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What if you could stop struggling in life?

Imagine… eliminatiNg your bad habits and being productive.And then achieving your goals.So therefore I will give you a system to succeed eliminating your bad habits forever! I will show how to achieve it fast here.

I know you want to live your dreamed lifestyle, but you need better habits. You have good intentions:You want to wake up earlier…To quit smoking…To lose weight…To finish that big project…To save more…To stop that chocolate addiction…To improve your Spanish…To exercise…(I could continue and continue…)

But then the hell of bad habits appears and• You can´t get up from the couch to be more productive…• You overeat…• You quit your plan of going to the gym…• You procrastinate again…

And you complain: “I should, I should, I should… !!!”Enough of being prisoner of your bad habits!I will give you the proven method to change your habits – and this means changing your life. Imagine eliminating TODAY your destructive habits:• Procrastinating• Eating compulsively• Smoking• Spending without control• Tics or manias• Lack of concentration• Game, drugs or alcohol• Not being social and isolating yourself• Lack of initiative• Getting depressed• And much more…

And transform them into good habits. (And WITHOUT PILLS)• The habit of doing exercise• The habit of eating healthy• The habit of getting up early• The habit of concentrating• The habit of winning new relations without fear• The habit of getting organized• The habit of sleeping well• The habit of designing goals and achieving them• The habit of managing your money• The habit of reading• The habit of being always happy• The habit of having high self-esteem (undeterred while others panic…)• And many more…


Do you want the proven method to eliminate your bad habits FAST AND FOREVER?

Click here.Here is part of what you will discover in my book:• 5 Fast Methods to eliminate your bad habits.• A mistake everybody does to eliminate his bad habits…• 3 Infallible Steps to break a bad habit forever!• How even a beginner will change his habits thanks to 5 simple tools. (When I started, I wrote 8 books in a row thanks to this).• The Secret to overcome RELAPSES.• DANGER: Why results of bad habits don´t appear until many years later (when it´s too late).

And you will also avoid the trap everyone falls trying to eliminate a bad habit:• The trap of “It was only today.”• Why is short term thinking the Kiss-of-Death.• The story of John and Robert: How different habits took one to failure and the other to success.• The 3 Golden Bullets: 3 fast ways to adopt any good habit.

And you will say Good-Bye to relapses. You will achieve:• The most effective way to overcome relapses.• How a little difference between an elite athlete and a drug addict can transform your habits• 6 Visualization Methods to achieve your targets.• How words will help you to change habits. 2 Steps to create a powerful language.• Your Fortress Of Habits: How to obtain a powerful arsenal of habits.• 8 habits of successful people that will change your life (you will obtain them with only a few minutes a day).

Thanks to eliminating my own bad habits, I wrote several books to improve Productivity, Memory and Time Management.

And now I give you the TOOLS to also eliminate your bad habits. Forever!


never follow the advice of your friends

Why never follow the advice of your friends!

Be contrarian to the official advice.

Do you want to know why you must avoid following the official opinion?

Because the opinion of the media, the influencers and especially the "good advice "from friends and family doesn’t go in your favor… but in theirs.

The official advice says things like:

"You need a balance between free time and work…

You need a secure job…

You deserve it…"


What do they mean by that? They mean you should be like them and don’t pursue your big goal. Don’t succeed because so you will get out of the crowd and they will die of envy.

Politicians like it especially. So they always paint a situation of scarcity where they will rescue you. They see enemies everywhere. Others are the enemies (and to others they say you are the enemy.) And so they create needy persons. And if you are needy you vote them. But following this, you only become more insecure and forget about pursuing your big goal. You become angry and territorial, like a dog who has been knotted too long.

Is this the life you want? Following the mainstream is only a drug to relieve yourself. To anesthetize from a job you dislike and a boring life.

Yet sadly the normal status is letting others design your life. If you want proof there was a study of the University of Phoenix about how employees think. And their mindset was: "It's not my fault." 64% of employees thought that their career depended on their bosses. They thought others would design their career. The employees thought their superiors should be responsible for their education, for their promotions and for the money. It was always other´s responsibility. How naive.

Most people don't understand that others have their own interest. It’s like the joke about the boss who owns a Mercedes saying to his employee: "If you work hard enough, next year… I will buy myself another Mercedes."

It's crazy how people put their future in the hand of others! Your boss can be a nice person, but believe me, the first thing in his life is his career, not yours. Or do you think on the careers of others? Say the truth please.

You must decide your own future despite what others say. Otherwise you will be always in hand of others. Not only in the politician's hands but also in your family and your friend’s hands. And your family and friends can love you a lot, but their first concern is themselves. So what they want is you staying with them. They want you not improving so that you don’t leave them.

The big trap.

Waiting for others saving you remembers me to the Get-Rich-In-3-Days scams. Follow this magical advice and you will be happy! No. If you want a response outside from you, you won’t be happy.

You have to pass through adversity and search permanently for different ways to achieve your goals. So don’t follow the official wisdom or you will end up miserably depending on a state pension and on friends. And friends change their opinion, so is life. So official wisdom is only good for politicians and influencers. They really did a very good brainwashing work.

So realize official thinking is designed so that you don't stand out. It's the collectivist mindset, an hypocrisy where you won’t stand out so you don’t overshadow the leaders, like in a totalitarian state.

And therefore you can’t focus on surviving as most people do. If you focus on surviving you will be unproductive. It's when you hear cases where an employee was caught warming his feet under the dryer of the bathroom. It's where employees get also caught sleeping (some of them said they were thinking, at least they were creative). No focus on your big goals. Very big goals. Forget the crowd, if you stay with the sheep you won´t think clearly.

The key is: if you want to succeed do the contrary of what others do. Follow your dream even if they say it’s impossible. Especially if they say it’s impossible. If you hear negative comments you are on the right track.

So be smarter and first find your purpose in life. Like Oscar Wilde said: "Be yourself because everybody else is taken." And then make a business from it. So this thing of “designing your goals” is not something to plan later. It's something to do today!

And once you know your big goals, redesign your scheduling. I know you have urgencies every morning, but your only urgency must be your long-term project, the task that will affect you most in 10 years. And I’m sure it’s not extinguishing fires.

You need passion to survive the tough moments. But do it smartly because there are a lot of advisors and also lots of books who speak about following your passion, yet not in a smart way. And the only way to achieve it is slowly but surely. Perhaps you have now a job and you need the money because you have a family. But isolate every day some minutes to work part-time in what you love. Begin smart. Finding five minutes today, and enlarge it slowly to 1 to 2 hours.

You must do it step by step because obviously you can’t leave your children hungry if you leave your job at once to build a business. But if you reach 1 to 2 hours daily in your passion, you will make tons of changes and finally it will be easy to quit your job winning money because you love what you do.

So first is following your passion, never the official advice.

Observe a successful actor, athlete, or entrepreneur, and you will find a passionate person. You will save years of extra work if you commit to doing what you love. So follow your dream because discovering years later you didn't follow your passion will be too hard.

Follow your dream today even when everybody says: "It’s impossible." See it as a good sign. Because the other option will be staying like them. Waking up every morning crying "What a shitty day awaits me." And so you will get old too fast.

If you pursue your dream, even if you hate your current job, the office drama will resolve itself. Simply thinking on your dream job will be enough, even if you don´t know how to do it and don’t have the money. Simply thinking about it will make you happy.

And then new ideas will come. And in the process you will get more charismatic. And also get all the energy you need.

Go for your dream and avoid the official wisdom!

What Comes First, Success or Happiness?

One question: what comes first, succeeding or being happy?

Most people think: “Now I'm going to work a lot. I´m going to have a brilliant career in the following years... And then I will be happy.”

They will win money and then they will be happy.

No. It doesn’t work so.

There is something you must know first.

Whether you want to have your own business, escalate the corporate ladder, or be a famous football player, you must know something about happiness.

There is an order.

And first isn’t succeeding. First is not earning money or having more contacts or better relationships. No.

First is being happy.


The key is being happy by yourself. Without material prizes.

And it’s possible. But you can’t be happy sitting all day in a chair doing nothing, to be happy you must work on something you like. Since a great part of your time is spent in your job, the key to being happy is loving your job. So your job must be your dream job. Or at least make a lifestyle of searching it.

Today there is a trend that says: “It’s not the passion.” But it’s simply a trend. Something gurus say to be original. Because the old-fashioned follow your passion is the most important thing you must do.

Do you remember the last time you were with your friends? It's always the same story:

“How was your week?” someone asked.

“My week was terrible. I didn’t have time for anything.”

But the next friend said: “My week was more terrible than yours.”

But there was another friend who then said: “My week was even more terrible, nothing compared to all of yours.”

More or less subtly people will even brag about their disgusting job. It’s a competition about who had the most awful working week. Yet they all continue there, working from 9 to 5 in a job they hate, with a boss and colleagues they also hate.

People are addicted to suffering. Because they are addicted to complaining. But don’t follow this stupid occidental mindset of having to suffer to succeed. It’s not so

First is being happy.

And you can achieve it. And you must achieve it. The main reason is that if you want to be healthier you must love what you do.

Like Shakespeare said: “The man who dreams doesn't get old.” And it’s true. So only to be forever young you must love what you do. And modern medicine will do the rest.

Do you want to live longer? Then find your dream job. Even if you are far away from it. But look for it. Because you will be happy even in the process.

And there is another powerful reason to work on your passion: you will earn more, even in the medium-long term, because without exaggerating your energy will be 10 times higher.

I remember when years ago I struggled from low paid job to low paid job. Then I struggled from well-paid job to well-paid job. But always struggling. There were trips through Europe, meetings where we looked like United Nations delegates, and I was well paid. It looked well. Fantastic dinners, expensive hotels, and the bonus at the end of the month.

But I hated it.

I hated it because I wasn’t inspired by my corporate job. (Note: it’s my case, if you like the corporate world, go for it. The key is doing what you love.)

So what I really liked, and I began to do already part-time (a good strategy, slowly but surely), was writing. But this came after deciding I wanted to be happy first. So I committed to writing and finally I quit my job. The less insulting think they said was that I was crazy. But I was happy. And immediately I had more energy. And then I wrote 12 books in Spanish (my mother language).

I really woke up. I had no meetings. Also no trips through Europe. But I could made them on my own (and without the meetings). And the best was I felt I was building my future. And only that made me happy, and makes me happy today.

So if you love the corporate world, go for the corporate world. And if you love photography, jump to that sector and make a business about it. Go for what you love always!

Once you work on what you love, it will be a revolution. You will win your first million fast. You will have better friends and contacts and you won’t die from a heart attack because of a disgusting job.

If you need proof look at famous people: why successful actors disappeared? Or why some of them kill themselves? Because they didn't like anymore what they did. They didn’t like the parallel work they had to live. They only liked acting. But they didn’t act.

Or think about why that promising football player isn't a star anymore. It’s because he didn´t concentrate on what he liked, which was playing football.

Perhaps you struggle now trying to convince others. You are a bad negotiator. You are suffering. You try to be “positive” but you don't convince anyone. It’s because in your inside, you know you want something different.

But this won’t happen if you work in what you like.

And then you will win automatically 10 times more energy to seduce anyone.

So it's very important you work on your dream job. Not in a day. Not in a month. Not in a year perhaps. But if you go for it, you will achieve it. I don't know why, but there is so much energy in working in what you love that you convince others easier. And also attract the money.

Will you suffer attacks from competitors? Of course. But they will be nothing against loving what you do. You will be so productive and have so good contacts, that you will laugh at their attacks.

Once you have your dream job, your personal life will also boost. Remember the new energy that goes in doing what you love!

So go for it. First is happiness. And happiness is working or pursuing your dream job. It's what the Greek Archimedes said: “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.”

So do like him. Have a solid job, your dream job, and from there you will move the world.

Please leave me a comment of how doing what you love helped you.

How To Build Your Fortress Of Good Habits

Do you have good habits?

I'm sure you’ve heard a lot of times about that thing of “habits.”

Yet if you want to succeed you need good habits. Or better said, if you want to succeed you need a dream, but the raw material of your dream is good habits.

