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to achieve your goals

If people fail or are unhappy it´s because they attract it with their mind. It sounds harsh, but I won´t give you political-correct solutions. You have what you choose. There´s no more to say to this.

But I also will show you how to motivate yourself to win in your career and have better relations.

Powerful MIND

(and MEMORY)

You will go very far with a powerful mind and memory.

Here you will discover the method to have this mind and memory you always wanted (the one for they will paid you a lot). Ready to retain more data, think super fast and read more fast?


(they are not what you think)

All you need is inside you. And I will give you the exact steps to be ten times better than you are now.

Because inside you are the habits and the potential to progress like a ray. The moment you discover how to change your interior you win all the relations and money you want.


 how to get out from your comfort zone

The key to go far is self-discipline. You will win in any business so. And I will give you the fast method to achieve it. So you will succeed wherever you are in your career or business. It´s a proven system.


to boost your productivity

Do you want easy techniques to produce more, achieve you goals and enjoy more free time? I will give you the proven tools to boost your productivity. NOT THE OFFICIAL ONES, the ones that really work.


you will discover yours

Dreaming is free. But necessary. Without goals you will pay a big prize! Most people fail because of unclear goals. That´s why they fear the future. But I will show you how to find you personal mission (it´s already inside you). You will design clear goals and always know what step to take to achieve your next objective.




I´ve worked also with awesome clients who loved my books and coaching. Check what they say about me.


He doesn´t say nonsense to enlarge content.


I wanted to prepare for an examination, but because of my work and my family I thought I hadn´t time. Today I´m surprised how I achieve 5 to 6 daily hours of study thanks to David´s advice... I love dividing work in chunks, benefiting from first hours in the morning, etc.



With David you won´t lose your life with fear paralyzing you.



I was looking for a system to progress fast and David gave me the keys.
It´s a road map.


David read hundreds of books and took many courses saving me time from doing it. No to mention the trial and error you avoid.
Paul Clayton

...But the best is that after reading him you want to eat up the world. _____________________________________________

I´m a 65 years old doctor and don´t read many books a year, but Valois´ books let me excited and desiring TO READ ALL HIS BOOKS. Thanks, because he is possibly changing many lives... and souls.
Amazon Customer

It´s not what I found in free webs (not theoretical advice like "go and do what you fear". David says exactly how to do it.

Surprising tips I don´t find even in other authors.  _____________________________________________________________________

He doesn't enlarge things to make more pages. Nor boring stories about how he achieved enlightenment. From A to B and from there to C. Read it 3 times and take notes.
Amazon Customer

Sometimes we need that push, that supporting word. And you need those words in your pocket to reread them every day and not forget your goals.

I´m not a fan of self-improvement books, I read "Think and grow rich" from Napoleon Hill and "Emotional Intelligence" from Daniel Goleman. But David since 2 months a key influence on me.
Amazon Customer

I thought buying his book was spending money because I didn't know him. But it wasn´t the case.________________________________________
Amazon Customer

I thought it was going to be advice from experiences of other persons. But no. His books go straight from the first moment, I was astonished. He gives you practical advice and says how to act.

Congratulations, if all books where that clear, we won´t lose time reading useless books._______________________________________________
Robert Bingham

He shows you the easy way, not like other books where you think you have to do thousand things to change. Super recommended.
Anne Vries

Even if 50% it´s common sense, I think that with only 3-5 ideas (you will discover more) you will change your life.
Anthony Berger

...what was curiosity turned into strategies to solve my problems._____________________________________________________________
Amazon Customer

It´s a compilation of all books who go in circles.____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Lucas D.

...and above all he is honestly straightforward. No extra words like others.____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Amazon Customer

There aren´t complicated consultant diagrams to show "that he knows." Direct sentences without extra words. And he gives you examples so that you see it clear. I was tired of so much theory.
Raquel Donges

Very good. Some tricks help a lot.___________________________________________________________________________________________

Along the best I´ve read about self-improvement, and I have read a lot. Straight to the point. Without extra words. I´ve bought the rest of David´s books. Simply great. _______________________
Javier López

Easy to read and his advice is easy to practice. Without the metaphysical thoughts of coaches. _______________________
Tania Shire

A shot of positive energy with advice to overcome your fears.________________________________________________________________ _______________________

It´s not another self improvement material. In my opinion it´s a guide to check regularly._________________________________________________

His books are result of many years of experience and  coaching hundreds of clients. It´s the most complete program to achieve goals (and I´ve bought 7 already).

Only his first chapters would be enough if we practice his advice in our lives.______________________________________________________
Michael Dawson

I loved his dynamic way, but at the same time so profound, nothing escapes. He gives practical advice, no complicate formulas.
Amazon Customer

Definitely it´s all in your mind, get self-discipline and remain strong and motivated. Such books should be read by young and adults around the world.

No more excuses, it´s time to change!!! While I read it, I thought in my results as area manager. And this advice changed everything.

I´m identified because in my old job I wasn´t productive. But with David´s tools for self confidence, priorities and goals he is now one of my reference authors.
Carl Joseph

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— Henry David Thoreau —

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

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