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3 Keys to Avoid Failure


3 Keys to Avoid Failure

David Valois



Do you know why you are failing in many of your projects?

Here are 3 keys to succeed whatever your job or lifestyle is.


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So first recognize that everything is prepared so that you retire depending on others.

First know that the world is prepared so that you fail.

There are a lot of things that will try to seduce you so that you don´t try anything. There are a lot of ´take a break´ and ´you deserve more free time´ so that you under produce. Everything is prepared so that you under produce. Everything is prepared so that you don’t think and work for others. But so you will have no money.

And so you will continue working for others.

So if you under produce you will end up as a slave of the state and your social circle. Sorry my friend, but so you won’t get very far. Is this what you want?

You must recognize this trap because there are political parties, trade unions, and even friends, who will say you deserve this and that for nothing. But the only thing they want is that you don’t become a super producer so you don’t get better than anyone.

So that you depend on them.

The root of all this is envy. Many people don’t want you to earn more and live better. There is even is a billionaire industry of advertisement telling you fairy tales about how great your live will be if you buy their product. Even the movie industry shows you how a loser ends up having luck. Because those industries need losers to buy their product and watch their movies.

I have nothing against advertisement and movies, I use advertisement a lot. But take care of what kind of advertisement it is. It can be hidden advertisement in form of latest news that will keep you engaged to the TV day after day. They will try to kidnap your attention so that you don’t think.

But be smart and ask yourself: “Why am I following this? It’s always the same news!”

A lot of people will try to seduce you saying you deserve this and that. So you think: “Today I’m going to take that extra eating, that extra drink…” But you don’t deserve anything if you don’t produce.

If you don’t produce you will be a slave. You’ll be a slave of your boss, your company, and even your friends. You will simply follow what others do. And without the money.

So first note that the world is to prepare so that you fail. You can succeed, of course, but first know this trap.

So what’s the solution?


  1. KEY


Self-discipline is the best habit you can develop. People misunderstand self-discipline. When they think on self-discipline they see a screaming sergeant. It has some bad connotation. But self-discipline is the best you can have.

Realize that with self-discipline you won’t only feel good after the hard work, but also at the moment.

Sometimes results will come later, perhaps in two days, but it’s also worth. The results of working more focused or being a little bit hungry after your meals will come in two days, when you begin to feel superb. In a few projects, results make also come after some days. But most times you will feel good at the moment, you will see results immediately. For example, after working on your biggest you will feel more self-confident at the moment, and after eating less your brain will run faster in the moment.

So from now on embrace difficult situations.

Embrace the hard work.

Embrace the silence that comes after saying hard truth to someone…

Embrace the difficult negotiation…

Embrace being hungry a little bit…

You will see it gets easier and easier. Self-discipline is your best friend.


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Look always long-term.

We are programmed to think short term. It comes from about 50,000 years ago where we had to hunt to survive. The only worry then was having something to eat. At the moment. They couldn’t wait for later. They couldn’t put the food on a refrigerator. So, during thousands of years everything was short term. Enjoying also everything at the moment because after an hour you could get killed. No saving food. And of course, no retirement accounts.

But things have changed. It’s the planners who succeed. So Better think long term. Try it. At first it’s hard to sit and think. You think you have some urgency to solve. But keep thinking and planning, avoid the temptation of doing something else. You will see a lot of things you can do if you plan right. You will save tons of hours of doing unnecessary things.

Don’t procrastinate your time to sit and think. Plan for the long term today. And don’t think one week I had. Not one month. Not one year. Look 10 years ahead. And 20 will be much better.

So, here are your 3 Keys to avoid failure and succeed:


  1. KEY

Recognize that everything is prepared so that you under produce and depend on others

  1. KEY

Practice Self-discipline

  1. KEY

Plan always for the long-term


Hope this help you.

Please leave me a comment if you want to apply this to your specific case!

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  • As always, surprising me that many mistakes are in the way I see things. I have some books yours in Spanish, that have helped me a lot. And these are similar in English, although I can hardly understand them, they take me out of my comfort zone. Thanks, David


    • Thanks for your comment Francisco. I hope my books contienue to help you (even if it takes you out of your comfort zone). Continue persevering, it will allways get better, believe me.


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