3 Fast Steps To Eliminate Your Fear

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Feb 07

Did you know you can eliminate all your fears?
And without fear you can succeed more than with any strategy.
You will get rid of days full of desperation.
And you won´t procrastinate important projects.
If you know how to overcome fear, you will achieve all your dreams. Pointing and shooting.
So here are the 3 steps to achieve it:

Step 1: Know what fear is
When your mind senses danger, (notice that I only say sense), it segregates adrenalin anticipating to fight.
It´s an inherited mechanism from thousands of years, when we hunted beasts to survive. Then it was useful, adrenaline made us react fast.
But there is a problem: today we continue producing adrenalin without needing it.
So people continue suffering panic even when there aren´t beasts. And this non utilized adrenaline stays in the body producing discomfort and more fear. You feel bad, shout and look for confrontation. (It can get worse with depression or committing suicide.)
But now you know fear is an old mechanism, don´t respect fear anymore.

Step 2: Accept fear as something normal
Don´t let fear blackmail you. So first don´t ignore it.
Let him go in. Don´t resist.
Why worry about getting fired, losing your couple or your home? If it´s going to happen it will happen. There are many things you can´t control. So look fear into the eyes. It´s impossible that fear blackmails you if you open your doors.
Next time fear arrives accept it. Then look at him and see how he disappears.
If you have to speak in public, go to a new place or have an important interview, accept fear as normal and you will see how everything changes.
Something as easy as accepting is the easy solution.
“Come all you want, I don´t care!” And in that moment you will see you can overcome it… and immediately fear will disappear.
Because fear doesn´t like to be accepted.
So whenever you notice fear, ask for more. “I want more, I was bored! I need to get stronger.” And with your doors open he will leave.

Step 3: Take a step, only ONE
Let fear come in and look at him. But then immediately take a step forward!
The solution to overcome any problem is action. Otherwise adrenalin will consume you.
The best solution is always acting. Use the tension for rapid movements. Because if you stay quiet (like most people), adrenalin will win and panic will grow.
But if you open your mouth to say a word in front of many people even when you feel tension…
If you draw a little sketch to design that imposing project…
If you touch slightly that animal you fear…
… fear will disappear.
Take a step and it´s yours! ONLY one step!
And if you can´t react physically do it passively. Take a deep breath and think you are stronger. With this mental movement fear will be only a tingling.
In my book “MOTIVATION” you will discover exactly how to eliminate all your fears forever.
You won´t fear a big goal, an examination or a person.
And so you will save months of stress because of fear. And you will win every competition.
Because you won´t be caught off guard.
So remember: accept fear and take a step forward.
Imagine your new strength acting calmly in a dangerous situation where everybody panics. You will be the leader.
And your competitors will retire seeing your courage.
Do you want the easy way to achieve this mindset and win? Here it is.

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