How to discipline yourself? 

You and me know self-discipline will change your life! 

But how to do it? 

Lucky for you, that´s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post: 

17 insanely techniques to discover how to discipline yourself TODAY. 

This COMPLETE GUIDE also includes lots of

  • Real-life examples
  • Templates to follow 
  • Advanced strategies 
  • And lots, lots more 

How to discipline yourself 

So if you want to get GREAT self-discipline you´ll love this new guide.

Let´s dive right in.

I know how you feel...

It's early in the morning and you can't wake up...

  • Then you have that big project but you check your mail…
  • You must say something important to someone but you procrastinate it...
  • You want to know how to discipline yourself for weight loss...

And that permanent voice "Don't do it, it's difficult..."

But you can solve your indiscipline problem once you are aware the enemy is inside you.

But first...

You will find a complete program to discipline yourself in this blogpost.

And now the best part: 

17 ways to escape from failure.

So you will have all the self-discipline rules you need!

Each tip can give you an iron character. And from that moment you will achieve all your goals.

They could escape from the worse social circle or job...

But instead of this, they focus on what they don't have.

This is crazy...!

But if you know the right method to discipline yourself and adapt it to your personality, you will stop procrastinating, eating too much, or being unproductive. If you want to know how, these videos will help you:

You will achieve all the willpower you want with these videos!

And now here are the 17 methods to win self-discipline. Find the ones that fit you better.

But first I will recommend to you the best books to know how to discipline yourself:

The two best books on how to discipline yourself:

Here are two books to begin your self-discipline training fast:

    How to discipline yourself book 2                Self Discipline Book 2

This is what I consider the books on self-discipline that will help you the most:

1. Willpower by Roy Baumesiter

2. Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven

Find time to read them if you want to be good at self-discipline!

The best definition of Self-Discipline

What is Self Discipline?

Self-Discipline es doing what you have to do

whether you want it or not.

(Thanks Brian Tracy!)

And now let´s go with the tips:

METHOD 1: 3 Minutes To Eliminate Procrastination

How to discipline yourself fast?

The secret is simply starting

A little story on self-discipline

A violin teacher had the best method to practice. She told her students to only practice 3 minutes. Not an hour like other teachers preached.

 "Three minutes and it's over," the students said. But once they opened the box with the violin and they sat down, they began to practice one minute more. It was easy to continue.

Let's practice five minutes more!And then 5 minutes more.And some days they practiced 90 minutes...

And the results were incredible. No student procrastinated because three minutes were easy. 

(So they practiced more than all the students who wanted to do the big training but finally procrastinated.)

Here you have it, the answer to how to discipline yourself.

A small step is the best way to win any skill: having self-confidence, doing exercise, or playing the violin.

Another case: imagine that bad day where you don't feel well. So try to smile.

Only three minutes.

Or only one minute.

Smiling means feeling well, it's impossible to feel bad if you smile.

And the key is again: do it only for a minute.

(People think they need money or good news to feel well. Only then they will smile. But being happy is as easy as smiling some seconds and internalizing automatically that they are happy.)

So how can you benefit more from this method?

How about attacking your big project or being more confident? 3 minutes is all you need.

Once you start it's easy to continue.

Beginning your most important project is as easy as doing one movement. 3 minutes will do more than any expensive plan. 3 minutes is the only thing you need to boost your life.

-->Try it now. Right now.

Try to smile for 3 minutes and your day will change. If you feel bad and need to concentrate, use the 3 minutes technique. (Yes, smiling is an answer to how to discipline yourself.)

If you are in a meeting say one sentence to break the ice, a variation of the 3 minutes technique. Another variation is making a call to begin a big task. Many days you will see that continuing is easy. And there you have it.

The 3 minutes technique works for everything.

So reserve 3 daily minutes to begin your stretching table, play the violin, or build your own business.

Beginning is everything. 

Starting is magic. Once you begin you will achieve momentum and go on.

In this video you´ll se how the superachievers do it:

If you simply start you will differentiate from procrastinators. A little step is the key that 90% of people never take.

The key to self-discipline is starting: 

how-to discipline yourself2


Your best motivator to take action is always having goals.

