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The delayed train caused a real chaos. Most people freaked out at the crowded station.

Except me.

Because that moment I found the key. I knew how to win.

That moment I saw the path to profits in my business...and in my personal life.

Because then I understood John's words, "What's holding you back? Don't do ANYTHING until you figure it out."

The delayed train gave me the clue.

I saw that the train was late due to a breakdown. And this affected all the trains behind. Lots and lots of people where affected. Not only was one train late, but all the trains behind.

And there it hit me.

One train caused everything!

The bottleneck!

It was the weak link that broke the chain. And the consequences of the bottleneck were dramatic. Hundreds of desperate persons losing their valuable time. And many others also waiting for them.

And there I saw my real problem.

I never realized it, but I had a bottleneck too! In my business I also had a funnel that dictated whether I would progress or fail.

In my case I realized that my bottleneck was producing more. Writing more books. The moment I stopped writing I wasn't producing. It didn't matter if I did the accounting, the best marketing, or more advertising. If I didn't have more products, I had nothing!

On the other hand, if I had more products, everything was possible. Any mistake could be solved. But without initial products I was lost.

Until then I only wrote one book. And I spent 90% of the day desperately promoting it. But this wasn't enough. I needed more books. Yet I wrongly focused on the marketing instead of growing my products.

Because with more books, one book would sell another. My readers wanted more and they would continue buying more. Every book would promote the rest of the books… if I wrote them!

There it was.

The late train that affected everything was the answer. In my case the late train was not writing more books, THAT was my bottleneck. I needed more books and audiobooks instead of losing my time doing marketing of one miserable product.

And that same day I decided to change my schedule.

I would write 50% of my time. And first time in the morning I would ONLY write. No late train affecting the rest. So any marketing effort would give results. And with the money won, I would subcontract part of the marketing and also the accounting.

I finally got it. My bottleneck. More products.

The next day I redistributed my time to write first thing in the morning. The most important thing at the beginning: 3 hours writing.

And I had immediate results.

After 2 months I completed another book. And three months later, another one. And that meant also two new audios that same year.

And the money FINALLY came in. ¡And how!

Thanks to dedicating myself to what was important.

I remember John's words. "What's holding you back?" Everything changed when I figured out my bottleneck.

Today I have the lifestyle I want and outsource the accounting and advertising. I also have more time to plan and design strategies... while I continue producing non-stop three hours every morning.

And now it´s your turn.

What´s holding you back? What´s your bottleneck? Once you find it, results will come. Immediately.

Remember John's advice, "What's holding you back?"

If you're desperate something is holding you back. Right now there is a bottleneck upon EVERYTHING depends. Find it, solve it, and your life will change dramatically.

Your results depend on it.

Be careful, because it´s easy to focus on urgencies.

But find your bottleneck and your life will never be the same.

Go for it!

Talk to you soon,


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