Imagine there would be a key to fast self growth, and get instant results.

Or even better:

What if there were 5 easy-to-follow keys to self growth… and each of them would multiply your success?

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Lucky for you, that´s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:

5 insanely self growth techniques can use to become successful today.

A summary of the best Self Growth articles

In this post, you´re going to find the key information from the best self growth articles.

In this guide you´ll discover:

•        Traps that hold you back

•        How to be happy in your work

•        Stop losing time in life

•        And lots more…

So if you want the best self growth techniques and get GREAT results, you´ll love this guide.

Let´s dive right in.

KEY 1. 

There is a common mistake on self growth. Work is work, and free time is free time.

Big error.

This stupid postindustrial tendency to separate work from personal life will destroy your dreams.

Because there isn't a division.

And here we come to something you must know about Self Growth:

There is no such thing as "work" and "free time.

If you think so you will NEVER have free time.

(And of course, forget to enjoy your work.)

But life is short and you spend many hours at work to not love what you do.

So think differently.

Be smarter and link work with a fulfilling life.

Even when most people avoid it. But it's the only way to multiply your self growth. Only so you will win more money.

So first don't fool yourself: don't separate your job from what you like to do. Otherwise you are saying I hate my job.

And this is not a way of living.

The world needs you being happy with what you do. The world needs productive people.

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So first ask yourself:

Are you pursuing your dream now?

Be specific: how much on a scale from 0 to 10?

Because then comes the big question:

Are you working on your passion?

Most people don't follow their passion and are obsessed with not giving more than what they receive. But so they receive less.

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And then they give less.

They fall in an endless loop that will lead them to spend their last years broke depending on the state. Depending on those politicians they hate. Add to this they never enjoyed life because they hated their jobs, and you will have a nice chamber of torture.

Do you want this for you?

I know you're thinking: "But this is the "normal" way of life!" You do the job as fast as you can, criticize your boss, blame society, and meanwhile you try to obtain more giving less.


That's not the smartest thing to do if you want self growth.

First, take the bull by the horns. First answer this question:
"Am I following my passion?"

Or at least "Do I have a plan to change my current job while earning some money to survive?"

First things first.

Even when most people think that by following the crowd they will find gold.

Because the most stupid thing you can do in your life is following the crowd.

So better escape whenever you hear expressions like "This is the right thing to do." Because if you do what "normal people" do, you will have the normal awful shitty life everybody has.

And so you will fail.


(And by failing I include going to a "secure job" with an angry face and praying for no new problems. Which, by the nature of work never happens.)

So first avoid the great mass mindset. Think different. First, avoid the "suffer to succeed" thought. That way you´ll eliminate self-sabotaging.

Find your passion and build your career around it. This will make you extremely happy as "secondary" benefit.

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Whenever you hear “Struggling is normal” or “There aren't good jobs anymore," ask yourself: who said this?

And you will find always an unproductive person.

Those who support official thoughts hate their life. And they will make all necessary to convince you about no chances.

So don´t follow the official rule of separating job from personal life. This is why a recent study in the academic journal Social Forces reveals, that only 6% of adults end up in the career they dreamed of as kids.

Don't separate your job from your personal life. It's a limited thought. Because this implies you can’t be happy at work. Or you work, or you are happy. No.

If you separate this you will be unproductive. In your free time, you will think on your awful job, and during your awful job, you will think on your free time instead of concentrating.

Perfect for stopping self growth and being underpaid.

And of course, say goodbye to more free time so.

Therefore change the way you look at it. It's not about bringing work home. It's not about working more hours. It´s about being productive.

And you´ll be the most productive person in the world if you find your passion and build your career around it.

Because you could work where you want. There is always a solution. You could paint, fly planes, solve political crisis, design deep pocket marketing campaigns, produce electronic music, research artificial intelligence, or manufacture nails...

But therefore you must know what you love.

If you don´t know what you want you will end up in a job you hate. The key is finding something where after finishing you say. "It was hard today, but I love it so much I would do it for free."

Do you think it's impossible?

Okay, look at productive people. They do what they love and persevere even the "bad days."

Because first understand this: struggling in your job makes you unproductive. And being unproductive means being low-paid.

So break the chain.

First forget the nonsense of "separating job from free time." First find your real purpose. 

-First thing is not trying to win money.

-First is not trying to find a secure job.

-First is not trying to find a job to be at 5 o'clock at home.


This is the surest way to end up broke with 65 years.

Here's the deal:

First think profoundly until finding how to combine your job with your real purpose! That way you´ll also find peace of mind!

Only if you mix your job with your passion you will live your dream. Only so you will build a technological empire, write best-selling books, be an astronomer, invest in technology talents, or travel the world.

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There is no other way.

So don't take shortcuts! To live your dreams you have to find your passion first. First thing first.

