How to be happy again?

I´m sure you´ve made this question often.

The old good times…

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically change your happiness level with 3 simple changes in your life


Imagine… being permanently inspired to achieve all your goals. Whether in your career or personal life.

So in today´s post, I´m going to show you 3 different ways to give you the solutions to this classic question. How to be happy again?

Any of them will serve you to be happy again…

But first you must make yourself a question…

What comes first succeeding or being happy?

It´s REALLY hard knowing how to be happy again if you don´t know what comes first. But here you will find the answer... and much more. It will be your COMPLETE GUIDE to be happy

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Knowing the key to be happy: what comes first success or happiness?
  • Happiness tips that work always
  • The "Are You In The Right Location" strategy to win energy
  • How to build an Empire In Your Brain and master your mood
  • And much, much more...

So let´s go for it!

How To Be Happy Again

So if you want to get more happiness this same week, you’ll love today’s guide.

So how to be happy again? 

If you ask yourself often how to be happy again, there is one thing you must have crystal clear first. 

Can you be happy WITHOUT succeeding? This is the first thing you must know!

Here it goes...

1. Know What Comes First: Succeeding Or Being Happy

Most people ask themselves: “How to be happy again? ... Well, I'm going to work a lot. I´m going to have a brilliant career in the following years... and then I will be happy.” 

They will win money and then they will be happy.

NO. It doesn’t work so.

There is something you must know first.

Whether you want to have your own business, escalate the corporate ladder, or become a famous football player, you must know something about happiness.

There is an order.

And first is NOT succeeding.

First is NOT earning money, or having more contacts, or better relationships. No.

First is being happy.


And alone.

The key is to be happy by yourself. Without material prizes.

And it’s possible.


You can’t be happy sitting all day in a chair doing nothing, to be happy you must work on something you like. Since a great part of your time is spent in your job, the key to being happy is LOVING your job. 

So your job must be your dream job. Or at least make a lifestyle from looking for it. (This also serves.)

But take care because today there is a trend that says: “It’s not the passion.” But it’s simply a trend. Something gurus say to be original.

Because the old-fashioned "follow your passion" is the most important thing to follow.

Do you remember the last time you were with your friends? It's always the same story:

“How was your week?” someone asked.

“My week was terrible. I didn’t have time for anything.”

But the next friend said: “My week was more terrible than yours.”

But there was another friend who then said: “My week was even more terrible, nothing compared to all of yours.”

More or less subtly people will even brag about their disgusting job. It’s a competition about who had the most awful working week. 

The same people that ask themselves "How to be happy again?"


Yet they all continue there, working from 9 to 5 in a job they hate, with a boss they hate, and with colleagues they also hate.

People are addicted to suffering. Because... they are addicted to complaining. But don’t follow this stupid occidental mindset of having to suffer to succeed. It’s not so.

First is being happy.

And you can achieve it.

And you MUST achieve it.

The main reason is that if you want to be healthier you must love what you do.

Like Shakespeare said: “The man who dreams doesn't get old.” And it’s true. So only to be forever young you must love what you do. And modern medicine will do the rest.

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Do you want to be happy? Then first find your dream job. Even if you are far away from it. But look for it. Because simply this will make you happy in the process.

And there is another powerful reason to work on your passion: you will earn more, even in the medium-long term, because without exaggerating your energy will be 10 times higher.

I remember when years ago I struggled from low-paid job to low-paid job... 

Then I struggled from well-paid job to well-paid job. How to be happy again? I asked myself continuously.

But I was always depressed. There were trips through Europe, meetings where we looked like United Nations delegates, and I was also well paid. It looked well. Fantastic dinners, expensive hotels, and a bonus at the end of the month.

Except I hated it.

I hated it because I wasn’t inspired by my corporate job. (Note: it’s my case, if you like the corporate world, go for it. Remember the key is doing what you love.)

"So how to be happy again?" I asked myself.

What I really liked was writing. So I began to do it part-time (a good strategy, slowly but surely). But this came after deciding I wanted to be happy first. So I committed to writing and finally quit my job.

