Imagine you could make one simple tweak to stop self-sabotaging yourself...

An instant boost in your life!

Or even better:
What if there was a solution to stop self-sabotage... with one simple technique?

You´d probably jump to read about them.


Lucky for you, that´s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:

An insanely easy technique to eliminate self-sabotaging TODAY.

How to eliminate self-sabotaging

In this post, you´re going to learn exactly how to kill self-sabotaging behaviors.

This guide also includes lots of:

  • Self-sabotaging real-life examples
  • An advanced strategy to eliminate self-sabotage

So if you want to free yourself from self-sabotaging behavior here is the solution.

Let´s dive right in.

A story to stop self-sabotage 

Lisa had everything to be successful. Lisa was smart and friendly.

But Lisa had a problem.

She considered herself unintelligent and unfriendly. Her self-confidence was always at the bottom.

But one day Lisa discovered a piece of advice in a lost book (reading saved so many people...)

And Lisa followed something simple. She began to repeat "I’m great!"

Like it sounds: "I’m great!"

Very basic.

But she felt immediately better.

“I’m great, I’m great, I’m great!" She repeated. And that evening she noticed a change in her self-confidence. Somehow fear was disappearing. So she repeated it the next day. And every day during one week.

And after one week she felt terrific.

And she also irradiated energy to others. Where before everything was depressive, now she had the power to change herself. She saw that it was in her hand saying she felt great.

So Lisa smiled more, produced more… and eliminated all her self-sabotaging moves.

It was so simple!

So she repeated it whenever things looked bad. But things never looked bad after repeating "I’m great!"

Not only did Lisa improve her relations with others. Not only had she energy to attacking big projects. It was something bigger. A special power pushed her.

SHE was the energy.

Today Lisa continues to be one of the nicest and smartest persons. Plus the self-confidence.

Before she always did the wrong move. All of her enterprises failed.

Without saying "I´m great," she continuously was self-sabotaging herself.

Now she owns a booming business organizing events for German people in Barcelona. Where before she was shy and never tried new things, now she owns a growing agenda.

And also a growing bank account! And Lisa also makes you feel smart and nice.

How did she change?

Lisa used an anchor.

The solution

In her case, it was an anchor in form of a sentence. She reached the mental state she wanted by repeating a sentence. "I’m great!"

It was the easiest way to program her self-conscious mind right.

And everyone can do it.

From saying “Yes!” to picture yourself being the best. From repeating a song you like, to elevate your arms three times.

An anchor will put you always in the state you want.

But how to benefit from your own anchor and win any skill you want?


An anchor is a simple action. But if repeated, it becomes powerful. It will make you believe in yourself to achieve any goal. If you work on programming your mindset you have the key.

In the case of Lisa it was two simple words. "I’m great!" This was enough to quit feeling low and achieving a magnetic character and stop self-sabotaging herself.

But Lisa isn't the only one to use it with incredible results.

Take a look at top athletes.

Notice when the camera focuses on that soccer star or marathon winner. Do you see something? Look a second time. Does he or she repeat an anchor before the competition? Do they repeat a word or movement to reach a state?

Of course.

They link great performance to an anchor.

An anchor is pure Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Something with great results in the last 20 years.

So begin with one anchor for you. Find a word or a gesture that inspires you.

You can repeat the mental state when you worked concentrated until finishing the project:

  • If you remember that time you overcame anxiety and spoke in front of 100 persons you can recover that state.
  • If you remember when you avoided the temptation of a second coffee break, you will avoid that temptation daily.

Think of your possibilities…

You can begin with something as simple as repeating the classic "I’m The Best." Something that disciplines you. Or something that puts you in energy mode. Repeating it enough times will give you all the willpower.

If you say to yourself that you are the best, you will internalize it. Because you are programmed to follow what you hear. It´s a very good way to change your life fast.

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So repeating something simple as “I’m The Best – I’m The Best – I’m The Best,” will give you the results you are looking for.

It can sound too self-helpy, but it works.

So repeat 10 times in a row your favorite sentence. Or better: have the habit of repeating it 10 times every day. You will see changes. If you want an "I can achieve anything" mindset, ask for it. And better, ask it many times.

So design your anchor.

You will immediately stop self-sabotaging yourself.

You can't imagine how your inner dialogue gets impressed in your subconscious mind. So an anchor is perfect to program your mind.

It's nothing mystical.

It's introducing the software on the computer to become the result you want. Enough of being a loser!

So try it right now. It only takes 10 seconds. Stop reading and repeat the sentence "I'm the best" for 10 seconds. (Or choose your favorite sentence.)

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---------10 seconds---------

How do you feel now?

Repeat it 10 seconds more and you will internalize it much more. Abuse all you need from this tool. It will give you all the confidence, self-discipline, or whatever mindset you need.

The fast anchor to stop self-sabotaging

Be creative. Everything can help you as an anchor. A tone of voice, a song, or even a smell can change your willpower.

So review your past to find a scene of tenacity, concentration or simply success.

Can you remember passing a test to belong to a higher professional or personal group?

