The Trick to Get It All

Do you struggle in your work without results?

The other day I had the day… you know… one of those days…

I starved due to an interrupted breakfast full of telephone calls… then fires to extinguish… and more urgencies…

Nothing went right. Nothing!

It sounds you. The car didn´t start because of low battery. Then the mobile phone broke in the middle of a vital call. And two urgencies with the two biggest clients that couldn´t wait…

But then I thought about ups and downs. They come also in successful times.

They are inevitable.

You have a good day… but the next is absolute stress.

And the next is worse.

But suddenly, the fourth day thanks to persevering you accomplish something great. And you are stronger after overcoming that previous day.

And a glorious week arrives. A big project finished, more money coming in, and that feeling of people subtly noticing you are the leader.

So please…

Whenever you suffer a setback stand up.

And if your suffer 1.000 setbacks stand up 1.000 times.

Do you struggle and nothing works? Don´t give up. Never let the day eat you.

Continue doing it the best you can, even if you don´t see results.

Believe me: the money or whatever you search will come.

It´s a universal law, the good you do will return. Increased.

So do it the best you can. Be excellent whatever happens.

It´s for you.

Fight for your career, your business and your personal life. Be the best.

Set first attainable objectives. Begin small.

Then set more difficult goals and your new inertia will achieve them. And setbacks will be only this: setbacks.

If you follow only one advice in your life it should be this: never give up.

Never, never, never give up, like Winston Churchill said. And he knew something about winning.

So don´t waste your future giving up. Don´t lose the opportunity of making your life a great life. The future is yours if you never surrender.

Make your dreams true not giving up. NEVER.

When you persevere you will also know why you are here and what to do with your life. A strange and powerful clarity will appear.

Then all will have sense. And good bye failure.

Persevere, make a plan to always continue whatever happens. If you need my help to never give up you have it here.

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