You've heard it a thousand times. Okay, now this thing about goals...

But it works.

Successful people follow the old solid rule of having goals. Do like them. You can hate your work and your social circle, but the only way to escape is having goals. 

Once you know what you want, you will find an energy that will take you wherever you want.

Don't blame your friends, your enemies, or the president of your country. They can be awful people. But they won´t stop you if you have clear goals.

Without goals changing your life, will be only a wish. To make changes you need goals. So sit down, take five minutes, and write what you want.

This is not something you can do "when you have time." You need a motor. And this is having clear targets. It's the only way to overcome obstacles. It's the only way to change the job you hate.

Otherwise it´s impossible to go far, how to discipline yourself if you don´t have goals to follow?

Without goals, every obstacle will be a great obstacle.

With goals, you will achieve the personal and business life you want.

Most people don't have goals. They think they simply have no time for them, so they lose their day in secondary tasks. But you need a big goal.

You need passion.

Having goals doesn't mean you will achieve it in one month, no. But taking a daily step towards your target will make you happy.

Every day will be a good day if it serves your goals.

Happiness is doing something for your health, business, or the relations you want.

goals-to discipline yourself

METHOD 3: How To Discipline Yourself with a MOVIE

Dare to act as the hero of the movie.

Simply imitate.

So simply COPY:

  • COPY the entrepreneur of that movie to be more persistent.
  • COPY that cowboy to be more confident.
  • COPY someone you admire to wake one hour earlier, eat less, or finish a task. How would she manage your business?

How to discipline yourself if you don´t know how to begin? Simple. Once you play a role an automatic energy appears.

From now on think like you were that great football player when you play football.

Think like you were the secret agent to be more confident.

Or think you were that Japanese strategist to become smarter.

How do they act and concentrate? Absorb your hero and you will have his power. Once you see yourself in the movie you will find a way.

Good actors are good actors because they internalize their role models. So be like them. Your mind is programmable. Think and feel like your hero.

There are numerous experiments that demonstrate how persons who imagined a winning movement even without training, beat people who trained physically.

Many athletes recognized they couldn't differentiate

if their winning race was true or imagined.

That's why top tennis players or golfers visualize the winning movement's first.

That's how battles are won.

So use the actor inside you. Simply choose the role you want to play.

Life is a theatre. Who do you want to be?

The cool guy who detects lies, the snake charmer that wins people or the successful entrepreneur?

So how to discipline yourself in your free time?

Go to the movies and copy the hero!

how to discipline yourself today

METHOD 4: Practice Self-Discipline... Doing The CONTRARY Of What They Say

The worse error you can do is not trying to get disciplined because someone told you that... Achieving results "isn´t for you."


Everything is possible if you try.

Especially if they say it´s hard.

be-a-contrarian to discipline yourself

People don´t know that it only takes a step to starting something big.

So if you want to know how to discipline yourself, realize is not that difficult. You would be surprised if you try to work 10 extra minutes or wake up 10 minutes earlier.

It won´t cost you so much. And you will internalize a great new habit fast.

Most people fail because they simply don´t take the critical first step to pursue their goals. They say "Tomorrow I will begin."

But they don´t know that it´s much easier than it seems.

In small steps everything is possible.

METHOD 5: How To Learn Self Discipline Looking For The ROOT Of Failure

When you grew up, you imitated others. But you also imitated their bad habits.

  • Perhaps you saw how many escaped from work and procrastinated and felt better in the short term...
  • Perhaps you saw how smart people, with clever sentences and good style, said that working hard was for losers.
  • Perhaps you saw someone spending a lot of money and saying he was happy...
  • Perhaps you heard that TV was perfect to relax...

You weren't born procrastinating, desiring fast food, or accepting interruptions. Your indiscipline is the product of copying the wrong people.

False assumptions produced bad habits.

And now you think those habits are even trendy: "This is my personality. So am I."

But no. You are much better.

Your life can't be a collection of ups and downs. Your life can't be days full of urgencies. So to stop this find the root of your indiscipline.

Who was the wrong person you imitated?

