If success can be achieved, why people fail?

In short: what are the keys to succeed?

I´m sure you made this question often. Why do some succeed and others don´t?

Well, it turns out, you can become successful and change in your life…

But therefore you must know something! 

And after this, imagine… always inspired to achieve your goals. Every day a little victory. Many days even a big victory… How far could you go knowing the KEY?

And it´s 3 things you must know.

So in today´s post, I´m going to show you the 3 keys to succeed and avoid failures. Any of them will change your life.

This will be your COMPLETE GUIDE to succeed.

The 3 keys to succeed

Here you’ll discover:

  • Knowing the error that is now separating you from succeeding in life.
  • An easy way to get succesfull WITHOUT  a great move or investment in time.
  • What you need to know to BECOME CONFIDENT.
  • And much, much more…

So if you want to change your life, you’ll love these 3 keys to succeed.

Let’s get started.

How can you succeed in life and in personal relations? A question that intrigues humanity throughout history.

It all starts with attitude. An attitude that makes you change good habits for bad. That makes you learn from the past. That makes you plan constantly.

But how do you get that attitude?

Bit by bit. No big moves. If you take one small step at a time, doing all of that success requires is easy.

Trading bad habits for good habits will be easy…

Reaching success will be easy…

It will be easy because in small steps everything is possible. And the proof is that others have already achieved it.

So I´ll give you the 3 keys to succeed. And you will only need SMALL STEPS. But you must take them!

Because while it´s easy to do the things that require success, it is also easy not doing them! It´s the danger of neglecting.

KEY 1: The danger of neglecting

Things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. And the main reason why most people are not doing as well as they could, is summed up in one word: LAZINESS.

It is not the lack of opportunities that makes you fail. The world continues to offer opportunities. And today there are more opportunities together than in the last 2.000 years. It’s not lack of opportunities. It’s not the lack of information, or of books. Public bookstores and the Internet are full of information. And also free.

No, these aren´t the keys to succeed.

This is the first key: avoiding laziness.

For example, many of us have heard: “20 Minutes of exercise each day lengthens life.” Only with that habit we could be healthier and fitter forever. A simple little discipline. Wouldn’t it make sense then to do a little sport every day?

Knowing this, why don’t we invest a little every day in lengthening our lives? It’s so easy and the payoff is so great…

But we don’t!

Because, as I told you, things that are easy to do are ALSO EASY NOT TO DO. That’s how subtle failure is.

Laziness is like a little infection. Let it go and it will slowly expand throughout your life. Until it finally kills all your possibilities. Pure self-sabotage.

Not doing the things we know we should do will make us feel guilty. That guilt will attack our self-confidence. And when self-confidence decreases, activity will decrease. And after decreasing the activity, the results won´t come. And the cycle will repeat itself, our attitude, our self-confidence and our activity will decrease even more.

A negative spiral difficult to stop. So, there you have it, overcoming laziness is one of the most important keys to succeed.

Solution: watch out laziness and take a step forward.


We don’t fail overnight. We fail by ACCUMULATING poor decisions. Poor decisions will lead us to repeat small mistakes and to make poor decisions again.

One of the most imortant keys to succeed is avoiding small little indisciplines.

And why are we so tempted to repeat those mistakes day after day? Because we think they don’t matter.

Our daily actions don’t seem important.

A minute late, a comfortable decision, a wasted hour or not reading. It doesn´t have a measurable impact. We always escape the immediate consequence of a bad habit.

  • Not having read a single book in the last four months…
  • Not having exercised the last week…
  • Not having done that phone call…

It will have no impact on our life…

And since nothing bad has happened in the last days, we will repeat it. We will repeat it because it seems that it does not matter. And here’s the deadly danger: SMALL INDISCIPLINES MATTER. 

And I go further: Much worse than not increasing knowledge is not realizing it matters! All the keys to succeed go through knowing that small indisciplines matter.

…Those who eat junk food, for example, are building a future full of health problems. But the joy of the moment overshadows the future.

…Those who smoke a lot or drink a lot, continue to do so year after year because it “seems” that it doesn’t matter.

But the hurt for these mistakes is only being postponed.

Failure is clever. And subtle! It seduces you with small mistakes that seem unimportant. So you will repeat them without having the feeling of failure. And since those mistakes will accumulate in times of prosperity without nothing bad happening, you continue.

Failure is clever, very clever.

If you don´t see consequences that attract attention, you will spend your days repeating mistakes, thinking poorly and making poor decisions. Since the world didn’t end yesterday, what you did was harmless. Since it appears that there are no measurable consequences, nothing happened.

