Are You Doing This Mistake?

by David Valois


Do you want to have more results doing less?

Right now you are struggling. You are working a lot and you suffer because you don’t have time for yourself.

Now you think you need more help. You need better results. You need more time! You are working a lot and you don't see the money. You don’t see your projects finished.

How can you change this?

You have the solution in the following story:

There was a good actor in the 19th century in England who was struggling. He had some success but he was doing too much for not very good results. He was working a lot and results weren’t coming.

But one day he met the great PT Barnum. So he explained his problem to him. To what PT Barnum answered: "Look, you are an excellent actor but you are in a bad location."

So he advised him to go to New York, to the booming America of the 19th century and work there.

And that's what he did. He went to America and traveled through all the country as an actor. In that booming America he succeeded, and he got rich and famous.

He was in the right location.

And here we come to the epicenter of your life.

Are YOU in the right location?

It doesn't matter what you do, the people you know or the that you know. It doesn't matter how much work or how much hours you invest. It doesn't matter how much money you have.

The only thing that counts is if you are in the right location.

And what's the right location?

The right location is following your passion.

The first question you must make yourself is not how to find more hours to work or how to have better contacts. No. Location comes first. So first work on your passion. That's why 99% of people struggle all their life. They work a lot. They are good persons. Many even have some little success. But it's not enough. If you don’t work in what you like you want ever succeed.

I know that asking yourself if you work in your passion is a hard question because it can be recognizing a lot of things you did wrong. It can be recognizing that perhaps you lost a lot of time in life.

But it’s the best you can do because you will avoid struggling in the next years.

You will go very, very, very far if you quit what you're doing now and slowly begin to work in your passion. Because you must make a business of your passion.

Believe me, I asked myself the hard question and suffered. But everything changed that moment. Until then I worked in “good jobs” that I didn't like. And sometimes results in money were good, but not so much as I wanted, because there was always that handicap of: “I don’t like hundred percent what I do.”

So first thing is the truth.

First the truth and only the truth. Are you working on your passion? You don't need to tell others. It’s enough if you tell yourself the truth. So asks yourself: are you working on what you really want in life?

Stop “taking action”. Action is overrated. Being productive is good, but why be productive in something you don’t like? It doesn’t have sense!

If what you do is not aligned with your big dream, it’s a nonsense. So review your last years, did you really enjoy life?

You will be happy only if you work on what you like. You will be rich and famous if that’s what you want, but only if you work on your big project.

So change your strategy.

Quit slowly your job and begin to work part-time in your passion.

Or simply quit totally your job and do what you love, whether it’s creating a web and making a business about astronomy or flying through the world making travel guides. It can be a take no prisoners strategy but believe me, it's the best thing you can do.

You must follow your passion, your dream, your bliss... it has a lot of names, call it what you want, but follow this big thing you have in mind. It will imply risky changes, but it’s riskier to continue doing what you're doing now.

Most people procrastinate the big change in their lives. They think they will be happy when they finished their career.

Then they think they will be happy when they marry.

Then they think they will be happy when they have kids.

Then they think they will be happy when the kids grow up.

And meanwhile life will pass.

So better take a day to think. Or a week. Begin from zero, what's your big dream?

It’s not about productivity. First you must know what you really want. First is following your passion, the fastest way to be happy.

And the fastest way to get rich.

Follow your passion even if it implies quitting your job and beginning a business from scratch of what you like.

I think it was the philosopher Hegel who said 200 years ago: "Nothing big has been made without passion." So if you think that following your dream is risky, what’s really risky is not following your dream.



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