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• 5 Fast Methods to eliminate your bad habits.
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• 3 Infallible Steps to break a bad habit forever!
• How even a beginner will change his habits thanks to 5 simple tools. (When I started, I wrote 8 books in a row thanks to this).
• The Secret to overcome RELAPSES.
• DANGER: Why results of bad habits don´t appear until many years later (when it´s too late).

And you will also avoid the trap everyone falls trying to eliminate a bad habit:
• The trap of “It was only today.”
• Why is short term thinking the Kiss-of-Death.
• The story of John and Robert: How different habits took one to failure and the other to success.
• The 3 Golden Bullets: 3 fast ways to adopt any good habit.

And you will say Good-Bye to relapses. You will achieve:
• The most effective way to overcome relapses.
• How a little difference between an elite athlete and a drug addict can transform your habits
• 6 Visualization Methods to achieve your targets.
• How words will help you to change habits. 2 Steps to create a powerful language.
• Your Fortress Of Habits: How to obtain a powerful arsenal of habits.
• 8 habits of successful people that will change your life (you will obtain them with only a few minutes a day).

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