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Why Your Success Is Predictable


Why Your Success Is Predictable

David Valois

Do you know your future is predictable?

You don’t need a crystal ball to know what is going to happen to you.

Your future is predictable because it depends on 2 things. You must know that the Big Secret of success is not a Big Secret. It’s 2 secrets. It’s always 2 things upon what your success depends on.

We tend to think that it’s always one big “something.” One big factor. But it’s not so. Your success depends always on 2 things. Think on Chinese philosophy, they knew it well with the Ying and Yang concept. So with success the same. It’s about two things

And the two things on what depends your life are:

  1. Your success is passion
  2. A well-organized mind.

And passion always goes first!

Whether you want to build a big company, build your own business, be healthy, or have a good career, concentrate on these 2 things PASSION and WELL ORGANIZED MIND.

(And passion always comes first, because you can’t have a powerful mind if you don’t follow a dream. )

It will go very easy if you first have the passion. So ask always if you follow your dream and work on your mind. This will be the difference between being rich or poor, being happy or unhappy.

So think on the following. We have been always told to follow the Calvinist concept of having to suffer to succeed. But you don’t have to suffer to succeed. You don’t have to overwork to succeed. This isn´t so.

You must first follow your dream and then cultivate your mind. I think it was the British novelist E M. Foster who said that one person with passion is better than 40 persons without passion. So you could do the work of 40 persons!

Because think about it, if you have passion you will have energy to do a lot of things, for example, planning. Think on people who smoke, they since they don’t have a passion, they don’t follow a dream. But if you had a dream you would think: “Ok, the 150 $ I spent every month on Tobacco, I will save them.” So with 65 years instead of cancer you will have 1 million $.

So do the following:

Take one minute, only one minute, and think about what you want in life. Think on your big dream. Because this first factor, passion, will give you then a powerful mind. So think about your dream. Once you follow it, you will have a special energy to do a lot of things. Once you know where you go and want to go, you can finish project after project. For example, you would begin quitting interruptions. And instead of finishing a project in 10 days you will finish in 2 days.

  • You would also fall in love with exercise and being healthy.
  • You would perhaps invest three hours a day thinking. Or perhaps one hour would be enough.
  • You would avoid perfectionism that is killing your career.
  • Or perhaps you would read 3 or 4 books per month.
  • Or perhaps double your clients thanks to the new strategies you would design.

And then you would also have more extra time. You would work in the morning and go surfing in the evening. You could do whatever you want!

So realize that your success is predictable. You don’t need a crystal ball. It’s all about two things, the Ying and Yang of your life: passion and a well-organized mind.

And passion always comes first.


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