But be smart, don’t focus only in one or two good habits. Build a Fortress Of Habits. It's about many habits. You need as many good habits as you can.

I know, it sounds like bad news. You thought a good habit was enough. But no, you need many habits. We tend to think that it’s always about ONE thing. Yet be smarter and focus on many habits.

Otherwise take a look at famous or rich people. You will see a lot of things that this people lack.

“He is a very rich person but has a very bad health!” But why do you want to be rich if can die in two months from a heart attack? Why do you want to be rich if you hate your job? Others are world famous but take drugs. They need drugs to reach a mental height.

So their habits are killing them, despite money and fame. And need better habits. So it's not a question of being productive, having a good career, or having good contacts. It's about building a fortress of habits.

Another example is the French writer Balzac. He was one of the best writers in history. Balzac finished 95 novels and left 48 unfinished. They were part of his masterwork "La Comedie Humaine." But then Balzac died with 51 years. Why? Because he drank 50 cups of coffees per day. So Balzac had good productive habits, he followed his passion, he also had a good time management, but one bad habit killed him: drinking too much coffee to feel inspired.

So realize you need a Fortress Of Habits to not depend on your weakest one.

So if you want to reach your goals and live enough to be happy, you must build a fortress. Think about it, perhaps now your short-term goals is having more followers in Instagram, finishing more projects, stop gossipping about others, or quitting your suicidal thoughts. In any case you need more and better habits!

Like I said, that’s the bad news, you need more and better habits.

But now the good news:

And the good news is that you only need to build one big habit, because from there you will build a complete fortress.

For example, if you eliminate sugar from your coffee, it's a good habit, but not a big one. Do it, but it won’t build new good habits.

But take for example the new habit of going to swim 3 times per week. It's a big habit. You will have to do a lot of exercise. You will need to rearrange your time table. You will need to think about it. You will need to focus on it and don’t quit. But thanks to this habit you will create new habits because two weeks after going to swim 3 times per week, you're going to eat better because you will want to feel better when swimming.

You will need it! You will eat more vegetables and less hamburgers.

And then you will feel better.

And if you feel better, you will feel happier.

And if you feel happier you will have better relations.

And if you have better relations you will have more contacts.

And so on and so on…

And of course: eliminating sugar from coffee will be easy.

So here are the good news: begin simply with a big good habit.

So tomorrow find a good habit, like going to swim and after this you will build a fortress of habits and achieve whatever you want. From there you can climb the Everest, quit smoking, live 100 years, or hear 30 audio books per month.

So take a big habit, practice it during one month, and from there you will have your Fortress of Habits.

Success Is Predictable

Why Your Success Is Predictable

Do you know your future is predictable?

You don't need a crystal ball to know what is going to happen to you.

Your future is predictable because it depends on 2 things. You must know that the Big Secret of success is not a Big Secret. It’s 2 secrets. It's always 2 things upon what your success depends on.

We tend to think that it's always one big “something.” One big factor. But it's not so. Your success depends always on 2 things. Think on Chinese philosophy, they knew it well with the Ying and Yang concept. So with success the same. It’s about two things

And the two things on what depends your life are:

  1. Your success is passion
  2. A well-organized mind.

And passion always goes first!

Whether you want to build a big company, build your own business, be healthy, or have a good career, concentrate on these 2 things PASSION and WELL ORGANIZED MIND.

(And passion always comes first, because you can’t have a powerful mind if you don’t follow a dream. )

It will go very easy if you first have the passion. So ask always if you follow your dream and work on your mind. This will be the difference between being rich or poor, being happy or unhappy.

So think on the following. We have been always told to follow the Calvinist concept of having to suffer to succeed. But you don't have to suffer to succeed. You don't have to overwork to succeed. This isn´t so.

You must first follow your dream and then cultivate your mind. I think it was the British novelist E M. Foster who said that one person with passion is better than 40 persons without passion. So you could do the work of 40 persons!

Because think about it, if you have passion you will have energy to do a lot of things, for example, planning. Think on people who smoke, they since they don't have a passion, they don't follow a dream. But if you had a dream you would think: "Ok, the 150 $ I spent every month on Tobacco, I will save them." So with 65 years instead of cancer you will have 1 million $.

So do the following:

Take one minute, only one minute, and think about what you want in life. Think on your big dream. Because this first factor, passion, will give you then a powerful mind. So think about your dream. Once you follow it, you will have a special energy to do a lot of things. Once you know where you go and want to go, you can finish project after project. For example, you would begin quitting interruptions. And instead of finishing a project in 10 days you will finish in 2 days.

  • You would also fall in love with exercise and being healthy.
  • You would perhaps invest three hours a day thinking. Or perhaps one hour would be enough.
  • You would avoid perfectionism that is killing your career.
  • Or perhaps you would read 3 or 4 books per month.
  • Or perhaps double your clients thanks to the new strategies you would design.

And then you would also have more extra time. You would work in the morning and go surfing in the evening. You could do whatever you want!

So realize that your success is predictable. You don't need a crystal ball. It's all about two things, the Ying and Yang of your life: passion and a well-organized mind.

And passion always comes first.


The Short Term Trap

There are people who overeat and short-term they feel good.

There are people who smoke and short-term with their cigarette they feel good.

There are people who systematically avoid important tasks, but short term they feel good.

There are people that don't go to a party or to a social event and feel good because they are shy, short term they feel good.


You feel good at the moment, but your life is a chaos. You hate your life. If you want to escape from a life you don't like don't think short term. Think always long-term in everything you do. If you want a better future you must always think months and years ahead. Because otherwise it's like jumping from a skyscraper. One meter before hitting the ground you are still well.

So the thing is if you want to wake up earlier and have very long and productive days, if you want to quit T.V you must always think long term. Because otherwise you will be a slave. You will be a slave of your boss, of the double size hamburgers, of the cigarettes and of people you dislike.

But you don't want to be a slave. You want a better life. You want to succeed. You want a long life. And therefore you must always think Long-Term even when short-term you don't feel well. Even if you have to throw away the cigarette or don't eat the hamburger.

Because see-other people. Most hate their lives. They are always whining. They are always complaining. But observe them closer. They always do what gives them pleasure in the short term. It's the short term trap.

So to avoid the trap think always long-term.




Lisa had everything to be successful. Lisa was smart and friendly.

But Lisa had a problem.

She considered herself unintelligent and unfriendly. Her self-confidence was always at the bottom.

But one day Lisa discovered an advice in a lost book (reading saved so many people...)

And Lisa followed something simple. She began to repeat "I’m great!"

Like it sounds: "I’m great!"

Very basic.

But she felt immediately better.

“I’m great, I’m great, I’m great!" She repeated. And that evening she noticed a change in her self-confidence. Somehow fear was disappearing. So she repeated it the next day. And every day during one week.

And after one week she felt terrific.

And she also irradiated energy to others. Where before everything was depressive, now she had power to change herself. She saw that it was in her hand saying she felt great.

So Lisa smiled more, produced more… and eliminated shyness.

It was so simple!

So she repeated it whenever things looked bad. But things never looked bad after repeating "I’m great!"

Not only did Lisa improve her relations with others. Not only had she energy to attacking big projects. It was something bigger. A special power pushed her.

She was the energy.

Today Lisa continues to be one of the nicest and smartest persons. Plus the self-confidence. Now she owns a booming business organizing events for German people in Barcelona. Where before she was shy and never tried new things, now she owns a growing agenda. And also a growing bank account. And Lisa also makes you feel smart and nice.

How did she change?

Lisa used an anchor.

In her case it was an anchor in form of a sentence. She reached the mental state she wanted repeating a sentence.

And everyone can do it.

From saying “Yes!” to picturing yourself being the best. From repeating a song you like, to elevate your arms three times.

An anchor will put you always in the state you want.

How to benefit from your own anchor and win any skill you want

An anchor is a simple action. But if repeated, it becomes powerful. It will make you believe in yourself to achieve any goal. If you work on programming your mindset you have the key.

In the case of Lisa it was two simple words. "I’m great!" This was enough to quit feeling low and achieving a magnetic character.

But Lisa isn't the only one to use it with incredible results.

Take a look at top athletes.

Notice when the camera focuses on that soccer star or marathon winner. Do you see something? Look a second time. Does he or she repeat an anchor before the competition? Do they repeat a word or movement to reach a state?

Of course.

They link great performance to an anchor.

An anchor is pure Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Something with great results in the last 20 years.

So begin with one anchor for you. Find a word or a gesture that inspires you.

You can repeat the mental state when you worked concentrated until finishing the project:

-If you remember that time you overcame anxiety and spoke in front of 100 persons you can recover that state.

-If you remember when you avoided the temptation of a second coffee break, you will avoid that temptation daily.

Think of your possibilities…

You can begin with something as simple as repeating the classic "I’m The Best." Something that disciplines you. Or something that puts you in energy mode. Repeating it enough times will give you all the willpower.

If you say to yourself that you are the best, you will internalize it. Because you are programmed to follow what you hear.

So repeating something simple as “I’m The Best – I’m The Best – I’m The Best,” will give you the results you are looking for.

It can sound too self helpy, but it works.

So repeat 10 times in a row your favorite sentence. Or better: have the habit of repeating it 10 times every day. You will see changes. If you want an "I can achieve anything" mindset, ask for it. And better, ask it many times.

So design your anchor.

You can't imagine how your inner dialogue gets impressed in your subconscious mind. So an anchor is perfect to program your mind.

It's nothing mystical.

It's introducing the software in the computer to become the result you want. Enough of being a looser!

So try it right now. It only takes 10 seconds. Stop reading and repeat the sentence "I'm the best" during 10 seconds. (Or choose your favorite sentence.)

---------10 seconds---------

How do you feel now?

Repeat it 10 seconds more and you will internalize it much more. Abuse all you need from this tool. It will give you all the concentration, self-discipline or whatever mindset you need.

The fast anchor to change your life

Be creative. Everything can help you as an anchor. A tone of voice, a song, or even a smell can change your willpower.

So review your past to find a scene of tenacity, concentration or simply success.

Can you remember passing a test to belong to a higher professional or personal group?

Can you remember when you worked from 9.00 to 14.00 and finished that financial study you procrastinated during months?

So find a successful old scene and repeat it mentally. Use an old image, word or sensation to change your mood.

I insist that you can create your own version. Even if it looks crazy. Better if it looks crazy! Visualize a picture, move your arms, or say "I will do it." Repeat anything that resembles an old inspiring moment. You will activate so the state of mind you need.

You can repeat any exceptionally good performance from the past so. Because you did something great in the past, believe me, you can repeat it. Even if it was at a small-scale, you can now leverage it with an anchor.

There are a lot of literature about anchors. Some books say you need a specific sentence. Others defend visualization. Others speak about body postures… But anything you feel comfortable with is okay. Even if it looks ridiculous at the beginning.

You can use the strangest anchor. If you feel comfortable, go on.

If you like to scream "Uuuuuh!" go ahead.

If the Italian hymn makes you happy, perfect so.

If you want proof, look at success. You will always find an anchor

Think in some friend or college that recently achieved something. Someone who got a better job. Someone who is now in shape. Or someone who simply smiles more.

And take a closer look.

Why is she more positive?

Why do her career and/or marriage goes better?

Ask her. (She will be pleased to tell you. Successful people always wonder why nobody asks them for advice. They only hear about "luck", but never about how they managed it.)

So ask that successful person and you will discover an anchor.

A repeated movement that gave her wings to learn Spanish. Or a movement to discipline herself to insert 30 minutes of running in her overflowed agenda. Or a movement to have the willpower to read about productivity 30 minutes a day.

This will increase your power

From now on design a sentence to overcome worries. And add to this:

Your favorite words to run through the park an extra hour.

Your favorite words to refuse that chocolate bomb…

And your favorite words to lead a room full of people…

You can design your own mantra. You can build your image or movement to put your running shoes, say no to a chocolate cake, or convince a hundred persons.

And then repeat this anchor as much as you need. Begin today and your life will be a roller coaster.

  • First you will experiment a short-term boost.
  • Then you will get results.
  • Then better results will be normal. And then you will point to higher ones, knowing that you can.
  • And then you will achieve
  • And the cycle will begin again.

