There are people who overeat and short-term they feel good.

There are people who smoke and short-term with their cigarette they feel good.

There are people who systematically avoid important tasks, but short term they feel good.

There are people that don’t go to a party or to a social event and feel good because they are shy, short term they feel good.


You feel good at the moment, but your life is a chaos. You hate your life. If you want to escape from a life you don’t like don’t think short term. Think always long-term in everything you do. If you want a better future you must always think months and years ahead. Because otherwise it’s like jumping from a skyscraper. One meter before hitting the ground you are still well.

So the thing is if you want to wake up earlier and have very long and productive days, if you want to quit T.V you must always think long term. Because otherwise you will be a slave. You will be a slave of your boss, of the double size hamburgers, of the cigarettes and of people you dislike.

But you don’t want to be a slave. You want a better life. You want to succeed. You want a long life. And therefore you must always think Long-Term even when short-term you don’t feel well. Even if you have to throw away the cigarette or don’t eat the hamburger.

Because see-other people. Most hate their lives. They are always whining. They are always complaining. But observe them closer. They always do what gives them pleasure in the short term. It’s the short term trap.

So to avoid the trap think always long-term.