Do you know your success is predictable? 

Imagine you had a crystal ball to make sure your success is predictable.

And thanks to that you would instantly boost in your life.

So that´s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post: 2 insanely practical keys to ensure your success is predictable.

This blogpost also includes lots of:

  • Real-life examples
  • Tips to work on what you love
  • Get a powerful mindset
  • And lots, lots more

So let´s dive right in!

The 2 factors why your success is predictable

Your success is predictable because it depends on 2 things. And you can control those 2 things. 

(Because the Big Secret of success is not a Big Secret. It’s 2 secrets.)

It's always 2 things upon what your success depends on.

We tend to think that it's always one big factor. But no. Your success is ‘predictable and depends always on 2 things.

Let me explain…

Think about millenary Chinese philosophy, they knew it well with the Ying and Yang concept. So the same goes for success. It’s about two things.

And the 2 factors on what depends your success are:

  1. Working on your passion
  2. Building a well-organized mind

But realize that passion always comes first!


Whether you want to build a big company, build your own business, be healthy, or have a good career, concentrate on these 2 things: following your Passion + Building A Well Organized Mind.

Follow these 2 keys and your success is predictable. No doubt.

(And I insist: passion always comes first, because you can’t have a powerful mind if you don’t follow your dream. )


You succeed is predictable when you act like other successful people, over and over. But observe them closer, these people have passion for what they do.

So, decide exactly what passion to pursue in life. One for your business life and another for your personal life. But better combine them into one.

Here’s the deal…

Your success is predictable if you work on your passion.

So ask always if you are following your dream. This is the main difference between being rich or poor, being happy or unhappy.

And here you have two avoid this trap…

We have been always told to follow the Calvinist concept of having to suffer to succeed. But you don't have to suffer to succeed. You don't have to overwork to succeed. You don´t need to be overwhelmed.

No. This isn´t so.

You must first follow your dream and then cultivate your mind. Success is predictable if you only think, work, and live for your dream. And you´ll be happier so! I think it was the British novelist E M. Foster who wrote the happiness quote: “One person with passion is better than 40 persons without passion.”

So you could do the work of 40 persons!

Because think about it, if you have passion you will have the energy and self-discipline to do a lot of things, for example, planning.

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If you follow your passion first you will be healthier, because…

…Think on people who smoke for example. Since they don't have a passion, they don't follow a dream. But if you had a dream you would think: "Ok, the 150 $ I spent every month on tobacco, I will save them." So with 65 years instead of cancer you will have 1 million $ if you invest them in an indexed fund.

And second, you will be happier doing what you love. And also enjoy the best peace of mind.

So do the following:

Take one minute, only one minute today, and think about what you want in life. Think on your big dream. Because this first factor, passion, will give you then the second one: a powerful mind which I will show you later.

So think about your dream. Once you follow it, you will have a special energy to achieve a lot of things. Once you know where you go and where you want to go, you can finish project after project.

For example, you would begin quitting interruptions. And instead of finishing a project in 10 days, you will finish in 2 days.

  • You would also fall in love with exercise and get healthy.
  • You would perhaps invest one hour a day thinking. Or perhaps three!
  • You would avoid perfectionism that is killing your career.
  • Or perhaps you would read 3 or 4 books per month!
  • Or perhaps double your clients thanks to the new strategies you would design.

And then you would also have more extra time. You would work in the morning and go surfing in the evening. You could do whatever you want!

So realize that your success is predictable. You don't need a crystal ball. It's always about two things, the Ying and Yang of your life: passion and a well-organized mind.

And passion always comes first.


Is it possible to work on your dream?

Yes. You are already competent and with lots of possibilities, otherwise you wouldn’t read this. So forget what people say about a secure job. Overcome your fears and go for it!

Follow your passion first. I can’t emphasize it enough!

In case your fears are holding you back, here´s how to solve it:

Perhaps you aren’t working on what you love. Is there an elephant in the room? Then take a free evening and think if you are really following your passion.