So don't worry about your goals anymore. If you repeat your anchor, whether you like it or not, you will get more effective.

How to avoid temptations and have the necessary self-confidence

There are a thousand ways to design and anchor. But if you don't know how to begin, carry some old successes. Write in your mobile phone past successes you can re-read whenever you need it.

-Carry the words you dared to say when nobody dared to speak…

-Carry the decision to take surf lessons that summer that changed your lifestyle…

-Carry that change in your timetable that gave more hours to your days…

-Carry that time where you acted brilliantly.

-Carry that project you finished faster than anyone working 5 hours in a row.

- Carry that deal you negotiated.

And re read those words so much as you need them.

With your best memories in your pocket, you will always have a trigger to launch a disciplined move. All successful people use triggers. If you can´t carry them mentally at first, begin carrying them in your mobile phone. So you will increase your moral whenever you need it.

You can have the paycheck, the business or the lifestyle you want if you repeat mentally old successes. So begin today to build your list of past achievements. From delaying gratification to begin the morning wanting to eat the world.

-So you will say "I'm responsible" whenever things go wrong. (Not blaming others will liberate you from a heavy load).

-So you will use a past image to feel strong. Like that time you walked confidently despite that pissed Doberman looking angry at you.

You need no more than 3 anchors to maximize your confidence in the short term.

And in the long term they will build your character.

With your own collection of anchors, weakness and fear will disappear.

This simple trick from martial arts will give you power

To finish I will give you an anchor to gain physical strength. It will also help you to have strength whenever you feel weak. It's used in martial arts and also by specialists who lie in a bed of nails.

Imagine you didn't sleep well and you need energy for a challenging morning. Or imagine you feel low in the evening and need an extra power. So use this anchor:

Concentrate on your stomach.

Your stomach is the strongest part of your body. So breathe with your stomach feeling its power. Don't feel your head. Feel your stomach. It's the center. In your stomach is an infinite energy. Whenever you feel weak quit focusing on your head. Use the anchor of your stomach. Whenever you need a physical or mental energy boost, use your stomach.

Think in someone who always projects power. It's because he feels his stomach. Top athletes and leaders do it without noticing it.

They forget their head. They forget their problems. They use an anchor, in this case, focusing on their stomach. Try it now. Take a deep breath and feel your stomach.

So here you have another example. Now find 3 anchors you feel comfortable with. Or copy the ones you saw. One for physical strength and self-confidence. A second to resist temptations to be more productive. And a third to achieve concentration to think profoundly. With 3 you will have more than enough.

Feeling strong, trying a good new relation, or finishing a big project will be faster with an anchor. Nothing will be an obstacle if you use an anchor.

Do you want to replace your actual feelings? So built your 3 anchors.

Because they all work.

Change your Life

18 Easy Ways To Change Your Life (Use The One You Like Most)

I will give you 18 techniques, to develop an iron discipline. Use the one you feel most comfortable with. Or make a mix of the ones that can help you.

Here are 18 proven methods to exercise more, produce more, eat healthier, or concentrate 3 hours until finishing the important task of the month.

"The Green Button," "The 4-20-4 Technique," "The Resisted Minute," "The Old Affirmations," "Substituting," "The Movies," or "Recovering Successes," can be your ticket to succeed.

And perhaps you only need one to boost your progress.

But first, if you need a real motivator to change your life check this video AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IF YOU LIKE IT ! :

METHOD 1: Substitute

Most people focus on the outcome they don´t want.

They think on the people they don´t like and the bad results they will have.

But they would achieve much more thinking in dreams and preferred friends.


But they simply don´t do it…

So to gain any skill, think about what you want, never about the results you don´t want. Or do you search on a map the cities you don´t want to go? Do you also go to the food you don´t need in the supermarket?

So to win discipline don´t focus on your old bad habits. Focus on your desired skills. It's the only way to make your brain work. Successful entrepreneurs, designers, lawyers, writers, or whatever profession, know where to go. They never lose focus with what they don´t want. 14 daily hours thinking in their goal is better than 10.

Most people complain that they don´t see alternatives. And they obviously don't see alternatives if they focus on what they dislike.

So don't look at the devil. Look at the solution.

METHOD 2: The 4-20-4 Technique

The most vital thing you do to survive is not eating or drinking.

It’s breathing.

But in our daily chaos we forget to breathe deeply.

So now breathe one time profoundly.

And now breathe profoundly a second time.

How was it?

When you breathe deeply your change. Oxygen goes to all your cells. You kill toxins and feel immediately better. You are prepared for big tasks.

With something so simple as this you don’t even need long relaxation exercises. Simply take deep breaths. It's the doorway to feel better and be more productive.

Smokers feel relaxed with their cigarette not because of the tobacco, as they think. It's the deep breath they take with their first puff. That profound oxygen makes them feel better (even when they are destroying their lungs).

But now let's expand this technique to gain more energy. Try the 4-20-4 Technique. Do the following:

  1. Inhale during 4 seconds.
  2. Hold your new air 20 seconds.
  3. Expel it. 4 seconds.

Do it now.

Believe me: you will feel superbly so. Not only physically, you will also think faster. Try to repeat this 3 times in a row. It's instantaneous. You will take off. You will win at least two hours of energy and fast thinking.

And you can repeat it so much as you need it during the day.

METHOD 3: The Green Button

You always have two permanent advisors. One devil on your shoulder says "Give up" and an angel in the other who says "Persevere." It's like the movies. The devil says "Don't care about your health, keep smoking" and the angel says "Stop smoking."

It´s also the same scenario when pursuing new habits. One part of you wants to improve while other hold on to your old habits no matter how bad your situation. It's like choosing between a green button that will solve your life and a red one who will explode the bomb.

How many times do you press the green button?

If you look at complainers you will see they hit the red button. "It's only today." But they don't realize that short-term well-being is a devil´s trap. Because this will stress them more in the long term.

So choose better a hard second pressing the best option: the Green Button. So always be prepared. There will be every day a difficult moment where you have to choose.

So choose right.

Choose green.

METHOD 4: What movies will do for you

From now on watch movies differently. Think you are the main character. But substitute the hero´s mission with your current targets. You are like Sigourney Weaver in Alien and have the cool responses of James Bond.

Use the movies to build yourself a powerful image. You are Indiana Jones or whatever your favorite hero is. You never give up. So if you want a new habit, you take the argument of the movie as your same situation.

This new way of seeing cinema will help you. You can use it to attack your daily challenges or to plan your career.

So think different about that old movie that touched you. Repeat it mentally and visualize as if it were you. Now it's you facing your current biggest challenge. Adapt the scene to your new I-can sensation.

From now on always think you are the one on the screen. See the movies adapting them to your own case.

How would others opinions affect you?

What new skills would you work on?

How would your confidence rise?

METHOD 5: Affirmations for what you look for

When I began to research about self-improvement I was skeptic. I saw a lot of solutions in self-talk. In every course or book, affirmations where one of the best ways to solve your life.

No! It couldn't be so easy!

But I tried…

And then I was shocked about my first results getting up earlier and quitting my chocolate addiction.

So it was true: you become what you think about.

Your life depends on what you say to yourself. Success or failure? Good or bad?

It depends only on you. Circumstances have nothing to do.


The bad news is that we received (and still receive) permanently a negative self-talk. When you grew up you heard things like:

If you want to be a pilot it will be too hard...

Success is only for the elected ones...

This is impossible...

And you absorbed it as if it were right. Since it came from your parents who wanted to protect you, it had to be true. But despite their good intentions, they didn´t know about success.

Your parents were good people, but like many, they didn't know the power of negative words. And so you adopted an overprotective thinking. "I won't try because I can fail" was the rule to follow. And this got reinforced with friends and teachers. TV and newspapers also made their job warning about inexistent problems and terrible future disasters. That's why today behavioral researchers affirm that 77% of what we think is negative and works against us.

So the solution is easy: change your affirmations.

Repeat the following sentences as much as you can and adapt them to your case.

"I'm a productivity genius."

"I finish 2 studies in 3 months."

"Every day I feel better and better."

"I will save 20% more next months."

"I design a plan to win 9.000$ monthly."

"I like not to drink beer during labor days."

"I´m good at solving challenges where others escape."

"From 8.00 to 11.00 o'clock I concentrate on my marketing project."

There are complete books written about auto affirmations. But changing your life is as easy as choosing three affirmations you like. One for your career, one for your relations and another one for your spiritual life.

And then repeat them so much as you can.

METHOD 6: The "Resisted Minute"

Every minute you resist with discipline is a triumph. Praise yourself even if it were only 30 seconds. Even if you later run to a cigarette or accepted an interruption instead of continuing working concentrated. Because every minute fighting temptation is a victory. You will absorb the energy of the moment.

Tough minutes are part of the script, so use them to gain self-discipline. Because this power goes into you. So in the middle of a crisis say: “I will resist minute by minute." And each resisted second you will learn a lot. You will internalize that strength for the rest of your life. So be happy whenever you fight something. Even if it's only some seconds. Because this power will go to you forever.

The only truth is that there will be always tough moments. For you and for me, there will be always moments where we will have to fight. We will want to quit, but we must resist. One minute more. So simply think that every resisted second is pure gold. One minute of exercise or one more try is gold.

It's what you learn in those difficult moments what makes you stronger. So if you want better habits, think in accumulating minutes. Play with temptations, because the bigger they are, the more you grow.

METHOD 7: The 3rd sportsman

There are 3 types of people:

The bad ones. They try and try but never achieve anything.

Then there are the good ones. Good results for them.

And then there are the outstanding ones.

What's the difference between them?

  1. The bad ones don't know how to change and get lost in an endless loop.
  2. The good ones remember when they succeeded and try to repeat it.
  3. The outstanding ones analyze systematically their performances and also visualize future victories.

Each group works hard, even the first group. But the difference is that outstanding people eliminate completely bad experiences from their mind. They visualize only past and future successes.

Outstanding people filter. It's not a question of trying more. It's not about buying more tickets. It's about using the right technique.

Whether in art, business or sport, you need to work on your mind. And that minority who insists in analyzing how they did well and how they can repeat it in the future, will always win. Because this is what will help them to build any discipline to achieve what they want.

METHOD 8: Say "NO" and interrupt interruptions.

You will always be attacked by interruptions, so is life. No matter your age or position, there will be always someone trying to steal your time. Especially in your most brilliant moment. So therefore have a war cry “Enough. Back to my goals!”

Cutting interruptions will boost your productivity. And more productivity means more money. So have always the weapon “Enough. Back to my goals,” at hand. Remember that each time you resist temptation you grow. Even if it's only one minute.

So use constantly your war cry. Because whenever you accept an interruption you lose two times. First, the time of work. And second, the time to recover concentration. And this one is much more time than you think.

So next time a coffee break, Internet news or someone to speak about yesterday football match arrives, say: “Enough. Back to my goals.” And you follow your way of investing your time in what gives you 80% of results.

METHOD 9: That old times

Last month one friend wanted to quit coffee. "But I don't have willpower!"

Yet 10 coffees per day were killing him. To do anything of value he needed a coffee first. He was addicted.

He also told me he tried everything to quit coffee. He even managed one complete day without coffee. But the next day it was impossible to continue. "How can I do this? I'm not sure I can get rid of this addiction."

Since I was also addicted to coffee I said to him: "Do you remember when you achieved something in your past?"

"Well, I remember in my 20s passing the entrance test to my first job. It was a difficult test, but the previous days I studied with a special energy. And something also pushed me to run three daily miles to be in form."

"Okay then repeat those scenes again," I said. "What do you saw those days? How did you manage your timetable? What news were on the newspaper? Feel the same!"

And so he did. He had nothing to lose. So he thought about how free he felt despite tension. How clear his mind after running 3 miles. And he also remembered playing with the old dog of his parents.

And it worked.

After some days he reduced coffee to 5 daily cups. And after a month he quitted coffee. Not even a cup with his work colleagues in the morning. Not even a tea.

METHOD 10: Your "Team of Positives"

Are you surrounded with people who constantly speak about problems? Or better said: do you feel well with your current friends?