If you know your enemy you will beat him. So back engineer to the day where you thought it was the best movement. Look at your bad habits and ask: "Who did I saw with this habit?"

self discipline for breaking-a-habit

METHOD 6: Realize You Are More Disciplined Than What They Told You

This is interesting:

A curious story on self-discipline

A little girl, something overweight, was called "fatty girl". She had no friends, so it had to be true. Today she does all the necessary to overeat and continue overweight.Another child escaped from an unfair punishment from his teacher thanks to a lie. Today he repeats that strategy. Today he is a compulsive liar.One girl was too active at school. This stressed her teacher. So the teacher said to her in front of her classmates: "Please don't think so much!" Today she continues relaxed. "Thinking is not for me," she says. Today she takes the worse decisions.


Lack of discipline goes hand-in-hand with false beliefs!

People have at first good intentions, but a false vision condemns them. A negative comment from someone respected or a lie that went well, and they fell into the trap.

Many persons believe they won´t win more being productive. Giving their best is not in their best interest.

And they jump from low paid job to low paid job.

No progress.

And then they blame others.

Society owes them money and time to relax. And meanwhile, they lose their life watching TV. If they have a problem they will go to a psychologist. But stress will stay the same. This is not the answer to how to discipline yourself.

Wouldn´t it be much easier changing their thoughts about what they saw?

The solution is this: You are not what they told you.


METHOD 7: Self-discipline tips for students or  The Popular Guy From School

Do you remember the days where the popular boy of the school smoked?

"I also want to be the cool guy," said everybody. They didn't enjoy the cigarette, but they wanted to belong to the aristocracy of smokers. "I smoke, so I'm cool."

Later smoking and feeling well was so deep in their brain that they got addicted.

The "I feel good" cigarette was a must.

Then years passed and they saw a friend dying from cancer. They also heard about someone with emphysema. So they said: "Tomorrow I must quit smoking." But the habit was too strong.

Never follow someone with bad habits. He isn't cool.

He is stupid.


METHOD 8: That Dangerous Well-Being

  • A hamburger after a stressful situation helped you...
  • Procrastinating that key project also relieved you...
  • Watching TV instead of doing exercise was easier...

But now you need to eat more and relax more to feel well. It's the only option.

And meanwhile, a powerful advertisement industry makes billions with products to relieve you:

Eat that candy!

Take a vacation!

You deserve it!

How to discipline yourself with these advices? It´s impossible.

Resist-temptation to discipline yourself

But those reliefs reduce your possibilities. And worse, you get addicted to additional bad habits. Because:

-A beer means a cigarette...

-An additional cookie means a coffee...

-An extra day of holiday leads to overeating...

Dangerous associations.

So the solution is making your reliefs gradually shorter.

Resist that Donut.

Insist one minute more with that difficult project.

Always in small steps. So it won´t cost you.

If you want to change your habits here´s how to do it fast:

METHOD 9 (the short one): Laugh

Laugh at your laziness: "Say whatever you want I will achieve my goal."

Laugh at your enemy and you will feel stronger.

laugh to discipline yourself

METHOD 10: How To Discipline Yourself With This Vital Question

Imagine who do you want to be.

Begin from zero. Reset your thoughts. You must ask: "What do I really want to do with my life?"

And then wait.

And listen.

Because an inner voice will guide you.

Every minute you invest in hearing yourself is money. Because first thing to do is discovering what you want.

This video will help you:

You can't lose years of hard work doing something you don't like.

And once you discover what you want in life, ask the 2nd question:

"Will I do whatever necessary to achieve my dreams?"

The answer to how to discipline yourself is answering this. Because people have dreams, but their problem is they won't do what's necessary to achieve them. They won't give up many things they have to give up.

So do the opposite and ask the vital questions.

how to discipline yourself

METHOD 11: Change Your House

People like being at home. Nothing like the old habits. Home sweet home.

But home can be a terrible place if you don't make it better.

You can feel safe in your house, but it can be a prison.

How to discipline yourself in such a house?

So many years ago I decided to change my neighborhood. I had to move. I was too comfortable in my old habits house. And good thanks I moved. The new house was much better. It took some work to move. But it was my best decision.

