written by DAVID VALOIS

Maybe you’re not working on what you love.

So take some time to think about it. Take an afternoon off if you have to. And think about whether you’re really following your passion.

Yes, there will be violent thoughts – am I wasting my time? But better to get through it once and for all.

Because then you’ll be better able to deal with those who attack by saying that you should work at a secure job. That “Passion is for others.”

Understand that the main barrier to growth is the desire for security. Most look for the money directly but then get stuck in a job they hate. But they will never develop their potential if they don’t work at what they love.
So if you need ideas to work on your passion follow these 7 keys:
1. Never complain about your situation. adapt!
Once you stop complaining about your job, even if you hate it, you will start finding creative solutions to work on something you love.
You’ll invest your energy in thinking strategically. And you’ll see how your current clients, situations, projects, products and business can teach you how to find the business of your dreams.
2. Look for hidden opportunities
Work with what you have. In your current business there is already information and data related to your passion. So match everything you see in your office (and outside of it) with what you want in life.
Even boring corporate meetings or employees can give you a clue!
3. Mix your passion with business language
If you think “I want to make a business about astronomy,” mix it with money relationships, employees and all sorts of financial terms. You’ll start to find financial possibilities in your dream.

4. Find like-minded people who can advise you
If the friends or colleagues you work with don’t fit your passion, change your environment. Make new friends. Just talk to new people. And ask them for their opinion. Maybe they know a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who can help you.
5. Volunteer at a company that works on your passion.
Success is predictable if you copy people with experience. So if you can, work for them for free. Find time for a part-time job on weekends. Because you will see many possibilities to establish your own business by working in a similar company. And you will do it much faster if you see how a similar business works.
It’s also the fastest way to be productive in your job knowing exactly what you have to do.
6. If it doesn’t work, don’t insist
It may happen at first. Many times you will have an idea of what your dream business is and it won’t work 100%. But be open to change. Make some adjustments to adapt it to an existing market.
If it’s not exactly like your initial idea, that’s okay. It’s not a problem. You can always improve it later.
7. …and also be practical
At first you will have to identify the needs of the market and then combine them with your strengths.
Combine these two in a permanently iterative process. Once you get started, it will be easier to refine your business by adapting it to your lifestyle preferences.
Need ideas to work on your passion and make success predictable?
If you need a spark to build the business of your dreams. Use these ideas and then reshape them to your liking:
– Passion-business on health.
– Passion-business about money management.
– Passion-business about improving your habits.
– Passion-business about nature.
– Passion for creativity.
– Passion-business about the business of helping the elderly.
– Passion for entrepreneurship.
– Passion for health and fitness.
– Passion for social justice.
– Passion for spiritual beliefs.
– Passion for animals.
– Passion for e-business.
– Passion-business about… the job you have now.

Go for it!

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