Your #1 Enemy

Do you know why you continue with your bad habits?
Because it´s like being at home.
And nothing like home, sweet home.
Everybody speaks about how wonderful you feel at home. Advertising bombards you with the warmth of doing nothing new, you deserve it. And your friends and co workers also say that nothing like the old way…
But they lie.
Your home can be a horrible place. Even if you feel secure, your home can be a prison of laziness.
Is your actual home your final personality or is it a fragile construction that prevents you from growing?
Because many people build their personal philosophy like their home, to protect themselves from the world. And they are in such a hurry to hide themselves that they build that house too poorly.
But to succeed you must move to another home. It´s challenging at the beginning. We think that successful people achieved it without pain. And media also makes big business with cases of people taking advantage of shortcuts of the system. But no. They don´t tell the whole story. You must get of your comfort zone.
John Lennon or Einstein didn´t stay comfortably in their old home. They went out so much as necessary to develop their talent. Despite being crushed by his teachers Einstein didn´t stay at home. And the Beatles continue trying after being rejected by all the record labels.
And now the good news: after the initial effort of moving to a new home, your new habits will make everything easy. And you will succeed.
I realized years ago that I had to move to another home. My habits turned my life into a disaster and I needed a better neighborhood. And the moment I moved from my comfortable home and changed habits, everything improved. I changed my food and the food of my brain with good books and new friends.
And I moved to that new house little by little. One step at a time I changed old habits with new ones. And success came.
So to move to a better home FIRST decide where you want to go. Be ambitious. And from there design the master plan of your new house.
But beware. Since you were a child they spoke to you about limitations: “Nothing like the old way,” “Nothing like home…”
So better know the truth, nothing big is achieved comfortably at home. But once you move you will only find abundance.
All who moved succeeded.
If you want the method to achieve great habits and succeed here it is.

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