The Error Everybody Does Designing Their Future

There are people who postpone systematically the important tasks and mortgage their future. But short term they feel good…
There are people that feel uncomfortable in a social act and decide not to go losing a world of opportunities. But short term they feel good…
There are people who need to smoke even if they are killing themselves. But short term they feel good…
There are persons who overeat despite playing with their health. But again: short term they feel good.
It´s the short-term trap.
People want to escape from a grey life, but fall in that trap. And they repeat bad habits despite the mortal danger.
And since they only seek being comfortably in the moment, they lose a brilliant future. It´s like jumping from a skyscraper, one meter before the ground you are still well…
Your possibilities are endless. You can quit smoking. You can overcome your biggest addiction. You can eat less to be healthier. You can think more to be smarter. You can avoid procrastination and finish your biggest goal in 5 weeks… but since short term isn´t comfortable many continue with their bad habit. And results couldn´t be worse.
Because if you look short term you will never have energy and be in a good-looking shape.
If you look short term you will never wake up early and boost your productivity.
If you look short term you will never stop watching TV and build your dreams.
Short term kills.
But are you going to be a slave of junk food, procrastination and fear the rest of your life?
Will you let cigarettes, lack of concentration and stress take the best of you?
Will you let bad habits kill your dreamed lifestyle?
Will you make success difficult?
Think: how many people you know feel good about themselves?
Not many.
Most want to feel good in the short term and have habits that, despite the results (bad results), made them feel good short term.
But do you want to know how to achieve results and feel confident thanks to good habits? Click here.

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