You need solutions oriented friends. Your time is too valuable to spend it with the ones where you only think of escaping.

So first detect the negative people in your life. And then change the ratio. Spend all your time with the right ones, and if possible zero seconds with the rest. Hello, how are you? And then you go away.

You need good influences to progress. You need a good team. Changing your habits is only possible with them. And since you will have low moments you need nice friends to help you. Because enthusiasm is contagious. Be with the productive ones and you will be more productive. Be with a creative one and will be more creative. We are programmed to copy what we see.

METHOD 11: How observing your conditioned movements will help you

Are you a video player of past experiences? Most people repeat their old movements over and over like a video player. And they think: "This time I will have better results!"

But then results are the same. Nothing changes in their life.

You can’t condition your life to repeat the past and expect change. To succeed you must recognize first damaging practices. It's not easy because one of your brain’s main functions is repeating patterns. Life is easier so. You think you take shortcuts repeating past behaviors and then you hope different results. "How clever I am, I won't make a special effort because this time I will really succeed." And that's what most people think. So they say the same words, speak with the same people, and manage their time as they always managed it.

But first: they don't achieve better results.

And second: they fool themselves.

People cry about their luck in life. But they don't understand that they follow conditioned movements. And you don't need to be Einstein to note that repeating the same movements will bring you the same results. The same bad results.

Some conditioned moves are necessary, of course. You won´t progress driving differently or taking showers differently. If it rains you take an umbrella and if you see a red light you stop. It's perfect so. But it's in the bigger strategies where you must act. If you continue smoking you must take a closer look to what triggers smoking. If you don't have friends perhaps you must take a closer look at your character. Only then you will see results.

So first observe you. But use the Buddhist strategy:

Look at you from the outer side. What do you need to change your self-confidence, self-control, and willpower?

But don't answer now.

Observe yourself first during three days.

METHOD 12: The power of detachment

Most people want to live fast. They want everything.

But so they don´t use the power of detachment.

their inner self. They don't want to look inside. This scares them.

Yet they don't know that looking at the inside will bring them better results. The pain of looking at something they don't like is nothing compared to the new energy they will gain.

Technological advances won't change your life. They are welcome, but no matter how much they help you, your goals will keep walking away if you don't work your mind.

And the key to looking inside and achieve better results is detaching yourself.

So disconnect.

You have time to be with you. Quit TV, quit office politics and quit news. Quit everything.

Because you don't need anything.

The moment you detach yourself 2 things will happen:

1st.: You will see you can live happier without nothing.

2nd.: Achieving what you can achieve now will be easier, because you don't have the pressure of needing it desperately.

So if you detach yourself from the people you need in your life, and also detach yourself from the thoughts you need to think, you will always win.

It's a curious thing, but the less you need something the easier it will be to achieve.

METHOD 13: An infallible way to obtain discipline

One way to gain self-discipline is thinking that everything will help you.

Looking at the bright side sounds naïve, but it works. So stop fighting. Everything is a conspiracy to help you. It's the winner's mindset. So whenever you see something negative think it's there to help you. Because, by the way, it's true. Obstacles are there to separate you from the rest. So better commit errors faster than others.

It's a mental trick. Everything is like you think it's meant to be. If you see "helping" conspirators, they are helping you. So don't fight. You will release tension and see things you wouldn't see otherwise.

And you will also enjoy the trip. Instead of saying “I work hard without results,” think it´s the best that could happen. “I´m taking a free MBA. I’m getting smarter. I know things that my competitors won't ever know.” You will get rid of stress, and then you will react faster to make the necessary changes. It's not an obstacle, it´s something saying you where to go.

-Thanks to being stuck in a traffic jam, you heard an advice in an audio program that changed your career. Without that traffic jam you wouldn't have heard that audio course, it wasn't programmed. So being late for that meeting was nothing compared to the change in your career.

-Your PC broke and you had to buy a new one. You wanted to wait one year. But thanks to buying a new PC your performance skyrocketed. Saving money, you would lose hours and days of progress with a slower PC.

-You surpassed an important deadline. But now reworking everything and speaking with your boss, you saw you could eliminate some actions and finish faster. So you saved days of work.

METHOD 14: How to kill your undisciplined past with laughter

Laughing is a weapon. Because if you disrespect something you win.

If you turn something into an idiot, you are superior and are free to move. So try to laugh about what you want to change. Laugh about your bad time management, your predilection for fast food or your chronic procrastination. If you lose respect for a bad habit, you will transform it easier.

Laughing is underutilized. No one thinks in laughing at indiscipline. But this new point of view will change you. So be creative remembering how pathetic you are accepting interruptions. Laugh about the chaos in your career when you don't isolate chunks of time to forget urgencies.

So laugh at your enemies. Disrespect the ones who disrespect you.

METHOD 15: The "Baby Tactic"

I always remember a friend's baby trying to climb stairs. She even couldn't walk, but she tried to climb the stairs. We tried to help her, but she began to cry. Let me alone. I want to do this by myself.

Wow! What a winning mindset!

So be like a baby. Copy the winning mindset when you once said to yourself you would walk or die.

There aren't negative babies. They instinctively know they will win if they try it enough. So do the same. Try it over and over.


METHOD 16: The good and the bad

Use emotions in your favor. Feelings can hurt but also help. So use your emotions. The negative and the positive ones. You need them to program your subconscious. So take those 2 steps:

1st: Imagine the outcome you don't want

Sit relaxed and think during 5 minutes about the bad consequences of your actual indiscipline. See what you don't want. Feel the pain. Magnify the consequences. Is this really the life you want?

Think that if you don't take action you won´t recover the lost time. It will be too late.

2nd Step: Imagine the outcome you want… and that you will have

Once you saw the misery of indiscipline continue calmed. Now visualize what you want during another 5 minutes. How will be your new lifestyle? How much more will you earn?

Imagine holidays in Bali, imagine a deep pocket, or imagine captivating others. Think big. Repeat the scene with colors and details. You will be there.

Combine negative with positive emotions to program your mind. The old carrot and stick law works. Negative emotions will help you to reinforce discipline, and positive ones will be like a guide to do the right moves.

METHOD 17: Forgive you. You are much better than you think

Many people are reluctant to forgive themselves. They believe that if they commit an error, feeling bad is the right thing. If they feel bad the universe will forgive them. And so they don't have to make an effort. So they can continue living in their comfort zone. Something or somebody will save them. So it was during 2000 years of religious obscurantism.

But this doesn't have sense. You will go nowhere so.

So first think that life isn't a serious place without joy. You have enough time to forget past errors and begin again. But therefore forgive yourself. So this time you will be much more productive. Now you will reopen your old big project.

So don't think of past errors. Not forgiving yourself it's the direct way to social isolation if not to increase your addictions.

Watch out because perhaps you attack yourself more than you think.

METHOD 18: Forgive others

Perhaps you spent many years thinking on what others did to you  and now you do it without thinking. But once you forget and forgive, everything changes.

Don't worry about past attacks, we all have them. You have billions of cells in your brain. The same as Picasso or Michelangelo. You have the tools. You can solve problems like a genius. Now you are smarter. So forget other persons. The major influence in your results is you. The others are peripheral opponents, like successful LA Laker´s coach Pat Riley called to the rivals, journalists and ex-spouses of his players.

And he knew something about winning.



I hope you enjoyed these 18 ways to change your life. Pick the one that fits better in your lifestyle or combine them.

Perhaps simply one advice can change your life.

How to become a genius

How To Become A Genius

You can be a genius.

Even if you failed and now struggle to survive.

Now you think you can´t because “geniuses are born.”

But no.

You have it all to be a genius. Because...

...your brain has billions of cells. Do you know how many brilliant ideas you could have combining those cells?

And it gets better.

If every connection between them is a thought, the solutions you could produce would overshadow any universal genius.

So you have the potential.

Even when they say the contrary.

So long as you have a brain you can achieve any goal.

(Many clinical cases even reflect how people who lost part of their brain continue acting well, some of them extremely well.)

So how to benefit from your unlimited possibilities then?

Here I will give you the 5 keys to turn into a genius:

  Your brain has billions of cells


KEY 1: First is believing

First Step: Believe you can

Believe you can… because you can.

Your mind will give you the life you want. You will overcome any challenge, get rich or be happier.

  • You can get skilled.
  • You can be a world leader.
  • You can be insanely intelligent.

You can get whatever you want.

With your billions of cells you have no limits. You can resolve problems, achieve big goals or make scientific discoveries… your brain will give you everything.

The only obstacle to becoming a genius is your limiting belief.

But it´s proven that you can achieve what you want. How many good ideas did you have in your life?

So if you had one you can have more!

If you have one idea you can have many more

You only must repeat the process. You have the potential.

But you must want it.

It´s the essential condition.

So don´t let the daily bombardment of “Don´t think,” “It´s others guilt,” or “Relax because you deserved it,” affect you.

You are a genius. First know you have no limits.

Once you convince yourself that your mind has the same cells than Einstein, you will do the connections. Ideas will come.

You will develop a sixth sense to see opportunities where others don´t. And so you will achieve objectives fast. More friends, more finished projects, more money, or more of what you choose...

But remember the key: thinking you can.


Because the cells are there. You only have to make the connections. Your brain can give you anything, but you must desire it strongly.

So get excited about your new future to activate those billions of cells.

If you try, also your subconscious and superconscious mind will work for you. New connections even while you sleep.

And the next day you will make “lucky” moves.

So pursue big dreams. Pursue them only to see you can.

And in the way you will discover greater benefits than your initial goal.

The Trick to Get It All

First answer this question.

Do you struggle at work without results?

The other day I had the day… you know… one of those days…

I starved due to an interrupted breakfast full of telephone calls… then fires to extinguish… and more urgencies…

Nothing went right. Nothing!

It sounds you. The car didn´t start because of low battery. Then the mobile phone broke in the middle of a vital call. And two urgencies with the two biggest clients that couldn´t wait…

But then I thought about ups and downs. They come also in successful times.

They are inevitable.

You have a good day… but the next is absolute stress.

And the next is worse.

But suddenly, the fourth day thanks to persevering you accomplish something great. And you are stronger after overcoming that previous day.

And a glorious week arrives. A big project finished, more money coming in, and that feeling of people subtly noticing you are the leader.

So please…

Always stand up!

Geniuses are geniuses because when they fall they stand up.

So if you suffer 1.000 setbacks stand up 1.000 times.

Imagine you are having a difficult week. Nothing worked?

Don´t give up.

Never let the day eat you.

Continue doing it the best you can, even if you don´t see results.

Believe me: the money or whatever you search will come.

Desire it strongly to make your brain connections

It´s a universal law, the good you do will return. And increased.

So do it the best you can. Be excellent whatever happens.

Because it´s for you.

Fight for your career, your business and your personal life. Be the best.

Set first attainable objectives. All geniuses begin small.

And then set more difficult goals. Your new inertia will achieve them. And setbacks will be only... setbacks.

If you follow only one advice in your life it should be this: never give up.

“Never, never, never give up,” like Winston Churchill said. And he knew something about winning.

So don´t waste your future giving up. Don´t lose the opportunity of making your life a great life. The future is yours if you never surrender.

Make your dreams true by not giving up. NEVER.

When you persevere you will also know why you are here and what to do with your life. A strange and powerful clarity will appear.

Then all will have sense. And good-bye failure.

And while you persevere take care of this:

The Trap of the “advice from friends”

Beware the dream thieves.

Remember being a child an imagining all the time? Children have the skill of dreaming big goals. But then they change and lose that spark.

So be different.

To be a genius maintain your enthusiasm

whatever they say.

Get politely away from friends that don´t support change in your life.

Because many will get envious. Your motivation will condemn them. Since they don´t have it they will fear your changes. And they will subtly attack your attempts.

Take care because this dream thieves can be friends, teachers or close relatives.

And they aren´t bad persons. But the can do much pain. Since they lost their own dreams their negative attitude can destroy your plans.

So protect yourself. Never let them influence your thoughts. And take care because they will do it discretely. They will infect you with their negative energy slowly. With a commentary here and a sentence there.

But a commentary here and a sentence there is very dangerous.

