The Empire In Your Brain

by David Valois


Do you want to know the root of failure?

You must know that the root of all your failures comes from thinking short term.

You must be like a strategist. You must think a lot of years ahead. (Most people don't think more than 1 day.)

Some people think 1 day ahead, some one month... And some good strategists one year. But you must do different.

You must think long term, but not one year, not five years.

Try to think 50 years ahead!

  • Where will you be in 50 years?
  • What will you be?
  • With which person will you be?
  • How will be your day?
  • How will be your home, your car, your career?
  • Are you going to be happy or not?


You must first visualize what you want. You must have an empire in your brain. This comes from Theodore Roosevelt in 1899 before becoming president of the US. Who said a sentence like: “There are men with empire in their brains.” And he knew what he was talking about because he got president of the US. In the concept is an empire in your brain.

So, you must visualize as much as you can long-term 50 years in advance with all the details.

  • Who will we be with you?
  • What career will you have?

Even the color of your car or of your house. All details help.

So, expand your vision. Expanded all you can. Because every minute you invest thinking long, long, you will only have benefits. Because this will get some whole program your subconscious mind.

And therefore, make the following: imagine now you are 90 years old. You will get shocked.

  • If you imagine in the following minute you are 90 years old what do you regret not having done? What do you regret having done?
  • Which projects would you have invested more time, which projects less?
  • With which person would you have spent more time?
  • With which person less time?


This is important. This will expand totally your mind because you will see that you're doing things now that you don't need to do.

Because otherwise if you don't have the regret of your 90 years because there were a lot of things you didn't do, nothing will change. If you don't do this you will continue thinking like now. Like everybody thinks like: "When I have more time, I will do this. When I have more money or when I have more energy, I will do this and this."

No, there won't be a better moment than now.

Tomorrow you won’t have more money, more time, more energy. In a year perhaps you will have more money. I don't know. But not more time and not more energy.

The moment of doing things is now. So, it's a good exercise always thinking: "I'm 90 years old." What you regret not having done because this will push you to do the things that you know are eternally procrastinating because you don't have time, you don't have money, or you don't have the contacts.


Once you do this exercise you will see 2 things:

  1. One is that you must work in what you like. You will see that the only way to act fast and to do great things is working in your passion, in what you want because you must work in your strong points. The only thing you are good at is the things you like. If you like music you must work at something with music. Invest your time on it. Make a business from this.


  1. The second is that the best moment is now. That you can´t wait for more money, more energy, better contacts and so on. The moment is now. So, you will see that nobody will save you. Your family can be great but they won't save you. Your friends won't save you. Your colleagues won't save you. It's everything in your hand and the moment is now.


We are very strong influenced by movies where the hero in the last moment in the last scene of the movie wins. Because it's very, very nice. In the movie he is suffering but in the last moment he attacks and then he wins. We like it. It's our way of being.

But life isn´t so.

The moment of acting is now. You're not the hero of the movie. In the real life you must act now without money.

With shit energy.

With bad friends.

Now is the moment of doing what you want. And the energy and the money and the time will come.

Otherwise imagine Einstein saying “Tomorrow I will work in this thing of relativity. Today I will rest.”

No, it's not so.

The moment is now. The Empire in your brain. Visualize it.


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