Follow these 3 keys and you will organize your mind to go far. This will give you all the self-discipline and energy you need.
But first remember that the cause of underachievement is first not working on something that is not your passion. After this it will be easy to build a strong mind. So first seek to work on what you really like.
If you hate your job now continue your search. Forget what you have been told about security. If you now have a hobby think about how to turn it into a business.
That said, here is the first key:
1. Never look for excuses
A very good way to do things right in order to succeed is to never make excuses. If something went wrong it was your fault. That’s okay. You can deal with it. And you will learn.
But the best thing is that you will feel amazing because you will lower your hate. You won’t complain about others, which is the cause of so much illness and conflict between people.
So when you look for explanations do it intelligently, just accept that it was your fault.
Believe me, once you say to yourself “Stop complaining! “you will feel great. You will briefly breathe ten times better. And you will see that everything is in your hands. Everything. Then you realize that you have no limits.
2. Obstacles are your allies
Facing discomfort is what divides the good ones from the rest.
So use it to your advantage. Don’t look for shortcuts. Face problems, because problems are normal, a sign that you are growing. It’s easy to overeat. It’s easy to give up before a big project….
But think of it this way: the harder the present is, the better your future will be.
If you want motivation to do the hard work here’s how.
Always suffer a flat tire. Do the hard work in the morning by avoiding the extra coffee. Avoid the extra cookie. Suffer a little. It’s the best way to be productive and gain confidence in the long run.
But the best part is that if you try you’ll enjoy the hard times.
TIP: Do it like you’re playing a game:
– Strive for 10 more minutes of hard work.
– Or 10 more minutes of exercise.
– Or the moment you’re tired, keep going for a few more minutes.
And the rest of the day (and week) you’ll feel great.
Not to mention how much more productive you’ll be.

3. Do 2 hard things every day
If you need a roadmap to success hear it: do something hard every day. But I suggest you do 2 hard things. That way you’ll go twice as far and achieve twice as much as the high achievers.
It’s as easy as that.
It’s easy, in the morning focus on 2 hours of hard work. And in the evening do your exercise, the second hard thing. Do this and you will go far.
So analyze yourself now and see how many hard things you are avoiding. Then pick something out of your comfort zone and do it every day.
-5 minutes of extra running…
-One minute talking to someone you didn’t dare to talk to…
-10 minutes on a new project…
You know better than I do.
(EXTRA KEY): Reward Yourself
Always reward yourself!
If you need a bonus to produce more, have a reward system. Small rewards for small tasks and bigger rewards for bigger projects.
– A break plus a sandwich after two hours of concentrated work?
– A trip to Australia after you finish your book…
– Take your pick…
You’ll get a lot more done if there’s a reward waiting for you. Be creative. Design your own system.
– You can take an afternoon off after doing something hard…
– Or you’ll buy that T-shirt…
– Or read your favorite book…
You’ll do much harder things and concentrate much harder if you have something nice waiting for you.
It’s easy to work harder if a prize is waiting for you. So it’s the best thing you can do to establish great habits. You’ll be incredibly productive that way.
Success is not an accident. Success is predictable. Not many things in life are predictable, but you can be sure that success is predictable.
There are many success books, success movies, success coaches, success gurus. They will tell you a lot of things. But believe me, you just need to have a passion and work with an organized mind.
From there the rest will come easy.
You will gain all the self-confidence you need.
People overlook these basic things. When it’s the simplest solution. Passion + Strong Mind. They try to see something complex in mystical in it, but if you want to succeed in any area of your life follow these two principles.
Passion + Strong Mind
And once you find your passion, don’t stop until you make a business out of it. Because then you’ll easily get the 2nd key: think more.
Then effortlessly other things that will increase your success, meditation, being open to others and making new contacts, exercising more… and cultivating whatever habits you need to. Everything.
Success is predictable. And the essence is to follow your passion and work your mind, which is nothing more than working your hobby and thinking more.
So stop worrying about your results and work on these principles. And you will go far in life. After following these 2 principles you will get any habit or friend that will help you. Then will come exercise, good nutrition and the exact books and people that will propel your life forward.
Whether you want to get out of debt or make over $10,000 a month, or your first million, you will get there quickly with passion and an organized mind.
What do you think, have you had results whenever you’ve focused on your passion? Leave me a comment if you have, thanks!

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