7 Methods To Have Mental Strength

You have to completely change your mind. Because look around you, people want to do great things. And yes, many of them work hard…

But it’s not enough.

They have to make the exact right moves at the exact right time. And therefore they have to be mentally strong.

How do you get started?

It’s easy.

It’s like being fit. If you want to be mentally fit you must also exercise your mind.

Most people work, they are good people, but they never reach their big goal. Because they neglect their mind. They do a lot of unnecessary work, but not the key work.

It is said that there is no time to do everything. But you do have time to do the important things… And leave the rest undone!

It’s the fastest way to change your life and your results. And to build a strong mind here are the 7 keys. Anyone can help you:


  1. Work on long-term projects and “eternally procrastinate” small tasks.

In the short term you’ll feel great finishing small tasks. But answering your emails, making unnecessary phone calls or reading a lot of documents will only give you frustration and financial worries in the long run.

Therefore, eliminate all things of little value.

And then, once you work on the big project, do this strategy that always works with big daunting tasks:

Divide into sub-goals.

As many as possible.

We dread big goals. But achieving them is easy… if you break them down into sub-goals.

People are looking to lose 10kg, but instead they are looking to lose 1kg every month. This means approximately 250g per week.

And this is doable.

You will get into the habit, and then losing weight will not be difficult.

Always break down your big project into smaller ones.

– So don’t write a book. Write one page a day.

– Don’t build a big business, to a small one every day.

Watch someone who achieves impossible goals and you’ll see someone who takes it one step at a time. People with big words and big projects always fail miserably. Because you have to see results along the way. You can’t wait to finish a big goal. That’s not how you achieve anything big.

But by taking small steps you will face all kinds of obstacles, but so small that you will overcome them.

One step at a time, always!

Go slowly and you will advance very fast.

2. Set aside time to think

Successful people understand the importance of introspection and planning. They know that success is predictable if they isolate thinking time in solitude. So they do two things

1. They review what they did right and wrong. They learn.

2. They think ahead: time to make room for new ideas and opportunities.

It’s that easy. They isolate time to think.

3. Eliminate negative thoughts as quickly as they come.

Negative thoughts will always be there. Accept them. But the moment you see them coming, immediately change your mind and think of a positive outcome.

Otherwise, you will unknowingly self-sabotage yourself.

Many people fall into the trap of remembering only the bad things. But come on, there are more good things!

So think about the bad scenes just to learn from them. And when you think about the future, don’t paint pessimism, because that’s what you’ll become. Just change the picture and imagine positive outcomes. It’s as easy as that.

4. Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is good. But how many people exercise consistently? There’s always something better to do. So people make plans about how they’re going to exercise in the future.

Here’s the solution: exercise, but only a little bit a day. 20 minutes is more than enough to never give up.

There are many things that will help you succeed. And you can’t be perfect at everything. Many of them you have to do gently, like exercise.

So remember that 20 minutes a day is more than enough. Just go for a walk.

5. Laugh more

Don’t take life too seriously. Yes, follow your dream, make the effort…. But a great way to make the effort is to focus on laughing to release tension. This will make you more productive. So laugh… even at yourself (especially at yourself).

Releasing endorphins is serious business. So watching a funny video on YouTube is never a waste of time.

6. Meditate

You should see the past as a university, and the future as the space to make plans.

But don’t forget the present.

And nothing better to live in the present than meditation.

It’s beyond the scope of this blogpost to talk about everything you will gain from meditation. It has tons of benefits. So I must insist that you give it a try. Because in addition to many mental and health benefits, it’s about you being aware of your thoughts and emotions.

If you have doubts look at high achievers and you will see someone who dissolves stress thanks to a calmer and more accurate mind. And this is achieved through meditation.

There are many types of meditation, any of them will help you to lower stress and focus.

7. Constantly learn from others… or from books.

Even the most successful people have coaches to help them. And these coaches are not as good as they are. But they need someone to remind them of the fundamentals. It’s the fastest way to get to the next level. Success is predictable if you have coaches. They will immediately show you the fastest way.

And yes, in the beginning you won’t have money to pay a coach, so learn from books, your first coaches.

Which of these 7 methods do you like the most, answer me in the comments!

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