges in the future. Because many obstacles are similar.

Resistance is your tool to separate yourself from competitors.

Step #4: 
Discover the Promised Land (It´s here)

Be honest.

Be impolitely honest: what do you see when you look around you?

This is what I see:

  • I see millions of people running like crazy after "achieve it in 24 hours" success schemes.
  • I see 95% of people looking for instant gratification.
  • I see them avoiding obstacles like a plague.

And this is what I see in the 5% who succeed:

I see that they don't try to escape from adversity. And this makes them happier. This  motivates them. They jump to adversity because they know adversity is the Promised Land.

Not good.

This is something unhappy people don't know. The key is: never escaping from adversity.

The key is not asking "why is everything so difficult." Smiling in adversity will separate you from the rest.

I must confess that I was a master at escaping from adversity. Better procrastinating my search for my passion. Whenever fear appeared, I stayed in my comfort zone.

A very comfortable zone.

But a very big shit also.

Yet only when I realized that progress was in conquering fear, things changed. That difficult first step to try that business, that uncomfortable first conversation with a new person, or that extra 20 minutes writing a book.

And there it was.

The Promised Land.

The Promised Land exists. But it's behind your fear.

If in doubt on how to overcome adversity, realize that the Promised Land exists.

So don't wait, run to those tasks you are now afraid of.

And please; don't worry about results.

Fail thousand times if necessary! Because you can be sure that once you start your big project, or try to speak in front of a thousand persons, you will lose your fear.

Try for 3 seconds and nothing will be difficult.

Suddenly you will feel stronger and immune to criticism. Humble, but confident.

It's the beginning of your leadership!

So if you want to know always which direction to take, choose the one you fear most. So you will be always right.

Step #5: 
Turn your worst enemy into your best weapon 

Once you know that great people also failed, and failed many times, do like them.

It´s easy…

Focus permanently on your goal.

  • It's How Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.
  • It's how Gustav Eiffel built the Eiffel Tower.
  • It's how Alexander Dumas wrote his masterpieces.
  • And it's how people overthrew dictators.

Their dream guided them.

How to overcome adversity? Follow your dream. 

Every day!

And this obsessive way of thinking led them to achieve "unattainable" numbers. No more self-sabotage.

So be obsessive.

Because your mind is like the mind of geniuses.

Step #6: 
How to overcome adversity with 
the “reconverted numbers” 

If you believe in yourself, your mind will find past successes to motivate you.

But do the opposite, think that you can't, and this will change your numbers.

Imagine you achieved 15 great contacts in your career. You can turn this into a good skill to win more contacts.


It also can be a failure because you only achieved 15 contacts in your whole career.

No matter if you exceeded other's results, if you want you can see the bottle half empty instead of half full. (In case you want 3 fast tips to be more productive click here.)

Many people build a past of failures to protect themselves from trying something great. Instead of seeing old errors as experiences, they say "I'm a failure," and so they won't try anything.

But no.

They are their past victories, not their past failures.

So simply reconvert your numbers. Never underestimate your potential.

Take a second look at your past and make numbers again. But only look at the good part.

Your mind is in your team not in your competitor's team. Don't fall into the trap of not recognizing your successes. You have them!

Think that your current situation is the best to begin and you will win something very important: peace of mind.

You aren't a soccer World Cup winner now...

You aren't Hemingway...

You aren't Leonardo da Vinci...

But it's because you were in another situation.

You were in your training period!

So from now on, you will use errors as experiences to make you stronger. So you will perform like a real number one. 

Do you remember that compliment after finishing a difficult task?

Do you remember that admiration you produced thanks to your clever argument?

You where in the good way. And someone took note.

But you have to insist.

So recognize continuously good actions of your past. Repeat mentally your good moves. Because where you focus on expands. You will recover the energy to reject an extra plate of pommes frites or to restart today that old project you were afraid of.

You are prepared.

But please, change your numbers.

Visualize a different past. Your results didn't matter. Turn your "unimportant" won matches into big won matches.

From now on that good work you did, or your old brilliant idea must be your unique thought. Your new reconverted numbers.

So instead of thinking "My days are hard," think "If I did this in the past, my growth is unlimited." And so you will leverage your skills. How to overcome adversity? Turning your bad numbers into good ones.

Where others think of past failures, you will win energy.

Your old numbers are there to help you or to stop you.

Step #7: 
Turn into the legend that makes opponents shake

Think of the energy a team has after a winning streak.

Winning five matches in a row gave them the confidence to win the next match. Even if they weren't technically the best, they will win again.

Look at the results of your favorite sport. This year there was also a team whose past victories encouraged them to win the next match.

But observe that there are also teams or players spiraling into defeats. No matter how much they try, they will lose easy matches.

A new defeat again.

And so is life for most people. They choose the wrong numbers and think they can't win. "Another defeat, so is my life."

But the enemy is inside of them.

They expect something to be impossible, and so it is, impossible. The proof is their past failures! And so they continue their losing streak.

But you can TURN IT AROUND.

You can change even the worse situation.

Simply believe you are the best.

How to overcome adversity if you don´t think that everything helps you? Think that you are getting better and from that moment on everything will change.

Nothing will serve if it doesn't come from the inside. So choose your legendary moment. Repeat again that past movement. That's how great players appear. 

So remember: first the inside, then the hero.

That way your success will be predictable.

If you think you can, strengths from nowhere will appear. You will discipline yourself and act like that sport or business star you admire. And you won't ever repeat "It's hard," "I can't," or "It's not for me!"

From that moment you will only see victories. Because you had them. Think again and you will discover numbers in your favor.


Ulysses, the athlete Jesse Owen, or that great statesman did their journey.

They failed. But they turned into a new person thanks to remembering their good numbers. Looking the positive past turned them into a guided missile.

So do the same.

Have a unique thinking.

Be radical!

Change your numbers to perform like a gold medal winner. Change your numbers to perform like the best entrepreneur. That's the way to win in the major leagues.

With a new self-image everything is possible.

No matter how much you failed. Use your own numbers to be the star that makes competitors shake.

You are James Bond, Messi, Einstein and Indiana Jones together.

If you want fast advice to lose your fears fast and become the hero watch these videos:

So here you have the 7 Steps to overcome adversity. But if you want to summarize them into one step do the following:

(Or how to be great)

How to overcome adversity fast?


If you move you will kill negativity. With movement you kill worries and give a way out to adrenaline.

And meanwhile, you will reach your goals.

The solution is always action.

You will kill any fear with simply one step forward. Don't try to do it perfectly. Simply move and panic will disappear. And the accumulated adrenaline will give you extra energy.

As soon as you stop saying "This isn't for me," you have it.

Then you will invest one minute in your biggest project, then you will touch that imposing dog, or then you will say what you have to say.

One step forward and fear will die.

The first step is the most difficult, but the rest is downhill. One step is enough to overcome fear. Try it because success is behind one simple action.

This first step mustn't be physical, it can also be mental.

So say "Adversity is normal, but I will continue." Then take a breath and visualize yourself achieving your goals. And adversity will be a simple tingling in your stomach.

And so you´ll change FAST your life.

What Do You Think?

Now I’d like to turn things over to you:

Which step was your favorite?

Or maybe you have a tip that I didn’t cover here.

Either way, let me know and leave a comment below.

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