This doesn´t mean you can´t share your dreams with others, because a good thing about dreams is sharing them. But avoid thieves. Only seek the company of creators, the positive ones.

The people near you will change your life in one direction or another.

Go with the pessimistic ones and they will drag you to their hell.

But go with supporting persons and your dreams will come true.

So from now on follow only the advice of successful people. Copy their actions. Simply copy. If you can´t meet them personally read their books. Don´t wait anymore.

So again, your 1st key to turn into a genius is:

Believe you can… because you can.

Get excited about your new future

And if you have doubts, help yourself with the “Technique Of The Actor .”

Let me ask you a question:

Do you dare to act like your hero?

Disciplining yourself will be easy if you are your hero. People solved the most difficult situations once they see themselves in a movie.

Yes, a movie.

Many people couldn´t break an addiction. Their fear was too big. Speaking in public or building a big project was too imposing.

But everything changed once they sat down and imagined what the hero would do. And the more they saw that hero, the easier came the solution.

So do you dare to improve playing your own hero?

  • Imagine you a superstar that wakes up 90 minutes earlier.
  • Imagine you the hero that eats less and steals time to TV for bigger things.
  • Imagine you as the millionaire entrepreneur that manages his time better and builds his own business.

If you play a role, energy appears automatically. You are in a movie. And you go for bigger targets.

So simply copy.

Copy that perseverant cowboy, Chinese strategist or football player.

-How would you think?

-How would you act?

-What projects would you attack?

Immerse in that movie and you will gain the same power as the hero. If you see you as your favorite star, you will enter a state of “I can achieve it all.” And this is what will happen.

Do like good actors that don´t seem to act because they see themselves as their role model. Think constantly in the movie yourr life is. Your brain will obey your nervous system even if what you see is imagined.

Pursue big dreams and you will achieve many more

Several scientific tests demonstrate how people imagining a movement (without training), beat people who trained that movement physically without visualizing it.

That´s why top golf players also visualize their match.

That´s why Olympic gold winners see the detailed race before the victory. (Many even confessed after winning that they couldn´t recognize if the moment was true or imagined.)

So be the hero in the movie. Use the actor inside you.

You can choose the role you want.

The redeemed hero who changes his life thanks to exercise...

The smart detective who discovers the traps...

The entrepreneur who builds an empire...

Or the snake charmer who wins allies...

You are in a movie. And it´s not a joke.




KEY 2: The Error You Won´t Do Designing Your Future

2nd Key: The error everybody does designing his future

There are people who postpone systematically the important tasks and mortgage their future. But short term they feel good…

There are people that feel uncomfortable in a social act and decide not to go losing a world of opportunities. But short term they feel good…

There are people who need to smoke even if they are killing themselves. But short term they feel good…

There are persons who overeat despite playing with their health. But again: short term they feel good.

It´s the short-term trap.

People want to escape from a grey life, but fall into that trap. And they repeat bad habits despite the mortal danger.

And since they only seek being comfortably in the moment, they lose a brilliant future. It´s like jumping from a skyscraper, one meter before the ground you are still well…

But your possibilities are endless.

  • You can quit smoking.
  • You can overcome your biggest addiction.
  • You can eat less to be healthier.
  • You can think more to be smarter.
  • You can avoid procrastination and finish your biggest goal in 5 weeks…

But since short term isn´t comfortable many continue with their bad habit.

Think long term

And results couldn´t be worse.

Because if you look short term you will never have energy and be in a good-looking shape.

If you look short term you will never wake up early and boost your productivity. If you look short term you will never stop watching TV and build your dreams.

But short term kills.

People repeat bad habits despite their mortal danger

So are you going to be a slave of junk food, procrastination and fear the rest of your life?

Will you let cigarettes, lack of concentration and stress take the best of you?

Will you let bad habits kill your dreamed lifestyle?

Will you make success difficult?

Think: how many people you know feel good about themselves?

Not many.

Most want to feel good in the short term and have habits that, despite the results (bad results), made them feel good short term.

But to avoid disk detect YOUR #1 ENEMY

And your #1 Enemy is staying “at home.”

Do you know why you continue with your bad habits?

Because it´s like being at home.

And nothing like home, sweet home.

Don´t let bad habits kill your dreamed lifestyle

Everybody speaks about how wonderful it is if you stay at home. Advertising bombards you with the warmth of not trying something new. You deserve it! And your friends and co-workers also say that nothing like the old way…

But they lie.

Your home can be a horrible place. Even if you feel secure.

Your home can be a prison of laziness.

So is your actual home your final personality or is it a fragile construction that prevents you from growing?

Because many people build their personal philosophy like their home, to protect themselves from the world. And they are in such a hurry to hide themselves, that they build that house too poorly.

But to succeed you must move to another home.

It´s challenging at the beginning. We think that successful people achieved it without pain. And media also makes big business with cases of people taking advantage of shortcuts of the system.

But no.

They don´t tell the whole story.

You must escape from your comfort zone.

John Lennon or Einstein didn´t stay comfortably in their old home. They went out so much as necessary to develop their talent.

Despite being crushed by his teachers Einstein didn´t stay at home.

And the Beatles continue trying after being rejected by all the record labels.

But now the good news:

After the initial effort of moving to a new home, your new habits will make everything easy. And you will succeed.

I realized years ago that I had to move to another home.

My habits turned my life into a disaster and I needed a better neighborhood.

But the moment I moved from my comfortable home and changed habits, everything improved.

I changed my food and the food of my brain with good books and new friends.

And I moved to that new house little by little. One step at a time I changed old habits with new ones.

And success came.

If it don´t gives results instantly you are in the right track

So to move to a better home FIRST decide where you want to go. Be ambitious. And from there design the master plan of your new house.

But beware. Since you were a child they spoke to you about limitations:

“Nothing like the old way,”

“Nothing like home…”

So better know the truth, nothing big is achieved comfortably at home.

But once you move you will only find abundance. All who moved succeeded.

KEY 3: Avoid the Mental Strike

Did you know there is an invisible trap called “mental strike”?

I´m sure you have those moments… despite your efforts nothing works.

“I´m tired of struggling for nothing!” you say.

But don´t quit.

Please don´t quit.

3rd Key: How to eliminate your mental strike

This is your most important moment.

You will go very far if you continue despite not seeing improvements. In those moments where you persevere without results, you are progressing more than ever.

You aren´t stuck. It´s the process. Progress is not lineal. You try something, you get some victory, you get more skilled, your mind is in full power mode… but suddenly nothing clicks.

You are not stuck. Progress is not lineal

Time for your brain to get organized. There comes a time where even after complete days of work, you can´t take off.

It´s the mental strike. And you think you are stuck.

And you get demoralized.

But you are doing great if you continue in the storm.

Getting results will be a matter of days. So overcome the mental strike. Life consists of ups and downs. And there is a reason: you need to reassemble the new pieces. It´s part of the process.

Most people quit because they don´t see improvements during this reassembling time. But better for you.

Persevere and you will eliminate all your competitors

So simply recognize that when things don´t click it´s your mind organizing the pieces of information.

And you will eliminate all your competitors if you persevere in that moment.

If you continue in the storm you will get results

So be smarter. You are getting wiser and stronger if you persist. You are creating deep roots for your skills. You are progressing much more than beginners who got their first victory but abandoned after an obstacle. You are at a higher level. Refining the refinement.

You are in the necessary bump to reassemble the new pieces.

Other times you will slow down instead of getting stuck.

But you are also progressing.

If you go from 300 km/hour to 120 km/hour you think you fail. But you are still progressing. It´s a recovering period. (And people will still see you at 300 km/hour).

Understand that getting stuck is part of success. First victories will boost your morale, but then reassembling moments will come. You will even lose easy games you didn’t lose before.

But it´s your mind reorganizing your skills. Your motor is full throttle.

So persevere if you are stuck, because you are accumulating knowledge. And mental power.

Persevere and you will eliminate all your competitors

Only the good ones continue after getting stuck. So persist in your goal and you will succeed.




KEY 4: How to get tons of discipline to achieve your big goal

4th Key: Adopt very new habit you need

You must know something.

Your bad habits are not inherited. Nobody was born as a procrastinator. Nobody was born eating compulsively. Nobody was born with fear to achieve their goal.

Your indiscipline of today is a learned behavior. It´s not a natural way of acting.

People were taught to accept authority to give up their personal power. So someone (envious) said you hadn´t enough self-discipline and now you think you can´t change.

Avoid that trap.

You are much better. You can become more intelligent. You can persevere much more.

If you decide to reach your biggest goals, you can. You can program your mind to be self-disciplined.

You choose. And you can choose to achieve everything.


…you can also choose indiscipline.

Choosing self-discipline is as easy as choosing indiscipline

You can choose temptations. It´s easy to see your important project and say “Today I will rest. But tomorrow… tomorrow will be a great day.”

Or you can choose a big business. It´s easy. But it´s also easy staying at home.

Or you can take a first step to make new relations. But you can also stay comfortably at home.

Or you can avoid interruptions. But you can accept that coffee-break.

So decide well. This is the hidden cause of your indiscipline. But once you know the cause, 50% of your problem is solved.

So choose better.

Choose discipline and you will always choose right. Always.

If you choose right you will turn an obstacle into a discipline builder.

Everyone can eliminate their bad habits… and also “become intelligent.” You can change your life. I mean really make something big. But therefore forget trendy New Year’s resolutions.

To be a super achiever begin with discipline. Begin choosing well. For example: To live your biggest dream simply begin today making your bed. To reach the highest mental pleasures simply begin today planning and thinking 15 minutes.

With little daily movements you will be strong in the temptation and choose well. And so you will conquer all your goals. Every day a little effort until it becomes a habit. No big movements.

Plan 15 minutes daily and you will enjoy it

Nothing will be the same after internalizing your daily 30-minutes run, your 30-minutes of daily writing, or your 30-minutes of planning. In some months with this habits, you will aspire to all.

And the admiration of others will be secondary…

Little steps better then Big movements

Imagine: from living overwhelmed to live a full life. From a grey environment, to travel the world visiting your office in New York, London, and Melbourne (and in your own plane.) From worrying, to meditate and find the sense in your life.

Self Discipline. This is the key

With self-discipline you can go from the worse neighborhood to make big deals with three-piece-suited executives.

You will feel great. You will win self-confidence for higher goals. You will be the person that makes others turn around subtly when they notice you.

Imagine living the life you choose. With self-discipline everything is possible. The life you choose and the people you choose.

One extra benefit of discipline

I´ve studied success. I´ve analyzed what do you need to get a better business, set goals, make money, overcome negativity, succeed as an entrepreneur, lose weight, win friends, or increase productivity.

Pursue your biggest goals

This is part of what you can achieve with self-discipline. Some of this in the very short term::

  • Win more money (with the same hours working)
  • Learn to say “No”
  • Stop overeating
  • Get organized
  • Sleep well
  • Control your anger
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop postponing
  • Set priorities
  • Build a personal brand
  • Stop hurting yourself blaming others
  • Stop drinking
  • Stop falling in gossip and envy-traps
  • Plan more
  • Save time
  • Elimínate preoccupation
  • Finish the big projects you now see as impossible
  • Save money

Everybody who has a good career said that the key to achieving their big goal was self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the real power. Other skills like reading, planning or concentrating will come automatically with self-discipline.

KEY 5: The Key Of Successful People

Know exactly what you want in life

Do you know the underlying template of successful people


Ok. Now that thing of having goals…

You´ve heard it hundred times. A classic chapter in self-improvement.

But it continues outperforming every other skill.

The old fashioned having goals works.

Successful people follow an underlying template: goals. Simply having them. So do the same.

Don´t try to be original.

Only goals will save you.

Even if you work in the worse place or hate your personal relations. Design your goals and an emerging force will solve any obstacle.

If life isn´t as you like, do you know who is responsible?

You and your lack of goals.

So don´t fall into the trap of blaming others. Your neighbors, the politicians, or you mean colleagues aren´t the enemy. The only who can get up off the chair and act is YOU with your inspiring goals.

And now let me ask you the vital question.

