How to be productive?

I´m sure you are often overwhelmed and need to improve your productivity.

So will give you the 3 KEYS to know how to be productive and get more done.

No matter the chaos you have, this will change your results this same week!

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So now let´s go with the three 3 tips to multiply your productivity FAST!

KEY 1: How To Be Productive Designing Your Perfect Workplace

I will give you 7 ideas to transform your workplace into a productivity machine. 7 Easy tips to eliminate your chaos and maximize your time.
No matter how disorganized you are now, this are the best tips on how to be productive.

Idea 1

Planning 30 minutes per day

How to be productive if you don´t organize your time first?

That´s why planning 30 minutes per day will save you years of work. I’m not exaggerating. Every hour you plan will save you ten extra hours of work.

Check it out. Didn’t that great idea appear after thinking in solitude some minutes, instead of spending another day running after urgencies?

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So sit calmly and think for 30 minutes. And do it every day. Even if you feel overwhelmed. This will put you miles ahead of your competition. You won’t only finish in minimum time, you will also know WHAT to finish.
(Time 30 Minutes/day)

Idea 2

Throw away, throw away… and throw away again

The bin is the best friend of the high achievers. Because think a bit, how many things are still in your table after weeks without knowing what to do? How full are also the tables of your colleagues? How to be productive with so many papers?
If in doubt, throw away. You will get surprised by how much you don’t need. So throw the untouched documents from the last two weeks to the trash. Sorry but goodbye! Believe me, you won’t need them.
Throw away coldly. Once you throw away, you will have a clear table, but also a clear mind. And if you need the papers again, simply request a copy or use the Internet.
(Estimated time: 10 liberating seconds every day)

Idea 3

Centralize everything

Group your important papers in only ONE folder. Everything centralized! Multi-compartment folders are the best solution to quickly access to your policies, insurances, medical information, notarial instruments, guarantees, contracts, and other important documents.
In a large folder, you have space for 300 sheets with its staples and attachments. More than enough since in most countries you won’t need to store official documents for more than five years.
If you group papers you will save space and no always the exact place. You will save many hours per year searching for documents.
In case you need more place, put everything in the same 180 by 50 cms. closet able to store 30 folders. But as soon as you can, throw papers away. The fewer papers, the better.
(Estimated time 60 Minutes)

Idea 4

Check your closets and drawers

Find out where are your keys, screwdrivers, radios, instructions, etc. You would be surprised by how many things you have. Over the years we accumulate too much. So to produce more, first you need mental peace. And therefore know what you have.
After this, you will throw away tons of things that don’t serve and occupy your physical and mental space.
(Estimated time 30 Minutes)

Idea 5
Backup. Always backup

Store your most important PC files in the cloud and also in a pendrive. Why being a top producer if you can lose half a year of work because of a fire or a virus?
Computer viruses don’t warn. Now you think you won’t have such a problem. But those who lost one year of work because of a virus also thought they were safe.
So do a backup this same week. No discussion.
(Estimated time 5 Minutes/month)

Idea 6
Use and abuse the digital format

All your photos and documents must be in virtual folders in your PC. So scan all your important papers with the camera from your phone.
With those documents out of sight, you will have peace to think and be more creative.
(Estimated time 30 Minutes/year)

Idea 7
Manage your personal finances with a digital spreadsheet or use software like ‘Money’

You will save many days and tons of stress if you control your finances. If you want to know how to be productive you must control your finances first. Knowing how much money you have will give you mental peace.

You can use specialized programs therefore. The learning curve can be steep. But later you will save hundreds of hours researching and getting desperate about where your money goes. You will simply enter your movements for half an hour per month and have your financial situation under control.
But go a step further. Make it terribly simple. Open an Excel spreadsheet to write your numbers and put
• in the rows your losses and gains.
• in the columns the timeline (in months or weeks).

Begin simply writing approximate numbers of your big expenses like loans, supermarket, clothing, etc. in the first rows. And then write your net earnings in the last ones. After this, you can add and subtract at your will. You can add more detailed lines later. Yet you will only have to modify a few because most expenses and earnings won’t vary from month to month.
Having your financial situation at a glance will blow your mind. You will save time and finally you will dare to do long terms plans, the key to grow your money.
(Estimated time 30 minutes/month)

With these 7 ideas, you will work much faster in a nicer office. Try this week and you will at least double your productivity.

KEY 2: THE BEST PRODUCTIVITY METHOD IN THE WORLD (The Productivity Method That Saved My Life)

Follow this strategy and you will reach your most important goals. Not every goal, but the most important ones. Something less than 99, 99% of people achieve.

I´m often asked how to be productive, and I always answer with this:

The self-discipline of focusing ONLY on your first priority until finishing it, is what will make you more productive than anybody. Maybe it’s the key of your life.

I remember when I discovered the effectiveness of this strategy. One day I took the risk of abandoning hundreds of tasks that ate my time. I decided to only work on the most important (and biggest) task of my list.

And after 53 days I finished my first big project!

I felt incredible. And the money I won thanks to that was also incredible.

If I hadn’t followed this strategy, I would have procrastinated my big project for at least five years. And what happened with the rest of tasks undone.


The benefits of finishing my most important task outweighed by far the undone tasks. So if you want stratospheric results, work only on your most important project until finishing it. This will contribute more than anything to your future.

I’m sure your to-do list is now full of urgent issues, but do the following:
1. Order your priorities by importance.
2. Take the first one and don’t do anything else until finishing it.

So look at your to-do list and analyze what will impact your future the most. How to be productive if you don´t invest your time in your most important task? Lose your fear to big tasks.

So think: what task will increase your money the most? The next time you ask yourself how to be productive, simply think there is always a task that will give you 80% of the benefits. So reorder your goals from most important to less important and stay in the first position until finishing.