But unfortunately FAILURE DOESN´T WARN. That´s one of the most important keys to succeed. If a storm comes you protect yourself. If you see a dangerous animal it gives you time to react. But failure does not warn you.

Can you wait for that mistake to happen again? No. You have to act like if the storm is coming and move on the spot.

With a solid personal philosophy to guide you through every step, you will be much more aware of your mistakes and will be able to conquer all the keys to succeed. And that´s why it´s essential that you have solid habits.

We can change our mistakes to turn them into the disciplines that success needs. It´s simply thinking about the future, always calculating the influence that each thing has on your future.

So why do so few people spend time planning their future, you think. The answer is simple and I think it sounds familiar to you: because it seems that…

…it doesn’t matter.

The day-to-day life is so absorbing that it is very comfortable not to plan ahead.

But if you set aside a few minutes per day to look into the future, you will make a very valuable investment. By disciplining yourself now to design your next years, you will change unhelpful thoughts, correct mistakes, and develop new habits.

You must build a solid way of thinking. Have you ever tried to review the consequences of past mistakes?

If you want to have a good life and make the right decisions, don´t think that small repeated mistakes don´t matter. They matter. You cannot afford to think that a small indiscipline in something won´t matter. Of course it matters! If you need to make changes in your way of thinking, you will make them. Because the little details matter.

You can’t rule a country without ruling yourself.

And you can’t rule yourself if you don’t start by ruling the little details.

If you want to succeed begin with a serious purpose to change his current attitude. Everything is within your reach if you are determined. If you read good books, if you correct bad habits, and if you open your mind to new ideas, this will build an attitude that will lead you to a new life of success.

And the good news is, it’s easy to create that new way of thinking. Making better decisions is easy. Developing a good attitude is easy. All the disciplines that will have an impressive impact on our future are easy to follow.

But I insist that it´s also easy to make decisions and follow the attitude that leads you to a future of poverty and despair.

That´s why you have to ignore the attempts of that negative voice that leads you to failure and hear the voice of “Go for it!” This will multiply your possibilities to master the keys to succeed and live a great life.

KEY 3: You can choose

Failure tells you, “Leave it undone, don’t worry.” This voice has grown strong over the years thanks to the wrong influences, wrong thoughts, wrong philosophy, and wrong decisions.

Whenever you succumb to the negative and short-term comfort you will repeat the same mistakes. As long as you don’t adopt new disciplines, failure will only grow stronger. And to eliminate that negative influence you have to listen to the weak voice of success. We all have it. If you sharpen the ear you will hear it. It’s subtle, but it´s up to you to decide whom to listen to.

If you decide to listen to success, the one that convinces you to turn off the TV and read, the one that tells you to spend more time thinking, you will make your voice stronger. Every time you hear that voice you will gain a new discipline and take a step forward.

Clearly, you will never totally erase the voice of failure. It will always be there crouching waiting for its turn. But you can silence it developing a strong personal philosophy that will grow pursuing a great future. So you will keep an eye on the bad habits of repeating mistakes and replace them with good habits.

So eliminate fear from your life. Because remember… you can choose.

So what do you decide?

  • You can organize and plan a few minutes… or spend those minutes watching television.
  • You can cultivate good friendships bit by bit… or continue friendships with a negative influence.
  • You can open your minds to different ideas and try new ways of doing things, or you can stay in your comfort zone.
  • You can choose between measuring your words and thinking before you speak, or you can just give your opinion and say the first thing that comes to mind.
  • You can learn by looking in the past how not to act or you can lament your bad luck.
  • You can make that extra call and work half an hour more, or you can spend that time doing nothing.

It’s about choosing.

And 10.000 years ago it was the same, the losers and the winners also had to choose.


Your opportunity will always be there.

So don’t worry about where you are now. But follow these 3 keys to succed:

KEY 1: The danger of neglectingKEY 2: The ACCUMULATION factorKEY 3: You can choose

Don´t worry about your current social position, your current money, your relationships, and your knowledge. Your potential for improvement is enormous. You still have the ability to change everything.

Success begins with one step.

Success begins with a first book read. With a few minutes of work. With a conversation with someone. Any day you choose you can get up and take that first step on a journey that will lead you to an unimaginable life. Like in those movies where the hero rises from nowhere, now you are in his or her place.

Now you have the vision that will change your life. 

What do you think about these 3 keys. Will you adopt one of them? Leave me a comment if you try one!

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