Yes, there will be violent thoughts. Am I losing my time? But better crossing them once and forever.

Because then you will confront better other people attacking you saying you must work in a secure job. That “Passion… well, it’s for others.”

Realize that the main barrier to grow is people’s desire for security. They look for the money and so get stuck in a job they hate. But they will never develop their full of possibilities without working in what they love.

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So if you need some ideas to work in your passion follow these 7 guidelines:

7 Guidelines to work on your passion

1. Never complain about your situation: adapt

Once you stop complaining about your job, even if you hate it, you will begin to find creative solutions to work on something you love.

You will invest your energy in thinking strategically how co-workers, customers, situations, projects, products, and business can teach you about finding your dream business.

2. Look for hidden opportunities

Work with what you have. At your current company there are already information and data related to your passion. Therefore combine everything you see in your office (and out of your office) with what you want in life.

Even boring corporate meetings or employees can give you a hint!

3. Mix your passion with the business language

If you think “I want to make a business about astronomy,” mix it with ratios of money, employees and all kind of financial terms. So you will begin to find financial possibilities in your dream.

4. Find likeminded people that can give you advice

If the friends or colleagues you work with, don’t fit with your passion, change your environment. Make new friends. Simply speak with new people. And ask them for their opinion. Perhaps they know the friend of a friend of a friend who can help you.

5. Volunteer for a business that works on your passion

It’s a fantastic way! Simply copy their processes.

Success is predictable if you copy the experienced persons. If necessary work for free for them. Find time for a part-time job on weekends for example. Because you will see a lot of possibilities to establish your own business working in a similar company. And you will do it much faster if you see how a similar business works. 

It´s also the fastest way to be productive at your work, knowing exactly what to do.

6. If it’s not working, don’t insist

It may happen at first. Many times you will have an idea of what’s your dream business and it won’t work 100%. But be open to change. Make some tweaks. You will have to do some changes to adapt it to an existing marketi.

No problem. If it wasn’t exactly like your initial idea it’s okay. You will always improve it later.

7. …and also be practical

At the beginning you will need to identify the needs of the market and then combine them with your strengths.

Match up these two in a constantly iterative process. Once you begin, it will be easier to refine your business adapting it to your lifestyle preferences.

Need some ideas to work on your passion and make success predictable?

Need a spark to build your dream business. Use these ideas and then remodel them at your own:

  • Passion-business about health.
  • Passion-business about money management.
  • Passion-business about improving your habits.
  • Passion-business about nature.
  • Passion-business about being creative.
  • Passion-business about helping oldert people.
  • Passion-business about entrepreneurship.
  • Passion-business about health&fitness.
  • Passion-business about social justice.
  • Passion-business about spiritual beliefs.
  • Passion-business about animals.
  • Passion-business e-learning.
  • Passion-business about … the job you have now.

Go for it!


Now it’s time for action and achieving your goals.

Because you need the Yin and Yang, not part of the method. And therefore you have to change completely your mind. Because look around you, people want to do great things, and many of them work hard…

But it’s not enough.

They must make the exact moves at the exact moment. And therefore they have to organize their mind.

It’s like being in shape. You must do your exercise. So if you want to be in shape mentally you also must work on your mind.

And therefore you have to... THINK MORE.

Thinking more is the key to fast self growth.

(And yes I know it´s obvious, but NOBODY DOES IT.)

Sho how to start?

It’s easy.

For example, I isolate every day one hour for focused thinking. This is the ingredient that most people skip when trying to succeed. They work, they are good persons, but they never reach their big goal. Because they don’t prepare themselves well.

They do lots of unnecessary work, but not the key work.

But once you think more your moves will follow your priorities and will begin to have results.

It’s said that there’s no time to do everything. But you have time to do the exact things that will make you succeed... This is by the way the strategy of geniuses throughout history.

And leaving the rest undone!

It´s the fastest way to change your life and results.