Can you remember when you worked from 9.00 to 14.00 and finished that financial study you procrastinated during months?

So find a successful old scene and repeat it mentally. Use an old image, word, or sensation to change your mood.

I insist that you can create your own version. Even if it looks crazy. Better if it looks crazy! Visualize a picture, move your arms, or say "I will do it." Repeat anything that resembles an old inspiring moment. You will activate so the state of mind you need.

You can repeat any exceptionally good performance from the past so. Because you did something great in the past, believe me, you can repeat it. Even if it was on a small-scale, you can now leverage it with an anchor.

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There is a big literature about anchors. Some books say you need a specific sentence. Others defend visualization. Others speak about body postures… But anything you feel comfortable with is okay. Even if it looks ridiculous at the beginning.

You can use the strangest anchor. If you feel comfortable, go on. 

If you like to scream "Uuuuuh!" go ahead.

If the Italian hymn makes you happy, perfect so.

If you want proof, look at successful people and you will always find an anchor

Think of some friend or college that recently achieved something. Someone who got a better job. Someone who is now in shape. Or someone who simply smiles more.

And take a closer look.

Why is she more positive?

Why do her career and/or marriage go better?

Ask her. (She will be pleased to tell you. Successful people always wonder why nobody asks them for advice. They only hear about "luck", but never about how they managed it.)

So ask that successful person and you will discover an anchor.

A repeated movement that gave her wings to learn Spanish. Or a movement to discipline herself to insert 30 minutes of running in her overflowed agenda. Or a movement to have the willpower to read about productivity 30 minutes a day. Or simply a movement to relax and have peace of mind

Without self-sabotaging you will immediately increase your power

From now on design a sentence to overcome worries. And add to this:

Your favorite words to run through the park an extra hour.

Your favorite words to refuse that chocolate bomb…

Your favorite words to lead a room full of people…

Or your favorite words to be very productive

You can design your own mantra. You can build your image or movement to put your running shoes, say no to a chocolate cake, or convince a hundred persons.

And then repeat this anchor as much as you need. Begin today and your life will be a roller coaster.

First, you will experiment a short-term boost.

Then you will get results. It´s a great way to accelerate your self-growth.

Then better results will be normal. And then you will point to higher ones, knowing that you can.

And then you will achieve

And the cycle will begin again.

So don't worry about your goals anymore. If you repeat your anchor, whether you like it or not, you will get more effective.

How to avoid temptations and have the necessary self-confidence thanks to an anchor

There are a thousand ways to design and anchor. But if you don't know how to begin, carry some old successes. Write in your mobile phone past successes you can re-read whenever you need it.

  • Carry the words you dared to say when nobody dared to speak…
  • Carry the decision to take surf lessons that summer that changed your lifestyle…
  • Carry that change in your timetable that gave more hours to your days…
  • Carry that time where you acted brilliantly.
  • Carry that project you finished faster than anyone working 5 hours in a row.
  • Carry that deal you negotiated.

And re-read those words so much as you need them.

With your best memories in your pocket, you will always have a trigger to launch a disciplined move. And always motivated to work hard

All successful people use triggers. If you can´t carry them mentally at first, begin carrying them on your mobile phone. So you will increase your moral whenever you need it.

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  • So you will say "I'm responsible" whenever things go wrong. (Not blaming others will liberate you from a heavy load).
  • So you will use a past image to feel strong. Like that time you walked confidently despite that pissed Doberman looking angry at you.

You need no more than 3 anchors to maximize your confidence in the short term.

And in the long term, they will build your character.

With your own collection of anchors, weakness and fear will disappear.

This simple trick from martial arts to eliminate self-sabotage

To finish I will give you an anchor to gain physical strength. It will also help you to eliminate self-sabotaging decisions whenever you feel weak. It's used in martial arts and also by specialists who lie in a bed of nails.

Imagine you didn't sleep well and you need energy for a challenging morning. Or imagine you feel low in the evening and need extra power. So use this anchor:

Concentrate on your stomach.

Your stomach is the strongest part of your body. So breathe with your stomach feeling its power. Don't feel your head. Feel your stomach. It's the center. In your stomach is infinite energy. Whenever you feel weak quit focusing on your head. Use the anchor of your stomach. Whenever you need a physical or mental energy boost, use your stomach.

Think in someone who always projects power. It's because he feels his stomach. Top athletes and leaders do it without noticing it.

They forget their head. They forget their problems. They use an anchor, in this case, focusing on their stomach. Try it now. Take a deep breath and feel your stomach.

If you want more advice to transform your life fast these videos will also help you:


Now find 3 anchors you feel comfortable with. Or copy the ones you saw.

  • One for physical strength and self-confidence. 
  • A second to resist temptations to be more productive.
  • And a third to achieve concentration to think profoundly. 

With 3 you will have more than enough.

Feeling strong, trying a good new relation, or finishing a big project will be fast with an anchor. Or simply recover happiness again. Everything is possible for you if you use an anchor.

Do you want to eliminate self-sabotaging forever? Build yourself an anchor.

Because all of them work.

So what is the first anchor you´ll design? Leave me a comment if you have already one!

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