Be creative. Anything can help you as an anchor. A tone of voice, a song or even a smell can change your willpower.
So revisit your past to find a scene of tenacity, focus or just plain success.
Do you remember passing a test to belong to a higher professional or personal group?
Can you remember when you worked from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and finished that financial study you procrastinated for months?
Then find an old scene of success and mentally replay it. Use an old image, word or feeling to change your mood.
I insist that you can create your own version. Even if it sounds crazy, it’s better if it sounds crazy! Visualize an image, wave your arms or say “I’ll do it.” Repeat anything that resembles an old moment of inspiration. This will activate the state of mind you need.
You can repeat any exceptionally good performance from the past like this. Because you did something great in the past, believe me, you can repeat it. Even if it was on a small scale, you can now leverage it with an anchor.
There is a huge literature on anchors. Some books say you need a specific phrase. Others advocate visualization. Still others talk about body postures…. But whatever you feel comfortable with is fine. Even if it seems ridiculous at first.
You can use the strangest anchor. If you feel comfortable, go for it.
If you like shouting “whoo-hoo,” go for it.
If the Italian anthem makes you happy, perfect.

If you want proof, look at successful people and you’ll always find an anchor.
Think of a friend or college who has achieved something recently. Someone who got a better job. Someone who is now fitter. Or someone who simply smiles more.
And take a good look.
Why is she more positive?
Why is her career and/or marriage going better?
Ask her. (She’ll be happy to tell you. Successful people always wonder why no one asks them for advice. They only hear about “luck,” but never about how they got it.)
So ask that successful person and you’ll discover an anchor.
A repeated move that gave them wings to learn Spanish. Or a move to discipline herself to insert 30 minutes of running into her overflowing schedule. Or a move to have the willpower to read about productivity 30 minutes a day. Or simply a move to relax and have peace of mind.

Without self-sabotage you will immediately increase your power.
From now on design a phrase to overcome worries. And add to this
Your favorite words to run in the park for another hour.
Your favorite words for turning down that chocolate bomb….
Your favorite words for running a room full of people….
Or your favorite words for being very productive….
You can design your own mantra. You can build your image or movement to put on your running shoes, say no to a chocolate cake, or convince a hundred people.
And then repeat this anchor as much as you need. Start today and your life will be a roller coaster.
First, you’ll experience short-term momentum.
Then, you’ll get results. It’s a great way to accelerate your self-growth.
Then, it will be normal to get better results. And then you’ll aim higher, knowing you can.
And then you’ll achieve
And the cycle will start all over again.
So don’t worry about your goals anymore. If you repeat your anchor, whether you like it or not, you’ll be more effective.
How to avoid temptations and have the necessary self-confidence thanks to an anchor.
There are a thousand ways to design an anchor. But if you don’t know how to start, take some old successes with you. Write down on your cell phone past successes that you can reread whenever you need to.
– Carry the words you dared to say when no one else dared to speak….
– Carry with you the decision to take surfing lessons that summer that changed your lifestyle…
– Take with you that change of schedule that gave more hours to your days…
– Carry that moment when you acted brilliantly.
– Carry that project you finished faster than anyone else working 5 hours straight.
– Take with you that deal you negotiated.
 And reread those words as much as you need them.
With your best memories in your pocket, you’ll always have a trigger to launch with discipline. And always motivated to work hard.
All successful people use triggers. If you can’t carry them mentally at first, start carrying them on your cell phone. This will boost your morale whenever you need it.
– This way you will say “I am responsible” every time things go wrong (not blaming others will relieve you of a heavy burden).
– So you will use an image from the past to feel strong. Like that time you walked with confidence even though that pissed off Doberman was looking at you angrily.
You don’t need more than 3 anchors to maximize your confidence in the short term.
And in the long term, they will build your character.
With your own collection of anchors, weakness and fear will disappear.
This simple martial arts trick to eliminate self-sabotage.
To finish I’m going to give you an anchor to gain physical strength. It will also help you eliminate self-sabotage decisions whenever you feel weak. It is used in martial arts and also by specialists who lie on a bed of nails.
Imagine you haven’t slept well and need energy for a difficult morning. Or imagine you feel down in the afternoon and need extra energy. Then use this anchor:
Focus on your stomach.
Your stomach is the strongest part of your body. So breathe with your stomach by feeling its power. Don’t feel your head. Feel your stomach. It is the center. In your stomach there is infinite energy. Whenever you feel weak stop focusing on your head. Use the anchor of your stomach. Whenever you need a boost of physical or mental energy, use your stomach.
Think of someone who always projects energy. It’s because they feel their stomach. The best athletes and leaders do this without realizing it.
They forget about their head. They forget about their problems. They use an anchor, in this case, focusing on their stomach. Try it now. Take a deep breath and feel your stomach.
If you want more tips to transform your life quickly these videos will also help you:
Now find 3 anchors that you feel comfortable with. Or copy the ones you’ve seen.
One for physical strength and self-confidence.
– A second one for resisting temptations and being more productive.
– And a third one to achieve the concentration to think deeply.
With 3 you will have more than enough.
Feeling strong, trying a good new relationship or finishing a big project will be quick with an anchor. Or simply regain happiness again. Anything is possible for you if you use an anchor.
Want to eliminate self-sabotage for good? Build an anchor.
Because they all work.

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