And to build this strong mind here you have 10 keys. Anyone can help you:

10 KEYS To Build a Strong Mind

1. Work on long term projects and “procrastinate eternally” little tasks

In the short term you will feel great finishing little tasks. But answering your emails, making unnecessary telephone calls, or reading many documents will only give you frustration and financial worries in the long term.

Therefore eliminate all low-value things.

And then, once you work on the big project, do this strategy that always works with big daunting tasks:

Divide into subgoals.

As many as possible!

We fear big goals. But achieving them is easy… If you divide them into subgoals.

People look to lose 10kg, but instead of this, look to lose 1kg every month. This means approximately 250g there week.

And this is doable!

You will get the habit, and then getting slim won’t be difficult.

Always decompose your big project into little ones.

  • So don’t write a book. Write one page per day. 
  • Don’t build a big business, to a little every day.

Observe someone who achieves impossible goals and you will see someone who goes step-by-step. People with big words and big projects always fail miserably. Because you need to see results along the way. You can’t wait until finishing a big goal. Nothing big was accomplished so.

But by taking small steps you will face all kinds of obstacles, but so small that you will defeat them.

Step-by-step always!

Go slowly and you will go very fast.

2. Reserve time to think

Successful people understand the importance of introspection and planning. They know success is predictable if they isolate time to think in loneliness. So they do two things.

1. They review what they did well and wrong. They learn.

2. They think on the future: time to give space for new ideas and opportunities.

As easy as that. Isolating time to think.

3. Eliminate negative thoughts as fast as they come

Negative thoughts will be always there. Accept it. But the moment you see them coming, immediately change your mind and think on a positive outcome

Otherwise you´ll self-sabotage yourself without knowing.

Many people fall into the trap of only remembering bad things. Come on! There are more good things!

So think on bad scenes only to learn from. And when you think on the future don’t paint pessimism, because that’s what you will become. Simply change the painting and imagine positive outcomes. As easy as that.

4. Exercise

Everybody knows that exercise is good. But how many people consistently exercise? There’s always something better to do. So people make plans about how they will exercise in the future.

This is the solution: exercise, but only a little per day. 20 Minutes is more than enough to never abandon.

There are lots of things that will help you to succeed. And you can’t be perfect at everything. Many of them you must do them softly, like exercise.

So remember, 20 minutes per day is more than enough. Simply take a walk.

5. Laugh more

Don’t take life too seriously. Yes, follow your dream, do the effort… But a great way of doing the effort is focusing on laughing to get rid of tension. This will make you more productive. So laugh… even about yourself (especially about yourself).

Releasing endorphins is something serious. So seeing a funny video on YouTube is never losing time.

6. Meditate

You must see the past as a university, and the future as the space to make plans.

But don’t forget the present.

And nothing better to live the present than doing meditation.

It escapes the scope of this blogpost speaking about all what you will win with meditation. It has tons of benefits. So I must insist that you try. Because besides many health and mental benefits It’s a question of you being aware of your thoughts and emotions.

If in doubt observe top performers and you will see someone that dissolves stress thanks to a calmer and more precise mind. And this comes thanks to meditation. 

There are a lot of types of meditation, any of them will help you to lower stress and get focused.

7. Learn constantly from others… or from books

Even the most successful people have coaches to help them. And these coaches aren’t so good as them. But they need someone reminding them the fundamentals. It’s the fastest way to go to the next level. Success is predictable if you have coaches. They´ll immediately show you the fastest road.

And yes, at the beginning you won’t have money to pay a coach, so learn from books, your first coaches.

8. Discomfort is your friend

Facing discomfort is what divides the good ones from the rest.

So use it in your favor. Don’t look for shortcuts. Deal with problems, because problems as something normal, a sign that you are growing. It’s easy overeating. It’s easy quitting befor a big project…

But think this way: the harder the present, the much better your future. 

If you want motivation to do the hard work here´s how.

So suffer always a prick. Do the hard work in the morning avoiding the extra cafe. Avoid the extra cookie. Suffer a little. It’s the best way to be productive and get confident in the long run.

