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How To Build Your Fortress Of Good Habits


How To Build Your Fortress Of Good Habits

David Valois

Do you have good habits?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of times about that thing of “habits.”

Yet if you want to succeed you need good habits. Or better said, if you want to succeed you need a dream, but the raw material of your dream is good habits.

But be smart, don’t focus only in one or two good habits. Build a Fortress Of Habits. It’s about many habits. You need as many good habits as you can.

I know, it sounds like bad news. You thought a good habit was enough. But no, you need many habits. We tend to think that it’s always about ONE thing. Yet be smarter and focus on many habits.

Otherwise take a look at famous or rich people. You will see a lot of things that this people lack.

“He is a very rich person but has a very bad health!” But why do you want to be rich if can die in two months from a heart attack? Why do you want to be rich if you hate your job? Others are world famous but take drugs. They need drugs to reach a mental height.

So their habits are killing them, despite money and fame. And need better habits. So it’s not a question of being productive, having a good career, or having good contacts. It’s about building a fortress of habits.

Another example is the French writer Balzac. He was one of the best writers in history. Balzac finished 95 novels and left 48 unfinished. They were part of his masterwork “La Comedie Humaine.” But then Balzac died with 51 years. Why? Because he drank 50 cups of coffees per day. So Balzac had good productive habits, he followed his passion, he also had a good time management, but one bad habit killed him: drinking too much coffee to feel inspired.

So realize you need a Fortress Of Habits to not depend on your weakest one.

So if you want to reach your goals and live enough to be happy, you must build a fortress. Think about it, perhaps now your short-term goals is having more followers in Instagram, finishing more projects, stop gossipping about others, or quitting your suicidal thoughts. In any case you need more and better habits!

Like I said, that’s the bad news, you need more and better habits.

But now the good news:

And the good news is that you only need to build one big habit, because from there you will build a complete fortress.

For example, if you eliminate sugar from your coffee, it’s a good habit, but not a big one. Do it, but it won’t build new good habits.

But take for example the new habit of going to swim 3 times per week. It’s a big habit. You will have to do a lot of exercise. You will need to rearrange your time table. You will need to think about it. You will need to focus on it and don’t quit. But thanks to this habit you will create new habits because two weeks after going to swim 3 times per week, you’re going to eat better because you will want to feel better when swimming.

You will need it! You will eat more vegetables and less hamburgers.

And then you will feel better.

And if you feel better, you will feel happier.

And if you feel happier you will have better relations.

And if you have better relations you will have more contacts.

And so on and so on…

And of course: eliminating sugar from coffee will be easy.

So here are the good news: begin simply with a big good habit.

So tomorrow find a good habit, like going to swim and after this you will build a fortress of habits and achieve whatever you want. From there you can climb the Everest, quit smoking, live 100 years, or hear 30 audio books per month.

So take a big habit, practice it during one month, and from there you will have your Fortress of Habits.

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