It’s not too late.
You can change your career and change your life.
Only if you decide today to pursue your dreams no matter what. Only if you combine your work with your true purpose.
So I’ll give you some extra help for this.
Do the following:
Imagine yourself at 90 years old.
You need a push to throw yourself into your passion. And nothing like seeing the worst case scenario.
A lot of people say “Think about your dreams!”
But it’s much more effective to think about what you stand to lose.
Imagine you’re 90 years old. Now you look back on your life:
What would you regret not having done?
Who should you have spent more time with?
What books should you have read more (even twice or more)?
What mentality should you have avoided?
Long story short: what would you do differently if you could start over?
If you look back on your life imagining you’re 90 years old, you’ll be shocked.
It will be torture. It will be hard to see the good things you could have accomplished but never tried. There’s nothing worse than looking back on your past and thinking about the life you didn’t live. “If only I had tried!”
But like I said, you have time.
However, you can’t waste any minutes!
Only if you mix your work with your passion will you live your dream. Only then will you build a tech empire, write best-selling books, be an astronomer, invest in tech talent or travel the world.
Because it’s all about knowing what you want in life.
And once you have it, and ONLY if you have it, it’s time to create your masterpiece. Do it and you will overcome any adversity.
Then you will recognize how you waste your time on unimportant things. And you will stop doing them. Imagine… many phone calls, emails, projects and new ideas for new products will be meaningless. You will gain a lot of time this way.
You have the opportunity to change your life. But you have to start now.
So imagine yourself at 90 years old looking back. Do the exercise now. It will be hard. But you have to shake your mind. Imagine yourself very old looking back on your life. Take 5 minutes.
————————-5 minutes———————-
Does it hurt?
What would you do differently now?
Since you’re probably not 90 years old, there’s still time to change your life. But now you’ll stop the dangerous “tomorrow I start.”
Once you see what you have to lose, you’ll throw yourself into your goals. This technique is more effective than thinking about what you want to achieve.
Think about the losses and you will persevere no matter what.
Many people will try to talk you out of jumping. They’ll also try to steal your time….
But they won’t beat you.
Because you will have a new mindset. And better, you will start and not wait for the perfect moment.
Because the perfect time will be now.
So this is the point of view you need: think about what you can lose and then step up.
And the good thing is that you can start today.
If you need a bigger push, insist on it. Sit back down for 10 minutes. Or an hour. Think about the fact that you’re 90 years old and you haven’t lived the life you liked.
It will be hard.
But it will be harder to regret it all your life.

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