5th Key: Ask the vital question

Are you committed to change your life? Or is it only an idea?

If you think in the classic I-will-do-that- thing-of-designing-my goals-when-I-have-more-time, change your mind. You need something more solid. Something to remain strong in the storm.

And therefore you need big objectives.

But it must be your objectives, never those of others.

Forget the sales targets of your company. Only with your own financial and personal goals you will change your life.

Forget the advice from friends and family

With specific objectives you will have an edge over everybody, because people never use the power of goals. (Your competitors won´t be so motivated to progress because they don´t have big goals.)

But this won´t happen to you. Since the secret of life is loving what you do, if you have targets to push you up you will have a reason to live. Getting closer to your goals will give you energy.

And better, you will enjoy the moment. No more upsets, all that happens (even the obstacles) will serve to your goals.

So every minute you invest in thinking on the health, home, travels, entrepreneurial conquests or relations you want, will charge your batteries.

Goals are your fuel.

2 Extra Tips To Achieve Your Goals

I found 2 Secrets to achieve my objectives 8 years ago. I was astonished by their power.

And you will too. But first a question:

Do you agonize every day returning home from a job you hate?

I was there. I remember my desperation in a painful $7 per hour job in a grey office. How could I escape from that nightmare? Was still hope for me?

And after one terrible day struggling without results it happened. I decided to find out the key to succeed. I would find it or die.

So with my last not canceled credit card, I bought all productivity and improvement books I could.

And in my few free time and weekends I read them. It was not easy! But I continued.

What did successful people differently? I asked myself permanently. There had to be a key.

And I found some advice more effective than other.

Until I found the real difference. I found the 2 Keys to succeed.

And thanks to them I began to produce more and take wiser decisions.

And surprise, surprise…

I finished my 2 biggest projects.

I began to earn a more. Some dollars here and an extra earning there. And I kept growing. And my money also.

Because I had the 2 keys. And the #1 key was:

Establish priorities… and posteriorities!

Unimportant tasks grow and turn into an avalanche. So forget them. Even if they look easy. Don´t let them seduce you.

Dedicate only to your most important task until you finish it. This is what high achievers do.

I think you´ve heard this before. The question is… what´s the system to do the important things... consistently?

And here comes the 2nd key, the way to achieve BIG goals is:


I will explain you...

KAIZEN is the skill to improve CONTINUOUSLY your life and produce more. So that even in the bad days you progress.

Every day closer to your goals and more skilled. With KAIZEN you improve your life fast. No matter what happens, every day is a big advance.

Every day you are more productive.

Every day you make better contacts.

Every day you get more self-confident.

Every day you win more money.

Try it and in less than 3 weeks your growth will be insane.

And without effort.

KAIZEN will be your guide, you will know what to do and what not. With whom to deal and with whom not.

But take care: KAIZEN will improve your life continuously. But there is a wrong way to do it. For example “Trying to do everything” is a disaster that is slowing your life down.

These last 2 keys are not for all. They are designed only for the ones who seek a serious system to achieve great projects and overtake competitors. There you will also discover how Kaizen will change your life.

If you search a system to sit comfortably and do NOTHING, this isn´t for you.

Do nothing and you will get nothing.

But if you want to take action, once you use this advice your business or career will boost. And then it will run by itself like a clock.

Will you do whatever necessary to achieve your dreams


With these 5 Keys you will achieve what you want. You can turn into a genius if you persist.

The 5 Steps to become a genius

KEY 1: BELIEVE in yourself

KEY 2: Think always LONG-TERM


KEY 4: Design BIG GOALS (very specific for YOU)

KEY 5: Use KAIZEN: Take little steps, but every day

Begin today to use these keys. Plan a bigger future. For example design an ambitious plan to duplicate your knowledge and vocabulary in six months.

Or try to duplicate your friends.

Or your earnings.

Make it big. Your mind can give you all if you think it´s possible.

You can program yourself for every goal you want. No idea appeared “by luck.” So take advantage of your billions of cells!

Because you can turn into a genius.


How to Discipline Yourself (The Definitive Guideline)

Do you want to know how to discipline yourself?

I know how you feel...

It's early in the morning and you can't wake up....

You have to begin that big project but you check your mail…

You must say something important but you procrastinate it...

And then that permanent voice "Don't do it, it's difficult..."

You want to know how to have more self discipline and motivation.

Ok, this is what you must know:

Nobody escapes from that feeling.

But you can solve your indiscipline problem once you are aware that the enemy is inside you.

And now the best part:

I will give you 17 ways to escape from failure. So you will have all the self discipline rules you need.

Each one can give you an iron character. And up to that moment you will achieve all your goals.

[ctt template="10" link="7gC8M" via="yes" ]People don't know their potential. They could discipline themselves to live the life they want. They could escape from the worse social circle or job.[/ctt]

But instead of this, they focus on what they don't have.

But if you know the right method and adapt it to your personality, you will stop procrastinating, eating too much or being unproductive.

You will benefit from all the advantages of self discipline.

You will achieve whatever you want.

Here are those 17 methods. You will find one for you.

Method 1: 3 Minutes To Eliminate Procrastination

Discipline is starting. That's the secret.

A violin teacher had the best method to practice. She told her students to only practice three minutes. Not an hour like other teachers preached. And the results were incredible. No student procrastinated because three minutes were easy.

"Three minutes and it's over," the students said. But once they opened the box with the violin and they sat down, they began to practice one minute more. It was easy to continue. Let's practice five minutes more!

And then 5 minutes more.

And some days they practiced 90 minutes...

So they practiced more than all the students who wanted to do the big training but finally procrastinated.

The key to discipline is starting.

A small step is the best way to win any skill: having self-confidence, doing exercise, or playing the violin.

Another case: imagine that bad day where you don't feel well. So try to smile. Only three minutes. Or only one minute. Smiling means feeling well, it's impossible to feel bad if you smile. And the key is again: do it only during a minute.

(People think they need money or good news to feel well. Only then they will smile. But being happy is as easy as smiling some seconds and internalizing automatically that they are happy.)

So how can you benefit more from this method? How about attacking your big project or being more confident? 3 minutes is all you need. Once you start it's easy to continue.

Beginning your most important project is as easy as doing one movement. 3 minutes will do more than any expensive plan. 3 minutes is the only thing you need to boost your life.

-->Try it now. Right now.

Try to smile during 3minutes and your day will change.If you feel bad and need to concentrate, use the 3 minutes technique.

If you are in a meeting say one sentence to break the ice, a variation of the 3 minutes technique. Another variation is making a call to begin a big task. Many days you will see that continuing is easy. And there you have it.

The 3 minutes technique works for everything. So reserve 3 daily minutes to begin your stretching table, play the violin, or build your own business.

Beginning is everything.

Starting is magic. Once you begin you will achieve momentum and go on.

If you simply start you will differentiate from procrastinators. A little step is the key that 90% of people never take.

Method 2: Goals. Simply goals

Your best motivator to take action is always having goals.

You've heard it thousand times. Okay, now this thing about goals...

But it works.

Successful people follow the old solid rule of having goals. Do like them. You can hate your work and your social circle, but the only way to escape is having goals. Once you know what you want, you will find an energy that will take you wherever you want.

Life isn't as you like?Have goals.

Don't blame your friends, your enemies, or the president of your country. They can be awful people. But they won´t stop you if you have clear goals.

Without goals changing your life, will be only a wish. To make changes you need goals. So sit down, take five minutes and write what you want.

This is not something you can do "when you have time." You need a motor. And this is having clear targets. It's the only way to overcome obstacles. It's the only way to change the job you hate.

Without goals every obstacle will be a great obstacle.

With goals you will achieve the personal and business life you want.

Most people don't have goals. They think they simply have no time for them, so they lose their day in secondary tasks. But you need a big goal. You need passion.

Having goals doesn't mean you will achieve it in one month, no. But taking a daily step towards your target will make you happy. Every day will be a good day if it serves to your goals.

Happiness is this doing something for your health, business, or the relations you want.

Method 3: The Movie. The Life You Really Want

Dare to act like the hero of the movie.

Simply imitate.

[clickToTweet tweet="If you want to quit overeating, speaking in public, or having a better job, the more you visualize it, the better." quote="If you want to quit overeating, speaking in public, or having a better job, imagine what the hero of the movie would do. The more you visualize it, the better."]

So simply copy:

-Be like the entrepreneur of that movie to be more persistent.

-Copy that cowboy to be more confident.

-Copy someone you admire to wake one hour earlier, eat less, or finish a task. How would she manage your business?

Once you play a role an automatic energy appears.

From now on think like you were that great football player when you play football.

Think like you were the secret agent to be more confident.

Or think you were that Japanese strategist to become smarter.

How do they act and concentrate? Absorb your hero and you will have his power. Once you see yourself in the movie you will find a way.

Good actors are good actors because they internalize their role model. So be like them. Your mind is programmable. Think and feel like your hero.

There are numerous experiments that demonstrate how persons who imagined a winning movement even without training, beat people who trained physically. Many athletes recognized they couldn't differentiate if their winning race was true or imagined.

That's why top tennis players or golfers visualize the winning movement's first.

That's how battles are won.

So use the actor inside you. Simply choose the role you want to play.

Life is a theatre. Who do you want to be?

The cool guy who detects lies, the snake charmer that wins people or the successful entrepreneur?

Copy the hero of the movie.

Dare to act like the hero of the movie. Simply imitate

Method 4: Do The Contrary Of What They Say

The worse error you can do is not trying to get disciplined because someone told you that achieving results "isn´t for you."


Everything is possible if you try.

Especially if they say it´s hard.

Do the contrary of what they say. Especially if they say it´s hard.

People don´t know that it only takes a step to begining something big.

You would be surprised if you try to work 10 extra minutes or wake up 10 minutes earlier. It won´t cost you so much. And you will internalize a great new habit fast.

Most people fail because they simply don´t take the critical first step to pursue their goals. They say "Tomorrow I will begin." But they don´t know that it´s much easier then it seems.

In small steps everything is possible.

Method 5: Find The ROOT Of Why You Got Undisciplined

When you grew up, you imitated others. But you also imitated their bad habits.

Perhaps you saw how many escaped from work and procrastinated and felt better in the short term...

Perhaps you saw how smart people, with clever sentences and good style, said that working hard was for losers.

Perhaps you saw someone spending a lot of money and saying he was happy...

Perhaps you heard that TV was perfect to relax...

You weren't born procrastinating, desiring fast food or accepting interruptions. Your indiscipline is the product of copying the wrong people.

False assumptions produced bad habits.

And now you think those habits are even trendy: "This is my personality. So am I."

But no. You are much better.

Your life can't be a collection of ups and downs. Your life can't be days full of urgencies. So to stop this find the root of your indiscipline.

Find the root to breaking a bad habit

Who was the wrong person you imitated?

If you know your enemy you will beat him. So back engineer to the day where you thought it was the best movement. Look at your bad habits and ask: "Who did I saw with this habit?"

Method 6: You Are More Disciplined Than What They Told You

A little girl, something overweight, was called "fatty girl". She had no friends, so it had to be true. Today she does all the necessary to overeat and continue overweight.

Another child escaped from an unfair punishment from his teacher thanks to a lie. Today he repeats that strategy. Today he is a compulsive liar.

One girl was too active at school. This stressed her teacher. So the teacher said to her in front of the classmates: "Please don't think so much!" Today she continues relaxed. "Thinking is not for me," she says. Today she takes the worse decisions.

Lack of discipline goes hand-in-hand with false beliefs. People have at first good intentions, but a false vision condemns them. A negative comment from someone respected or a lie that went well, and they fell into the trap.

Many persons believe they won´t win more being productive. Giving their best is not in their best interest.

And they jump from low paid job to low paid job.

No progress.

And then they blame others.

Society owes them money and time to relax. And meanwhile they lose their life watching TV. If they have a problem they will go to a psychologist. But stress will stay the same.

Wouldn´t it be much easier changing their thoughts about what they saw?

The solution is this: You are not what they told you.

Eliminate false beliefs realizing you are not what they told you

Method 7: The Popular Guy From School

Do you remember the days where the popular boy of the school smoked?

