Do you want to know the hidden root of your bad habits?

Many times you ask yourself how you can wake up earlier, stop procrastinating, or stop overeating. You tried to break your bad habits, but then woke up late, procrastinated, or overate again.

But there is an effective way of getting rid of your bad habits. Instead of attacking directly your bad habit, better ask yourself where this bad habit came from.

It’s like knowing your enemy. Once you know him, half of the battle is won.

I’m sure you have now bad habits you think you can´t change. They are so deep ingrained that some even bragg about them: “I stayed yesterday night until 2 o’clock watching TV. This morning I’ve drunk 10 coffees to be awake. Look how cool I am.” But bad habits won’t make you cool. They will break your health and shorten your life. And then your work will consists on extinguishing fires in the morning and trying to work a in your main project in the evening, when you’re already too tired.

So day after day you achieve nothing. Endless coffee-breaks and endless frustrations.

But there is a way to solve this. And it’s going to the root. Ask yourself: where did your bad habit come from?

And it will come from a comment of the past.

Someone told you something that wasn’t true. So revise what they told you, especially what they said when you were a child.

  • There was a little overweight girl. She was called fatty by their companions at school. Cruel companions, no doubt, but at that age, she was too affected and to escape she internalized it as a truth. Today, at age 44, she continues overeating.
  • There was a child that once was wrongly accused of something bad. And he had to lie to not be accused. Yet today he continues lying. And of course, nobody trusts
  • And there was a child who spoke a lot. Nothing strange in a child. But one day, one of his teachers humiliated him in front of his colleagues saying: “Stop doing anything. Stop thinking!” The other children laughed at him and today, at age 49, he continues doing nothing. Thinking is for others.


So look at your past because many commentaries could hurt you a lot.

If you want to be disciplined look at what they told you. If waking up earlier or not overeating seems impossible, think on how it began. You will see that your bad habits where programmed. You weren’t born overeating, procrastinating or hating exercise. Your bad habits were influenced by some stupid persons. But the good thing is that if you revise those thoughts, you will change your bad habits easily.

And this will also serve you to change others. If you see someone that today lies or overeats revise his or her past by asking: “What nonsense some stupid &said to you?” (Here you have it: a new job as a coach. Not kidding.) Then, once they see they relied on stupid commentaries from stupid persons, everything will change. To reinforce it, ask them where this person is today. Once they see how their classmates or teachers didn’t achieve much in life, change will be easier. They won’t like to be influenced by losers.

So change your bad habits revising what they told you. I’m not exaggerating if I say that 90% was wrong. So all the limiting beliefs you have now are false. They came from people who were limited.

But you aren’t limited.

So rested your mind and your possibilities will be endless. You will achieve anything you want if you revise what they told you. And with better habits your life will change very fast.

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