On a trip we look for areas to rest, catch our breath and relax.

But some choose to remain permanently comfortable and forget about the journey.

They choose a gray job while they say they are looking for their vocation, but they get too comfortable in that gray zone.

They think, while they are looking for something better… but that resting zone is a golden cage.
That’s why today it’s time to detect the comfort zone, the storm shelter that prevents a life full of dreams.
Being sheltered is comfortable, but deadly: “I’m fine here, I’ll stay a little longer. Another day won’t matter.”

But another day will become two, and then three, and then a lifetime.

And most will forget that this is a journey and that it has to go on.

Today is the day you will decide to step out of your comfort zone.

So you won’t go from refuge to prison.

Today you will get rid of the comfort zone scam.
And incidentally from the envious and their false arguments that out there only bad things await.


To get out of the comfort zone you first have to know the 2 reasons why you are in it.

1. On the one hand because it’s a golden cage that looks comfortable. But it is too boring and too sad.
It’s like the relationship that many people want to get out of, but never take the necessary step.
As it is more or less comfortable, life goes by and in old age they look back in despair: “How could I have wasted my life like this?”

2. And on the other hand because you think you are unique in your fear and you take refuge.
You think you are not good enough for something better. But doubts and fears are normal and should not be ignored. They are pure air.

But those who seek comfort end up in despair.

Some recognize they are in a prison and try to get out.

A little idea here, a little brilliant act there, but nothing enough to escape.
In the end they are too afraid of the storm in a better place far away.

And time passes and the comfort zone has won the battle.
Every time you want to leave the comfort zone you will feel a little pinch.

It’s normal, although that will be enough for many to give up and go back to their comfortable cell.

They will give up at the slightest pain and goodbye progress.

But you have to go through the prick, first because it is brief and second because it affects more the fear of the prick than the prick itself.

Those who have gone far know that that little prick is nothing, that it disappears before you know it and gives you strength to continue.

They recognize that they also looked for reasons not to continue.

That they also felt the fear.

But when they saw that the punctures were an acceptable price they decided to leave the herd in spite of any obstacle.

They would laugh at their fears and let off steam by acting.

In this way they would transform their negative energy into gasoline. But to go back to the comfort zone… never.

So train yourself never to be too comfortable.

Try that new idea, try to insist on that great project, try to relate to new people, try that sport, even if it costs you, try to get up a little earlier, try to train yourself more. Try, try and try. Small punctures that will make you very big


You have to pursue what you like.
That will be your only philosophy. You will encounter obstacles, but they will only be small tests to make you stronger.
It will be like lifting weights to build muscle.

Never give up for two reasons:

Because persisting will be easy.

Because the obstacles will make you better.

You will mentalize that nothing can beat you and that’s where your great results come from.

Do you see many obstacles? Then rejoice because you are growing. I have many days when unfinished business reveals itself and nothing goes the way I want it to. A fire here, a key project is delayed, and extra steps come up.

But I know it’s because I’m moving forward. Perfect.

If it were easy I’d be suspicious.

Despite the obstacles never lose sight of your goals. And in the meantime enjoy yourself along the way.

Be thankful for every problem that comes up.
You will not only become stronger than others, but also more skilled.

If you feel “this is too hard,” be glad.
It has to be hard for the goal to be worthwhile and for you to grow.

If it’s hard you’re doing well, you’re growing. Plus, once you get over the hurdle (which you will), you’ll level up for life.

You have gone from screen to screen, like in a video game.

Now you’re playing at a higher level. But forever. Going down is impossible.


When you face obstacles you see that you can handle anything. You like it. Everything in your hand.

You save a lot of trouble by not blaming anyone because you see that it’s not about them. It’s about you.

And you get what you want because everything depends on you.
Your hidden ability to reach high will no longer be hidden.

Now you will see the leader inside you and you will form a team, because the difficulties will remove the mask of who is with you and who is not.

Because to grow is also to discover true friends who do not envy your achievements.

That’s why you need the obstacles.
They are a gift to know who is with you and who is not. If you stagnate you will never unmask the bad guys, in your comfort zone you will put it off forever.

But if you move forward, your pulse will not tremble to choose your own. You will recognize the phonies who will give themselves away in difficulties by abandoning ship.
Any sound philosophy shows that problems are opportunities to do something great.

Overcome challenges and rejoice in new ones for the sheer pleasure of it.
More growth. And it won’t be the goal that’s most satisfying, but who you become.

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