The less insulting thing they said was that I was crazy...

But I was happy. And immediately I had more energy.

And then I wrote 12 books in Spanish (my mother language).

I really was happy again. I had no meetings. Also no trips through Europe. But I could make them on my own (and without the meetings). I had all the self-discipline in the world since I worked in what I loved. And the best thing was I felt I was building my future.

And only that made me happy. And it makes me happy today.

So if you love the corporate world, go for the corporate world. And if you love photography, jump to that sector and make a business about it. Go for what you love always!

Once you work on what you love, it will be a revolution.

You will win your first million fast. You will be super-productive. You will have better friends and contacts and you won’t die from a heart attack because of a disgusting job.

If you need proof look at famous people: why successful actors disappeared from the scene? Because they never asked themselves how to be happy again!

Or why some of them kill themselves? Because they didn't like anymore what they did. They didn’t like the parallel work they had to live. They only liked acting. But they didn’t act.

Or think about why that promising football player isn't a star anymore. It’s because he didn´t concentrate on what he liked, which was playing football.

Perhaps you struggle now at work. You are a bad negotiator. You are suffering. You try to be “positive” but you don't convince anyone. It’s because on your inside, you know you want something different.

But this won’t happen if you work in what you like.

Change your job slowly and you will end up with 10 times more energy to seduce anyone.

So it's vital that you work on your dream job. Not tomorrow. Not in a month. Not in a year perhaps. But if you go for it, you will achieve it. I don't know why, but there is so much energy in working in what you love, that you will persuade anyone. And it also attracts money.

Will you suffer attacks from competitors? Of course. But they will be nothing if you love what you do. You will be so productive and have so good contacts, that you will laugh at their attacks.

Once you have your dream job, your personal life will also boost. Remember the new energy that goes into doing what you love!

So go for it. First is happiness. And happiness is working or pursuing your dream job. Like the Greek Archimedes said: “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.” 

And your place to stand is your dream job.

2. How To Be Happy Again... Going To "The Right Location"

Do you want to be happy again having better results with the same amount of work?

Right now you are struggling. You are working a lot and you suffer because you don’t have time for yourself.

Perhaps you somehow love what you do. But you need more help. You need better results. You need more money! You don’t see your projects finished!

How can you change this?

You have the solution in the following story:

There was a good actor in the 19th century in England who was struggling. He had some success but he was doing too much for not very good results. He was working a lot and results weren’t coming.

But one day he met the great PT Barnum. So he explained his problem to him. To what PT Barnum answered: "Look, you are an excellent actor but you are in a bad location."

So he advised him to go to New York, to the booming America of the 19th century and work there.

And that's what he did. He went to America and traveled through all the country as an actor. In that booming America he succeeded, and he got rich and famous.

He was in the right location.

And here we come to the epicenter of your life.

Are YOU in the right location?

It doesn't matter what you do, the people you know or the things you know. It doesn't matter how much work or how many hours you invest. It doesn't matter how much money you have. If you ask every day how to be happy again chances are you aren´t in the right location.

And the only thing that counts to win is being in the right location.

And what's the right location? 

The right location is following your passion. The first question you must make yourself is NOT how to find more hours to work or how to have better contacts. No. Location comes first. So first work on your passion.

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That's why 99% of people struggle all their life. They work a lot. They are good persons. Many even have some success. But it's not enough. If you don’t work in what you like you won't ever succeed.

I know that asking yourself if you work in your passion is a hard question because it can be recognizing a lot of things you did wrong.

It can be recognizing that perhaps you lost a lot of time in life.

But it’s the best you can do because you will avoid struggling in the next years.

You will go very, very, very far if you quit what you're doing now and slowly begin to work in your passion. So you must make a business of your passion.

Believe me, I asked myself that hard question and suffered. But everything changed the moment I began to focus only on my passion. Peace of mind also came immediately.

Until then I worked in “good jobs” that I didn't like. And sometimes results in money were good, but not so much as I wanted, because there was always that handicap of: “I don’t like 100% percent what I do.”