But sadly the philosophy of most people is like their old "comfortable" house. It was built to protect them from the world. And they were so anxious to get comfortable that they built a weak home.

So think:

Be ambitious. Where do you want to go? And once you know it, design your new house.

To succeed you must build that new habits house with good books, conversations with smart people, and the truth.

And the food at your new house must make your brain faster. Pizza should not be in the kitchen.

You won't build that new house in a day. But do it one step at a time and you will live in a mansion. It's possible.

It will be hard at the beginning. But try it. After the first steps, you will love to make more and more improvements in your new house. You will see that all the limitations they told you as a child weren't true. And remember: first the truth.

To change your neighborhood you must first know where you are. Even if you have to recognize that's not the best place.

No shortcuts. Don't fool yourself thinking you will go from earning 900 $ monthly to 1 million.

But the good thing is that once you discipline yourself to change your first bad habits, it will be the same effort than to win one million. It's the same investment.

So once you train yourself bettering little habits, like waking up five minutes earlier or reaching 10 minutes of daily concentration, you will be prepared to win much more.

So start small. One step at a time and building your new house will be easy.


METHOD 12: How To learn Self-Discipline By Going To The Hospital 

"I´m tired..."

"I don´t have money..."

"I hate my job..."

"I don´t have friends..."

Enough excuses!

Stop whining please.

Most people say: "I want to accomplish my goals but I don't have the skill / contacts / money."

Sorry, but that's not the problem. Most people will use it as an excuse, but not you.

If you think you have problems go to a hospital and take a look.

These are real problems.


-There are Olympic gold winners that trained barefoot.

-There are famous writers that began their writing without inspiration.

-The wealthiest entrepreneurs started with zero money.

They all recognized that adversity helped them. What they had when they began was enough.

So you are in a much better situation than you think.

Otherwise, go to your nearest hospital and check if you are lucky or not.

self discipline to minimize-your-problems

METHOD 13: Daily Self-Discipline With The "It´s-not-a-hobby" Mindset

To play in the first leagues you can't train only on weekends.

It's okay if you have a hobby and you want to be good at something for pleasure.

But you can't train in your free time and pursue an Olympic gold medal. How to discipline yourself playing in 3rd division?

You need to repeat DAILY the big movements.

Only when you say "I will do everything that's needed," the universe will give you what you need.

So again: the key to achieving your goals is taking little steps. But DAILY.

how to discipline yourself with daily-little-steps

METHOD 14: Self-Discipline To Kill Self-Sabotage

When you begin with your new discipline, some "well-intentioned" persons will try to sabotage your growth.

Envy is always there. Many people don't like others progressing. You can't do anything about it.

But those people won't be your worst enemy.

The worst enemy will be YOU.

External enemies are nothing against the enemy you have inside. Because your internal enemy is 24 hours there. He is there seven days of the week. So this is the enemy you must control. This is your biggest influence.

Of course, there will be people that will try to lower your determination. But they won't be a problem. The real problem is how you speak to yourself.

If you think on negative results that's what you will get, but if you think positively your enemy will turn into a friend. And then everything will work for you:

  • Your car will never break down in the key moments (the classic problem that pessimists always suffer).
  • Your computer won't crash with an important project inside.
  • When contacting a potential customer you will be in your best mood.
  • And you will meet an old friend that will show you a new source of income.

And it won't be a coincidence. Your subconscious mind will produce it.

Think positive and this will prevent you from any sabotage. Instead of blocking you with fear, it will prepare you to attack something big.

It all depends on you. The good things and the bad things. No adversity is caused by others. It's always self-sabotage.

People can attack you only if you let them. Because in the end, it's your mind what controls everything.

So you can control in advance what to do and what not to do.

In case you want to eliminate your fears and have a powerful mind, this video will help you:

You can beat adversity. You can change "external" situations. It's all within you. If you program that you can, you can. No one can beat someone with a mission.

So turn your inner enemy into your best friend deciding you are going to achieve your goals.

Think you will succeed no matter what and your subconscious mind will be your guide.

how to discipline yourself eliminating self sabotage

METHOD 15: The Fallacy Of "I´m not ambitious"

"Surviving is enough for me," says the average no goal-getter.