But the best is that if you try you will enjoy the hard moments.

TIP: do it as if you were playing a game:

  • Push yourself to achieve 10 minutes more of hard work. 
  • Or 10 minutes more of exercise.
  • Or the moment you are tired, continue some minutes more. 

And the rest of the day (and the week) you will feel superb.

Not to speak of how much more productive you will get.

All the tips and tricks to get self-disciplined fast and have the best habits are here:

9. Never look for excuses

A very good way to do the right things to succeed is never having excuses. If something went wrong it was your fault. No problem. You can cope with it. And you will learn.

But the best is that you will feel incredible because you will lower your hate. You won’t complain about others, which is the cause of so many diseases and conflicts between people.

So when looking for explanations do it smartly, simply accept it was your fault.

Believe me, once you say to yourself “Stop complaining! “ you will feel superb. You will brief breathe ten times better. And you see everything is in your hands. Everything! So you realize you have no limits.

10. Do 2 difficult things every day

If you need a roadmap to succeed hear you have it: do something hard every day. But I would suggest you do 2 hard things. So you will go double as far and achieve double as much as the big achievers.

As easy as that.

It’s easy, in the morning focus with 2 hours of hard work. And in the evening do your exercise, the second hard thing. Do this and you will go very far.

So analyze yourself now and see how many hard things you are avoiding. Then pick something out of your comfort and do it every day.

-5 Minutes of extra running... 

-One minute speaking with someone you didn’t dare to speak... 

-10 Minutes on a new project... 

You know better than me.

(Bonus Key): Reward yourself

Reward yourself always!

If you need an extra plus to produce more, have a system of rewards. Small rewards for small tasks and bigger rewards for bigger projects.

  • A pause plus a sandwich after working two hours concentrated…
  • A trip to Australia after finishing your book…
  • Choose your own…

You will achieve much more if a reward waits for you. Be creative. Design your own system.

  • You can take a free evening after doing something hard…
  • Or you will buy that shirt
  • Or you will read your favorite book...

You will do much more difficult things and focus much more if something nice waits for you.

It’s easy working harder if a prize waits for you. So it’s the best you can do to establish big habits. You will be incredibly productive so.

Follow these 10 keys and getting a strong mind will be a matter of time. This will give you all the self-discipline and energy you need.

But remember, the cause of underachievement is first not working on something that isn’t your passion. Then it will be easy building a strong mind. So first look for working on what you really love.

If you want more tips to change your life fast, here they are:

If you now hate your job continue your search. Forget what they told you about security. 

So if you have now a hobby think on how to transform it into a business.


Success is not an accident. Success is predictable. Not too many things in life are predictable, but you can be sure that success is predictable!

There are a lot of success books, success movies, success coaches, success gurus. They will tell you a lot of things. But believe me, it’s enough having a passion and working on an organized mind.

From there the rest will come easy.

So you´ll win all the self-confidence you need.

People overlook these basic things. When it’s the simplest solution. Passion + Strong Mind. They try to see something complex on mystical on it, but if you want to be successful in any area of your life simply forgoes on those two principles.

Passion + Strong Mind

And once you find your passion, don’t stop until making a business of it. Because then you achieve easily the 2nd key: thinking more.

Then, without effort other things that will increase your success, the meditation, being open to others and making new contacts, exercising more… and cultivating any habit you need. Everything!

Success is predictable. And the essence is following your passion and working on your mind, which is nothing more than working on your hobby and thinking more.

So stop worrying about your results and work on these principles. And you will go very far in life.

After following these 2 principles you will get any habit or friend that will help you. Then will come the exercise, the good nutrition and the exact books and people that will boost your life.

Whether you want to get out of debt or make $10,000+ a month, or your first million, you will achieve it fast with passion and an organized mind.

What do you think? Did you have results whenever you focused on your passion? Leave me a comment if it was your case. Thanks!

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