So first thing is the truth. How to be happy again? First the truth.

First the truth and only the truth. Are you working on your passion? You don't need to tell it to others. It’s enough if you tell only yourself the truth. So ask yourself: are you working on what you really want in life?

Stop “taking action”. Action is overrated. Being productive is good, but why be productive in something you don’t like? It doesn’t have sense!

If what you do is not aligned with your big dream, it’s nonsense. So review your last years, did you enjoy life?

You will be happy only if you work on what you like. You will be rich and famous if that’s what you want, but only if you work on your big project.

So change your strategy.

Quit slowly your job and begin to work PART-TIME in your passion.

Don´t depend on others. Don´t wait that others will design your career.

You can even quit totally your job and do what you love, whether it’s creating a web and making a business about astronomy or flying through the world making travel guides. It can be a take no prisoners strategy but believe me, it's the best thing you can do.

Success is predictable: follow your passion and you´ll succeed. 

You must follow your passion, your dream, your bliss... it has a lot of names, call it what you want, but follow this big thing you have in mind. It will imply risky changes... but it’s riskier to continue doing what you're doing now.

Most people procrastinate the big change in their life. They think they will be happy when they finished their career.

Then they think they will be happy when they marry.

Then they think they will be happy when they have kids.

Then they think they will be happy when the kids grow up.

And meanwhile life will pass.

And one day they ask themselves how to be happy again. But it´s too late

So better take a day to think. Or a week. Begin from zero, what's your big dream?

It’s not about productivity. First you must know what you want. First is following your passion, the fastest way to be happy.

And the fastest way to get rich.

And mega confident.

Follow your passion even if it implies quitting your job and beginning a business from scratch. If fear of beginning your own business holds you back here is the solution to eliminate your fears.

I think it was the philosopher Hegel who said 200 years ago: "Nothing big has been made without passion."

So if you think that following your dream is risky, what’s risky is not following your dream.

3. The Empire In Your Brain

If you want to know how to be happy again, accelerate the process by knowing the root of failure.

And therefore realize that the root of all your failures comes from THINKING SHORT TERM.

You must be like a strategist. You must think a lot of years ahead. (Most people don't think more than 1 day and then ask themselves how to be happy again.

But it´s impossible if you think short term.

O, some people think 1 week ahead, some think one month... And some good strategists one year. But you must do differently.

You must think long term, but not one year, not five years.

Try to think 50 years ahead!

Where will you be in 50 years?

What will you be?

With which person will you be?

How will be your day?

How will be your home, your car, your career?

Are you going to be happy or not?

You must first visualize what you want. You must have an empire in your brain. This comes from Theodore Roosevelt in 1899 before becoming president of the US. Who said a sentence like: “There are men with empires in their brains.”

And he knew what he was talking about because he got the president of the US.

So, you must visualize as much as you can long-term 50 years in advance with all the details.

Who will we be with you?

What career will you have?

Have you a self-growth program?

Even the color of your car or your house. All details help.

So, expand your vision. Expanded all you can. Because every minute you invest thinking long, long, you will only have benefits. Because this will get some whole program your subconscious mind.

And therefore, make the following: imagine now you are 90 years old. You will get shocked.

If you imagine in the following minute you are 90 years old what do you regret not having done? What do you regret having done?

-Which projects would you have invested more time in, which projects less?

-With which person would you have spent more time?

-With which person less time?

This is important. This will expand your mind, because you will see that you're doing things now that you don't need to do.

Because otherwise if you don't have the regret of your 90 years because there were a lot of things you didn't do, nothing will change. If you don't ask yourself this, you will continue thinking like now. Like everybody thinks...

"When I have more time, I will do this. When I have more money or when I have more energy, I will do this and this." No, there won't be a better moment than now.

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You are on time to change your life. But begin today with this advice to change your life. Remember, there isn´t a moment better than now. Think so and you´ll overcome any adversity.

