Are You Safe from Wrong Advice?

by David Valois


Be contrarian to the official advice.

Do you want to know why you must avoid following the official opinion?

Because the opinion of the media, the influencers and especially the "good advice "from friends and family doesn’t go in your favor… but in theirs.

The official advice says things like:

"You need a balance between free time and work…

You need a secure job…

You deserve it…"


What do they mean by that? They mean you should be like them and don’t pursue your big goal. Don’t succeed because so you will get out of the crowd and they will die of envy.

Politicians like it especially. So they always paint a situation of scarcity where they will rescue you. They see enemies everywhere. Others are the enemies (and to others they say you are the enemy.) And so they create needy persons. And if you are needy you vote them. But following this, you only become more insecure and forget about pursuing your big goal. You become angry and territorial, like a dog who has been knotted too long.

Is this the life you want? Following the mainstream is only a drug to relieve yourself. To anesthetize from a job you dislike and a boring life.

Yet sadly the normal status is letting others design your life. If you want proof there was a study of the University of Phoenix about how employees think. And their mindset was: "It's not my fault." 64% of employees thought that their career depended on their bosses. They thought others would design their career. The employees thought their superiors should be responsible for their education, for their promotions and for the money. It was always other´s responsibility. How naive.

Most people don't understand that others have their own interest. It’s like the joke about the boss who owns a Mercedes saying to his employee: "If you work hard enough, next year… I will buy myself another Mercedes."

It's crazy how people put their future in the hand of others! Your boss can be a nice person, but believe me, the first thing in his life is his career, not yours. Or do you think on the careers of others? Say the truth please.

You must decide your own future despite what others say. Otherwise you will be always in hand of others. Not only in the politician's hands but also in your family and your friend’s hands. And your family and friends can love you a lot, but their first concern is themselves. So what they want is you staying with them. They want you not improving so that you don’t leave them.

The big trap.

Waiting for others saving you remembers me to the Get-Rich-In-3-Days scams. Follow this magical advice and you will be happy! No. If you want a response outside from you, you won’t be happy.

You have to pass through adversity and search permanently for different ways to achieve your goals. So don’t follow the official wisdom or you will end up miserably depending on a state pension and on friends. And friends change their opinion, so is life. So official wisdom is only good for politicians and influencers. They really did a very good brainwashing work.

So realize official thinking is designed so that you don't stand out. It's the collectivist mindset, an hypocrisy where you won’t stand out so you don’t overshadow the leaders, like in a totalitarian state.

And therefore you can’t focus on surviving as most people do. If you focus on surviving you will be unproductive. It's when you hear cases where an employee was caught warming his feet under the dryer of the bathroom. It's where employees get also caught sleeping (some of them said they were thinking, at least they were creative). No focus on your big goals. Very big goals. Forget the crowd, if you stay with the sheep you won´t think clearly.

The key is: if you want to succeed do the contrary of what others do. Follow your dream even if they say it’s impossible. Especially if they say it’s impossible. If you hear negative comments you are on the right track.

So be smarter and first find your purpose in life. Like Oscar Wilde said: "Be yourself because everybody else is taken." And then make a business from it. So this thing of “designing your goals” is not something to plan later. It's something to do today!

And once you know your big goals, redesign your scheduling. I know you have urgencies every morning, but your only urgency must be your long-term project, the task that will affect you most in 10 years. And I’m sure it’s not extinguishing fires.

You need passion to survive the tough moments. But do it smartly because there are a lot of advisors and also lots of books who speak about following your passion, yet not in a smart way. And the only way to achieve it is slowly but surely. Perhaps you have now a job and you need the money because you have a family. But isolate every day some minutes to work part-time in what you love. Begin smart. Finding five minutes today, and enlarge it slowly to 1 to 2 hours.

You must do it step by step because obviously you can’t leave your children hungry if you leave your job at once to build a business. But if you reach 1 to 2 hours daily in your passion, you will make tons of changes and finally it will be easy to quit your job winning money because you love what you do.

So first is following your passion, never the official advice.

Observe a successful actor, athlete, or entrepreneur, and you will find a passionate person. You will save years of extra work if you commit to doing what you love. So follow your dream because discovering years later you didn't follow your passion will be too hard.

Follow your dream today even when everybody says: "It’s impossible." See it as a good sign. Because the other option will be staying like them. Waking up every morning crying "What a shitty day awaits me." And so you will get old too fast.

If you pursue your dream, even if you hate your current job, the office drama will resolve itself. Simply thinking on your dream job will be enough, even if you don´t know how to do it and don’t have the money. Simply thinking about it will make you happy.

And then new ideas will come. And in the process you will get more charismatic. And also get all the energy you need.

Go for your dream and avoid the official wisdom!


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