Imagine if you had a crystal ball to make sure you’d go far.

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to see here: how to make sure your success is predictable.

See… your success is predictable. Your success is predictable because it depends on one thing. And you have that thing in you.

Let me explain…

An organized mind is perfect. Being skillful and productive is welcome…

But following your passion is the key!

If you want to build a great company, build your own business, be healthy or have a good career, focus on following your passion.

Follow it and your success is predictable. No doubt about it. I insist: passion comes first because you can’t have a powerful mind if you don’t follow your dream.

Take a closer look at those who are successful: they have passion for what they do. So decide exactly which dream to pursue in your life. Or maybe two. One for your business life and one for your personal life. Although better to combine them into one.

So always ask yourself if you are following your dream. This is the main difference between being rich or poor, being happy or unhappy.

We have always been told to follow the Calvinist concept of having to suffer to succeed. But you don’t have to suffer to be successful. You don’t have to overwork to be successful.

No. This is not so.

You must first follow your dream and then cultivate the rest. Success is predictable if you only think, work and live for your dream. And you will be happier that way, too! I think it was the British novelist E M. Foster who wrote the happiness quote, “One person with passion is better than 40 people without passion.”

So you could do the work of 40 people!

If you have passion you will have energy and self-discipline to do many things, for example, plan and think more.

And if you follow your passion you will also be healthier. Think of people who smoke, for example. Because they don’t have a passion, they don’t follow a dream. But if they had a dream they would think, “Okay… the $150 I spend every month on tobacco, I’ll save it to invest.” And then at 65 instead of cancer they will have $1 million if they invest it in an index fund.

And second, you’ll be happier along the way. Finally the long-awaited peace of mind.

So do the following:

Take a minute, just a minute today, and think about what you really want in life. Think about your big dream. Because this first factor, passion, will then give you the second one: a powerful mind, which I will show you later.

Once you have it clear I assure you that you will have a special energy to achieve many more things. Once you know where you are going, you will be able to finish one project after another.

For example, you will start to eliminate interruptions. And instead of finishing a project in 10 days, you’ll finish it in 3.

You’ll also fall in love with exercise and become healthier….

You’ll also invest an hour a day in thinking – or maybe two!

You’ll also avoid the perfectionism that’s killing your career.

Or you’ll double your clients thanks to your new energy and strategies.

And you’ll manage your time better. You’d work harder in the morning and have more time in the afternoon. You’d be able to do whatever you want!

So understand that your success is predictable. You don’t need a crystal ball. It’s always about your passion.

Now then…

Is it possible to make a living from your dream?

Of course it is. You’re already competent and with a lot of possibilities, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. So forget what people say about a secure job. Overcome your fears and make your mind your great passion. And to do that combine it with solving a problem for others.

Go for it!

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