Tomorrow you won’t have more money, more time, more energy. In a year perhaps you will have more money. I don't know. But not more time and not more energy. So the fast answer to how to be happy again is acting... NOW.

The moment of doing things is now. So, it's a good exercise always thinking: "I'm 90 years old." What you regret not having done because this will push you to do the things that you know are eternally procrastinating because you don't have time, you don't have money, or you don't have the contacts.

Once you do this exercise you will see 2 things:

One is that you must work on what you like. You will see that the only way to act fast and to do great things, is working on your passion, because you must work on your strong points. The only thing you are good at is the things you like. If you like music, you must work at something with music. Invest your time on it. Make a business from this.

The second is that the best moment is now. That you can´t wait for more money, more energy, better contacts, and so on. The moment is now. So, you will see that nobody will save you. Your family can be great but they won't save you. Your friends won't save you. Your colleagues won't save you. It's everything in your hand and the moment is now.

We are very influenced by movies where the hero in the last moment in the last scene of the movie wins. Because it's very, very nice. In the movie he is suffering but in the last second, he attacks and wins. We love the reluctant hero cliché.

But life isn´t so.

The moment of acting is now. You're not the hero of the movie. In real life you must act now without money. In case you feel overwhelmed this will help you.

With shit energy.

With bad friends.

Now is the moment of doing what you want. And the energy and the money and the time will come.

Otherwise, imagine Einstein saying “Tomorrow I will work in this thing of relativity. Today I will rest.”

No, it's not so.

The moment is now. Visualize it.

BONUS TIP: Never follow the advice of your friends!  

If you need a good strategy on how to be happy again is being contrarian to the official advice.

Do you want to know why you must avoid following the official opinion?

The opinion of the media, the influencers, and especially the "good advice "from friends and family doesn’t go in your favor… but in theirs.

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The official advice says things like:

"You need a balance between free time and work…

You need a secure job…

You deserve it…"


What do they mean by that? They mean you should be like them and don’t pursue your big goal. Don’t succeed because so you will get out of the crowd and they will die of envy. But so you will self-sabotage yourself.

Politicians like it especially. They always paint a situation of scarcity where they will rescue you. They see enemies everywhere. Others are the enemies (and to others, they say you are the enemy.) And so they create needy persons. And if you are needy you vote them.

But following this, you only become more insecure and forget about pursuing your big goal. You become angry and territorial, like a dog who has been knotted too long.

Is this the life you want? Following the mainstream is only a drug to relieve yourself. To anesthetize from a job you dislike and a boring life. So only follow your dream.

Yet sadly the normal status is asking others how to be happy again and letting them design your life.

If you want proof there was a study of the University of Phoenix about how employees think. And their mindset was: "It's not my fault." 64% of employees thought that their careers depended on their bosses. They thought others would design their career. The employees thought their superiors should be responsible for their education, for their promotions, and the money. It was always another´s responsibility. How naive.

Most people don't understand that others have their own interest. It’s like the joke about the boss who owns a Mercedes saying to his employee: "If you work hard enough, next year… I will buy myself another Mercedes."

It's crazy how people put their future in the hand of others! Your boss can be a nice person, but believe me, the first thing in his life is his career, not yours. Or do you think about the careers of others? Say the truth, please.

You must decide your future despite what others say. Otherwise you will be always in the hand of others. Not only in the politician's hands but also in your family and your friend’s hands. And your family and friends can love you a lot, but their first concern is themselves. So what they want is you staying with them. They want you not to improve so that you don’t leave them.

The big trap.

Waiting for others saving you remembers me to the Get-Rich-In-3-Days scams. Follow this magical advice and you will be happy! No. If you want a response outside of you, you won’t be happy.

You have to pass through adversity and search permanently for different ways to achieve your goals. So don’t follow the official wisdom or you will end up miserably depending on a state pension and friends. And friends change their opinion, so is life. So official wisdom is only good for politicians and influencers. They really did a very good brainwashing work.