"I also want to be the cool guy," said everybody. They didn't enjoy the cigarette, but they wanted to belong to the aristocracy of smokers. "I smoke, so I'm cool."

Later smoking and feeling well was so deep in their brain that they got addicted. The "I feel good" cigarette was a must.

Then years passed and they saw a friend dying from cancer. They also heard about someone with emphysema. So they said: "Tomorrow I must quit smoking." But the habit was too strong.

Never follow someone with bad habits. He isn't cool.

He is stupid.

Never follow someone with bad habits. He isn't cool.

Method 8: That Dangerous Well-Being

A Hamburger after a stressful situation helped you...

Procrastinating that key project also relieved you...

Watching TV in spite of doing exercise was easier...

But now you need to eat more and relax more to feel well. It's the only option.

And meanwhile a powerful advertisement industry makes billions with products to relief you:

Eat that candy!

Take a vacation!

You deserve it!

But those reliefs reduce your possibilities. And worse, you get addicted to additional bad habits. Because:

-A beer means a cigarette...

-An additional cookie means a coffee...

-An extra day of holiday leads to overeating...

Dangerous associations.

So the solution is making your reliefs gradually shorter.

Resist that Donut.

Insist one minute more with that difficult project.

Always in small steps. So it won´t cost you.

Resist temptation to not get addicted to bad habits

Method 9 (the short one): Laugh

Laugh at your laziness: "Say whatever you want I will achieve my goal."

Laugh at your enemy and you will feel stronger.


Method 10: Ask the Vital Question

Imagine who do you want to be.

Begin from zero. Reset your thoughts. You must ask: "What do I really want to do with my life?"

And then wait.

And listen.

Because an inner voice will guide you.

Every minute you invest hearing yourself is money. Because first thing to do is discovering what you want.

You can't lose years of hard work doing something you don't like.

And once you discover what you want in life, ask the 2nd question:

"Will I do whatever necessary to achieve my dreams?"

Think about this. Because people have dreams, but their problem is they won't do what's necessary to achieve them. They won't give up many things they have to give up.

So do the opposite and ask the questions.

Method 11: Change Your House

People like being at home. Nothing like the old habits. Home sweet home.

But home can be a terrible place if you don't make it better.

You can feel safe in your house, but it can be a prison.

Many years ago I decided to change my neighborhood. I had to move. I was too comfortable in my old habits house. And good thanks I moved. The new house was much better. It took some work to move. But it was my best decision.

But sadly the philosophy of most people is like their old "comfortable" house. It was built to protect them from the world. And they were so anxious to get comfortable that they built a weak home.

So think:

Is your habits house the place to live forever? Or is it a bad construction that protects you from risks but prevents you from growing?

Be ambitious. Where do you want to go? And once you know it, design your new house. To succeed you must build that new habits house with good books, conversations with smart people, and the truth.

And the food of your new house must make your brain faster. Pizza should not be in the kitchen.

You won't build that new house in a day. But do it one step at a time and you will live in a mansion. It's possible.

It will be hard at the beginning. But try it. After the first steps you will love to make more and more improvements in your new house. You will see that all the limitations they told you as a child weren't true. And remember: first the truth.

To change your neighborhood you must first know where you are. Even if you have to recognize that's not the best place.

No shortcuts. Don't fool yourself thinking you will go from earning 900 $ monthly to 1 million.

But the good thing is that once you discipline yourself to change your first bad habits, it will be the same effort than to win one million. It's the same investment.

So once you train yourself bettering little habits, like waking up five minutes earlier or reaching 10 minutes of daily concentration, you will be prepared to win much more.

So start small. One step at a time and building your new house will be easy.

Method 12: The "Go To The Hospital" Method

"I´m tired..."

"I donh´t have money..."

"I hate my job..."

"I don´t have friends..."

Enough of excuses!

Stop whining please.

Most people say: "I want to accomplish my goals but I don't have the skill / contacts / money."

Sorry, but that's not the problem. Most people will use it as an excuse, but not you.

If you think you have problems go to a hospital and take a look.

These are real problems.


-There are Olympic gold winners that trained barefoot.

-There are famous writers that began their writing without inspiration.

-The wealthiest entrepreneurs started with zero money.

They all recognized that adversity helped them. What they had when they began was enough.

So you are in a much better situation than you think.

Otherwise go to your nearest hospital and check if you are lucky or not.

Method 13: The "It´s-not-a-hobby" Mindset

To play in the first leagues you can't train only on weekends.

It's okay if you have a hobby and you want to be good at something for pleasure.

But you can't train in your free time and pursue an Olympic gold medal. You need to repeat DAILY the big movements.

Only when you say "I will do everything that's needed," the universe will give you what you need.

So again: the key to achieve your goals is taking little steps. But DAILY.

To play in the first leagues you can't train only on weekends.

Method 14: Watch Out Self-Sabotage

When you begin with your new discipline, some "well-intentioned" persons will try to sabotage your growth.

Envy is always there. Many people don't like others progressing. You can't do anything about it.

But those people won't be your worst enemy.

The worst enemy will be YOU.

External enemies are nothing against the enemy you have inside. Because your internal enemy is 24 hours there. He is there the seven days of the week. So this is the enemy you must control. This is your biggest influence.

Of course there will be people that will try to lower your determination. But they won't be a problem. The real problem is how you speak to yourself.

If you think on negative results that's what you will get, but if you think positively your enemy will turn into a friend. And then everything will work for you:

  • Your car will never break down in the key moments (the classic problem that pessimists always suffer).
  • Your computer won't crash with an important project inside.
  • When contacting a potential customer you will be in your best mood.
  • And you will meet an old friend that will show you a new source of income.

And it won't be a coincidence. Your subconscious mind will produce it.

Think positive and this will prevent you from any sabotage. Instead of blocking you with fear, it will prepare you to attack something big.

All depends on you. The good things and the bad things. No adversity is caused by others. It's always self-sabotage.

People can attack you only if you let them. Because in the end, it's your mind what controls everything. So you can control in advance what to do and what not to do.

You can beat adversity. You can change "external" situations. It's all within you. If you program that you can, you can. No one can beat someone with a mission.

So turn your inner enemy into your best friend deciding you are going to achieve your goals. Think you will succeed no matter what and your subconscious mind will be your guide.

Method 15: The Fallacy Of "I´m not ambitious"

"Surviving is enough for me," says the average no goal getter.

One moment...

This is the fallacy of "I´m not ambitious." You think you will live better without extra effort. But it´s quite the contrary. Discipline will make your life much easier.

Otherwise you will build a false image where surviving is your only goal.

"I don't need the torture of discipline," think many people. But it's quite the contrary. You will feel much better disciplining yourself! Aren't the best days those where you wake up early and do something for your goals? You are 10 times happier.

The stress of an undone task is superior to not doing it. So realize that being ambitious is good. Ambition will prevent you from procrastination.

You need to reach your goals fast. And the easiest way is thinking on your ambitions.

So think that every morning you have an opportunity to be stronger and you will achieve part of your big goal. You will create a force field so.

It's not that difficult. Simply help you being ambitious in your goals. Self-sabotage only comes when you are negative. But if you think ambitiously you are saying: "I'm going to achieve it."

And then coincidences will happen.

Method 16: Watch The Negativity Trap (always)

Negativity is like a Trojan Horse. It's inside you.

So refuse to think in bad outcomes. Listen only to the good voice.

Come on! It's only a second. Simply say: "Today will be a perfect day."

Changing your words is easy. So from now on no more “If I only could..." You will simply say “I can.” It will be your new lifestyle.

Once you change bad thoughts with positive ones, you will have any skill you want. It´s when you will add 5 extra minutes to a new project, wake up five minutes earlier, or write two extra pages. Slowly but surely.

So stay alerted to beat negativity.

Remember that negative internal thoughts will always attack. But if you are prepared you will simply continue where others get trapped.

Method 17: Get Motivated With The 2nd (and better) Price Of Self-Discipline

You must know that discipline will give you 2 prizes:

1) Physical results. Money, a better partner, a better career... Whatever you want.

2) But the second, and much better, is the new character you will win.The "I'm the best" mindset.

A new self-confidence that will push you to higher goals. Simply this will open you many doors.

Once you decide to be disciplined you reach the best version of yourself. And it's contagious. It´s like multiplying your efforts.

You will discover opportunities that otherwise would be hidden.

With discipline, material prizes will come sooner or later. They will reward you with health, money or whatever you pursue. It's when you will hear: "What a luck, in her position I could do the same." But you will know that it's not luck. You will laugh.

But look:

It's not about your results.

It's not what people envy.


The big reward will be having total control.

-It's knowing that you can choose your thoughts and be the best person in the key moments.

-It's knowing that everything depends on you.

-It's knowing that if you were poor, you could achieve it again.

You won't need an MBA, or more contacts or a better job. You have everything inside. You have the power.


You weren´t born with good or bad skills.

You will be successful simply being self disciplined. So choose one of the 17 methods I showed you. Choose the one or the ones that fits you better. You will enjoy results from the first moment.

But the best won't be the money, the best will be feeling confident and your new opportunities.

If you tired of struggling and need good habits, here is a proven system to achieve them fast.

You have all the potential.

You are much better than you think. If you are seeing this you are different from 90% of persons who will never take action.

Many people in your situation succeeded with the methods I gave you. And you will too. At least you will be 3 times more productive and much smarter.

Once you find the right method for your personality, you have the solution. And your new self discipline will last forever.

What do you think about these techniques? Can one of them serve you? I’d like to hear what you have to say. Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Feeling Overwhelmed

12 Tips to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed?

Do you have more to do - and less and less hours?

How to stop feeling overwhelmed in life

I’m going to reveal how to eliminate your feeling of overwhelming.

And I've been there, so I will give you the right solution.

It’s the same strategies I used with dozens of clientes ot stop feeling overwhelmed.

Now you feel overwhelmed because you have too many tasks. You feel you can’t handle the circumstances. This collapses your brain and prevents you from being productive.

And you complain: "I should, I should, I should... !"

And it can go worse causing breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, or headaches.

So enough of being prisoner of overwhelming!

If you’re a chronic “non-finisher,” you will discover how to change that. Just imagine how it would feel to:

  • Eliminate your stress
  • Get organized
  • Sleep better

First good news for you. Overwhelming is not related to your volume of work. It’s simply knowing how to order your mind.

So if you want to stop your stress and become productive, you’ll love this guide. I will give you 12 ways to eliminate your feeling of overwhelming. Perhaps only one will change your life.

So without further ado, let’s do it!

1. Ask yourself is this so important?

Have clarity.

This will make your life 10 times better.

Perhaps now you are doing too much work just to empty the space.

And worse, you are doing things that don’t serve.

Too many tasks in your mind. So change your multitasking mindset.

First ask yourself…

What your passion?

If you do things just for the sake of doing things, you will get frustrated.

I know you´ve heard this thing about pursuing your passion, but first you must know what you want in life -even if you aren’t working on your dream job now-.

Because only knowing where you want to go you will stop doing unnecessary work.

And then you will do one of the most important things:

Letting secondary tasks undone.

Because doing them means not doing the important things.

So make an inventory of your life. Do you really need to better your tennis skills? Or is it just to brag in front of your friends?

  • Do you really need to finish that study?
  • Do you really need to write that document so perfect?
  • Do you really need to check Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat?


You don’t need to do MANY things you do now.

Life is short. So better say no.

And don’t feel wilted. You will feel much better.

So change your multitasking mindset.  Whenever you do something that doesn't contribute to your long-term goal, throw it away.

You will get surprised by the difference of not checking your phone or quitting unnecessary projects.

So from now on ask yourself before every task: does this contribute to my long-term goal?

2. Don’t be a people pleaser

Are you a people pleaser?

I know it’s hard to say NO.

But if you say YES to everyone you won’t achieve your goals.


When was the last time you did something for your dream?

If you are overwhelmed, you have to learn to say NO. And this means saying NO to many people -including your boss -.

So ask yourself: what are your TOP priorities?

Hint: they are no more than 3. (Yet better strive for only one priority.)

And then say NO to at least 80% of people that don’t contribute to it.

