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The Yin and Yang Method to Become a Powerful Mind


The Yin and Yang Method to Become a Powerful Mind

David Valois

Do you want to know how to become a powerful mind?

Many people want a big brain. They want to know a lot of things and also be confident.

So what do you need to have such big brain?

You need 2 things. It’s never about THE ONE thing. It’s always two forces:

Force Nr.1:

I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand of times.

The first key is going out of your comfort zone.

And it’s true. You have to be uncomfortable to produce more and to be more disciplined. To achieve big goals you must learn to work hard during a limited period of time. And it’s possible.

Force Nr.2:

The second ingredient is overlooked: you have to think.

You have to think more. It sounds obvious, but most people don’t think. Most people only work. Many even work hard. And they have also good ethics. But they go nowhere because they don’t plan as they should.

There is a tendency -especially in our occidental culture- to think always in terms of ONE big thing. The great solution. The secret…

But no. Life is always a balance between two things.

And the same goes to become a powerful mind. So when you hear about great strategies like getting focused on big projects, saving time here and there, or doing this and that, something is missing. Because you need always 2 opposite things to be successful. Acting is one. If you act you will go very far.

But you could go much farther.

And therefore you must practice the second skill, the great ignored: THINKING TIME.

And thinking is easy. Yet most people can´t be alone thinking 30 minutes sitting on a chair or lying on his bed. They simply can’t. Their mind gets lost in stupid thoughts. Or they feel they are losing time. But thinking and planning more is key. You will waste a lot of time in the future if you don’t think enough. You will work too hard for very little results.

Confucius said it thousands of years ago: “A man who doesn’t think, will find trouble.” That’s why the key to success is thinking more. The Chinese millenarian culture knows it well. It’s always a balance, the Yin and Yang. Acting and thinking in this case. But we are too focused on acting. Even hard-working people work too much and think too less.

Acting is honest, you deserve a prize. But don’t fool yourself. If you think more you would plan much better movements. And so you would avoid many mistakes. It’s not what you will do but also what you won’t do. So thinking will leverage 10 times your results.

Therefore design your new mind in a Yin and Yang way. Don’t get seduced by productivity techniques. You need to leverage these techniques. Produce and leverage by thinking. Life is a balance. Whether we like it or not it’s not about one simply great solution.

So don’t miss the leverage factor of thinking, because without thinking you will work 10 times more.

Most books, even good books indeed, speak about how to produce more. But they don’t speak about thinking more. Yet the few persons that practice thinking, the ones that isolate time every day to think 60 minutes, know that one hour of thinking equals 10 hours of work. There you have the proof. But let’s think that the relation 1 to 10 is too much. Let’s imagine a relation 1 to 3; one hour of thinking time will save you 3 of hard work. It’s at least half of your working day! And many times it will save you 5 or 6 hours. So you will always win. It’s the best investment you can make.

So from now on, add thinking time to your schedule. I don’t know what you do for a living, I don’t know if you are a morning worker or you feel better in the evening. I don’t know if you work from a desk, or traveling as a salesman. I don’t know if you’re a writer, an architect, or drive ambulances. But in any case, and I remark any, thinking will save you many hours. In the long run it will be days, months, and even years of hard work.

I know you have a lot of things to do. I know you have to take your car to reparation, you have to read memorandums, you have to exercise, you have to take the children to school, you have to eat, you have meetings to attend… But isolate one daily hour to think.

Believe me, after this you won’t have to take your car to reparation, or read memorandums, or go to meetings. Because you will plan so that bad things won’t happen. And better, you will focus on your important project. I know it from experience. One daily hour of thinking time gives me more then many hours of work.

You can be a master of concentrated work. But even then, and especially then, add thinking time to your scheduling. Or introduce it into your focused work hours. You can divide part of your focused time in acting and thinking. It’s the best thing you can do in life. Sitting on a chair or lying on the floor staring at the infinite and thinking, even with people looking at you as if you were crazy. It’s not relaxation It’s not meditation. Both are good, but you need time to think actively. It’s the best investment you can do. And people will have to respect your thinking time. Your life is at play.

So your first thinking minutes today will be planning with your calendar how you can add 30 minutes to 1 hour of daily thinking. And then how to enlarge it to 1 hour.

And when you plan, think as long-term as you can. Planning your moves for the next day is good. Planning your moves for one week is better. And for one month much better. But try one year. And then try 10 years. And then 100 years. And then plan 200 years ahead even if you won’t be alive any more. What legacy will you leave? And how should others continue your legacy? It’s what Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, did. And thanks to planning he built a corporation that today continues growing after his death.

So think in terms of Yin and Yang. You need always two counterparts. They Yin for productivity. And the Yang for thinking. Action and sitting quite.

So always face the discomfort of action, but also plan more. If you combine these two things what you can achieve is limitless. Rest in reason and move in passion.

So do you a favor and today isolate time to thinking. Even if sitting on a chair as if you did nothing looks crazy. Because you are doing a lot. It’s thinking about your future with the facts you have of your past. Tremendous results!

Thinking combined with acting will boost your life. So if you like this post, subscribe to my free email. And leave me also a comment about the next theme you want me to speak.

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