If still in doubt about your priorities, simply ask what you really want to achieve in life and take the hard decision. And if you continue in doubt because you are somehow “finding yourself,” compare all your tasks between each other and put the most important one always in a higher position. After going through your list a few times, you will have your priorities.

And then again, work on your first task until finishing it. Stop self-sabotaging yourself. Despite thousands of temptations will arise along the way, you will dedicate yourself heart and soul to your most important project.

Only this strategy will tenfold your results!

It´s the fastest way to change your life.

In case you dislike
your current job

Perhaps today you are in a job you dislike. But you need the money. So use this strategy simply to train yourself.

Do your current job the best you can. Because the skills you learn will also serve for your big goal. Use it to win more money despite you hate your job. And therefore focus on your strongest point. If you're good at selling, focus on selling. If you solve technical problems, focus on the technical part. If designing strategies will accelerate your results, go for the strategies.

Always work on your strength and don’t hesitate in letting secondary tasks undone.

And once finished your most important task? The answer to how to be productive is again... finishing the most important task.

So move to the second one. And then to the third one, and so on. You will tenfold your results so. And you will also see that nothing happens when you put off the rest.

So now use and abuse this productivity tool. How to be productive? Simple: focus 100% on your main task until finishing it. There will appear urgencies, but always return back to your main project. This will change your life.

If you want more tips to eliminate procrastinating and get results this video will help you:


TV ads will bombard you with pills to increase your energy. The official opinion will also try to sell you miraculous treatments. But none of them work. Not to speak of the terrible side effects and getting addicted.

But there are effective (and healthier) ways to multiply your energy so that you produce more. If you want to know how to be productive with energy any of these 9 proven methods will boost your vitality. It´s really a self-growth manual.

Drink 8 glasses of water per day

How to be productive if you don´t nurture your brain with water? With 8 glasses of water per day you not only will feel better, but also accelerate your blood circulation and think faster!

Set aside one daily minute 

to remember past successes

Do you remember the last time they told you: "You look good!" or "Good work"? So review those moments and you will live an explosion of energy. The best way to get motivated.

Exercise more

Not much more, but a little bit more. Don’t wait for the weekend´s sports party. Exercising more is a good answer to how to be productive.

If you never exercised, start with light walks. Do less but with continuity. 20 Daily minutes are perfect, you will be far above the average so.
Gradually you will see how you can do more. And your energy will notice it.

Change your workspace

Go with your laptop to a balcony, a park, or a new cafe to work from there. In the least expected place, your best idea will appear.
In new places, you will make different mental connections. And thanks to that you will design plans that will raise your energy for many days.

Cold water

Take a cold shower in the middle of the day (or at least resist half a minute with cold water). You will feel like new for the rest of the day.

The eternal advice of not drinking

and not smoking is still valid

Eliminating tobacco and alcohol will improve your body and mind. You’ve heard it a thousand times but it’s still valid. A new energy will invade you without drugs.

Take a mini nap

A small 10-minute nap at noon it’s a total revitalizer. But don’t do it more than 10 minutes.

Eat less

After a large meal, all your blood goes to your stomach instead of your brain. So you feel too heavy. Yet eating less, you will feel much better and with your energy recharged. Not to speak about the heart problems and cancer you will avoid in the future.
So therefore follow this Spanish proverb:
Have breakfast like a king, eat like a prince, and dine like a beggar.
And to eat less follow these easy 2 keys:
1. Drink two glasses of water before every meal to fill your stomach in advance.
2. Reduce gradually the amount you put on your dish. 1% less is a victory.

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normally

30 minutes of additional sleep will work miracles in your energy. And you´ll have peace of mind.

In case you want to delvelop more good habits check this out:


How to be productive if you have to many tasks to choose from? In your typical day everything seems important. Too many tasks collapse your mind and you don’t know what to do.

So how could you make the best of your time?

Imagine your typical day. You doubt about what tasks to attack.

Do you analyze the 3rd quarter budget?

Do you work on that commercial study?
Do you finish the bookkeeping of your expenses?
Do you call that distributor to make a new offer?
Do you study the statistics of the best-selling references?
Do you reorganize the routes of your salesmen to reduce their skyrocketing travel costs?
Do you meet with your lawyer to analyze your new commercial slogan that looks dangerously like a well-known brand?
Or do you fire that employee?

Oh my God, you need a break! You need time to think!

But there is a trick to know what to do:

Act as if tomorrow you would go
ONE YEAR on vacation.

Imagine tomorrow you will be lost on a desert island without your phone. What would you finish this morning?

Think so and your sixth sense will identify immediately your priorities. Since tomorrow you will leave for a year, you will work on the necessary tasks or simply invest in your long-term goal. Your one-year vacation will dictate.

So do it now. Think on your job, if tomorrow you take the blame to the Fiji Islands would you attack that pile of papers, or jump to that problem with the financial department? Would you plan a marketing strategy with your work colleagues, or take a double espresso and sit down until finishing that presentation?

The answer to how to be productive is as easy as planning what would you do if tomorrow you go on holidays. Tomorrow you will be lost in a paradise island without your phone. What would you do today?

You will make the best decisions so.

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“It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less.”

Nathan W. Morris, author and finance expert

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.”

Peter Drucker, management consultant


How to be productive?

You only need 3 rules.

You can go as far as you want in life, because top productivity is something you can achieve. You have the potential…

But therefore follow these 3 keys:






You must know that PRODUCTIVITY will give you 2 prizes:

1) Money, a better partner, a better career… whatever physical result you want.

2) But something much better: a new self-confidence that will push you to higher goals. Simply this will open you many doors.

Try it and you will achieve it!

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