You have to forget about circumstances, the economy and your personal environment. Businesses and people fail because of a lack of willpower. But talking about the environment and statistics is more comfortable than telling yourself the truth. But the key is the will to sit down to plan, to train, to get up after a mistake or to ask customers what they really need.
Because reality is stubborn. Forget about the bragging rights of those who become millionaires overnight. They are just that: bucks (if not lies). Exceptions that usually end badly. Only those who are disciplined go far (and very far).
Behind every success there is always an enormous willpower. Behind the best entrepreneur, actor or athlete there is tons of discipline. It seems that it was easy with their talents, but observe well and you will catch them confessing their discipline.
The media never gives it importance. Willpower won’t be highlighted in a headline because it doesn’t sell. But look closely: they only succeeded because of their willpower.
You have a big advantage if you just keep going no matter what. Because most people give up early, even talented people quit at the first hurdle (reaching the second hurdle is a milestone for many). But keep going and get up when you fall, it’s a foolproof formula to go far. It works every time.
Bad habits are easy, but they make your life difficult. And good habits are hard at first (only at first!) but they make your life easy.
Your competition is never the competition, it is not to follow.
Willpower catapulted many to success. Why did they succeed and others did not? How did they do it? Were they special?
No, they were not special. They succeeded because they knew that the important thing was to keep going. That their competitors would fall by their own weight for giving up.
You can start from scratch (it’s even an advantage).
Don’t worry because you can start from scratch. Even if you think you are weak now and don’t know how to start, you can do it.
Most great scientists, entrepreneurs or artists started from nothing. Most great fortunes were poor to begin with. Successful people failed miserably in the beginning. They were all weak to begin with.
Do you think Madame Curie had the best opportunities? Do you think Michael Dell was born rich? Do you think Gandhi didn’t have failures before he became who he was? They all had huge disadvantages. And why did they achieve more than others under normal conditions?
Because disadvantages strengthen. Those who are worse off have to forge their will more than anyone else. They have to plan more, focus more and see farther. They have to discipline themselves more to keep going. And that training is what gets them so far.
The question you will always ask yourself: Is this good for my future?
Ask yourself if what you are doing is good for your future and you will always make your best move. When you have to make a decision ask yourself: How will this choice affect my future?
 When you are working hard and want to get up ask yourself: Will this help my future? When you see a new opportunity ask yourself: Will this help my future? Every time you doubt, think about your future and you will solve your doubts.
It’s not just a matter of acting, you have to think: Is this good for me in the long run? If you suspect that something is not in line with your long-term goals, eliminate it – only what will help your future! That’s how you’ll build the best willpower.
That will keep you going when you want to get up, even if you’re tired. That’s how you’ll keep going two extra hours to finish a project in one sitting, and that’s how you’ll get to train every day.
You can do what’s important or what’s easy. You can concentrate on your most important task or chat on the Internet. You can work straight through or get lost in interruptions.
The choice is yours. So always ask yourself: Is this move the best for my future?

The secret to earning a lot is simple. Discipline yourself. Discipline yourself to increase your knowledge and work with focus when it counts.
Knowledge + action is the key. What do those in the 3% club who make it far do? Learn and act. They set a goal, learn what they need to learn and get going.
That’s why every time you learn and discipline yourself to act, your income increases. Knowledge + action. When you discover in a webinar how to manage your team so they perform better and don’t get lost in infighting, you have to discipline yourself to act the next day. At the risk of failure. At the risk of getting dirty looks. Act now. With discipline.
Just get moving and don’t worry about the results. Because if you move, they will come for sure. You just keep moving. Even if it’s hard at first.
 Set a new skill and persist. Persist in a system for your team to produce without constant supervision, persist in finishing that valuable book, even if it’s dry, and persist in getting up early.
 You’ll check your finances, talk to someone else or read emails. But do the important stuff first. Only then will you climb to the next level.
An example of willpower to accumulate money
The natural tendency is to procrastinate and get rid of money quickly. A project and the first thing is to decide to start tomorrow. An extra income and the first thing is to spend it. Better to postpone and immediate gratification. We associate indiscipline with pleasure.
And it’s not your fault because you are continually bombarded with advertising messages saying that happiness is taking a break, spending on trips and appliances you don’t need. Goods that will bring you happiness.
But no, they won’t bring you happiness.
True happiness is pursuing your goals, that will give you infinitely more satisfaction. So turn it around.
 When you say, “I discipline myself no matter what. I am a skill accumulator, not a procrastinator. I’m a money accumulator not a spender.” Then you will feel good about acting and not spending strength and money.
The point of no return to your dreams is when you eliminate immediate gratification. If you felt good procrastinating before, now you will want to jump into action.
If you used to be happy spending your money, now you’ll be happy saving it. And so in the future you will live comfortably on the enormous interest and results you get. Personal and financial independence is assured.

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