What Comes First, Sucess or Happiness?

by David Valois


One question: what comes first, succeeding or being happy?

Most people think: “Now I'm going to work a lot. I´m going to have a brilliant career in the following years... And then I will be happy.”

They will win money and then they will be happy.

No. It doesn’t work so.

There is something you must know first.

Whether you want to have your own business, escalate the corporate ladder, or be a famous football player, you must know something about happiness.

There is an order.

And first isn’t succeeding. First is not earning money or having more contacts or better relationships. No.

First is being happy.


The key is being happy by yourself. Without material prizes.

And it’s possible. But you can’t be happy sitting all day in a chair doing nothing, to be happy you must work on something you like. Since a great part of your time is spent in your job, the key to being happy is loving your job. So your job must be your dream job. Or at least make a lifestyle of searching it.

Today there is a trend that says: “It’s not the passion.” But it’s simply a trend. Something gurus say to be original. Because the old-fashioned follow your passion is the most important thing you must do.

Do you remember the last time you were with your friends? It's always the same story:

“How was your week?” someone asked.

“My week was terrible. I didn’t have time for anything.”

But the next friend said: “My week was more terrible than yours.”

But there was another friend who then said: “My week was even more terrible, nothing compared to all of yours.”

More or less subtly people will even brag about their disgusting job. It’s a competition about who had the most awful working week. Yet they all continue there, working from 9 to 5 in a job they hate, with a boss and colleagues they also hate.

People are addicted to suffering. Because they are addicted to complaining. But don’t follow this stupid occidental mindset of having to suffer to succeed. It’s not so

First is being happy.

And you can achieve it. And you must achieve it. The main reason is that if you want to be healthier you must love what you do.

Like Shakespeare said: “The man who dreams doesn't get old.” And it’s true. So only to be forever young you must love what you do. And modern medicine will do the rest.

Do you want to live longer? Then find your dream job. Even if you are far away from it. But look for it. Because you will be happy even in the process.

And there is another powerful reason to work on your passion: you will earn more, even in the medium-long term, because without exaggerating your energy will be 10 times higher.

I remember when years ago I struggled from low paid job to low paid job. Then I struggled from well-paid job to well-paid job. But always struggling. There were trips through Europe, meetings where we looked like United Nations delegates, and I was well paid. It looked well. Fantastic dinners, expensive hotels, and the bonus at the end of the month.

But I hated it.

I hated it because I wasn’t inspired by my corporate job. (Note: it’s my case, if you like the corporate world, go for it. The key is doing what you love.)

So what I really liked, and I began to do already part-time (a good strategy, slowly but surely), was writing. But this came after deciding I wanted to be happy first. So I committed to writing and finally I quit my job. The less insulting think they said was that I was crazy. But I was happy. And immediately I had more energy. And then I wrote 12 books in Spanish (my mother language).

I really woke up. I had no meetings. Also no trips through Europe. But I could made them on my own (and without the meetings). And the best was I felt I was building my future. And only that made me happy, and makes me happy today.

So if you love the corporate world, go for the corporate world. And if you love photography, jump to that sector and make a business about it. Go for what you love always!

Once you work on what you love, it will be a revolution. You will win your first million fast. You will have better friends and contacts and you won’t die from a heart attack because of a disgusting job.

If you need proof look at famous people: why successful actors disappeared? Or why some of them kill themselves? Because they didn't like anymore what they did. They didn’t like the parallel work they had to live. They only liked acting. But they didn’t act.

Or think about why that promising football player isn't a star anymore. It’s because he didn´t concentrate on what he liked, which was playing football.

Perhaps you struggle now trying to convince others. You are a bad negotiator. You are suffering. You try to be “positive” but you don't convince anyone. It’s because in your inside, you know you want something different.

But this won’t happen if you work in what you like.

And then you will win automatically 10 times more energy to seduce anyone.

So it's very important you work on your dream job. Not in a day. Not in a month. Not in a year perhaps. But if you go for it, you will achieve it. I don't know why, but there is so much energy in working in what you love that you convince others easier. And also attract the money.

Will you suffer attacks from competitors? Of course. But they will be nothing against loving what you do. You will be so productive and have so good contacts, that you will laugh at their attacks.

Once you have your dream job, your personal life will also boost. Remember the new energy that goes in doing what you love!

So go for it. First is happiness. And happiness is working or pursuing your dream job. It's what the Greek Archimedes said: “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.”

So do like him. Have a solid job, your dream job, and from there you will move the world.

Please leave me a comment of how doing what you love helped you.


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