Do you know the key to happiness?

Peace of mind.

With a clear mind you will achieve your goals fast (quite contrary to the aggressiveness many preach).
So to achieve your objectives you need to control your thoughts. With a clear mind you will be ten times more effective.
And the key to control your mind is…
People hold on to ideas, opinions and material goods. But then they suffer from morning to midnight imagining they will lose them. Many even don´t sleep. And then stress, depression and worse diseases appears.
But if you practice detachment, if you enjoy having a great mind in spite of material goods, curiously they will come in.
Buddhism also demonstrates that the principal cause of suffer is attachment. And how without worries you will act ten times faster.

So here are the 3 Keys to detachment and peace of mind:

1. Ask: ¿Do I want to be right… or be happy?
Most people need desperately be right. But once you decide not to impose your opinion, anxiety disappears. You won´t also change nobody with your opinion. So do you want to be right or happy?
Look at those persons ridiculously aggressive with their political beliefs. (Beliefs they simply copied from others). But be smarter having friends with all kind of political or philosophical opinions. Get along with everybody. Don´t care where you differ. Isn´t there always a point to differ?
Most people have good intentions, they only think in different solutions to achieve the same purpose. So why lose a friend imposing your point of view?

2. Refuse to blame
Blaming is a trap. Think better that 80% of guilt was yours (you won´t get wrong). Because, don´t fool yourself, you can do better. Don’t lose time creating villains.
If you had a discussion or someone drove along crazy is he really so bad? Will you lose your time looking for revenge? Do you really need a new enemy?
Analyze like a strategist and think how you will do different. (That´s also the key to productivity.)
If you discipline yourself to accept guilt, your errors will disappear. And you will avoid serious trouble you could pay all your life. So if someone tricks you think, “Poor guy, I feel sorry for him. What a poor life with his limited way of thinking.”
Without enemies you will eliminate the hate that consumes you. And you will have energy and power. You will be the confident guy who produces more than anyone.

3. Don´t fall in love with your suffering
There is something epic in the suffering hero. And many fall in love with that role.
Big nonsense.
I know you are on your right to complain. But past problems are your guide to succeed. The more problems the smarter you get.
So avoid the “me-against-the-world” mindset. You can´t live in a continuous imaginary discussion with others. Never complain or aggressiveness will block you. Think it was your guilt and you will feel well instantly. Try it now.
People lose their life thinking in how bad they were treated, in the friends that betrayed them and other horror stories. Like if they were unique.
But they don´t understand we all have betrayals and errors. They don´t understand the key is their reaction.
So be intelligent and thank what you lived. Accept also that everybody had bad experiences. Don´t be the complainer everybody avoids. Forget and you will win friends that will open you many doors.
“But my case is special! What they did to me is too serious!”
I repeat: you are not unique.
You are even luckier if they attacked you. You have more experiences. Now you are smarter.
End of the story.