The Trap of the “advice from friends”

Beware the dream thieves.

Remember being a child an imagining all the time? Children have the skill of dreaming big goals. But then they change and lose that spark.

So be different.

Maintain your enthusiasm whatever they say.

Get politely away from friends that don´t support change in your life.

Because many will get envious. Your motivation will condemn them. Since they don´t have it they will fear your changes. And they will subtly attack your attempts.

Take care because this dream thieves can be friends, teachers or close relatives.Click To Tweet

And they aren´t necessary bad persons. But the can do much pain. Since they lost their own dreams their negative attitude can destroy your plans.

So protect yourself. Never let them influence your thoughts. And take care because they will do it discretely. They will infect you with their negative energy slowly. With a commentary here and a sentence there. But a commentary here and a sentence there is very dangerous.

This doesn´t mean you can´t share your dreams with others, because a good thing about dreams is sharing them. But avoid thieves. Only seek the company of creators, the positive ones.

The people near you will change your life in one direction or another. Go with the pessimistic ones and they will drag you to their hell. But go with supporting persons and your dreams will come true.

So from now on follow only the advice of successful people. Copy their actions. Simply copy. If you can´t met them personally read their books. Don´t wait any more.

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