It will be hard at first, but your life will stop being after this.

You can become what you want in life. But only if you pursue your main goal. And therefore you must say NO to interruptions, people who want to gossip, and unnecessary projects.

3. Eliminate perfectionism

Perfectionism can be your worst enemy.

And without you even noticing it.

The problem is that since you were a child you were told to be perfect.

Big nonsense.

Because there are thousands of things you don’t need to do perfectly.

You are losing a lot of time trying to do perfectwhat only has to be done.

So stop stressing yourself thinking that you must do things well.

  • You don’t need to write the best emails…
  • You don’t need to complete many tasks...
  • You don’t need to say the perfect words always…

Perfection doesn’t exist. It’s only an illusion in our mind.

If still in doubt think that people don't expect you to be perfect. And if they expect you it’s a shield to protect themselves. Those persons are the most inefficient ones. They will always speak about ethics and perfection to hide their stupidity (and low productivity).

I’m not a perfectionist. But I was in the past. Yet the moment I let it go, I began to finish a lot of projects.

Then I wrote more.

And I made more imperfect videos.

I produced more!

And they were perfect enough!

4. Inspiration is for amateurs.

Don’t depend on inspiration.

You can wake up every morning smiling. Perfect. But do it for you, only to feel well.

But understand that to achieve your dreams, you need a system. You can’t wait for inspiration.

And this is what you must do to achieve your objectives:

Focus two hours every morning on your most important project.

Cut down interruptions.

Plan in advance, you will save dozens of hours every month so.

Nothing to do with inspiration.

So please don’t wait for inspiration.

Inspiration is a trap.

Because life is ups and downs. Chinese philosophy knows it well with its Yin and Yang.

Everything can’t go permanently up. The sooner you understand this, the less overwhelmed you will be. So don’t wait for inspiration. Follow a system that works despite your mood.

But don’t be a fool. Try to be happy. Be nice to others.


And meanwhile expect that would ideas and good days will come. But under the radar you have your system to be productive even with a collapsed brain or an awful week.

So accept your lack of inspiration. You are not special, everybody has bad moments.

5. The old fashioned “take a break” still works

There are times where you will have to stop.

The classic “taking a break” always works.

There is a flow of energy, and this is not spiritual fluff fluff. There are moments where nothing works. Accept it.

Yet sadly it’s easy expecting too much from yourself. (Otherwise you wouldn’t read this). But don’t drive your car without petrol. You need to rest.

Because think on those days full of tasks. Nothing worked. The more you tried the worse.

So take a break.

In the bad moments the best move is quitting and relaxing. It can be 15 minutes, one hour, or a complete day.

You aren’t inefficient if you abandon.

Because your brain needs its time to realign the thoughts. It’s a high-technology machine that needs maintenance.

One good way of taking a break is rewarding yourself. Whenever you finish something make a pause and breathe deeply. And if you finish something big take a one-day vacation. Design your own system to take a break.

And please, get your hours of sleep. Whether you need 8 or 6 hours, take care of your brain.

In addition, here are 3 extra tips to take more breaks:

Don’t be constantly connected to the news, Twitter, your phone, or whatever digital system you use. We aren’t so important. If you really want to make a difference in life, do as if the world can go on without you.

When you take a break let your imagination go free. Don’t read the newspaper or surf the Internet.

Whenever you can’t get out of your head a bad response from a friend or a frustrated attempt to achieve a better job, simply kill your mental chatter with a command. STOP! Do it 10 times in a row if necessary.

6. You’ve felt this before

Think about the last time you felt overwhelmed. Was it really as bad as you thought?

Or it was simply an internal monster you were creating?

The truth please.

It was everything in your head. Because you choose. You choose to feel good or bad. Scratch a little in your past and you will see that everything depended on you. With a positive mindset you went far, but the days you felt negative you went nowhere.

So learn from those past experiences to not suffer the same problems again.

And the key is simply realizing that every experience is priceless. And the bad ones will teach you much more.

So embrace the feeling of stress.  Don’t try to suppress it artificially. Simply think it’s a normal situation. It will pass and you will get smarter.

And richer.

It’s only emotions. And you CAN control your emotions.

So whenever you feel overwhelmed, be an observer. It wasn’t the first time.

We always have the same problems. We are not so special as we think. It’s always the same worries and the same remembering of bad past scenes.

So see it as something normal. It was always so.

Once you see that feeling overwhelmed is a natural part of your life, you will conquer any feeling that holds you back.

7. Feel your body (The spiritual solution)

be in the present.

So easy? Simply feeling the present?

Yes. It works.

Try this:

The next time you go to your kitchen to take a coffee simply feel. Stop thinking in the future.

Stop reviewing your past.

Stop hearing music.

You are consumed with what may or may not happen; office politics, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, the money…

Stop the noise!

Focus on your body.

feel your clothes, your hands, and your chest.


This will relax you.

And it will clean your mind to be more productive.

And of course, yoga and meditation will also help you (even done the newbie way).

It exceeds the scope of this article speaking of the benefits of yoga and meditation. But try simply 5 daily minutes of meditation.

You will hear from professionals you need more time.


Only 5 minutes of meditation!

Don’t move for 5 minutes.

Even 5 minutes will work wonders!

Trying to put your mind in blank is efficiency on steroids. Even if you do it wrong (and you will do it many times). You will notice incredible benefits in the long term. Even if all kinds of thoughts interrupt your meditation.

Simply sit alone with your back straight and try not to think.

The benefits will be incredible. And after some time you will enlarge it to 10 or more minutes.

But even only five minutes will change your life.

So easy? Yes, so easy.

8.  Eliminate unrealistic expectations (The X3 Strategy)

We plan wrongly.

It’s always the same, you want this and that and you establish a deadline.

But then you NEVER finish on time.

And it’s not because you are inefficient. You aren’t unproductive. No.

This is because you plan wrongly.

And the key to productivity is planning right.

Yet we are over-optimistic 99% of the time. Because you don’t realize that:

Everything takes 3 TIMES longer

 then what you planned initially.

So whenever you feel overwhelmed because you didn’t reach the deadline, realize it’s because you were too optimistic when planning. (Usually it was an inspired moment were everything seemed bright).

But if you plan well you can change this. I’m sure you’ve heard that “You are too optimistic about what you can achieve in a year, but too pessimistic about what you can achieve in five.”

So therefore use the X3 Strategy.

The X3 Strategy

From now on whenever you plan something, even if you think you took everything into account

 MULTIPLY BY 3 the days you think it will take.


So you will eliminate tons of bad moments of overwhelming.

And finally you will kill the unpredictability that rules your life today.

I insist, it’s about planning right. And it’s as easy as multiplying X3 your initial calculations.

So take the three most important tasks of your to-do list, -those which “never get done,”- and recalculate what it will take multiplying them by three.

You will feel immediately better.

9.  The “Is this really so bad?” strategy

Your problems aren’t as bad as you think.

(If in doubt go to your nearest hospital and take a walk through the waiting rooms.)

One of the easiest ways to stop worrying about your life is doing something nice for someone who is in a worse situation than you. And believe me, you have lots of people around you in a worse situation.

So do something for someone. Give him or her a call. Say how you appreciate something they did in the past.

This is more valuable than money.

Once you begin thinking on others, your problems take another perspective. “Aremy problems really so bad?” you think. And you will feel relieved.

It’s so easy thinking that everyone is in a better situation than you. But no, you are in a very good position.

In fact, if you are reading this, you belong to a chosen minority of 10% of people who want to improve. The best positioned in every field.

So give your energy to others and this energy will go back to you. Multiplied.

It’s something karmic. Don’t ask me why.


10. The old-fashioned “taking action”

Things change fast when you start doing something.

Imagine, you feel overwhelmed with a big project in front of you. You will never finish it! And you begin to paint the worst scenario in your mind.

Enough! Stop thinking. Thinking is good, do it one hour every day.

But the rest of the moments take action.

If you need advice to get self-discipline click here.

Invest 5 minutes in the project that most “oppresses” you. Something small is enough. But never try to do it everything at a time, because then the overwhelming symptoms appear.

Look, a big project is uncontrollable. But don’t let this distract you. You can only focus on one thing at a time.

You are already much better than 90% of people who never tries.

So the key is starting small and building momentum.

And there is a second benefit of acting. In just that moment:

You won’t feel overwhelmed. Because you won’t think.

That’s why you hear that working is good for your health.

The key is always starting small and building momentum. For everything. For your habits and for your productivity.

So think, what big project makes you feel overwhelmed? And then take a small step. Only 5 minutes.

This will change everything.

The moment you think you have too much work, it’s the moment to do little work. Simply 5 minutes attacking your big project.

Everything changes when you start doing something.

The ones that go far aren’t those who attack the big projects like crazy. It’s the ones who attack in small bites.

Because it’s the ones that never surrender.

And they won’t feel overwhelmed, they know they are doing their best and every day they see an improvement.

11. The 5 deep breaths solution. (The fast one)

You can solve tons of problems simply breathing deeply.

When you breathe profoundly your body relaxes immediately. You inject oxygen in your cells and feel relieved.

And it gets better.

In the long term this will prevent cancer, heart attacks, and other diseases.

Try it now! Simply take a deep breath. NOW.

Don’t you feel better?

Your brain in peace and your muscles more relaxed. (Which at the same time calms your brain even more). Feel it.

Everything is also the same benefits as a good diet.

So if you want to benefit from more benefits of breathing ALWAYS, follow this exercise daily:

Take 5 deep breaths 3 times per day.

With 5 deep breaths you will recover your energy. Yet do it 3 times per day and your energy will go to the roof.

Try it now:

  • Breathe in slowly through the nose (3 seconds)
  • Let your belly expanded (3 seconds)
  • Exhale slowly from your mouth  (3 seconds)

Your new breathing exercise will eliminate the feeling of overwhelming and make you much more productive.

And healthy.

12. Your Arsenal of Past Successes

You have an insatiable desire for more. It’s an ancient mechanism of your brain to survive. It’s good so.

But so you don’t appreciate everything you have now.

So turn it around.

Be grateful.

You did more than you think.

And therefore go to your past achievements. Remember

  • that skill you managed
  • or that brilliant sentence you said.

And you will feel immediately better.

The problem is, you’re too busy to get inspired trying to remember past successes.

And therefore you need an


And you have them.

Come on! There are lots of things you did well (otherwise you wouldn’t read this).

Be creative, there were good books you read and good advice you gave to others. Remembering such things will inspire you.

Be grateful for what you have. And therefore make your inventory. Have your ARSENAL OF PAST SUCCESSES.

You must review the things you did well and the good skills you have now.

You need them to continue improving.

And there are many things you did well, believe me.

Your arsenal of past successes is the cool version of a gratitude journal. Yet you don’t need to write that. Simply keep them in mind. And your subconscious will do the rest.

It’s good pursuing big goals, but there are moments where you have to stop and be aware of what you did. It’s an error people do, not remembering the good things.

So if you now don’t remember your past successes, think during five minutes on 3 past achievements. No matter how big or small.

Look in your past and you will find brilliant moments where you passed that test, exercised hard, helped somebody, or make a great joke without trying.

With such an arsenal you will win mental power whenever you need it.


You can stop feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re or stuck with more than you can handle, apply any of those 12 tips. Use the one that fits better in your life:

1. Ask yourself is this so important?

2. Don’t be a people pleaser

3. Eliminate perfectionism

4. Inspiration is for amateurs.

5. The old fashioned “take a break” still works

6. You’ve felt this way before

7. Feel your body (The spiritual solution)

8.  Eliminate unrealistic expectations (The X3 Strategy)

9.  The “Is this really so bad?” strategy

10. The old-fashioned “taking action”

11. The 5 deep breaths solution (the fast one)

12. Your Arsenal of Past Successes

These are inexpensive methods to conquer anxiety and overwhelm. You can pay a lot to coaches and doctors. But they barely scratch the surface of what any of these tools can do.

So from now on be kind to yourself when you’re overwhelmed. Realise it’s normal and you will feel immediately relieved.

You are much better than you think.

And whenever you need help review the tips above. They will calm your nervous system. And by the way, make you more productive.