I know you suffered a limiting familiar and work environment. Now you believe you can't escape:

Life is hard…

There's no salvation…

Depression from Monday to Friday…

And then total joy on the weekends…

But depression will continue on weekends since Monday will be always there.

So the ONLY antidote is merging what you like with your job.

KEY 2. 

Do you know your biggest fear?

The fear to succeed.

Are you scared of what you will find if you try?

"Pointing high? Isn't this dangerous?" you ask yourself.

But here appears your biggest fear:

What will be behind that?

But better try. If you try you will win more money than anyone. The fastest self growth. For sure.

But it's not the money nor the results.

It's feeling incredible because you are enjoying your life. It's like pursuing and achieving your ideal partner. You will walk in the street thinking "I'm the man/woman!"

If you want to eliminate all your fears here´s the complete guide. Simply the act of confronting them it will fulfill your life. Don´t think about the financial results (they will come) and enjoy the road.

If you want the best advice to get fearless and overcom any obstacle, watch this:

KEY 3. 

You are on time.

You can change your career and change your life.


Only if you decide today to pursue your dreams whatever happens. Only if you combine your work with your real purpose.

So I will give you some extra help with this.

Do the following:

Imagine yourself with 90 years

You need a push to jump to your passion. And nothing like seeing the worst-case scenario.

Many people say "Think in your dreams!"

But it's much more effective thinking about what you can lose.

So imagine you are 90 years old. Now you look back at your life:

What would you regret not having done?

With whom should you had spent more time?

What books do you should have read more (even twice times or more)?

What mindset should you have avoided?

To make it short: what would you do differently if you could begin again?

If you look back at your life imagining you are 90 years old, you will get shocked.

It will be a torture. It will be hard seeing the good things you could have achieved but never tried. There is nothing worse than looking at your past and think on the life you didn't live. "If only I had tried!"

But as I said, you are on time.

Yet you can't lose any minute!

Only if you mix your job with your passion you will live your dream. Only so you will build a technological empire, write best-selling books, be an astronomer, invest in technology talents, or travel the world.

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Because everything depends on knowing what you want in life.

And once you have it, and ONLY if you have it, it's time to create your masterpiece. Do so and you´ll overcome any adversity.

Then you will recognize how you lose time on unimportant things. And you will quit doing them. Imagine… lots of telephone calls, emails, projects, and new ideas for new products won´t have sense. You will win a lot of time so.

You have the opportunity to change your life. But you have to begin now.


So imagine yourself with 90 years looking into the past. Do the exercise now. It will be hard. But you must shake your mind. Imagine yourself very old looking at your life. Take 5 minutes.

-------------------------5 minutes----------------------

Does it hurt?

What would you do differently now?

Since you aren't probably 90 years old, you are on time to change your life. But now you will stop the dangerous “Tomorrow I will begin.”

Once you see what you can lose, you will jump to your goals. This technique is more effective than thinking about what you want to achieve.

Think of losses and you will persevere no matter what.

A lot of people will try to convince you not to jump. They will also try to steal your time…

But they won't beat you.

Because you will have a new mindset. And better, you will begin and don't wait for the perfect moment.

Because the perfect moment will be now.

So this is the point of view you need: thinking on what you can lose and then taking one step forward.

And the good thing is that you can begin today.

If you need a bigger push, insist on it. Sit again for 10 minutes. Or an hour. Think you are 90 years old and you didn't live the life you liked.

It will be hard.

But it will be harder to regret it your whole life.

In case you need a push to change your life fast, these videos will do it immediately:

KEY 4. 

There is something you must know about happiness.

You must think like a child. And what chooses a child first, success or happiness?

They know what to choose first.

Happiness. But the smart way.

And  here comes one of my favorite self growth quotes. It´s from Mark Twain: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Look, children absorb like sponges all the information they need to achieve their ideas. They are committed. They will become what they want yes or yes.

And they know that therefore they must be happy first.

But then they grow up and start to hear "Don't do this," or "If you go there you will fall." The world is full of dangers!

And then they lose their dreams.

Adults reinforce that fear with more stories about failures. They will shape on them a fearful character. And when they grow up they will have a lot of things to fear and a lot of things not to try.

This is how people get expert in not pursuing happiness.

So change this. Because you can recover from it. You can eliminate the shyness you didn’t have as a child. You can be smarter. You can learn to convince people. You can learn to be a world-class expert. You can be in shape despite being 50 years old.

Of course, you can.

If you pursue happiness like you were a child, you will succeed. Take a daily step and you will achieve it sooner than you think.

And the fastest way to be happy is by working on your passion.

Focus your life on your big dream. Because once you merge work with your big goal there won't be complaints. Depressive people won't affect you. You won't need pills. You won't need extra help from the state.

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If you enjoy what you do, you will discipline yourself to do anything. Will obstacles appear? Of course. But you will overcome them all. Nothing compared to hating your job and life.

So the key is:

Don't succeed to be happy.

