How To Become A Genius

It´s false that geniuses are born.
You can be a genius, even if you failed and now struggle to survive.
Look, your brain has billions of cells. Do you know how many brilliant ideas you could have combining those cells?
If every connection between them is a thought, the solutions you could produce would overshadow any universal genius.
So you have the potential.
Even when they say the contrary.
So long as you have a brain you can achieve any goal. You have it all to be a genius.
(Many clinical cases even reflect how people who lost part of their brain continue acting well, some of them extremely well.)
So how to benefit from your unlimited possibilities then?
First is believing.
Believe you can… because you can.
Your mind will give you the life you want. You will overcome any challenge, get rich or be happier.
You can get skilled.
You can be a world leader.
You can be insanely intelligent.
You can get whatever you want.
With your billions of cells you have no limits. You can resolve problems, achieve big goals or make scientific discoveries… your brain will give you everything.
The only obstacle to become a genius is your limiting belief.
But it´s proven that you can achieve what you want. How many good ideas did you had in your life?
So if you had one you can have more! You only must repeat the process. You have the potential.
But you must want it.
It´s the essential condition.
So don´t let the daily bombardment of “Don´t think,” “It´s others guilt,” or “Relax because you deserved it,” affect you. You are a genius. Know you have no limits.
Once you convince yourself that your mind has the same cells than Einstein, you will do the connections. Ideas will come. You will develop a sixth sense to see opportunities where others don´t. And so you will achieve objectives fast. More friends, more finished projects, more money, or more of what you choose.
But remember the key: thinking you can. Because the cells are there. You only have to make the connections. Your brain can give you anything, but you must desire it strongly. So get excited with your new future to activate those billions of cells.
If you try, also your subconscious and supraconscious mind will work for you. New connections even while you sleep. And you will make “lucky” moves the next day.
So pursue big dreams. Pursue them only to see you can. And in the way you will discover greater benefits than your initial goal.
Begin today planning a bigger future. For example design an ambitious plan to duplicate your knowledge and vocabulary in six months.
Or try to duplicate your friends.
Or your earnings.
Make it big. Your mind can give you all if you think it´s possible.
If you want more tools to grow your mind fast and become a genius you will find them here.

You can program yourself for every goal you want. No idea appeared “by luck.” So take advantage of your billions of cells!
Discover the tools to program your mind and achieve any goal here. You will find solutions even while you sleep.

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