So realize official thinking is designed so that you don't stand out. It's the collectivist mindset, a hypocrisy where you won’t stand out so you don’t overshadow the leaders, like in a totalitarian state.

But realize that you are already a genius. Because it´s true.

And therefore you can’t focus on surviving as most people do. If you focus on surviving you will be unproductive. It's when you hear cases where an employee was caught warming his feet under the dryer of the bathroom. It's where employees get also caught sleeping (some of them said they were thinking, at least they were creative). 

So forget the crowd if you want the solution on how to be happy again. If you stay with the sheep you won´t think clearly.

The key is: if you want to succeed do the contrary of what others do. Follow your dream even if they say it’s impossible. Especially if they say it’s impossible. If you hear negative comments you are on the right track.

So be smarter and first find your purpose in life. Like Oscar Wilde said: "Be yourself because everybody else is taken."

And then make a business from it. So this thing of “designing your goals” is not something to plan later. It's something to do today!

And once you know your big goals, redesign your scheduling. I know you have urgencies every morning, but your only urgency must be your long-term project, the task that will affect you most in 10 years. And I’m sure it’s not extinguishing fires.

You need passion to survive the tough moments.

But do it smartly because there are a lot of advisors and also lots of books who speak about following your passion, yet not in a smart way. And the only way to achieve it is slowly but surely.

Perhaps you have now a job and you need the money because you have a family. But isolate every day some minutes to work part-time in what you love. Begin smart. Finding five minutes today, and enlarge it slowly to 1 to 2 hours. That way you´ll also program your subconscious mind wisely and so will take always the best decisions.

You must do it step by step because obviously, you can’t leave your children hungry if you leave your job at once to build a business. But if you reach 1 to 2 hours daily in your passion, you will make tons of changes and finally, it will be easy to quit your job and win money because you love what you do.

So first is following your passion, never the official advice.

And if you need motivation here you have 10 different ways.

Observe a successful actor, athlete, or entrepreneur, and you will find a passionate person. They don´t ask, "How to be happy again," they simply follow their passion.

So you will save years of extra work if you commit to doing what you love. So follow your dream because discovering years later you didn't follow your passion will be too hard.

Follow your dream today even when everybody says: "It’s impossible." See it as a good sign. Because the other option will be staying like them. Waking up every morning crying "What a shitty day awaits me." And so you will get old too fast.

If you pursue your dream, even if you hate your current job, the office drama will resolve itself. Simply thinking on your dream job will be enough, even if you don´t know how to do it and don’t have the money. Simply thinking about it will make you happy.

And then new ideas will come. And in the process, you will get more charismatic. And also get all the energy you need.

So how to be happy again? Go for your dream and avoid the official wisdom!


How to be happy again?

It´s possible. You can get inspired again to achieve all your goals. Whether in your career or personal life.

You can dramatically change your happiness level with 3 simple changes in your life…

1. Know What Comes First: Succeeding Or Being Happy
2. How To Be Happy Again... Going To "The Right Location"
3. The Empire In Your Brain

Realize that being happy comes BEFORE succeeding.

The key is being happy by yourself. And it’s possible. Without material prizes. Have a big goal and pursue it. Like Shakespeare said: “The man who dreams doesn't get old.” 

And the fastest way is to work on your passion: you will earn more, even in the medium-long term, because without exaggerating your energy will be 10 times higher. And you won´t ever again ask yourself how to be happy again. You will be already happy.

And don´t forget this: At the same time be a strategist and go to the right location. So ask yourself: are you working on what you really want in life?

Therefore quit slowly your job and begin to work part-time in your passion.
It´s also the fastest way to get rich.

And finally, this will also help you: think a lot of years ahead. Like Theodore Roosevelt said in 1899 before becoming president of the US: “ with empires in their brains.” This will expand your mind because you will see that you're doing things now that you don't need to do.

And please, please... never follow the advice of your friends! They can be good persons, but only YOU know your real dream that will make you happy.

Follow it!

If you ask yourself how to be happy again which of these 3 advices do you like the most?

Leaive me a comment please. Thank you!

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