First be happy to succeed.

Now you are asking yourself: "But really? Will I succeed faster, pursuing my passion? That's not what they told me."


Passion comes first.

It's never the money. It's not the admiration of others. First is following your bliss.

In this order.

Timing is vital.

You can't succeed in your career and then be happy. You can´t be rich and then happy. No.

The right order is:

1. Be happy following your dream

2. Succeed

So don't make the error everybody does. They try first to win money. Or first they look for a secure job. And then happiness will come.

I also made that mistake.

And happiness never came.

Too many years doing something I didn't like consumed me. But after the hard moment of thinking about what I really liked (please, take your time to think about this), I got it. Then Sunday´s evenings weren’t a torture. Then I smiled waking up on labor days. I was happy despite not earning enough in the first months.

And I learned skills that began to pay some money. I also got self-disciplined. And that gave me self-confidence, something you can't buy with money.

And then came the big earnings…

So if in doubt about what to do in life, follow Mark Twain's self growth quote: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

The fastest strategy to achieve your goals is not designing a career to win more. The fastest way is doing what you love despite it doesn't give you all the money you need at first. Despite having to combine a 9-to-5 job with your passion.

But once you know what to pursue in life, you will persevere so much, that nothing will stop you.

And then yes, money and recognition will come. (Even when you then won't care for money, nor recognition.)

So find the work that makes you happy, like a kid, and live around it. I insist, this is the right order.

Therefore a systematic search of your personal mission is vital. Every minute you invest thinking on what you love to do is the best investment. So I insist. Take a minute, an hour, or a year.

But don't skip this step.

And once you got it: joy and laughter. And of course, you will multiply your productivity.

If you need proof look at a high achiever. You will find someone who is happy. She is enthusiastic. She enjoys her day. She can concentrate during the morning and finish lots of tasks. She enjoys her evenings designing the best strategies.

And she is terribly productive.

Winner takes all. Where most people pursue desperately "free time" and "forgetting" their job (which they will never achieve so), she beats any competitor.

The enthusiastic person combines work and free time enjoying both. Everything in their free time serves to their career. And everything in their career serves to enjoy afternoons and weekends.

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So work on your dream.

You will need some time to switch between your current job and a dream business that supports you. It's the normal process. But it's the only way.

And then people will follow you. They always want to serve an enthusiastic person.

KEY 5. 

How much is the world losing because you don't give your best?

Simply this thought will give you all the self-confidence you need.

If you need an extra push to change your life, think on others. Avoiding self growth and not pursuing your dreams is depriving your generation of a masterpiece. 

And you can become a genius. Here´s the method.

Working only at 10% of what you are capable of, is depriving others of new opportunities.

You must be the one who inspires them. So only for this, it's worth pursuing your passion.

The world needs an altruist. The world needs you.

Now you collapse because you hate your job. I know that sensation. And you also are losing opportunities because your current work blurs your vision.

So enough of underperforming. Think on others.

You have all the talent. You have all the creativity. So your priority today is finding where to give the best of you.

So that others can benefit from your masterwork!

And there are no shortcuts. You must have self-discipline and pursue your goals.

In case you need more discipline and the best habits these videos will give you the best tips:

In case of doubt return to this point: you can't deprive the world of something great.

Because there is something you do much better than others, believe me.

Think and you will find out.

Perhaps you have some clues now:

What do you like to speak about?

What do you like to read in the newspapers?

What do you like about the movies you see?

You will find a lot of information if you simply observe.

So if in doubt think the universe can't lose your talent. So you will quit the job you are "supposed to do." You will look for something that has to do with your passion and earn a 10 times bigger salary so.

You´ll have all the motivation you need to work on your big dream.

The enthusiastic person combines work and free time enjoying both. Everything in their free time serves to their career. And everything in their career serves to enjoy afternoons and weekends.

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Don't blame your friends also. They didn't have the right information.

Simply don't blame.

It's in your hands now. So pursue your masterwork. And therefore think that the world needs your best you.


So here are the 5 keys to self growth:






Following this means imagining you were 90 years old and looking at your past and so stop losing time. You must also realize that the goose of the golden eggs is your passion.

This won't bring you money and admiration today.

-You will need some months to think and switch jobs…

-You will have to think…

-You will have to overcome your family's resistance…

-You will have to change your city…

-You will have to change your friends…

But the change will be easy if you find the career or the project of your dreams.

If you only could follow one advice, follow this: work on your passion.

The obstacles will be nothing compared to what you will win.

Most people go through life hiding their ambitions and pleasing others. But if you care about other´s opinion you are in their hands. And it won't be the best hands.

Imitating the crowd is a sure way to fail.

So find your passion and make a business around it.

The world needs you. Be an altruist.

You will create such knowledge, so many inventions, that money won't be a problem for you.

But it won't be the money. It won't be the recognition.

It will be an incredible life.

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