One moment...

This is the fallacy of "I´m not ambitious." But how to discipline yourself if you don´t have big goals? You think you will live better without extra effort. But it´s quite the contrary. Discipline will make your life much easier.

Otherwise you will build a false image where surviving is your only goal.

"I don't need the torture of discipline," think many people. But it's quite the contrary. You will feel much better disciplining yourself! Aren't the best days those where you wake up early and do something for your goals? You are 10 times happier.

The stress of an undone task is superior to not doing it. So realize that being ambitious is good. Ambition will prevent you from procrastinating.

You need to reach your goals fast. And the easiest way is thinking on your ambitions.

So think that every morning you have an opportunity to be stronger and you will achieve part of your big goal. You will create a force field so.

It's not that difficult. Simply help you being ambitious in your goals. Self-sabotage only comes when you are negative. But if you think ambitiously you are saying: "I'm going to achieve it."

And then coincidences will happen.

be-ambitious to discipline yourself

METHOD 16: How To Discipline Yourself Eliminating Negativity 

Negativity is like a Trojan Horse. It's inside you.

So refuse to think of bad outcomes. Listen only to the good voice.

Come on! It's only a second. Simply say: "Today will be a perfect day."

how to have the perfect-day to discipline yourself yourself

Changing your words is easy. So from now on no more “If I only could..." You will simply say “I can.” It will be your new lifestyle.

Once you change bad thoughts with positive ones, you will have any skill you want. It´s when you will add 5 extra minutes to a new project, wake up five minutes earlier, or write two extra pages. Slowly but surely.

So stay alerted to beat negativity.

Remember that negative internal thoughts will always attack. But if you are prepared you will simply continue where others get trapped.

METHOD 17: Get Motivated With The 2nd (and better) Prize Of Self-Discipline

You must know that discipline will give you 2 prizes:

1) Physical results. Money, a better partner, a better career... Whatever you want.

2) But the second, and much better, is the new character you will win.The "I'm the best" mindset.

A new self-confidence that will push you to higher goals. Simply this will open you many doors.

Once you decide to be disciplined you reach the best version of yourself. And it's contagious. It´s like multiplying your efforts.

You will discover opportunities that otherwise would be hidden.

With discipline, material prizes will come sooner or later. They will reward you with health, money, or whatever you pursue. It's when you will hear: "What luck, in her position I could do the same." But you will know that it's not luck. You will laugh.

But look:

It's not about your results.

It's not what people envy.


The big reward will be having total control.

If you need a powerful argument on how to discipline yourself, there you have it. 

-It's knowing that you can choose your thoughts and be the best person in the key moments.

-It's knowing that everything depends on you.

-It's knowing that if you were poor, you could achieve it again.


You won't need an MBA, or more contacts or a better job. You have everything inside. You have the power.

Best QUOTES on Self-Discipline

To finish, the best quotes on self-discipline:

“Discipline not desire determines your destiny.”-Anonymous“I could only achieve success in my life through self-discipline, and I applied it until my wish and my will became one.”-Nikola Tesla

“Compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and a sense of self-discipline are qualities that help us lead our daily lives with a calm mind.”-Dalai Lama

So, go for it!

Best Self-Discipline Videos

If you are tired of struggling and need good habits, here is a proven system to achieve them fast:


How to discipline yourself?

First realize you weren´t born with good or bad skills.

Simply choose one of the 17 methods I showed you. Choose the one or the ones that fit you better. You will enjoy self-discipline from the first moment.

But the best won't be the money or results you will win, the best will be feeling confident and your new opportunities.

Because you have all the potential inside of you.

You are much better than you think. If you are seeing this you are different from 90% of persons who will never take action to get self-discipline.

Many people in your situation succeeded with the methods I gave you. And you will too. At least you will be 3 times more productive... and much smarter.

Once you find how to discipline yourself according to your personality, you have the solution. And your new self-discipline will last forever.

So what do you think about these techniques? Can one of them serve you?

I’d like to hear what you have to say. Or send me a question.

Either way, let me know by leaving a COMMENT below right now.

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